Spiders Web

She was on her back, long, blonde, hair stretching out from her head like a halo. Her eyes covered in a black velvet blindfold, her pouting lips trembling in excitement. She was nude and wrapped tightly to the futon with layers of saran wrap, like a spiders web enshrouding her.

Only her breasts and cock were free, the cold air seeming almost arctic in comparison to the heat of her body held within the plastic. She wiggled as much as she could, not in disobedience, but in excitement. Her entire body was on fire with anticipation of what would come next.

The faintest touch, just a whisper of a sensation made her moan loudly as he began to slowly tickle the base of her cock with a feather. Just the very tip of the feather touched her, so soft, it almost wasn’t even there. She had to reach out with her senses to feel it as it traced a slow lazy circle around the base.

Her cock twitched and throbbed as he teased her, never moving up the shaft, never drifting down to the balls. He was merciless in his teasing. She moaned and pleaded for him to touch her, take her, anything, just more. She wanted more of anything. But, instead, he teased on until she was nearly ready to scream. Then it stopped.

Her skin under the plastic wrap was slippery and wet with sweat. The heat of her arousal was fed back to her and she was on fire from it. So when the ice cube touched her nipple she screamed out. it was so diverse, so diametrically opposed to the heat it was like cold flames licking her nipple.

A drip of water went down her nipple and rolled quickly down her breast. The tickle of the water drove her mad. She was moaning and trying to thrust with her cock, thrust into what? She didn’t know. She was just past the ability to think rationally. The ice cube hit the other nipple and she moaned and groaned and pled with him to let her cum…to do anything…just more…she needed more.

Again…it all stopped.

She waited in silence. Wondering what was next. She became aware of her own ragged breathing, the course sound of her arousal echoing in her own ears. It was the only sound. She waited for him but nothing happened. She worried she had done something wrong. Should she apologize? Should she beg? What was expected of her?

And then she felt his lips. Warm, wet, soft lips as her took one nipple into his mouth and sucked on it. His teeth nibbling on her as he sucked. That sensation was everything, her entire world at that moment. His mouth worked and sucked and pulled her nipple until she as sure the nipple would begin to spurt cum. She was screaming without realizing it.

His fingers began to play with her other nipple and she felt her whole body begin to tremble. Although she knew she wasn’t going to ejaculate cum, she felt the same sensation of complete electrical overload coarsing through her body. She shook and screamed out and felt herself shaking like a leaf. He gently kissed her nipple and then, again, all was silent.

She lay there trembling for what seemed like days. The room, the world…everything…seemed all askew and out of whack. She was confused and feeling like she was floating on air. The saran wrap binding her felt like an embrace from her lover, it held her tightly and securely. She tried to speak but found she had no voice, she was just…electricity…sensation…feeling.

When his lips sucked the head of her cock into his mouth, she was not expecting it. It was like a hammer slamming her back into her body hard and fast. As he slid his lips down her shaft and sucked all of her sweet thick cock into his mouth she tried to scream out at the pure pleasure/pain of it. it felt so good that it nearly hurt.

As he began to slide up and down in a steady rhythm of a blow job, his fingers played with her balls and squeezed them gently. She found her voice and let out a low animal sound as he sucked her fast and wet and sloppy. The sound of his blowjob echoed in her mind, she could hear every wet second of it.

He began to squeeze her balls harder as her cock jerked and throbbed in his mouth. He was milking her, getting her ready to empty ever bit of cum she had. She tried to thrust up into his mouth and fuck his face but she was held fast. She was thrashing her head back and forth and growling as she got closer and closer to cumming. She needed to cum. She so needed to fill his mouth with her cum.

Then his free hand grabbed her breast, his fingers pulling on her nipple hard. She screamed out…too many sensations, she couldn’t tell them apart anymore. She felt her cock jerking and felt that rush as her cum began to squirt.

He sucked her down deep and began to drain her, squeezing her balls tightly to get all of her cum. She screamed again, but no breath came, she realized she wasn’t breathing any more. She shot burst after burst of cum until there was nothing left, even then he sucked on. She was drained completely.

Then again, everything stopped.

She was alone again in the darkness, drained, panting, unable to move. Like in a spiders web and she was the fly. She was food to be drained, consumed. She was his dinner. She trembled in excitement. She was captured in his web.

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