Spanking Reunion

They met again for the first time in 12 years at the family reunion and she was attracted to him. He'd been just a kid when his parents moved into the same town as her, his mother died and she came to look after him, regarding him almost as a son, treating him as a son, spanking him as she spanked her own daughters. Now she was divorced, her children all grown up and left home, meeting him again came at the right time and she liked what she saw.

He no longer seemed a son to her but as a man she was attracted to sexually. For his part, he'd always had an adolescent crush on her and when he met her again, face to face, he realized it hadn't abated. Memories of wonderfully painful feelings when, as with her own children she disciplined him with a sound spanking over her lap. As he now stood there shaking her hand, stimulated by her figure, he vividly remembered how she marched him from the dinner table one night into her bedroom and spanked his bare bottom until he cried like a baby – first time in a long time that anyone showed him that they cared enough to respond to his actions.

Enough with formal hand shaking! Jenna put her arms around and gave a big hug and a kiss, remembering suddenly how she used to spank cute bottom bright red. Pressed up against him now, she recalled his erection pressing into her bare or nylon covered thigh. Could she feel it now, as their bodies pressed at the party? Her hand began to itch to spank him again after all this time.

For the rest of the afternoon she mingled with other members of the family but couldn't keep from glancing at him, especially at his bottom, finding herself repeatedly talking with him in such an elated manner she had to quit and talk to ancient aunts to avoid people remarking.

Billy, too, felt the same. He was 31, which would place her in her middle forties. Bottom, hips and thighs were still curvy and finely sculpted. Recalling his contact with her magnificent body those years ago he found his cock pressing against his dress pants and looking down saw it jutting considerably and upon raising his eyes met those of Jenna's daughter, Kelly and was so embarrassed to notice her eyes flick to his bulge that he put down his drink and ran to the bathroom to splash cold water on his face and change his train of thought.

Still, he kept finding himself face to face with Jenna and before too long she'd coaxed him to cancel his hotel reservation and stay at her house. In his rental car he followed her home, and she led him to the bedroom next to hers, told him that she was going to change into something more comfortable and that he should do the same, then went to her room.

Intentionally she left her door halfway open as she stripped off her blouse and skirt and admired how she looked in the mirror in just bra, panties and hose. Undoing her bra she let it fall away from her full breasts then slowly began to take down her black bikini panties, proud of her youthful figure and her curvaceous buttocks and thighs.

She heard him getting ready to come out of his room and began to slip into sexy lingerie, recently bought. Just as he came out of the room and she knew that he would have to be in front of her door, she turned her back and pulled her panties up so they came up just between her rear cleft so that the base of each buttock was exposed. Keeping from looking at the door, she turned and began to put on her bra, knowing Billy was getting a good look at her nearly naked body, then suddenly turned and made eye contact. He blushed a deep red and ran back into his room. The time was right. She quickly followed, wearing only her skimpy lingerie. He tried to turn away but she told him to turn and look at her or she would be upset. Totally confused he did as she asked. She took him by the hand and sat down with him on the bed.

"I don't mind you seeing me undressed" she told him. "After all, I've often seen you with your pants down, remember?" She smiled.

"Why not go downstairs and be comfortable while I finish dressing" she continued. "Then we can eat and talk."

She was pleased for it was going well. As they ate they chatted and of course the topic came back to his various spankings from her, vividly remembered by each, they discovered. The phone rang. Her youngest daughter Kelly already on her way. Minutes later she arrived, with a friend, Karen. Upset at the untimely interruption, Jenna was in no mood to sympathize with her daughter's moans about her husband and after listening impatiently a few minutes interrupted and told her she was being a baby. Kelly snapped rudely back, and her mother told her she wasn't too old for a trip up to her room.

"What do you think should be done with an impertinent grownup daughter?" Jenna asked Billy archly.

Thinking mostly of himself, cock stiffening, bottom beginning to tingle, he replied, "someone over 21 can still learn from parental discipline."

Surveying Kelly's cute, chubby bottom he imagined how splendid it would be to see her spanked right there in the living room.

"Go upstairs and wait for me" Jenna told her daughter firmly, and, shamed yet still obedient, Kelly obeyed. "Have you been behaving yourself lately, Karen?" Jenna asked her daughter's friend. "Either of you two are welcome to accompany me upstairs for the same treatment!"

Billy was on the brink of agreeing, but forced himself to regard it as the joke it probably was.

Karen replied "Thanks, Mrs. B. but I can still feel the night we came in after curfew ten years ago."

"That gives both of you similar experiences with me" Jenna told them. "You'll have something to talk about while I'm attending to my naughty daughter. Be a good boy Billy! Well I guess Suzy has had enough time in the corner with her panties down to regret what is going to happen, so I'll try not to disappoint her."

Now Billy looked with interest at the voluptuous blonde sitting across from him blushing as deep red at Jenna having made public her spankings. After a few minutes of uneasy silence, she mentioned that she could see that Billy was still enamored with Jenna.

"The outcome of this visit was predictable" Karen admitted, "Kelly came over with the express purpose of getting her mother to spank her. In fact there had been a couple of times in the last week I was tempted to spank her myself."

Then they clearly hear a hand on bare flesh spanking, and Kelly start to whimper and cry, and went silent, each squirming slightly, each aroused. Downstairs mother and daughter came, daughter's dress awry, face tear-stained. Really unable to wait any longer, Jenna hurried the two girls out of the house then returned to Billy.

"I would apologize for my daughter's behavior and my having to spank her naughty bottom, but I imagine that it gave you and Karen some interesting things to talk about."

She was reminded of the spanking she gave him one night, and before she'd called him over to her and he was helpless to resist.

"Does this bring back any memories for you, as I slowly take down your pants and bare your bottom as you stand in front of me? Only this time I am going to keep my skirt up this high so you can be bent right over my bare thighs. I am also going to take off my blouse so you can see my tits. My nipples are hard as I think about spanking your chubby bare butt again after so long."

He stood, helpless with desire as she took his pants and shorts down to his ankles and then turned him around to examine his backside. She patted and stroked both cheeks and ran her finger up and down his sensitive crack. He was eager to go face down across her broad, firmly fleshed thighs even though he was aware that his spanking was going to hurt. Then finally the words he longed to hear:

"Well young man, it's time for you to get that naughty bottom of yours over my lap. You remember the position."

His erection was stiff as he settled across the soft, warm womanly lap. Just as she traditionally did in the past, she quickly began to spank his plump, round cheeks with her hand. She liked to spank him in no particular pattern or pace as it kept him guessing when the spank would arrive. He knew it would hurt, but time had distorted his estimate of just how much. Her arm rose high and swung wide and with each resounding slap he cried out involuntarily as the imprints of her hand brought a bright pink over both cheeks and the crack between.

She could no longer hold back her orgasm. Panties now wet with her juices, Jenna continued to spank soundly until the man's had gone soft. Pausing in the punishment, she began to fondle his butt. Thankful, yet sorry too, that his spanking was over, he slid off her lap and knelt between her thighs, practically tore the bra off and eagerly started to suck her tits. She hugged him to her chest and filled his mouth with first her right boob and then her left, gently massaged his flaming hot buttocks and tenderly kissed away his tears from his face bringing his cock hard in moments while his hands stroked her thighs and traveled up to explore her bottom. She wanted him, and now. Off with her skirt, he helped take down her wet panties, she took him down on the couch and sat down on his chest. She had his arms trapped at his side with her calves and he loved the feel of her soft buttocks resting on the nipples of his chest. With a smug smile on her face, she inched her way down his chest until her hot, wet pussy was directly over his mouth. With his arms now free, he reached up and fondled her buttocks eagerly as he brought her to orgasm with his tongue. Then she slid back down his chest until she could mount his pulsing erection and plunge it deep into her moist, inviting pussy, climaxing twice before he shot his load.

Afterwards they both cuddled and reminisced about the old times and how their lives had changed. They both agreed they need to have a reunion a little more often!

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