Sandy Gets Even

Sandy Gets Even


The summer I was fifteen, a neighbor asked if I would spend the school vacation time helping with the care of his terminally ill mother in Centerville, which was about fifty miles from my hometown. The pay was better than anything I could hope to get by being a lifeguard or cooking hamburgers, so I agreed. My job was to take the night shift, watching Mrs. Goldsmith. It wasn't too difficult; she slept well once she was given the powerful pain killers.

I had to stay in her room from 10:00 P.M. until 8:00 A.M. the following morning. I could sleep in the big recliner, but had to set an alarm to awake me every hour so I could check on Mrs. Goldsmith and give her the medication. Roxy, a registered nurse, was responsible for the main care, but needed someone to be with her patient at night so she could get a good night's sleep. After Roxy took over at 8:00 A.M., I usually spent about four hours during the morning in bed. For the rest of the day, I was free to do as I wished.

After the first few days, I discovered a little park about a block from the house. It was right beside a stream of fresh water, and was nicely shaded. During the week, it was quiet, so I started going there after lunch every day to sun bathe and read. The third day, some high school boys came to the park to swim in the stream and toss a football. I ignored them for a while, reading my book and soaking up the sun. All at once, the football bounced over where I was sitting, so I picked it up and tossed it back. One of the guys, who seemed to be the leader of the group, yelled his thanks and went on playing ball. Just before they left, he trotted over.

"Hi, I'm Troy, what's your name?" He said in a friendly voice.

I gave him my first name and turned back to my book. He smiled and said he might see me around again sometime, and joined his friends as the piled into cars and screeched off. Twice more that week, the guys came by to swim and toss the football around. Before long, Troy was obviously the undisputed leader of the group of guys, and equally as obvious that he was very good with the football.

The third time they were back, Troy came again and struck up a conversation. I didn't tell him what I was doing in town, or tell him my last name. We just kind of talked and got acquainted. He was really good looking, but something about him bothered me. He had a kind of superior attitude and seemed to be used to getting what he wanted when he wanted it.

The next week, I continued coming to the park, swimming hard for about an hour, then sunbathing and reading. From time to time there would be groups of people coming to the park for picnics and swimming, but most of the time I was able to do pretty much as I wanted with not much company. Of course the guys came by to play football, and before long I got to know their names just by listening to them hollering back and forth. I learned that Troy was going to be a senior at Centerville High, and was the running back on the football team. I also learned that he had high hopes of going to the State University on a football scholarship. The third week, Troy came by on one of the days that the boys didn't usually stop. He was alone and immediately came to where I was reading.

"Hi," he said as he flopped down beside me. "You want to go swimming?"

I kind of shrugged, which Troy took as agreement, and jumped up pulling me up with him. He took my hand and we trotted off to the river and dove in. We swam for perhaps a half-hour when I told him that I had already worked out for an hour and was tired.

We got out of the water, dried off and lay in the sun. Troy kept pressing me for information, but something kept me from telling him why I was in town or where I lived. I just told him that I was only visiting for the summer and would leave in a few weeks. After a while he got tired of trying to pry information out of me and left. The next week, the guys came over as usual, but on the other days Troy came alone and kept trying to get a date with me. I told him that I couldn't go out in the evenings because I had responsibilities, but refused to elaborate.

After several weeks, I finally consented to go to the movies with him a couple of times, but insisted that we go right from the park and that he drop me back there. I just didn't want him coming by the house in the evenings when I had responsibilities to help Roxy. On those times, I either put jeans and a blouse over my one-piece bathing suit, or didn't swim that day, so was dressed in casual clothes. By then, I had gotten a little more comfortable with him, and had even done a little light kissing and cuddling. Nothing serious, just a few kisses and some hugging.

Two weeks before I had to go back home to school, Troy said he wanted to show me something special. We got into his car and he drove about two miles up the river, pulling into a driveway. There was a locked gate, which he opened. I drove the car through then he closed it behind us. We drove about three hundred yards into the thick trees, coming out on a little building on a small cliff above the river. Troy led me into the building, which turned out to be a little fishing cabin. There was a table for cleaning fish, a small apartment sized gas stove and refrigerator and a lot of fishing gear.

He explained that his dad and uncle had built the cabin several years ago, and often would spend the night fishing, playing cards, and having a few drinks. They curtained off one side of the cabin, and I could see that there were a couple of beds. Troy went to the refrigerator and took out two cans of beer, popping one open and handing it to me. I shook my head telling him that I didn't drink beer.

"We got wine, brandy, and even harder than that," he grinned.

“No Troy, I don’t drink. Now, I want to go!” I insisted.

Troy took a long hard pull on the can of beer.

"Oh don't be a spoil sport, go ahead and try a little."

"I want to go now," I said.

"Not just yet," Troy replied as he finished the second can.

With that, he pulled me roughly to him and kissed me hard. I could taste the beer on his lips and smell it on his breath. His hands were on my bottom, pulling me tight to him. I could feel his erection pressing against my tummy, and felt my heart go cold. I pushed away telling him I wanted to go right now. His face grew dark, and before I could formulate a plan, he was on me. He grabbed me roughly and shoved me through the curtains into the sleeping areas. I couldn't believe how strong he was!

"Please, I want to leave now!" I exclaimed. In answer, Troy grabbed the straps of my bathing suit and before I could react, he jerked them off my shoulder and peeled my suit right down to my feet. I screamed, but he just grabbed me and shoved me back onto one of the beds and jerked my suit off.

At first I was terrified, and too scared to think. I had attended some lectures at school where a rape counselor had given advice to the girls on how to deal with a developing problem called "Date Rape." I didn't pay much attention, because I only went with boys I knew well and didn't think I would ever be in that situation. Now, I wished I had listened! Troy was on top of me, feeling my breasts and forcing himself between my legs. I fought hard, screaming as loud as I could.

"You just as well quiet down and enjoy this," hissed Troy. "No one can hear you, and besides, you're going to like this."

By now, I realized that Troy was way too strong for me to manage. In addition, he was getting rougher, even slapping me so hard that my head rang for a few seconds until I promised to stop screaming. I could feel him working his own swimming trunks off, and in a moment he too was totally naked. I had never seen a naked boy, but generally knew what to expect. His erect penis was bigger than I thought it would be, and the sight of it caused my fear to escalate. Nevertheless, it was apparent that I was going to be raped and I could do little about it.

I decided not to get myself hurt any more than necessary. I continued to protest and tried to reason with him.

“Please, Troy, I’m a virgin and don’t want to do it this way,” I pleaded.

He seemed rather unconcerned with my statement.

"You’re really going to like this, I love teaching virgins how to do it, and once I show you how great it feels, you'll beg me to do it again!"

He grabbed a jar of Vaseline and smeared some on his purple-headed penis. With that, he kissed me hard and roughly shoved me back on the bed and fell on top of me. He forced my legs open and got between them, moving forward. I knew I couldn't stop him, so began whimpering.

"Please be careful, I don't know what to do, please be careful, don't hurt me!"

Troy didn't hesitate, he just put his arms under my knees, and then he shoved my legs up so that he had total control of me. An instant later, I felt his penis against my virgin lips. I tried to squeeze my legs together to keep him out, but he shoved forward. His movement was rough and decisive. He slipped in just a little then pulled back.

"OK Baby, get ready to go to heaven, here it comes!"

I tried to pull back, but he just shoved in hard and fast. I felt a searing pain as he ripped through my virginity, but he didn't hesitate. He just slammed in and out of me, heedless of my cries and screams of pain and frustration. He pounded into me for about ten or fifteen seconds then groaned and shoved it in as far as he could. After shuddering and convulsing a few times, he fell on top of me. I felt as if I were smothering under his weight, and after a minute or two I tried to push him off.

"Wasn't that great! I told you that you were going to love it, wait until we do it again."

I was too scared and in too much pain to move, so lay there as quiet as possible. After a few minutes, I sensed that he had gone to sleep. As quietly as possible, I slipped out of bed, grabbed my swimsuit and eased out of the cabin. I ran to the river, diving in trying to wash myself off. I struggled into my suit then began swimming with the current as hard as I could. Sometime later, I came to the little park and hurried home. When I came in Roxy glanced up and immediately realized something was wrong.

"What happened to you?" she asked with alarm.

By now I was sobbing hysterically. She took me in her arms, holding me until I could talk. I told her briefly what had happened, and who it was. Roxy's face fell.

"What's the matter?" I asked.

"Well, it’s not the first time he has done that kind of thing, but no one can seem to do anything about it. His uncle is the county prosecutor, and his dad is a prominent contractor and a member of the school board. Between them, they have managed to thwart any prosecution of the little bastard.

"What can I do?" I asked incredulously, "I can't just let him get away with this!"

"First things first," said Roxy. "First, let me check you over and see how badly you are hurt. Another thing, we need to be sure you don't get pregnant with that bastard's kid."

She sent me in to shower, saying no need to go the hospital and be submitted to the humiliation of the police investigation when it wouldn't get anywhere. As I was showering, Roxy prepared to do a pelvic exam.

"Well, I’m pretty sure you will not get pregnant, and other than being sore for a few days, you are not physically injured."

After I got dressed, Roxy talked to me all during the evening chores, emphasizing that I had done nothing wrong and I shouldn't blame myself for what happened. I nodded, thinking about some TV programs I had seen about rape victims. It seemed to me that they spent more time being bitter than they did with getting on with life. Certainly I had lost my virginity, but over half my friends had already done it with someone they never intended to marry, so it wasn't as big a deal as it would have been twenty five years ago. Still, I wanted to get even with Troy for what he did. I had always dreamed of the first time, and had thought it would be with someone I loved, even if it were just a high school romance. After a day or two, Roxy said she thought I was going to be OK.

"I got a plan," I told her.

Roxy raised an eyebrow and told me to go on. I explained how he said I was going to love it and how I would beg for it later. Roxy sat in silence, staring at me as I laid out a plan.

"You know, I think this could really work," she mused. "What you say we REALLY put it to him!"

"What do you have in mind?" I asked.

Roxy showed me a newspaper clipping about the opening football game of the season. Coaches of two state schools were going to be there, along with a coach from another prestigious university. We planned for several days, before putting the plan into action. I moved my things back home at the end of the summer and enrolled in school. The week before I left, I went to the park every day until Troy and his group came by. I motioned for him to come over.

"You know, you were right, I want to do it again, but I don't want anyone to know we're going to do it," I whispered suggestively.

“Hey, baby, what did I tell you, once a girls has been done by Troy they can’t wait to have it again!” he grinned.

“OK, hey look, I got to go home now, but why don’t I come back and watch your first game of the season. We could meet at the cabin right after school on Friday night. That will really give you a good reason to do your very best for the big game,” I told him excitedly.

"It's a date, baby, you’re going to like it even better this time".

The Friday of Troy’s first game, I skipped school and came to see Roxy. Together we put everything I needed into a duffel bag. Roxy drove me to the gate leading to the cabin. I walked to the cabin and went in. In a few moments, I had prepared the little surprise we had organized for Troy. He arrived about ten minutes later and immediately grabbed for me.

“Not so fast, last time I didn’t have time to get ready and I want to really enjoy it this time,” I said as I twisted out of his grasp.

“What’s to get ready?” said Troy with a leer, “I’m ready,” he grunted, gesturing to his bulging pants.

I tossed him a bottle of beer as I popped the top of another bottle for myself. I watched carefully to see if he would notice that the bottle had been opened and re-sealed. In an instant, he had opened the cap and took a huge swig.

“OK, get ready,” he said as he pulled his belt open.

“Not until I have had a chance to finish my beer. I want to get more relaxed than last time,” I replied with a laugh.

I took a long pull of the ice tea in my bottle and smacked my lips.

“This is really good; I think I will be feeling great in a few minutes. Here, have another,” I whispered tossing him another bottle.

I noticed with satisfaction that he had a little trouble catching the bottle. By the time he had finished about half the second bottle, he had slumped down on the divan and kind of rolled back against the arm. Seconds later he was sound asleep. Grabbing my duffel bag, I quickly opened the sterile package Roxy had prepared for me. Dabbing some alcohol on his arm, I injected the two syringes of drugs into Troy’s arm, packed up the bag, then carefully checked to see if any signs of my presence were left. I collected the two bottles Troy had drank, and left closing the door quietly behind me. Roxy was waiting just down the road as planned, and ten minutes later, we were back at her house disposing of all the evidence.

At seven P.M. we tuned the radio to the station that always carried the local football games. The announcer was just finishing the pre-game chatter and was starting to announce the starting line up. Suddenly he stopped his chatter.

“What’s this? Troy Needham isn’t in the starting line up!”

He went on to speculate that the coach was planning some special strategy given that there were college scouts in the stands tonight. As the teams took the field, there was more and more speculation, especially when he realized that not only was Troy not in the starting line up, but wasn’t on the bench either!

The team played well, but without their star running back, the other team was steadily piling up touchdowns. Just after half time, Troy came jogging out to the bench.

“Staggering would be a better description,” quipped the announcer. “Obviously Troy is not up to his usual playing form.”

By the end of the game, he was on the field, but was unable to catch a pass, and was pounded hard by the other team. Speculation ran wild as to what was wrong with him, and after only about three plays the coach took him out of the game. When he came off the field, he threw a punch at the coach, then fell to the ground and had to be helped off the field.

The next morning the paper carried a full description of the incident, along with a statement from the family physician that Troy was suffering from some undisclosed illness that had caused him to be disoriented and confused. The paper was quite vague as to the exact cause of the illness. A couple of weeks later I got a copy of the paper from Roxy with an article circled in the sports section. The gist of the article explained that Troy had failed a drug test as required by the State Athletic Commission and was barred from playing football. The article went on to lament the waste of such talent, and that it almost certainly eliminated any chance of a scholarship to a major university.

I picked up the phone and dialed the number Roxy had given me. After a couple of rings, a lady answered. I asked for Troy, and a moment later he answered.

“This is Sandy,” I said brightly, “How are you doing?” “OK,” was the sullen reply.

“What do you want?”

“I just wanted to call you and see how it feels to be raped!”

“You ruined my life, you bitch!” he screamed into the phone.

“That’s tough, maybe next time you decide to rape a girl you’ll remember that not all of us are going to take it without fighting back!”

Troy was still swearing when I gently placed the phone in the cradle.

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