Vicki and Doug were a married couple who liked to swap partners. They frequently had parties at their house where other couples would come over and they would sleep with each others’ spouses. The whole orgy scene was a very exciting thing for Vicki and Doug and they took place in each opportunity that came to them to trade partners with other couples. On this particular night, they had 2 other couples coming over: Nancy and Bill and Gina and Tom. This was going to be a very exciting night for Vicki because she had a very strong attraction for Tom. It wasn’t that she didn’t love her husband, in fact he was the love of her life, but for some reason, sleeping with other couples put a little spice in their relationship. As Vicki scurried around to clean up the house before the other couples came over, Doug mentioned:

“I can’t wait to see Gina tonight. I haven’t ever got to fuck her yet and I’m really excited to get a piece of that pussy.”

Vicki smiled, “Easy tiger. You’ve still got another hour to wait. But I know what you mean. I’ve never had Tom before either, and he’s so hot!”

Vicki and Doug embraced. Just the thought of each other with another partner turned them both on immensely. They finished going about their chores to prepare for the night’s events when the doorbell rang.

“Hi guys!” Nancy yelled out. “We’ve been waiting for this night all week!”

“Hi Bill! Hi Nancy!” Vicki shouted. “It’s really good to see you guys again. How have you been?”

“We’re great!” Nancy replied.

The guys shook hands, the ladies embraced in a hug to greet each other. Just then the doorbell rang again. Gina and Tom were here!

“Let the fun begin!” Doug shouted as he headed to answer the door.

“Hi Gina & Tom! We’ve been excited to see you guys!” Doug said.

“Hi Doug, I’ve been waiting to see you myself,” Gina flirted with Doug.

Tom came in and shook hands with Bill and Doug and the three ladies greeted each other. Vicki brought some wine out from the kitchen to loosen up the mood a bit. After three bottles of wine, the Gina and Doug started making out. Doug was fully excited about sleeping with Gina for the first time so his cock was starting to get very hard. They were both heavy petting on the couch after just a few short minutes.

Tom sat next to Vicki on the love seat:

“Hi. I don’t believe we’ve formally met,” He joked.
Vicki knew what kind of meeting he was talking about, and her pussy would get wet just at the thought of it. Just then Tom started making out with Vicki and rubbing her crotch on the outside of her jeans. Vicki was very turned on by this handsome guy fondling her in such a way. Nancy and Bill realizing that the two other couples were so involved within themselves, that they just started in on each other. After all they were married and still loved each other very much.

By this time Gina’s clothes were off. She was taking down Doug’s pants to reveal his hard cock. She grabbed it and started stroking it as she put it in her mouth. Doug moaned with ecstasy at this hot chick sucking his dick.

Tom took off Vicki’s jeans and was licking her pussy. Vicki was getting a very tingling sensation in her swollen clit as Tom was hitting all the right spots with his tongue. She knew she was in for a very long, passionate night. Then Tom stuck in a finger in Vicki’s wet, throbbing pussy. He banged her hard with his middle finger to stretch her pussy out for some big cock. Vicki yelled in pleasure but hadn’t orgasmed yet.

“I’m not gonna give you my cock until I feel you cum on my finger,” Tom announced.

“Oh Tom, please! I want your dick! Your finger isn’t long enough. Please fuck me and quit teasing me!” Vicki begged.

“Nope. You have to cum once first.” Tom replied.

Doug only grinned at his wife’s plight. He was getting his dick sucked by a hot babe and he knew the pleasure his wife was in even though she was being teased. Vicki tried very hard to orgasm off of Tom’s finger but she just couldn’t bring herself to it. It wasn’t long enough to hit the spot that she needed to finish. After about 10 minutes, Tom slid his finger out of Vicki’s soaking wet pussy.

“Hmm. Not attracted to me?” Tom questioned.

“No! Just the opposite! I want your cock deep inside me!” Vicki explained.

“Well then I think you’re just being a disobedient little slut. I told you to cum and I meant it. I guess I’ll just have to punish you.” Tom said.

“No, please! Just fuck me!” Vicki begged.

“Doug, can I spank your wife?” Tom asked.

“Sure, go ahead! She giving you troubles?” Doug grinned.

“Yeah, she’s not obeying my commands. I’m gonna have to put her over my knee with your permission.” Tom replied.

“Sure I don’t care. It will be fun to watch while your wife sucks my cock!” Doug retorted.

Both of the men giggled and Tom took a seat on the couch and patted his lap.

“Come here Vicki,” he commanded.

Vicki reluctantly bent over Tom’s lap. She couldn’t believe her husband would sell her out like that! This was so humiliating to get punished in front of all of their friends! Tom gently rubbed Vicki’s bare ass and slid his fingers down to her pussy.

“Now brace yourself. I’m gonna have to teach you a lesson on how to obey.” Tom commanded.

Tom spanked Vicki 5 times on the ass as she hollered. It was so embarrassing! By this time, all of the other couples had stopped what they were doing to watch Vicki learn her lesson. They all giggled at her unfortunate situation. Tom wasn’t giggling though, he slapped Vicki’s ass 5 more times as it started to turn red. Doug took off his belt:

“Here Tom, give her a little more,” Doug requested. “It’s really turning me on watching you spank my wife.”

Tom took the belt and whipped Vicki’s ass. It was really starting to sting by now and Vicki started to holler:

“Ouch! Please stop!” She yelled.

“I’m not quite finished yet. In fact I think I’m gonna let everyone take a turn at slapping your ass.” Tom giggled.

All the couples lined up in front of Tom to have a slap at Vicki’s ass. Each of them slapped it as hard as they could and Vicki wailed. It was so humiliating to be spanked by all of these people! But for some strange reason, Vicki was getting very, very excited.

“Well I think you’ve had enough. Are you ready for my hard cock now?” Tom queried.

“Yes,” Vicki sniffled. “Please fuck me. I’ve had enough teasing.”

Tom bent Vicki over the couch and slid it into Vicki’s sloppy wet pussy. He fucked her hard until she came several times and then he ejaculated all over her back. At the end of the fuck fest, all of the couples talked about Vicki’s punishment. They were all very turned on by the spanking and agreed that it would be part of their swinging parties from now on.

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