So Hot

I was driving home from work in my boyfriend's convertible. The weather was excruciatingly hot & I had the top down – wind blowing through my medium blonde hair which was made even blonder by lots of time in the sun. I was wearing a light flowery sundress – of course I was wearing nothing underneath. My 36-C's are firm from swimming and my body is tight and toned from biking, running, and all the other activities I love to do. Including have very physical sex with my boyfriend.

Anyway, I'm cruising along just fine on I-5, it's a Friday afternoon and I'm looking forward to the weekend. Suddenly, just before a curve, traffic stops short! I've got a mini-van in front of me, the back half of a delivery van beside me and an old, souped-up Mustang to the left of me. That is ALL I can see. I have no idea what the hold up is, and I decide to just play with the radio dials and see what I can find.

I lean back in my seat and a little bit of sweat trickles down from my neck between my breasts and it tickles. I trace the line of sweat with my fingers, lightly, down to between my breasts and move my finger in little circles – just daydreaming.

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I notice the man in the Mustang to my left watching me. I don't let on that I see him and I continue doing what I'm doing. I move my fingers towards my right nipple and trace over it, feeling the rough cotton against my tender flesh – making my nipple stiffen and jut out.

I continue playing with my nipples and running my hand around my neck and chest area languidly, and as I do I see the man to my left out of the corner of my eye become rather uncomfortable in his seat! He leans back, but continues watching me. I see him start to rub his crotch up and down with his hand, over his shorts.

I can see his cock outlined and I start to get pretty wet. What started as a tease is quickly becoming hot & heavy! I slip my left hand down between my legs and raise my skirt enough to expose my thighs – and to slip my hand up to my cunt.

I continue carressing my breasts and nipples with one hand, as I raise my hips and let the fingers of my left hand explore my cunt. I insert my middle finger into my wet hole and then slide it back to my clit, circling and carressing it. I see the man to my left slip his right hand into his shorts and start stroking – the head of his cock peeping out the top!

He is leaning back in his seat and watching, mouth open, panting with lust – while I start to fingerfuck myself with real intensity – my first 2 fingers probing and my thumb against my clit – rubbing with intensity. I know he can only partially see what's going on, but I also know that is part of the turn-on.

I know this traffic could start moving any minute, so time is of the essence. I know that to get this guy off is what will get me off. I decide to pull out the big guns. I pull down the neckline of my dress just past my nipples and pull my left hand out of my pussy. I trace over my bare nipples – breasts glistening in the sunlight – with my wet, honey-soaked fingers. I pull my finger slightly away from my nipple and a line of my wetness hangs between it and my fingers – illuminated by the daylight.

I hear the guy moan – just slightly – and I plunge my hand back in my pussy. I pump and grind, humping against my hand, and gripping at my breast and pinching my nipple. I see the guy fucking his fist through his shorts – his hand appearing at the head of his cock and then disappearing back down into his shorts to the hilt and then back up. I know he is close so I close my eyes and feel the orgasm start to explode in wave after wave – my pussy walls gripping at my fingers and the wetness soaking my thighs, ass and dress.

I turn my head and look right at the guy in time to see him shoving his cock back down in his pants. The traffic starts to move as he looks over at me. I say, "You've got something all over your shirt."

And I drive away.


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