St. Mary's

Angela was sent to boarding school to tame her “misbehaviors”. She had always been a wild child with a smart mouth. After discipline didn’t work in her family home, as a last resort she was shipped off to St. Mary’s School For Girls. St. Mary’s was known for their obedience training, and at the forefront of the training was Father Lewis – a man known for his cane. His cane was so terrible, that they called it “The Punisher”. So many of the girls were terribly afraid of the cane that they just behaved in order to avoid it. Father Lewis very rarely had to give out a caning, and it was a big deal when he did and was the talk of the whole school when such an event happened. Angela had heard about the The Punisher, but she had never herself experienced it until one day…..

Angela got up for breakfast in a very bad mood. It was raining outside, and she was just plain crabby. She wanted to stay in bed but the nuns insisted on her getting up for breakfast. After getting dressed and heading to the breakfast hall, Angela was sitting down eating her meal when one of the nuns approached her:

“Did you say Grace before you ate, child?” The nun queried.

“No, I didn’t feel like it. I’m in a bad mood,” Angela retorted.

“Girl, you need to bow your head right now and thank the Lord for your food!” The nun yelled back as she placed her hand on top of Angela’s head and shoved it downward to pray.

“Get your fucking hand off me!” Angela screamed back.

“To Father Lewis’ office with you! Hurry!” The nun shouted. She grabbed Angela by the ear and drug her to Father Lewis’ office. All of the other girls’ jaws dropped in amazement. Surely Angela was going to meet The Punisher and this was a huge ordeal!

As they reached the long corridor leading to his office, Angela started becoming worried:

“Please Sister Ann. I’m very sorry. I don’t know what got into me and I won’t do it again. I’m just in a bad mood. I’m soooo sorry!” Angela pleaded.

“It’s too late for apologies now! Tell it to the Father!” The nun replied.

The door swung open to Father Lewis’ office and there sat Father Lewis at his desk completing some paperwork; behind him on the wall hung The Punisher. Angela stared at The Punisher and started to cry.

“This child didn’t say Grace and she cursed at me!” The nun reported.

“Angela! I’m shocked! Why did you do this?” Father Lewis questioned.

“I’m sorry, Father. I’m just in a bad mood today. It won’t happen again, I’m very sorry,” Angela replied.

“Well it’s too late now. What’s done is done and you must be punished. We can’t have that kind of behavior at St. Mary’s!” Father Lewis said. “Now come over here and bend over my desk and pull up your skirt and drop your panties.”

Angela complied with the Priest, but she already had tears streaming down her face even before he even took The Punisher off it’s resting place on his wall. Angela lifted up her pleated schoolgirl skirt and pulled down her white cotton panties. Then she bent over his desk.

“Angela, what you did today is a terrible offense here at St. Mary’s. You will receive a good caning for it with 10 strokes. I have never given out such an amount, but I feel your behavior warrants it.” Father Lewis said as he took The Punisher off the wall.

Angela braced herself for what was about to happen. She was so scared of the impending sting of the cane and she was so humiliated for exposing her private parts to both the Father and the nun. This was the worst day of her life, and the anticipation of getting the cane was killing her! She looked down towards her bottom:

“Head straight ahead, Angela! No peeking!” Father Lewis commanded.

Angela turned her head straight forward. How was she to brace herself when she didn’t know the strokes were coming? Suddenly she felt the cane being slowly drug across her ass. Was he really teasing her? She was starting to get goose bumps at the slow tickling of the cane across her tense flesh. Father Lewis drug the cane back and forth for what seemed like an eternity.


“OOOOWWW!” Angela cried.

The first stroke hit Angela squarely on the ass. The Punisher was such a sharp cane that even the first stroke left a welt on her ass. Then the second one came.

“Please! I’m sorry!” Angela begged in tears.

“No child, you deserve this. You did it to yourself. Now settle down and take your punishment.” Father Lewis replied.

Father Lewis whipped Angela three more times and stopped on the fifth stroke.

“We’re halfway there, Angela. Do you repent for what you did?” The father queried.

“Yes, sir! I’m so sorry! I won’t ever do it again! I’ve learned my lesson!” Angela cried.

“Good. Then the punishment is working. Five more to go.” Father Lewis said.
Angela couldn’t believe she was only halfway done. Her ass already had five big welts on it and it stung like she had sat on a nest of angry hornets. It was so red and fleshy, it was going to be weeks before she could sit down!

Father Lewis decided that even though he felt Angela deserved a slower, more drawn out punishment, he was a busy man and decided to whip her with the last five strokes quickly.


“Ow, ow, OW, OW………..OW!!!!” Angela’s voice raised as he went along. Each consecutive stroke was even more painful without a break.

“Okay Angela we are finished. However I want to give you just one more for good measure.” The Priest said. “Now hold still.”

“But you only said ten!” Angela cried. She was already in tears and in so much pain, it was agony to think about an eleventh stroke.

“Never mind that. Your behavior was extreme. One more.” The Father replied.

Father Lewis rubbed the cane along Angela’s welts. He clearly felt that he was enjoying punishing these girls. It made him feel powerful and in charge. And just making them wait for their punishment stroked his ego even more. Then after he felt Angela waited enough, he drew the cane far above his head, and used all of his strength that he had and gave Angela one very hard last whipping.

“OOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!” Angela screamed.

“Now that will be it, Angela. Pull up your panties and get back to your dorm room. I want you to stay in there all day so you can think about what you’ve done.” Father Lewis said.

Angela sniffled as she pulled her panties up. Her ass stung so bad and it had visible marks from The Punisher. She knew she was going to not be able to sit down for quite awhile. As she returned to her dorm room, she felt the other girls whispering and pointing and laughing at her. Angela had just met The Punisher and all of the girls at St. Mary’s knew it.

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