Summer camping trip pt. 2

Summer camping trip pt. 2

This is the second part of my story…

Everybody jumped when i told them, so we decided to dial his cell phone. We call but, no answer at first, so we try again. On this try, someone picks up, but not him.
I put it on speaker:

Man: Who is this?
Me: Who is this, this is my cousins phone, why do you have it?
Man: Oh, what's your name son?
Me: Why should I tell you?
Man: Because this is Officer Jameson, and the owner of this phone is dead!
Me: Oh my God really, this is horrible, why wasn't my family told?
Man: We are only required to call the persons immediate family:mother, father and significant other. We would expect them to notify the rest of the family.
Me: Well I haven't heard…. (I was cut off by a message on the police radio.)
Message: This is car number 42, we have a problem, we're see someone with a bloody blade in his hand, he won't come near us because we have our guns but he is staring right at us….send some backup to…(Static)
Man: Oh my God!!!!!(hangs up)

I drop the phone and begin to cry, not only did my cousin get murdered, but the murderer is still out there.
My friends just sat there, unsure of how to handle themselves, I ran to my room, and John followed behind me.
He said "Dude, i'm so sorry, but we gotta get outta here, but Sean had the car, so we're stuck in here. Do your parents have any weapons around here, knives, guns or anything we could use for defense?"
I said " yea, my dads a hunter, he keeps his guns and weapons in the closet next to our room, you go in there and get them and i'll tell everyone the plan."
I ran into the living room with the rest of the guys and told them whats up, they said it was the safest thing to do and we each went into our rooms.
My dad had about five guns: a shotgun, three rifles and a pistol for protection. He kept all ammo in a drawer, that was in the closet too. Along with the guns, my dad had a katana that he bought in a charity auction.
We divided the weapons amongst ourselves. Joe said, "Dude, why does your dad keep all these weapons in an unlocked closet?" John said " He didn't, i just broke the doorknob with my shoe."
We stood 2 to a room like planned, we said if the killer came here, it would be to easy to get us all in a group, so we had to split up.
We pushed the dressers against the windows, and blocked the door with the fridge. John and I were sitting next to each other on my bed, shaking in fear of our current situation, we each had our cell phones ready to call the cops again.

I was just settling with the fact that we might die today, when i felt the bed shake, I looked at John, only to realize that he was masturbating under the sheets.
I said dude, "how could you do that now", he said " This is a very tense situation, i need some stress relief, OK!"

I said "ok, I need some stress relief too, so i'm gonna join you." I pulled my dick out and began to pull it, until it got hard. I got a boner and went crazy on it.
I noticed John look at it, several times while we did it, then he pulled the covers off of us. There we were, dicks out in the open with our hands pumping furiously between our legs.
I didn't mind, because I was enjoying myself too much, then he asked me if we could help each other, I said ok. I grabbed his dick, and he grabbed mine. We sat there, getting used to how eachothers dicks felt.
Within seconds, we were jerking again, he was beginning to turn me on, with his short black hair, and his athletic body, we were staring straight into eachothers eyes, as we did our deed.
As I stared into his big hazel eyes, he leaned in and kissed me. At first I was too scared to move, but I actually liked it, I didn't fight it. As we passionately kissed for a good five minutes, there was a knock at the door.

We all jumped out of the beds, and gathered in the hall. I decided to look through the mail slot, which wasn't covered by the fridge (it was next to the door.) All I saw in the small slot was a police uniform, but he didn't say anything .

I was suspicious, i asked the person "Who are you, what do you want?" No answer. There was about two minutes of silence…..then out of no where a window shatters, but we blocked them with furniture. As time went on more windows shattered.
We were all in a circle, holding our weapons, just waiting for someone to break in…..but all we heard ws the footsteps of the assailent running away. I suggested we call the police, but the rest of the guys were scared that if they smelled the weed, we'd be arrested, but I convinced them that it was better than death. We called the police and asked them to come to the house to pick us up, but the said that
it would take at least twenty minutes to get there, we said that we could protect ourselves till then, we said to look for the only house with the lights on. Just as we hung up the phone, the lights went out.

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