Teachers' Pet

He was her favorite student. The other teachers thought of him as insubordinate, unmanageable and wild, but she saw beyond that. His writing had shown her the hurt and the anguish as well as the inner strength that had developed as a result of growing up abused.
He was 18, a senior in Samantha Stewart's creative writing class. He only signed up for it because he needed an elective and he heard that Ms. Stewart was an easy teacher to deal with, but found that he really enjoyed the class. He was able to express his anger and frustration in his writing without being admonished for it. In fact, Ms. Stewart said she loved it and encouraged him to keep letting his feelings out. She was probably the only adult he could talk to, and did frequently. They had a special relationship. They were teacher and student, but they were also friends.

As the class was quietly finishing their writing assignment, Samantha looked up from her desk and gazed over at him writing furiously, absorbed in his work. The bell was about to ring and she knew that on a Friday afternoon, in the last class of the day, if she wanted to say something she'd better do it now.

"OK guys, that's about it. Leave your papers on my desk, have a great weekend and I'll see you all Monday. Lyle, may I see you after class please?"
Lyle waited until the rest of the class had left, and then sauntered over to Samantha's desk.

"'Sup." He asked as he laid his paper down on the pile.

"Pull up a chair. And sit your mad, crazy, ridiculous self down." She said smiling. He returned the smile. That was one of his favorite expressions. She learned it from him and he loved the fact that she liked to use it. She looked into his eyes and saw the sadness in them, even behind the smile.

Lyle pulled a chair up next to her. Looking into his face, she saw the cut on his lip and the bruise on the side of his left eye. Reaching up, she gingerly grazed her fingers along the purple swelling. "She beat you again didn't she?"

"It's nothin'…Don't worry about it." He said.

"But I do worry about it." She said. "I worry about you. Lyle, your mother needs help. She needs to be in rehab. The only way she'll stop beating you is if she stops drinking. And the only way she'll do that, is with professional help."

"She won't do that." He sighed, "She doesn't think she has a problem."

"You leave that to me." Samantha said. "Today, you're going to learn about intervention. The first thing we have to do is get you out of that house."
"Where am I supposed to go?" He asked defensively. There's no way you're gonna put me in a youth center."

"Of course not. Besides, you're 18, they wouldn't take you." She started gathering up her books. "You're going to stay with me. C'mon, get your stuff. Let's go confront your mother."
Lyle started to protest, but she cut him off. "Shut up. I don't want to hear it. I'm tired of seeing you being treated like shit, now let's go."

He was shocked and scared, but smiled to himself as he followed her out to her car. He didn't know why she cared about him, but he was sure as hell glad she did.

As they walked into Lyle's house, Samantha took over. She told Lyle to go into his room and pack his things. She matter-of-factly told his mother who she was and that she was taking Lyle to stay with her. "Look Mrs. Lewis," She said. "You're an alcoholic and abusive parent. Lyle is going to stay with me until you get yourself into rehab. If you try to stop me, I'll be forced to tell the authorities that Lyle comes to school with bruises on a regular basis, so unless you want child welfare investigating you, I suggest you just agree to this. I'll leave you my phone number. If you decide that you want help, I'll be more than happy to get you into a rehab center."

Lyle came out of his room. It was hurting him to leave his mother like this, but he knew that being forced into this situation was the only way she would get help. And he was glad for himself. He could use a break. His mother said nothing as they walked out of the house.
They drove most of the way back to Samantha's house in silence. Finally, she reached over and squeezed Lyle's hand. "She'll be ok." Her voice was soft, but reassuring. "Sometimes being tough like this is the only alternative you have." He stayed silent, but held her hand for the rest of the ride home.

After a good, home cooked dinner Lyle and Samantha were sitting on the sofa talking. He was telling her all the things he'd been through and her heart went out to him. She was amazed that this extremely bright, funny, personable young man could have turned out the way he did despite a childhood of hell. As Lyle went on with his story, tears were beginning to form in both their eyes. He was finally overcome with emotion and started crying. Samantha put her arms around him to hold and comfort him.

They sat there for a few minutes. Lyle was crying on her shoulder and Samantha was slowly rocking him and smoothing his hair. She bent down and kissed his forehead. He looked up at her and with his thumb, wiped a tear from her cheek. At that moment, something connected between them. They both felt it, though not a word was spoken.

Samantha leaned over and very softly placed a kiss on Lyle's mouth. They looked at each other, and still without a word between them, Lyle gently pulled her towards him. The kiss was more passionate this time. Mouths open, tongues swirling around each other. Lyle moaned softly into her mouth as Samantha took his hand and placed it on her breast. He rubbed his thumb over her nipple and felt it harden under his touch.

With their mouths still pressed together, Samantha unbuttoned her blouse and Lyle's hand found the fullness of her breast that pushed out above her bra. She broke the kiss and gently taking his face in her hands guided him to her breasts. He kissed the exposed skin, delighting in the softness and the scent of her. Undoing the front clasp of her bra, he freed her breasts into his face and his young eager mouth. Samantha leaned her head back and moaned as his tongue found her nipple, licking it, flicking it…Getting it even harder. He had his mouth on one breast while his hand was gently kneading the other. She ran her hands through his hair and pushed him closer, encouraging him to take as much of her large breast in his mouth as he could. And he sucked greedily.

Still without a sound between them, Samantha gently pulled him from her breast. She took off her blouse and bra and then stood up to remove her skirt, stockings, and panties. Lyle's mouth dropped. He had been with a few girls before, but they had been his age with thin, girlish figures. Standing before him was, not a girl, but a woman, with full lush breasts and a soft curvy body. His hardness was straining against his jeans.

Samantha sat on the edge of the sofa, took Lyle's hand, and positioned him on the floor, sitting between her legs. She spread her legs wide so he could see her pussy, which was now dripping with excitement and anticipation. He spread her lips open and cautiously gave her a long, slow lick. Samantha moaned loudly. Needing no further encouragement, he eagerly went to work sucking and nibbling her clit. Using his tongue while he sucked…circling it…flicking it…sliding it up into her hole, causing her to moan and writhe and react like no girl he had ever been with before had. Her ass was on the very edge of the sofa. She was pushing her pussy into his face, screaming…begging…"More…Harder…Suck my clit hard!…Make me cum."

Lyle stiffened his tongue and began furiously flicking her clit hard.

"Yes!" She cried breathlessly. "Oh God, yeeeeessssss!" Her fists clenched the sofa cushions and her juices filled his mouth as she came. When she was spent, she pulled him up and kissed him deeply, tasting herself on his mouth.

She pulled off his shirt and his pants. His rock hard cock was glistening with pre-cum. Dropping down to her knees in front of him; she softly kissed his cock head, a thin stream of pre-cum stretching across as she pulled her head back. She lovingly ran her tongue along his shaft, getting it very wet. She traced the very tip of her tongue right under the head, flicking the glands, which sent shivers through Lyle. Circling her tongue over the head she opened her mouth and gently sucked it in. A soft moan escaping Lyle's lips, he looked down and saw her looking up at him with his cock in her full mouth. Slowly sliding her mouth down, she took all of him. Samantha began gliding her mouth up and down his cock, sucking deeply on each upstroke. Lyle moaned in ecstasy, running his hands through her hair. She wanted to prolong this, savor it, but she wanted to taste him more. Her sucking got harder and faster. Her hands went around to his ass, pushing him towards her, encouraging him to fuck her face. He started pumping, watching her mouth stretched with his throbbing cock.
"Oh God, I'm gonna cum." He moaned, and grabbed her hair. His moaning turned her on even more and she moaned along with him. His cock began throbbing as he shot his load deep into her mouth. Swallowing greedily, she tried to drink every drop of him, but he came so much that his sticky cum was dripping from the corners of his mouth.

When he finally stopped cumming, she took him out of her mouth and softly kissed the head of his cock. He was still rock hard. Samantha had forgotten the resilience of youth and smiled to herself, knowing that this young stud wouldn't need any recovery time.

Lying back on the sofa, she pulled him down on top of her and wrapped her legs around his back; his hard cock finding it's way quickly into her wet pussy. Lyle wasted no time ramming his hard cock into her. Samantha had almost forgotten what it was like to be with someone so young and so full of energy. The pounding felt great. He was banging into her with such driving speed and force that she came again and again, her pussy tightening around his cock with each contraction. Then with one final thrust she felt his body stiffen. He pushed himself hard against her and with a deep grunt, exploded his hot cum into her.

He collapsed on top of her, regaining his breath. She held him and gently caressed his back as she recognized the rhythmic breathing of sleep. She lay there thinking. She wasn't quite sure how this started or what was going to happen next. She only knew that this boy…no, this man, this intelligent, funny, young man, with enormous potential, had just become her lover and she wasn't about to give him up. Not just yet. 

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