Slutty Little Bekkie's Public Black Fuck

Slutty Little Bekkie's Public Black Fuck

Slutty Little Bekkie's Backyard Fucking
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This story contains extremely nasty descriptions of underage sex, an unrealistic portrayal of human behavior, speach, and anatomy, fanciful and obscene neologisms, and absolutely no literary merit. Read at your own risk.


Now that Bekkie was 11, her mom was leaving her home by herself, and the little girl loved the opportunities this gave her to get naked and stimulate her horny preteen body. It had been a week since her birthday and this was the third time she'd get to indulge her nasty appetites and stuff her fingers up her undeveloped cunthole. Ever since one of her friends showed her some nasty pictures on the internet, her little slot had stayed constantly wet and sloppy, and her mind was full of nasty, slutty thoughts.

As soon as her mom left, Bekkie quickly stripped out of her shorts, top and panties and began fingering her hairless little cunt while she pinched and tugged her hard nipples. Soon, her self-abuse had her incredibly horny, and she began thinking about ways she could make her finger-fucking session dirtier and more stimulating. She decided that it would be exciting to go outside so that the neighbors could get a good look at her naked body and watch her finger her fuckhole.

Without hesitating, she paraded out into the tiny backyard, swinging her hips and shaking her round ass for the benefit of anyone who might be looking. There were houses set close together on either side and an apartment building butted up against the rear, so lots of people could get a good close-up look at her naked preteen body parts. The other buildings were only about 20 feet away, seperated by a low chainlink fence, so she was really exposed as she strutted over to a patio chair, walking like a cheap hooker. She plopped her ass down at the edge of the chair and leaned back, spreading her legs wide open and hooking her knees over the arms of the chair so that her cunt and asshole were clearly on display. Her back was to her own house, so she was giving a great view of both her holes to anyone who looked out one of the many nearby windows.

But little Bekkie wasn't content with just posing like a whore; she had to act like one too. Soon she was digging three fingers into her slick cunt-tube while panting and moaning loudly. Two fingers from her other hand stuffed up her anal hole really added to her public sex show's nastyness factor. She closed her eyes and started jamming her fingers in and out of her trampholes as hard and fast as she could, grunting every time her knuckles slammed into her swollen cuntlips and tender anus. Her loud sex noises kept her from hearing the gate opening, and with her eyes closed, she had no way of knowing that her exhibitionist performance was about to be much more closely observed.

Leroy Jackson stood there staring at the little naked white girl burying her fingers in her cunt and shithole. The big 6'6" black man crossed the yard and stood directly in front of Bekkie, taking advantage of her closed eyes to get a real close-up look at the the way she was abusing her orifices. The meter reader's big black cock was straining at his shorts. He unzipped his pants and hauled out his footlong uncircumcised dong and his baseball-sized ballsack, and started jerking off while staring at the detailed, pornographic view.

Soon, Bekkie's moaning and grunting got more intense, and Leroy moved forward, straddling the chair and pumping his fat black cock inches away from her face as she headed towards a hard orgasm. Just as her holes started spasming around her fingers, he started to come. Three big wads of cum sprayed Bekkie's face, plastering her forhead and cheeks and hanging from her nose and chin.

When she felt the hot slimy ballgravy on her face, Bekkie's eyes popped open. When she saw the huge black cock spurting cum onto her little preteen face, she gasped, her mouth falling open. Leroy directed his next two cumwads into her open mouth, watching the thick, yellow-tinted sperm pool on her tongue. Little Bekkie was getting her first taste of cocksauce from a black stranger.

Bekkie was still too stunned to react as Leroy thrust his cock forward, stuffing his plumsized dickhead into her tiny oral cavity. "Yeah, drink my sperm, bitch," he said as shot after shot of gooey black cum poured down her throat. "You better not spill a drop or I tell yo mamma that you out here showin' off like a ho." Of course, Bekkie really had no choice, since he was pumping gobs of semen directly down her gullet, but Leroy enjoyed the look of panic in her eyes as she struggled to gulp down his slimy load. He noticed that, despite having her 11-year-old mouth forcibly crammed with a giant black cock that was packing her stomach with a huge quantitiy of a stranger's babybatter, the little slut was still twitching in orgasm.

After shooting about 15 wads of cum down her throat, Leroy extracted his cock from her mouth, saying "You better not shout, ho, or your momma gonna find out what a slut you be." Bekkie didn't say a word as he pumped his last five spurts of dickjuice all over her little face. She knew that her whorish behavior meant that she deserved this forceful, degrading treatment. Besides, despite just having a long, hard orgasm, her holes were buzzing with excitement, and they felt empty now that she'd removed her fingers.

"You look real pretty with your face covered with cum," Leroy told her. Her face really was covered, with globs of cum plastering her bangs to her forhead, clumps in her eyelashes, and long strands hanging from her nose and chin. Leroy's huge black balls had produced a truly huge load of cum. Bekkie had swallowed over a pint of the manchowder, and there was still enough left over to cover every inch of her face and completely obscure her features. "How old you be, bitch?" Leroy asked.

"I'm a 11-year-old cockloving slut," Bekkie answered. Using nasty language to describe herself to this big black stranger made her even more horny.

"A cockloving slut, huh? You ever had a cock up your cunt before?" Leroy asked. As he spoke, he reached down and took each of her nipples between two strong fingers and started pinching them and pulling them away from her body while twisting them back and forth.

Becky grimaced from the rough treatment her nipples were getting, and started getting worried about what this stranger might do to her vulnerable little body. "No, sir, I've never been fucked before," she answered, "but I think your cock's too huge to cram up my birthcanal. It's very fat, and I think it would hurt a lot if you stuffed it into my virgin fuckhole."

Although Bekkie was asking him not to fuck her, her filthy language made him determined to do just that. "It is gonna hurt a lot, bitch, but that just too bad. My dick still hard, and that mean you gonna get yo cherry busted." Leroy released one of her abused nipples and moved his hand down to her bald kidslot. He roughly pried her gash open, then unceremoniously shoved two thick fingers up her dickholster. But he was confused when he was able to force his fingers in to the last knuckle without meeting any obstruction.

"Bitch, you lying to me! You ain't got no cherry," he spat at her.

"No, sir, me and my best friend Cindy took turns fucking each other with a carrot last week. We wanted to be ready in case we met anyone who wanted to fuck our cunts." As she spoke, Leroy was adding a third fat black finger to her stretched cunthole, and she moaned when he started twisting them back and forth, opening her up wider than ever before.

"Damn, bitch, you one slutty ho. I hope that carrot got you good an' ready, cause now you got someone who want to fuck you." Leroy reached down and took hold of her under the shoulders, easily lifting the little 11-year-old. As he pulled her towards him, she started begging him not to fuck her.

"No, please don't force your huge black cock up my tiny little rapetube!" she moaned. "It would just be too nasty, having my cunt busted open for the first time by a black stranger with a monster dong!" But even as she spoke, she was instinctively supporting herself by wrapping her legs around Leroy's waist, and the tip of his cock was nudging her cunthole, spreading open her little twatlips.

With no warning, Leroy let all her weight rest on his rock-hard black cock. Immediately, the big cockhead popped into her greasy fuckhole, and Bekkie yelped in discomfort from the sudden expansion of her kidhatch. Leroy didn't give the newly deflowered little girl any time to get used to the fat schlong invading her skankpit, and didn't wait at all before pulling down on her shoulders so her body was forced to accept six inches of beer-bottle-thick cock. Still, there was a lot of cock left for her to take, and Leroy was going to make sure she took it all.

He started jabbing his hips forward while holding Bekkie firmly in place, planting more and more of his rock-hard stalk up her fuckbasin. Every thrust made Bekkie cry out in pain as untouched parts of her virgin twat were suddenly and grossly distended and forced to hug Leroy's outsized cock-knob.

"Ah! Ah! Ahhh! AHHH!" cried Bekkie. " Please don't rape my 11-year-old cunt so roughly! Ah! AHH! My cunt hurts so bad wrapped around your huge black cock! AHHHHHH! Please, sir, stop jamming your cock up my dickhatch like I'm a cheap whore!" Bekkie knew that her dirty language was only encouraging Leroy to abuse her, but she couldn't seem to help herself.

"You sure do talk like a cheap whore," Leroy commented. He paid no attention to Bekkie's pleas, and just kept stuffing his cock into her with no consideration for her tender young body. In fact, he was getting frustrated; his cock was 8 inches deep in her, but there were still 4 inches to go. The head was pressed up against her cervix, and there seemed to be no room left. He decided to try changing her position to see if he could squeeze more cock up her porktunnel. "Where you learn to talk like a gutterslut?"

"Me and Cindy like to take off all our clothes and take turns reading nasty stories from the internet out loud while we fingerfuck each other's girlholes," Bekkie answered. "We really like stories about women or girls whose cunts get so horny and overheated that they lose control and have no choice but to act like filthy tramps. I guess that's- OHHHHH!" Leroy had reached down and taken hold of one of her ankles, lifting it up and wedging it against his shoulder. The other leg was left dangling, and Bekkie felt like she was being split like a wishbone. In this position, Leroy had been able to cram a ninth inch of fat black cock up her babychute, putting pressure on her cervix and causing her to cry out.

For a few moments, Bekkie was only able to pant and squeal, but when she caught her breath, she continued. "I guess that's why I came out here to show off my whorish behavior to an audience, and why I have such a filthy guttermouth. Even though I'm getting raped by a strange black cock that's bigger than my forearm, I'm a really horny slut, so I can't help talking like a trashy- AIIIIIEEEE! AHHH! AHHHHHHHH!"

Now Leroy had lifted her other foot up to his shoulders as well. He was still holding her upper body upright, so little Bekkie's body was bent completely in half. In this position, all her weight was bearing down on the huge cock inside her; she was basically balancing on her cervix, putting intense pressure on the entrance to her uterus and causing her tremendous pain. To make matters worse, her weight had forced another inch of cock inside her; Leroy thought he must be rearranging her internal organs to fit such a big log of meat into her little body. Bekkie's screams were loud and continuous.

"Shit, girl, if you keep yelling like that, people gonna hear you," said Leroy.

Bekkie choked down her next scream. "I hope people do hear me!" she said, then raised her voice. "I WANT LOTS OF PEOPLE TO WATCH MY HORNY 11-YEAR-OLD TWAT GETTING BUSTED OPEN BY A HUGE BLACK COCK! I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW WHAT A NASTY LITTLE COCKSLUT I AM!"

To be continued

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