Sam & Alicia 4

Sam & Alicia 4

Hi. I'm Rosalie. My son, Sam, has posted 'Sam & Alicia', 'Sam & Alicia 2', and 'Sam& Alicia 3'. Now I am going to tell the next part of the story.

My partner, Phil, was off back to Thailand, and Sam and Alicia were going to join her parents at Avoca, a beach side resort north of Sydney. On Saturday I drove Phil to the airport and bad him farewell. I knew when we said goodbye that he would be screwing rich tourists who went out on the dive boat that he worked on, and I was free to fuck my son, Sam, his girlfriend, Alicia, or anyone else who was available. I was happier this time than the first time that he had left me to go to Thailand, because, somehow, we seemed to have separated lust from love. He had told me that I was still his girlfriend before telling me stories of all the rich tourists that he had fucked. This past week, we had had some pretty wild sex, including a DP last night with Phil in my pussy and Sam in my anus and Alicia helping Sam with lube and things.

After we farewelled Phil at the airport, I took Sam and Alicia to Avoca, about a three-hour drive from the airport. We arrived just as Wendy and Ted, Alicia's mum and dad, were about to eat lunch. They invited me to eat lunch with them and, since I was not in a hurry to get back to my empty house, I accepted gratefully. We learnt that Brian, Alicia's older brother, had met a new girlfriend and was spending all his time with her. We did not see him the whole time that I was there. Over lunch we chatted about this and that. I mentioned that I was in no hurry to go home to my empty home, so Wendy suggested that I stay for the afternoon and join them on the beach, across the road from their flat ('apartment' in American).

To farewell Phil I had worn my sexiest gear, the backless top that I had worn to the restaurant both times and a very short skirt. No bra, no panties. I kept flashing Phil in the car on the way to the airport, to remind him of what he was leaving. I didn't have a bikini to wear to the beach but felt that I would be comfortable on the beach dressed like that.

When we got to the beach Wendy and Ted spread their large beach towels out with a slight overlap which left enough space for me between them. Sam and Alicia dropped their towels beside us and Alicia dropped her bikini top too, then Sam and Alicia wandered off, hand-in-hand and were last seen talking to some young people their own age further down the beach. Then Wendy took off her bikini top and asked me to spread blockout on her back. When I had finished I offered to do her front too. She looked at me a little askance for a moment, then smiled and said “Why not?” so I did, paying special attention to her beautiful boobs and squeezing her nipples briefly too.

Then I took off my top and asked Wendy to return the compliment. She did pretty much as I had done except that she spent even more time squeezing my nipples than I had hers.

Wendy then raised the subject of Sam and Alicia's sexual activity. “When Sam and Alicia started fucking, she used to tell me all about it and I got enormous vicarious pleasure from her stories, then, suddenly she clammed up saying that she couldn't tell me anymore. I was so disappointed.” “Oh dear, I am sorry. That is my fault. If I tell you, you will understand why I asked her not to tell even you, but first you will have to promise me that you will never tell anyone else.” “We both promise. Don't we Ted?” “Sure. I promise. I love a good mystery.”

So then I told them everything, about Sam fucking me the night that Phil left and my fear that I could go to gaol if anyone told the police. About Alicia's sexual fantasies and how we made them realities. I even told them about Phil's fucking his rich dive-school clients in Thailand, and I finished by describing my DP the night before. Sam has described all of these events in 'Sam & Alicia', 'Sam & Alicia 2' and 'Sam & Alicia 3'.

While I was talking Wendy kept saying “The little vixen. I've never done anything like that.” Ted did not say anything. However he was wearing a very brief swimming costume, known in Australia as 'budgie smugglers' because of the inevitable bulge in front, even when the wearer is not aroused. A budgie is Oz for a budgerigar, a small Australian parrot-like bird, now common as a cage bird all over the world. As I told my stories I watched fascinated as the bulge in his budgie smugglers grew larger and larger. Eventually, by the time I had finished my last story, Ted's erect penis was protruding about 2” above the top of his swimmers.

“Oh! I wish I had done things like that when I was her age. Ted and I have never done anything wild like that.” “Wendy, I am about your age and I have just started having wild sexual adventures. If I can do it why can't you.” “Oh no! Ted would never agree to anything like that.” “Wendy. One very erect penis says that you are wrong. Ted wants to play as much as you do.”

Then, with Wendy watching, I lent forward and placed my hand over the exposed tip of Ted's erection and squeezed it gently. That's all it took for him to cum in my hand and all over his belly, groaning loudly. Fortunately we were down at one end of the beach and there was no one close by to watch or wonder what all the fuss was. Most of the others on the beach were clustered around the flags which indicated the stretch of water where it was safe to surf. Seeing Ted cum, Wendy took my other hand and pressed it to her crotch. I pushed her bikini aside and slipped my fingers into her slit, searching for her clit. She was as highly aroused as her husband, and came almost as quickly.

“I think we should go back to your flat and explore this further.” “What about Alicia's and Sam's things?” “Leave them. They'll be safe enough and they will collect them when they are ready.”

Without further discussion, or bothering to put on our tops, we grabbed our things and headed back across the road between the beach and the block of flats. As soon as we were inside and the door shut, I grabbed Ted's budgie smugglers and pulled them down to his ankles, being careful of his still erect cock, which bounced in front of him once it was free. Then I turned to pull Wendy's bikini off, but she was already kicking it aside. Ted found the Velcro tab which released my skirt and there we were, all three naked.

We left our clothes and towels in a pile inside the front door and headed for the bedroom. Wendy pulled the covers off the bed then sat against the bed head with her legs spread wide. I knelt between her legs with my face in her crotch and alternated between tongue fucking her and sucking on her clit. My arse was lifted up off the bed, offering my pussy or my arsehole to Ted's attention. Ted got behind me and pressed his erect cock into my pussy and started fucking me. He had no difficulty entering my pussy because my pussy was producing copious lubricant. In no time Wendy and I were moaning with the building pleasure that we felt while Ted was grunting with each stroke into me.

Suddenly I felt a pair of lips around one of my nipples. Because my head was between Wendy's thighs I could not see who was sucking my nipple. Of course I knew that the obvious explanation was that Sam and Alicia had followed us back to the flat, but somehow I preferred to think that some stranger had followed us into the flat, possibly after watching us on the beach, and was joining in our little orgy. The idea that it might be a stranger sucking my tit excited me so much that I came screaming into Wendy's cunt. My spasming pussy triggered Ted's orgasm. My screaming into Wendy's cunt triggered her too.

When I lifted my head from between Wendy's legs the first thing that I saw was Sam standing beside the bed with his cock still in Wendy's mouth and a dribble of cum on her chin. Even though he had apparently just cum his cock was still stiff and he was still thrusting in and out of her mouth. Then I looked to see who was attached to my tit. When I discovered that it was indeed Alicia I was a little disappointed, although I kept my disappointment, and my fantasy that it was a stranger, to myself until I had time to think about what that told me about myself.

“Well Rosalie. I never thought that I would fuck another woman with Wendy watching and cheering me on. Thank you for introducing us to a new take on sex.” said Ted.

“I hope that you are going to stay with us for the rest of the week end, at least. I really look forward to more wild fucking with you here.” said Wendy then she put Sam's cock back in her mouth. Sam came again into her mouth and Wendy swallowed his cum. Then Alicia dragged Sam off to her bedroom, presumably for a fuck. I wished that I still had a teenager's stamina.

Without bothering to put any clothes on, Wendy and I went to the kitchen and organised a simple lunch. Once Sam and Alicia came out of their bedroom, looking very pleased with themselves, we all sat down to lunch. At the end of lunch Wendy announced “Rosalie. I would really like to try the thing that you told us about when you had a DP. I want Ted to fuck me in the pussy while Sam fucks my arse. Are you two willing?” They were so we all adjourned to the master bedroom.

Her DP went pretty much like mine: Wendy lay on top of Ted, face down, with Ted's dick in her cunt. They held still while Alicia applied lube to her fingers and pressed one, then two, then three into Wendy's arsehole. Ted found the feel of Alicia's fingers through the thin membrane between Wendy's two holes quite erotic, and said so, so Alicia continued stroking in and out longer than was necessary to lubricate Wendy's shitter. Meanwhile I was lubing Sam's cock. When Alicia had finished Sam pushed into Wendy's well lubed hole and started fucking her. Within a few minutes the three of them were a quivering, orgasmic heap of human flesh.

Then, to my surprise, because she had declined to try it after my DP, Alicia said that she wanted to try a DP too. “It looks so erotic.” she explained. To get Ted stiff again she had to take Ted's cock into her mouth. Somehow, having his 15-year old daughter suck his cock had the instant effect required. Then she climbed on top of Ted and lowered herself onto his erection. I took over lubing Alicia's arsehole, making sure that Ted enjoyed my attentions too, while Wendy lubed Sam's cock again. Apparently Alicia had never had a cock in her arsehole before, because Sam had quite a struggle to penetrate her. He was very gentle with her but he persevered until he was comfortably inside her, then he picked up the pace and again within a few minutes the three of them were a quivering, orgasmic heap of human flesh.

After all that wild sex I could not tear myself away. The fucking became somewhat repetitious, although that did not detract from our enjoyment at all. However I will leave that to the fertile imagination of the readers. Basically, if you can think of any combination of some or all of the five of us (except Sam and Ted fucking or sucking each other) then we did it. I stayed until the last possible moment which meant that I left the flat at 5:00am on Monday morning planning to drive home, change into something more appropriate for work in time to start work at 9:00am that morning.

What actually happened will be the subject of the next story.

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