Taking Care Of Shannon

Taking Care Of Shannon

There i sat in her room, the love of my life sleeping, my arm around her and her head on my chest. Her name was Shannon. Shannon stood at 5'6, about 110lbs, brown hair that flowed down to her back, and the most beautiful blue eyes i've ever seen.Shannon had a wonderful body with curves in all the right places, her breast a wonderful 36c, not too big but not to small. Plus she had a great ass. I was thinking back on the events that had just occured when her mother walked into her bedroom

"Shannon honey.." was all she could mangage to say before she saw me. But before we venture into what happend. I'l share with you what happned just hours before.

I woke up rather early, about 8:00 A.M and proceeded to take a shower and my morning workout. By the time i was done it was 10:00 A.M. My parents had already left for work and my sister was at her friends house for the weekend, leaving me all alone. After getting something to eat i sat down to watch t.v and then the phone rang"What the fuck?" i thought to my self and answerd the phone. the voice that came across the other end of the line brought a smile to my face

"Hey Branden" It was Shannon

"Hey baby, how are you doing" me and shannon had been going out for 9 months at the time

"Im doing fine, i just got out of the shower" just as she said those word i could't help but think of her naked body as she steped out of the shower." i was wondering if you could come over today, I'm feeling kinda down and could use you here to cheer me up."

"Of course, il be over around 4" And with that we said out goodbyes and hung up the phone. Although i coulden't help but wonder what was making her feel down.

I spent most of the day watching t.v and doing some cleaning. By the time it came to go to Shannon's, i through on my shoes and took a 15 minute trip about 6 blocks away.

When i arrived i knocked on the door for about a minute before someone answered it. And it just so happened to be her mother" Oh it's so nice to see you, how are you?" It was abvious to see where Shannon got her looks from. Her mother Kelly was a bombshell. At the age of 36, is hardly showed" Im doing alright, just came over to give Shannon some company" Kelly just brushed the hair away from her eyes" She's on the couch laying down" She let me in and shut the door behind me.

As I walked into the living room, i saw shannon lying down facing away from me. I krept in and sat down next to her and began to rub her shoulders When she looked at me"Hey sweetie, thank you so much for coming over today She got up, turned around a gently kissed me.

She got up and turned on the Dvd player and to my surprise there was a horror movie on. House on Haunted Hill.

"And to think i'd be stuck watching something like Romeo and Juliet" i chuckled to myself.

"Well right now you Juliet is cold, so go to my room and grab the blanket of my bed" i could tell she was a little cold, by her erect nipples poking through her shirt. I got up, went to her room and got the blanket, when i returned she was standing."Lay down" she said and i did. she grabbed th blanket from my hand and layed on top of me, covering both of us with the blanket." Mmm that better" I coulden't agree with her more,

As we watched the movie, she kept placing small kisses on my face and neck and then her mother walked in" Just wanted to let you two know im going to a movie with some friends and then Dinner, Shannon you have my cell phone number if ya need anything."She walked over and whispered something into Shannon's ear, i could barely understand what it was. Shannon just smiled and nodded as her mother walked out of the living room, withth e soon to follow opening and closing of the front door.

Not more than 20 second after we heard the door close, she looked into my eyes"Looks like we have the place to our selves for a little while" she said with a smile on her face. I just nodded and gave her a deep passionet kiss. Our tongues danced in each other mouths as i ran my hands up and down her back. i placed my hands on her ass and began to gently squeeze.

"Mmm, this is just the type of carte i was looking for" she moaned.

"Well im no prescription, but im sure i can take care of you." and with that said, i felt her hand gently rubbing my hard cock. through my jeans.

We continued to kiss, all the while heavily fondaling each other, She sat up on my lap and took off her shirt, letting her braless breast free. The were wonderful. With a quarter sized areola and erect nipples. I immeditly found my mouth over her left breast and i played with the other. Pinching the nipple. I gently sucked on her breast and flicked my tongue over her nipples. i switched back and forth between the two, all the while Shannon was moaning and running her fingers through my hair., and kissing my neck.

"Mmm this feels so good" Shannon moaned. she stood up and took me by the hand and followed her to her room with the blanket in my hand. We entered her room and i shut the door, when i turned around she was laying on her bed Stareing at me." well, what are you waiting for?" she said in the most girlsh voice. i just stood there and smiled. taking in the beautiful sight before me.

I layed down beside her and kissed her neck, slowly making my way down her body. leaving little kisses and licks on my way down. As i reached her stomach, i could smell the sweet scent of her sex and it just drove me crazy. I spread her legs and slowly slid her her panties off. I was amazed to see her young,shaven snatch.

I kissed down her inner theigh. when i reached her pussy, i took a long, slow lick up and and down her slit. This sent shivers all through out her body" Mmm yea" she moaned out. Shannon was already wet. The taste of her was sweet. I continued to take my time, dragging my tongue slowly over her slit and clit."oh yea, lick my fucking pussy" she ran her fingers through my hair. i continued this for a few more minutes before inserting my tonuge into her. Shannon let out a deep moan as i wiggled my tounge inside of her.

I looked up at her and saw she had her eyes closed, she was biting her lower lip and squeezing her tits and nipples. I removed my tongue from inside her and started to flick it against her clit. she lets out a series of soft moans as i inserted two fingers into her.

" Oh yes, oh fuck yes. Fuck my pussy with your fingers Branden. mmmmm"

As i continued to do this, i soon noticed shannon bucking her hips against my fingers. Slowly i lowerd my mouth her her clit and lighty began to suck on it. Taking her love button inbetween my lips. I would flick my tongue over it while i sucked and shannon would just grab hold of my head and moan. She continued to buck her hips against my fingers as they worked there way in and out of her wet pussy."Oh fuck yes baby, don't stop" she cried out.

She brought her hand to the top of my head and forced my face into her pussy. i could tell she was close from how forceful she was being. I worked my fingers faster and harder in and out of her, and continued to suck on her clit. Her breathing intensified as she cried out" Oh fuck yes, I'm cumming" no faster than she finshed saying those words she squirted me on my chin and face, some of it dripping onto my chest.

I continued to lap at her pussy, licking up whatever was left of her juices. I stiood up and crawled up next to her and kissed her passionetly, allowing her to taste herself on my lips.

" Oh my god" she said trying to catch her breath" No one has ever done that to me before"

I smiled" Well im glad i could be the first to do so" we continued to kiss, my hard cock poking her in her side. She smiled and pushed me onto my back.

Shannon kissed down my chest, slowly making her way down to my cock. When she reached, she lightly licked the head and wrapped her hands around the base. they looked so small warapped around it. She slowly rubbed her hand up and down the shaft, licking the head, she soon placed her mouth over my cock and took 5" out of 8" inches of my cock into her mouth. I could feel her flicking her tongue against my cock.

I placed my hands on the back of her head as she took me in her mouth. I was going crazy. It was obviouse to be that she has done this before. I was close to cumming and not wanting to let my self go so early, i got up.

"lay on your back" i wayched her as she crawled up and layed onto the bed, her legs spread giving me a wonderful view of her pussy. She brought her hand down and started to rub her clit.

I stood there with my cock in hand, stareing at this beautiful peace of art in front of" You going to just stand there or are you going to fuck me?" she said. i took a step colser and lined my cock up with her pussy and slowly eased my self into her." Branden, i want you to know your my first" she cried out as i met her hymen I looked at her, she smiled and nodded. Thrusting forward, i broke her hymen and she let out this loud scream, i held my self there and kissed her.

We stayed this way for a couple of minutes till the pain subsided. She nodded at me and bit her lower lip. I eased my self in and out of her, getting a little deeper each time. I couldent belive how tight she was, as i pluged my cock deeper and deeper into her until all 8" of me was buried in her.

"Oh ya, fuck me, fuck me" she moaned out. Shannon was going crazy. squeezing her erect nipples and letting out soft little moans and whimpers. i pulled out of her and layed down next to her. My hard cock standing proudly, glistining with her juices. Shannon climbed on top of me and eased her self onto my cock.

Shannon sliped up and down my cock, each time taking me deeper and deeper into her. I placed a hand on her hip to help steady her as she rode my cock. It wasen't too long until i heard Shannon speak" Oh yes baby, im cumming" Hearing her say those words sent me over the edge as i shot stream after stream of my warm seed into her.

Shannon fell onto my chest, both of us breathing heavily. I could still feel her pussy contracting around my cock. She rolled off to the side of me and said" I love you Branden" i told her i loved her as well and we kissed, and we soon drifted off to sleep.

I woke up after a few hours, Shannon was still sleeping. I looked at the clock. It was 11:35 P.M I heard Shannons door open and her mother enter the room"Shannon honey.." she just looked at me and smiled. i turned to look at shannon and she was awake, smiling" Your right mom, he did eat my pussy" Is this what they were whispering about earlier?? i was so confused. Shannon just put a finger over my lips as her mother walked over to the bed, letting her robe fall open, with one hell of a smile on her face…

((Part 2??)

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