Teaching Cristina – Part Three

Teaching Cristina – Part Three

Cristina, the petite, shy 18 yr. old Filipina was drenched in sweat from her ordeal.
Naked, her hands tied behind her with her own pink panties, an old, dirty hanky stuffed in her mouth, she dangled from the hook in the ceiling trying to maintain her balance with the toe of her one remaining high-heel shoe.

It had all started when she came over for the weekend to visit her school friend, Nancy Roberts. But Nancy and her mom had rushed off to an emergency at Nancy’s grandmother’s nursing home in the next city. They wouldn’t be back until tomorrow afternoon. Cristina had confided in Mr. Roberts that she was having her first date next week and didn’t know what to do on a date. Mr. Roberts promptly seduced and deflowered her then handed her over to his neighbor, Bubba, who had put a dog collar around her young neck, tied her hands, stuffed the old hanky in her mouth and hauled her off to his home on the end of a dog leash.

Now, Cristina was in a room with several easy chairs, a wide-screen TV, a couple of camcorders on tripods and several chains hanging from the high ceiling. Various photos of bound, naked, frightened women adorned the walls and several ropes lay coiled on the floor.

Bubba, turning on all the camcorders, had taken out a large, old leather strap from his teaching days, and lashed her cinnamon bum and perky, petite, brown breasts. When she began crying, Bubba had stripped and impaled her defenseless coffee colored pussy with his thick, hot cock.

“You’re a good fuck, girl.” He had remarked before adding, as the doorbell rang, “That must be my buddies Bob and Joe. You better give them good entertainment!”

Poor Cristina, who had been a virgin just a few hours before had now been fucked by two older men. She watched wide-eyed as Bob and Joe entered the room.

“Where’s this foreign compact you want us to ride?” Bob asked. Leering at Cristina he continued, “Cute little bitch. Looks like you’ve already taken her for a spin.”

Joe, the gray-haired judge, entered behind him, whistled approvingly and said, “Hmm. Nice tits and ass. Too bad they’re already covered in red marks. You know you shouldn’t strap them before we get here, Bubba.” Going on, he added, “Long black hair. Nice cunt. Yeah, we’re going to have fun tonight.”

Walking in front of Cristina, Judge Joe gave her a friendly smile, waved at the photos on the wall and said, “Don’t suppose Bubba bothered introducing you to our friends.” He pointed at a few individual photos explaining:

“This black one here likes to be tied up real tight. She’s a lawyer downtown.”

“This red-head is a waitress. She ran out the door naked and didn’t come back. Next time I went to her restaurant she refused to serve me. What a bitch! We sold her waitress uniform on e-bay for $15. That’s one of her co-workers in the next picture. She was pretty good.”

“The blonde here likes to be tied up in a tub of water and squeals real loud when she gets fucked. She owns a bookstore.”

Cristina just stared at him.

Bob added, “You look kind of messy. Bubba is a bit of a pig. Do you want to get cleaned up?”

Cristina nodded slowly and happily watched Joe and Bob unhook her from the ceiling chain. Her legs were so sore that she immediately fell to her knees. Bob untied her hands but, as she rested on her hands and knees, he hooked the dog leash to her collar and the group of them forces her to walk on all fours to the next room. A bathroom, it contained a large whirlpool bath. She was quite relieved when they allowed her to soak in the hot tub. Joe had even pulled the old hanky out of her mouth; such a kindly old gentleman.

They allowed Cristina to soak and relax for 5 minutes in the unlighted bathroom. The warm water soothed the strap stings on her bum and breasts.

Too soon, Bubba came back and made her walk back to the main room on all fours again where he promptly tied ropes to her ankles. The ropes were looped through the ceiling hooks. He also retied her hands behind her back. When she tried to speak, Bubba whacked her wet body with the strap saying, “Shut up! Cunts are for looking at and fucking. Open your yap again and I’ll lay this strap across your mouth.”

Judge Joe poured glasses of Chivas Regal for the men, sipped his and then remarked, “Well little lady, I hope you’re good at math cause we’re going to examine my favorite number – 69.”

A round of crude guffaws followed this joke and Bob offered Cristina a glass saying, “You’re probably thirsty. Here have a glass of water. Drink it in one gulp so you don’t waste time.”

Cristina, accepted the glass that he held to her lips and, eyeing Bubba’s strap warily, obediently downed the water in one gulp. She promptly broke into a coughing fit as her eyes watered. The water was actually very cheap rum.

A second round of crude guffaws followed.

Suddenly Cristina lost her balance as Bubba and Bob hauled on her ankle ropes forcing her to fall on the floor as her feet were raised in the air. Within seconds, Cristina found herself once again dangling from the ceiling hooks, this time upside down, her long hair touching the floor. When she yelped in protest, Bubba whacked her bare butt with the strap again.

Judge Joe, now naked, grabbed Cristina’s nubile ass and pulled her close so he could smell her young pussy. “Mmm. Smells juicy!” Sliding his index finger along the crevice of her pussy, he added, “Feels juicy too. Bubba, I think you got us a hot one tonight.”

Putting his head between Cristina’s slim brown legs, Judge Joe parted her pussy lips with his fingers and thrust his tongue in the crack.

Cristina, hanging down, her head level with the judge’s cock, gasped as she felt his tongue breaching the privacy of her tender pussy. Her eyes stared at his cock, its large shiny knob almost touching her nose. His long gray crotch hairs reached half way along the engorged shaft. His balls hung down directly in front of her eyes.

Judge Joe’s tongue thrust harder into her pussy, lashing at her love button while he held her ass firmly so she couldn’t squirm. His tongue delved deeply as he searched for her juices. He sucked on her love button eliciting a gasp and moan as Cristina’s body started to tremble from this new experience.

Bubba lashed her again with the strap as punishment, giggling. “I told you. Shut up! No moaning allowed.”

Bob grabbed her head, pushed it against Joe’s cock and said, “Open your mouth and suck on Joe’s sausage. Take it all the way in and suck him real hard or I’ll let Bubba have some more fun with you.”

Cristina obediently opened her mouth just as Judge Joe drove his cock forward forcing its bulbous knob into her warm tender mouth. She responded, “Mmmf. Gggg.” Bubba promptly lashed her with the strap again.

Cristina, never having tasted cock before, was surprised at the warmth and smoothness of Judge Joe’s knob as it slid along her soft tongue. Her eyes stared at his old hairy balls hanging down. When the judge thrust forward to force his cock Cristina’s throat, his balls slapped into her eyes. Almost gagging on the judge’s bulbous knob, Cristina tried to push it back with her tongue. This just resulted in the judge starting a slow back and forth motion as he rubbed his cock on her soft tongue. All Cristina got for her attempts to dislodge his cock was a salty taste on her tongue and a continual slapping of old balls against her eyes.

Judge Joe’s tongue delved deeper into Cristina’s wet pussy enjoying her juices pausing now and then to thrash her pink, engorged love button. Each of his hands squeezed one of her tender bum cheeks, the fingers sinking deep into the crack of her ass. He enjoyed feeling her body shaking and shuddering to the caress of his relentless tongue. He enjoyed her uncontrolled squirming as he ruthlessly plumbed her helpless pussy intent on forcing her to climax in ecstasy.

Cristina could not believe the way her body kept betraying her. She could not stop shuddering as the judge forced her body to perform on cue. She could not believe how good his old, smooth cock felt and tasted in her mouth. Although she told her tongue to push it out of her mouth, she realized her tongue was bent on caressing the judge’s stiff cock head instead. She didn’t even mind having to keep her eyes tightly closed to protect them from the slapping of his heavy balls.

Cristina suddenly felt the judge’s cock swell and, on his next thrust, a hot, salty liquid shot over her tongue and coated the back of her throat. A few seconds later, her whole body convulsed uncontrollably as the judge finally succeeded in forcing her to a euphoric climax.

As her convulsions slowly subsided, she realized that she had been again lowered to the floor. Bob led her stumbling to the hot tub once more and allowed her to again relax for five minutes in the soothing water while she wondered what fate had in store for her next. She felt woozy from the rum she had been forced to drink.

Soon, Bob led her back to the main room where he made her get down on all fours with her legs apart. Bubba knelt down in front of her and waved his once again hard cock in her face and said, “You enjoyed Judge Joe’s cock so much I thought I’d do you a favor and let you eat this one too.”

Judge Joe was busy sipping another glass of Chivas Regal.

Cristina felt Bob’s big hands grip her soft belly as he came up behind. She felt his rigid cock slide across her bum until it reached the crack of her ass and started rubbing up and down the crack. Her body, including her ass crack, was still wet from relaxing in the hot tub.

She wanted to protest but Bubba still wielded his beloved leather strap and she dreaded the prospect of him finding an excuse to strap her again.

Bubba said, “OK, so open your mouth already.”

Cristina obediently opened her mouth and Bubba quickly grabbed her hair, shoved his cock in her gaping mouth and immediately thrust hard. Cristina was helpless to prevent his cock from hitting the back of her throat and causing her to gag.

Meanwhile, Bob’s probing rod had found the hold midway down her ass crack and was pressing against her virgin asshole. Luckily, the precum from his cock, combined with the wetness from the hot tub made her hole slippery.

Bob hands suddenly tightened around Cristina’s belly as he forcefully thrust his cock forward, forcing it into her exposed, unguarded, helpless asshole. Cristina would have gasped if she could but this was impossible with Bubba’s cock filling her mouth.

Bob’s thrust into her ass forced her forward on Bubba’s cock. Bubba immediately thrust back forcing his cock further into her mouth and pushing her ass into Bob’s waiting crotch. The two men proceeded to push back and forth like this as if it were a contest. They rocked her back and forth like this for the next ten minutes until Bob finally let out a loud bellow as he shot his hot load into her no longer virgin ass. Bob pulled out, sighed, took Bubba’s strap and started thrashing her ass as Bubba continued to massage her mouth with his swelling cock.

Another five minutes of ass strapping and mouth fucking before Bubba finally filled Cristina’s mouth with another load of hot, salty goo.

Another trip to the hot tub and back to the main room for yet more fucking.

So it continued for the next six hours until daybreak. Cristina had no idea how many times her ass, cunt, mouth and tits were fucked that night.

At daybreak, Bubba tossed an old blanket over her and led the utterly exhausted girl back to Mr. Roberts’ house. Greeting Mr. Roberts at the door, Bubba grinned, saying, “Real neighborly of you to lend me this young filly. I invited Joe and Bob over to join us for a party. The young filly seems to be plumb tuckered out now. You get anymore like this, just let me know. Oh and come on over later, we got lots of great stuff on the cameras last night.”

Bubba yanked the blanket off Cristina, folded it and headed back to his house.

Cristina, now once again naked in front of Mr. Roberts was too tired to even try to hide her charms.

Mr. Roberts would have been more than happy to give her a rub-down but reluctantly said, “Cristina, your Mom just called. She’s coming to pick you up already. You better go have a shower and get dressed.”

Then he added, “By the way, did you enjoy yourself last night?”

Cristina just bit her lip, stared at the floor and, in a barely audible tone, whispered, “Yes. Thanks Mr. Roberts.”

Cristina’s mother soon arrived, took one look at her exhausted daughter with the dark rings around her eyes and demanded, “Young lady why are you so tired? Did you stay up late?”

Cristina’s mind raced as she quickly stammered a reply, “Uh, uh, uh. I was studying all night. Mr. Roberts and some of his friends were tutoring me on uh, uh, uh, Biology.”

“You stayed up all night studying?” Her mother asked in disbelief before adding, “Well, maybe should you should visit here more often.”

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