Sam & Alicia 5

Sam & Alicia 5

Sequel to 'Sam & Alicia', 'Sam & Alicia 2', 'Sam & Alicia 3', 'Sam & Alicia 4'.

Hi. I'm Rosalie, Sam's mum. This story isn't so much about Sam and Alicia as about me after those two teenagers had compelled me to change my attitude to sex. The other thing that had changed my attitude was my partner, Phil, who, when our son, Sam, was 15, went off to a job as a dive instructor in Thailand. His tales of fucking rich tourists who had been scuba diving with him made me decide that it was OK for me to fuck around too.

Sam and Alicia would be staying with Alicia's parents in a rented flat right on Avoca beach for the second week of their school holidays. I had driven them to Avoca, and instead of driving straight back home I had stayed for the week-end, fucking Alicia's parents while Sam and Alicia joined in. I enjoyed our fuck orgies so much that I had delayed leaving Avoca until the last possible moment. At 5:00am on Monday morning I drove away. I needed to get home, change into clothes appropriate for work, and then get to work by 9:00am, but I had not counted on some idiot driver who had caused a nasty crash involving two trucks and a 4-wheel drive towing a caravan. (For English readers: you call a truck a lorry, for American readers: you call a 4-wheel drive an SUV) All three lanes of the freeway were blocked, so I and all the other drivers sat and fumed for well over an hour, closer to two. Eventually the police changed one of the north-bound lanes to south-bound and redirected us onto the other carriageway around the accident and back onto the south-bound carriageway.

Now I had a choice to make: I could go home and change, in which case I would be more than an hour late for work, or I could go to work in the slutty clothes that I had worn to see Phil off to Thailand. I had wanted to remind him that I was still his sex partner. 'Fuck it!' I thought, 'Maybe, if I go to work dressed like this, I'll get lucky.' so I drove straight to work, arriving a few minutes early.

As soon as I got to my desk the boss' PA came to ask me to come to the boss' office. She was grinning in a way that I could not interpret. With the boss in his office was a tall good-looking African American, dressed impeccably in a business suit, a white shirt and a pink tie. “Rosalie. I want you to me Gerald. Gerald. This is Rosalie. Gerald and I have been working all week-end on a big new contract that his company wants us to take on. It's important that you get the background from Gerald, but I thought that it would be more pleasant for Gerald, and possibly for you too, if you two talked while you showed him the sights of Sydney. Is that OK with you?”

“Sure Boss. I'd love too.” What else could I say? “Gerald. Do you have any ideas about what you would like to see?” “No. You suggest something.” “I think that we should start with a ferry ride to Manly. It's a great way to see the harbour, the outside of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Then lunch in a harbour-side restaurant followed by a look at Bondi beach.” “Sounds great to me. Can we drop by my hotel? I want to drop off my brief case and pick up my camera.” “Of course.” “OK you two. It's a beautiful day to be out on the harbour. Enjoy yourselves. Rosalie, you can use your company credit card for lunch and anything else that you need to pay for. Don't let Gerald pay for anything. Here's some cash for ferry tickets and anything else that you can't use the credit card for. By the way, you look very sexy in that outfit.” “Thanks Boss.”

We walked to Gerald's hotel, which was only two blocks away, and went up to his suite on the top floor with a view over the harbour. He asked me to wait in the sitting room while he disappeared into the bedroom. When he came back he had changed into shorts, a Hawaiian shirt and deck shoes. “I've been wearing that suit for days. It's a relief to be less formal, and given how sexy you look, I thought that you wouldn't mind if I dressed down a bit.” “I feel much more comfortable now. Thank you. I spent the week-end at the beach and didn't have time to go home and change.” “I think you look great.”

We walked the short distance to the Manly ferry wharf, waited about 15 minutes, then went aboard the next ferry. On the ferry, between my pointing out landmarks and Gerald's photographing them, he filled me in on the background to the new contract as well as many of the details. He mentioned that a requirement would be for someone from our company to travel to the USA to report on progress and answer questions every 3 to 6 months, and he wondered if I might be the one to make the trips. I assured him that I would love to come and report to him, but, if my boss wanted to make the trips that was his prerogative. Otherwise, I thought that I would be the obvious choice. Gerald just grinned when I said that.

We got off the ferry and walked from the ferry wharf, on the harbour side of the peninsula, to the surf beach, on the ocean side. We took off our shoes, thongs in my case, and walked down to the water's edge, then along the wet sand, letting the waves wash over our feet as we walked. When Gerald took my hand in his a jolt of electricity went through me. I squeezed his hand to signal my pleasure. Soon after he put his arm around my bare waist and pulled me to him. I responded by putting my arm around his waist too. Since his shirt was outside his shorts, I was able to slip my hand under his shirt and stroke his bare skin too.

With the sun, the blue sky, the surf washing around our feet, and the feel of the sand under our feet plus the feel of his skin against my bare back and my skin against his back I felt a moment of pure bliss. I didn't know if he felt as I did, but he gave a pretty good imitation of how I must have looked to him.

After some time like this I decided that it was time to think about lunch. With Gerald's agreement I phoned a water taxi and arranged to be met at the Manly wharf, then I phoned a restaurant built on piers over the water of Rose Bay, with a view across the water, and booked a table for two for 1pm. We walked back to the ferry wharf to meet the water taxi, still arm in arm.

As the taxi raced across the harbour to Rose Bay, Gerald pulled me against him and started kissing me. When I returned his kiss as passionately as him he started to slide one hand up my inner thigh. As I just kept returning his kisses he continued up my inner thigh until he reached my bald, uncovered pussy. He pulled away from my mouth briefly. “Naughty girl! I hope that your not wearing panties is for my benefit?” But before I could answer him he resumed kissing me. When he pushed his fingers into my pussy I moaned into his mouth. The guy driving the water taxi looked around to see what was wrong, saw why I was moaning and just grinned at us.

Before we could do any more the taxi dropped us at the ferry wharf in Rose Bay, just 200m from the restaurant. I paid for the ride with my boss' credit card. Soon we were seated on the same side of a table so that we could both look out across the harbour. We had ordered pre-dinner drinks and were reading the menu. “I'm sorry to disappoint you, Gerald. I'm not wearing panties because last Saturday, when I drove my partner to the airport to go back to Thailand, I was flashing him to remind him to come back as often as possible. Then I drove our son and his girlfriend to a beach resort north of Sydney to stay with her parents. I ended up staying for the week-end with them. I left to come home at 5:00am this morning, intending to go home and change for work, but an accident on the freeway held me up so long that I ended up coming to work dressed like a slut rather than be late for work.” “Well. I'm so glad that you did. Tell me more about your partner?”

So I told him about Phil's job as a diving instructor, and how Sam didn't want to leave Alicia and I did not want to lose my job and so we had stayed in Sydney. “So does Phil have a Thai girlfriend, yet?” “No. He says that I am still his girlfriend. He's been fucking rich tourists who go out on his dive boat, but he says that it is only casual sex, and I believe him.” “Doesn't that make you jealous, hearing about all his casual sex.” “Surprisingly, no. In fact I feel quite liberated, free to have my own adventures.” Then I thought 'Oh shit! Does that ever sound like a come-on. But then he has already had his fingers in my cunt. I don't think this man needs a come-on.'

Then alarm bells started ringing in my head. 'I can't tell him about fucking Sam and Alicia. But almost all the sex that I have enjoyed recently involved Sam and Alicia. The fewer people that know about my fucking them the less chance of my going to gaol. Also, I don't want to lose his respect. If I tell him about my incestuous sex with my underage son, or my sex with his underage girlfriend, he may not want to have anything more to do with me.'

So then, carefully editing out any involvement of Sam and Alicia, I told him about a couple of threesomes with Ted and Wendy this last week-end,. “So where were Sam and Alicia while you were having your orgies with Ted and Wendy?” “I think they had a fair idea what we were doing, but they were in another room fucking like rabbits.” 'I know that's a lie. So what?'

Obedient to my boss, I paid for lunch with his credit card, then we agreed that we would cancel the planned visit to Bondi beach, heading instead back to his hotel suite to continue what we had started in the water taxi. As we walked out of the restaurant towards the busy nearby road, hoping to hail a passing taxi, we noticed that our water taxi was still at the ferry wharf. Yes, he was free. So we hopped in and he headed back across the harbour to Gerald's hotel in Circular Quay. Again Gerald did not pay any attention to the beauty of Sydney Harbour, concentrating instead on poking his tongue into my mouth as we kissed while he poked two fingers into my cunt. Meanwhile, I was feeling his magnificent back, with my hands under his shirt.

As soon as the door to his hotel suite closed I was naked. Gerald took a few seconds longer, then there he was with his huge cock bouncing up and down as he pointed it at me. I knelt on the carpeted floor in front of him and pulled his cock into my mouth, but he put his hands under my armpits and stood me back up. “If you do that, because I am so aroused, I'll cum in your mouth almost straight away.” “Is that a bad thing?” “I really want my first cum to be in your cunt. Is that OK with you?” “Even better than in my mouth.” Then he lifted me in the air and somehow managed to lower me so that his cock entered my cunt, with him standing and me with my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist, like a koala in a gum tree. Like him, I was so aroused that my pussy was flooded with fluid lubricant. He slid in without any problem although his cock was so thick that it stretched me beautifully.

Then he walked toward the bedroom, with me still impaled on his cock and clinging to him like a koala. As he walked I bounced up and down just a little bit on his dick. When we were almost to the bed he suddenly slumped down to the floor moaning. “Oh! Fuck yes. I've been wanting to fuck you ever since you squeezed my hand on the beach. I'm sorry that I did not last very long this first time. I promise I will be better for you the next time.” “Hey! Don't apologise. No one's ever fucked me like that before. I loved it, even though I didn't cum. I'll hold you to being better next time and I want there to be a next time as soon as you can get it up again.”

He stood back up, then squatted down and picked me up off the floor and placed me on top of the bed with my bum on the edge of the bed and my feet on the floor. He pushed my knees apart to make room for him to kneel between them, then leant in and started to lick my slit. He tongue fucked me for some time, then licked up to my clit and squeezed it between his lips and flicked it with his tongue. He repeated this a few times, tongue fucking me then sucking my clit, until the tension building inside me boiled over and I came, screaming at the top of my voice.

A little later, when we had both come back down to earth, we were lying close together, side by side on top of the bed, still naked. “Well that was certainly better than good. Thank you Gerald.” “Will you stay with me tonight, Rosalie. We have so little time before I have to fly home, tomorrow night.” “I'd love to, Gerald, but I have been wearing the same clothes for three days now. I really must go home to get a change of clothes.” “From what you told me today, I think that you had those clothes off more often than on over the weekend.” “Nevertheless, I need to feel fresh again.” “Let me buy you something at the shop downstairs in this hotel. You can wear them to dinner with me this evening. I'd like to ask your boss to lend you to me again for my last day in Sydney tomorrow.”

So we got dressed again and went downstairs to a shop in the lobby of the hotel. I was looking for something a bit more conservative, but Gerald picked out a skimpy little sun dress, with a halter neck which left my arms shoulders and most of my back bare. The front was split revealing my cleavage and plunging all the way down to my navel. The skirt was flared and very short. It made me feel very sexy when I tried it on for him. He insisted that he would buy that dress for me and no other. It was obvious that I could not wear a bra with that dress, but I thought that I should wear panties. “No. It really turns me on knowing that you are not wearing any.” “You want me to be a slut. Is that it?” “Does that worry you. With you today I've had the best day in years.” “I can't believe that hearing you say that makes me feel so sexy. I thought I was a prim and proper person, yet here I am reveling in being a slut for you.”

We ate dinner in the restaurant of the hotel. As we were led to our table I got very appreciative looks from the maitre'd and all the waiters and many of the men already seated in the restaurant. Over dinner I asked him about himself and learnt that he was recently divorced, that his ex-wife and his early teenage kids had moved in with her boyfriend, that he had bought a place a block away from his ex-wife, so that their kids could go back and forth between the two homes, safely and conveniently. “So who have you been dating since your divorce?” “Friends have tried to fix me up with girls to date, some even took me home and fucked me, but there has not been anyone that I have wanted to see a second time. Not until today that is.”

“If you are going to get all dewy eyed over me, perhaps I had better tell you who I really am. Today, I didn't want to confess about some of the things that I have done because I was afraid that I would shock you and you would not want to be with me. That still worries me but at the same time I want to be open and honest with you. Please listen to my whole story before you judge me.”

Then I told him the whole story, starting with Sam fucking Alicia, then after Phil left Sam fucking me, then the wild sex with Phil, Sam, Alicia, and me and finally the bits that I had edited out of my account of the past week-end, about Sam fucking Wendy and Alicia and me in the arsehole while Ted fucked each of us in the cunt.

When I finished this last bit Gerald took my hand and pulled it under the table and pressed it against his cock to show me how stiff it was again. “You really are a slut, aren't you? And not just for me. There's something I would like you to do for me. I've never fucked anyone in the ass. You seem quite comfortable with it. Could I fuck your ass tonight, please?” “Shit, Gerald. Sam is only 15 and his cock is much smaller than yours. I'd like to have you in my ass (as you say) but I'm scared that you would split me in half.” He looked so crest-fallen when I said that that I had to laugh at him. “All right! If it is so important to you, I'll try, but you will have to be very gentle and stop if I ask you to. I hope that you have some lube.” “I'll get some from the pharmacy in the lobby before we go upstairs again.”

“Is that all you have to say about all the shocking things that I just told you? That you want to fuck my ass?” “Rosalie. Who am I to judge you. Sometimes my 14-year old daughter brings her friends home to my place because I am less strict than her mum. Also, I have a swimming pool, her mum's boyfriend does not. I have looked at the girls and thought that I would love to fuck them. I think that my 15-year old son thinks the same thing, judging by the way that he looks at them.” “Why don't you talk to him about sex, like I did with Sam? Tell him that he must not get a girl pregnant at his age, but that it is possible to have a lot of pleasure without risking a pregnancy.”

“Maybe I will. But right now all I can think about is your beautiful ass.” He charged the meal to his room, saying that my boss had payed for quite enough today. We were alone in the lift going to his suite, so he pulled me to him, started kissing me, then slipped his hand under my skirt and his fingers into my cunt. I responded by kissing back and unzipping his shorts and slipping my hand inside his underpants (how come he was allowed to wear them and I wasn't?) and feeling his very hard dick.

Inside the room, I pulled my new dress over my head and dropped it on the floor, then kicked of my thongs. Gerald took much longer to get naked than I did. Then he suggested that I bend over the back of a lounge chair. He started pushing lube into my arsehole/ass with his finger which is a lot thicker than my fingers. “Try putting two fingers in me now, with more lube.” This was a bit more difficult but eventually he managed. Then he lubed his cock and pressed it against my hole. He was gentle but insistent, and after a few minutes of pushing, his cock head slipped past my sphincter. He paused for a bit to allow me to get used to it. “OK. You can push in a bit further now.” “Oh! Fuck! Your ass is so tight.” “Oh! Fuck! Your cock is so big.” One of his hands reached around and found my clit and started rubbing it. The whole erotic nature of our day together, culminating in this wild fuck, welled up in me. A first, enormous orgasm swept through me as Gerald pushed further into me and continued diddling my clit. He pushed again and I felt his pubic bone press against my arse. Then he pulled almost all the way out of me. He stopped briefly to smear more lube on his cock then pushed smoothly back into me.

Before this, the only times that I had been fucked in the arse had been with Sam in my arse and someone else in my cunt, so I was quite surprised to find that as my arse stretched to accommodate Gerald's big dick I was starting to enjoy his pumping in and out of me as much as I would if he were fucking my cunt. Another orgasm swept through me, then I felt his dick throbbing as he pumped his cum into me. Wow!

After that we had a shower together. Then he rang my boss at his home and got the OK for me to spend the next day with him. We crawled into bed together, made gentle love and fell asleep cuddled together. What a day it had been!

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