Taking advantage

Taking advantage

It was a blazing hot day in early summer and I was walking through the woods on the edge of the local park. There was nobody else around, or so I thought, and I was just enjoying the dappled sunlight filtering through the trees canopy above, and the warmth and fresh smells as I wandered along, when I caught a glimpse of something moving up ahead.

As I got closer I discovered that what I had noticed only as a slight movement from a distance, was in fact a young girl, no more than 16 years old, sitting on a fallen log. She was slumped forward and held an open can of beer in her hand, her long curly blonde hair obscured her face as I approached, but she jerked her head up to look at me when she heard me approaching as I got closer. She was obviously very drunk, and had been crying, but despite this she was still outstandingly beautiful, and was wearing a crumpled white blouse, blue striped tie and short pleated dark blue skirt, which I recognised as the uniform of the local school. I'm sure her skirt can't have complied with the schools requirements as it was exceptionally short, revealing a perfect pair of very shapely and long, bare legs. On her feet she had little white ankle socks and tall black patent leather stilettos, which I also think the school would have frowned upon.

As she looked up at me, the sudden movement of her head, combined with the effect of the alcohol caused her to lose her balance and she fell sprawled backwards across the log, presenting me with a beautiful sight of this stunning young stranger bent over with her head and feet in contact with the ground, but her midriff forced ungracefully towards me, which had the added advantage, from my point of view, of causing her ludicrously short skirt to ride up and reveal just a glimpse of her black satin covered crotch. I immediately seized my opportunity and quickly knelt down by her feet, grabbed a length of filthy baling twine that just happened to have been lying beside the log, forced her to roll over onto her front, still across the log, which in turn pushed her bottom provocatively towards me, and pulling her hands roughly together behind her I tied them tightly at the wrists.

She started to shout incoherently, I had to shut her up quickly or some dog-walker or general busy-body might hear her and come to investigate. So quickly whipping her skirt up at the back, I was greeted by the sight of her beautifully pert and near-naked bottom, with the cheeks of her bum separated only with the thin strand of a black satin thong which I immediately grabbed hold of by the triangle of material at the waistband and ripped away from her body, the sound of the material tearing only added further to my already heightening excitement. I screwed them up into a ball, rolled her back onto her front and quickly stuffed them into her mouth, very effectively gagging her completely.

Holding her bent back over the log with one hand, I grabbed the front of her blouse and ripped it from the neck down, revealing a gorgeous pair of just-forming tiny bra-less boobs, with delightfully puffy and prominent nipples. I roughly pulled her skirt up to her waist, although it didn't have far to go, and discovered the most beautifully formed pussy I had ever seen, and was surprised to find it was completely shaved! By now my cock was so hard I thought I would burst at any moment, I had often day-dreamed of similar scenarios but never imagined it would actually happen to me! So I took one long lingering look at her helpless form in front of me, by now she had stopped struggling, presumably a combination of being resigned to what was obviously about to happen, and being overcome by the alcohol.

I forced her legs roughly apart as far as they would go, whipped my rock-hard cock out of its constraint within my trousers, and just rammed it straight into her wonderfully tight little pussy. She hadn’t been a virgin, but then the shaved pussy had told me she probably wouldn’t be, but she was excruciatingly tight, and it only took me a couple of minutes to shoot my load into her tight little slit, and the whole time she just lay there almost unconscious. When I had rammed myself into her tight little pussy for the last time, milking the last drops of cum into her now well lubricated hole, I stood up and stepped back to fully soak up the beautiful vision in front of me, there she was with her uniform all ripped and hanging off, her tiny pert breasts visible for anyone to see, her skirt rucked up around her waist and her legs splayed apart almost at right angles to her body with my fresh cum dribbling out of her pretty shaved pussy.

I pondered what to do for a few minutes cursing myself for not having my camera in my pocket, a souvenir of the occasion would have kept me wanking for months! So then I just knelt down again to wipe my now softening dick on her rumpled skirt, tucked it back in my trousers, did up my flies and walked away. Leaving her just as I have described, revelling even further in the danger I was putting her in, and fantasising more about what her eventual finder would see!

I worried about being caught by the police for a few days, until I read in the local paper, that a group of 5 teenage boys had been arrested for tying up and gang-raping a girl in the woods, so I read the story in minute detail. She had been bunking-off school and had got drunk because she was upset at the break-up with her boyfriend and unfortunately couldn't remember anything of the incident, the boys all admitted raping her, but the police had discounted their story about having found her like that as being totally implausible!!!

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