story of sarah

story of sarah

Town Square is looking awfully busy tonight. The one place I go to get away from it all. Too bad tonight had to put me in a slump. Feeling the cold drink slide down my throat helps in distracting me from what actually hurts. I dislike being cold and I shiver lightly feeling the cold drink settle in my stomach. There’s not too much to my tale of woe. Same old thing that happens to everyone. Having the time of your life till she dumps you. Now the only thing left to do is just sit at the bar and look into the distraction called alcohol.

There’s nothing truly great about it. Alcohol that is. It helps me forget but tonight just seems wrong. With so many people around, making so much noise. Why do they have to be noisy?

Looking around I see a bunch of frat boys in the corner smiling and laughing and being over all drunk jerks to any good looking girl in this joint. I see the usual crowd in here as well. Most of the time they seem all too high and mighty, barely talking to anyone. Then there’s all the new people. Nothing really interesting there. Wait a second.

I put down my drink to look past the new people coming in through the door. I think I see someone who could be interesting. Of course she’s dressed like everyone else. Nothing too flashy and nothing really sticking out. But I see something in that smile of hers. She truly means it. I watch her walk in with her friend who looks equally as stunning. They glide easily across the floor to the bar.

My eyes drift back to my drink. Well the past is the past I can always go for another shot. Or maybe just another shot of whatever I’m drinking. No can’t think like that. But she’s sitting so close now. What can I say? Why am I shaking? Must control myself. Breath.

“Sir? Hello?” Someone’s trying to talk to me. I look to the left and there’s the girl. I quickly let out a “Yes?” The girl looks a bit stunned like she didn’t expect that. Well that’s how I am. I do the best I can with what I got on the spot. “I’m sorry but you looked kind of bored there. Just looking at your drink.” I look back at my drink and chuckle to myself. I must look like so kind of fool. “Yeah I’m pretty bored.”

Swirling around in the stool so my back is against the bar. “Well look at everyone.” I can see her face turn towards the rest of the bar. “We got jocks over there” Using my left hand I point at the corner both. Moving my hand across to another section of the bar “We got the regulars.” and then moving more towards the center stage with the dance floor. “And finally we got the new people here.” Her friend seems to ordering something for the both of them.

“Hey! I’m new here. Besides it’s too boring just sitting at the bar and looking at your drink.” She says while playfully smiling. Quickly grabbing my hand and pulling me onto the dance floor. I look back at her friend who waves us off and looks after our drinks. ‘What audacity this woman had’ I thought as I regained my footing and joined her on the dance floor.

I wasn’t anything special. I mean by myself I looked like a fool waving around doing what everyone else was doing. The music was blaring and not much could be heard. Only the continuous techno song going. The dance floor had enough room and wasn’t tight like I thought it would be. Quickly looking around I saw only twelve other people were dancing along with us. ‘That’s right… us.’ I thought as my eyes gazed back at the woman who dragged me here.

Her moves were smooth and fluid. Easily flowing to the music and setting herself apart from the rest of the crowd. I couldn’t help but notice that she jiggled a little as she danced. The music was slowly fading away when I heard her giggle. My eyes were still looking at her breasts, caught by there hypnotic dance. She stepped closer and held me. I was wondering why she did this till I noticed that a slow song had started, and calmly put my hands on her sides.

Her head rested on my right shoulder. She was breathing lightly against my neck. It was comfortable being there with her. With this woman whom I knew nothing about. I felt her long hair move across my back through my thin shirt. She moved her head up to my ear and whispered into it. “I saw you staring.”

My face immediately went flush. I had been caught. Opening my mouth to explain myself, I heard her whisper again. “I liked it.” and to emphasize that point she pressed her chest harder against me. “Bwah?” Was all I could manage.

Giggling in my ear she said, “Yeah I did. Although I better not catch you again. Not with my friend around anyways.” And with that she lightly bite my ear. I’m sure she could feel the heat coming off my face as I was blushing even more now. Resting her head against my shoulder we continued the slow dance, giving me time to cool off.

Once the song was done she raised her head, let go of me except for my hand and said “Now let’s drink!” Flashing that dazzling smile I had seen before when she entered. Again I was dumbstruck and just followed her back to where her friend was.

To be continued… if u want me 2

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