Sun Bathing

She sat in her yellow bikini, enjoying the feeling of baby oil dripping down her body. She knew there were men staring at her, she enjoyed that. She enjoyed the feeling of eyes wandering over her and the idea of fantasies undressing her and taking her right there where she sat.

One drop in particular was amusing her at the moment. Almost like a single finger caressing between her breasts and then slowly tickling down her body. So slow and deliberate was it's path, she wanted it to go faster, tickle more. She closed her eyes and allowed the droplet to become a finger in her mind.

Eyes upon her she relaxed and sat back, the finger of a stranger slowly tracing down her belly. She smiled because it tickled in a delicious way. She also smiled because she knew the others wanted to be the one touching her, feeling her slick skin.

As he tickled near her belly button she felt a shiver ripple through her. She was feeling so naughty, allowing this strange man to touch her like this. She took a deep breath and slowly spread her legs just a little, inviting him to go further.

He slipped the finger down to her bikini line and the slight gap there allowed him to feel just a fraction of an inch under it. She shivered again, imagining him frustrated by her bikini, wanting more.

She opened the bottle of baby oil again and placed his finger on her inner thigh, and then allowed him to touch the other thigh as well. Two fingers slowly caressed down her legs, tickling her so close to where she really wanted to be felt. To be touched. He was driving her nuts, teasing her perfectly.

She could feel how wet he was making her, how incredible horny she was. She knew the others could see it too. Maybe they couldn't hold back. Taking the bottle she felt both man caressing her breasts, several fingers slowly tracing down her body. Yes,…they were all wanting to touch her.

She squeezed the bottle and another hand was more bold, covering one breast and feeling down her side. She moaned as she squeezed and the man between her legs grabbed her pussy, a great wet hand upon her over the bikini but soaking through.

Hand after hand was added to her, she was being devoured by the crowd watching her. Hands all over, slippery and sliding fingers exploring her body all over. She was out of breath as she added them one after the other, she was insatiable. She wanted to be devoured, consumed.

Crying out as her whole body was coated with them, hands and fingers and tongues everywhere. She felt her body respond and explode, she was cumming. They never stopped their touches, their caresses. They were relentless.

Biting her lip she kept from screaming as her pussy dripped and added to the fingers exploring her. She was shaking and unable to breath. They were all over her, she was being eaten alive by the crowd and she loved it. She leaned back and allowed herself to cum for them, more wet sweet slipperiness added to the whole.

She opened her eyes, people were looking at her, the baby oil was everywhere. She giggled. They were wondering why she emptied the entire bottle over herself. She was wondering why they didn't do the same. She went inside, she had enough sun for the day.

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