She slipped out of her clothing, the responsible person of the day, the business person who was so controlled, falling away with her layers of business attire. As each layer was taken off and tossed aside, she felt more and more free. Each article of clothing was a little bit of her worries discarded.

She undid her bra and her heavy breasts held the cups in place. She pulled it free of her breasts and the rush of hot steamy air that engulfed them made her shiver in delight. She stood there in her panty hose letting her body feel the baths heat for a few minutes. The steam swirled around her half naked form and almost licked her as she smiled and ran her fingers lightly over her skin.

She was not, by nature, an exhibitionist really. She did however enjoy watching herself in the mirror as her fingers played over her nipples. She watched herself and it was almost as if there was another woman putting on a show for her. The steam filled the air and she lost everything but that part of the body she stared at. She was her own show as she began to touch her breasts with more force, playing with the nipples and pulling them gently.

She laughed at herself briefly. . .looking around like there might be a hidden camera watching her. Assured she was quite alone, she paused her self attentive caressing to press play on the CD player. The singers smooth rich voice flowed out, a sexy, sultry voice that made her wish she could fuck this woman's voice. It just sounded like sex as she sang.

She let herself go into the singing and her hands once again returned to her body. The fingers sliding down her belly, she quivered at her own touch, closing her eyes and the touch was the singers voice reaching out and molesting her. The voice ran it's fingers down her belly and over the top of her hose. The nails dragging along the nylon made a delicious sound and the voice became very hungry, the song became much more intense.

The fingers slipped under her hose and pushed a nail outward until with a very satisfying sound, it ripped through the nylon fabric. The noise seemed to be magnified in the steam filled air, like it echoed and reverberated back to her a thousand times. She shivered at the thought of the voice ravaging her body.

The voice was smooth but forceful, it began to shred and rip her hose off of her. She shivered and moaned as the fingers reached between her legs and tore the fabric free. the rush of steamy air striking her wet pussy and the fingers immediately violating her inner folds.

The song was passionate and fast, the voice did not waste time, the fingers dipped into her once tentatively and then slide into her pussy deep and forceful…she stifled a scream as those fingers spread her wide open.

The voice was hungry, she could tell because the fingers fucked her pussy fast, the thumb playing on her clit, she could barely stand as she was taken. Her legs clad in shreds of nylons, another hand grabbed at her nipples roughly. Soon two hands were having their way with her. She couldn't stop them, they were taking her and doing as they pleased. She could see it all in the mirror, see herself groped and pinched and fingers sliding in with wet slurping sounds.

She moaned loud and tried to catch her breath but couldn't. The hands were relentless, they were intent upon one goal, making her cum hard. She tried to pull away but couldn't, the fingers in her pussy fucking her faster and faster, the fingers pulling her nipples getting almost too hard, she couldn't make them stop though.

Then the scream started. It was a low moan that rose in pitch and force until she screamed out in the steamy cloud and tried not to fall over. She thrashed her head back and forth as her pussy gushed cum over the hands. She pleaded with the hands to let her sit down but they were only interested in her cumming harder.

At last her body shook and she could stand no more. Slumping to the floor on the bath mat she shivered and shook as after shocks swept through her body. She smiled and giggled as the next song started, the voice caressing her ears as she enjoyed the afterglow.

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