Teaching Cristina – Part Two

Teaching Cristina – Part Two

Cristina, shocked and bewildered was being pulled along by a dog leash behind a complete stranger, Bubba Sizemore. The petite, shy, 18 yr. old Filipina was stark-naked, except for her high-heel shoes and an old dog collar that Bubba had put around her neck. Her hands were tied behind her back with her own pink panties. Bubba had stuffed an old, dirty hanky in her mouth and was pulling her with a dog leash he had hooked to the collar.

She kept looking back pleadingly at Mr. Roberts who had just given her to Bubba and told her to do everything Bubba said. Mr. Roberts just smiled and waved as Cristina stumbled after Bubba.

It had all started when she came over for the weekend to visit her school friend, Nancy. But Nancy and her mom had rushed off to an emergency at Nancy’s grandmother’s nursing home in the next city. They wouldn’t be back until tomorrow afternoon. Later, Cristina had confided in Mr. Roberts that she was having her first date next week and didn’t know what to do on a date. Mr. Roberts had promptly seduced her and had just finished taking her virginity when Bubba had showed up.

Now, poor, frightened Cristina tried to pull back, digging in her heels, hoping to get away. Bubba just reached back, seized one of her perky, petite brown nipples between two fingers, squeezed roughly and proceeded to haul her along by her nipple.

Cristina cried but little sound came out because of the old hanky stuffed in her mouth. Her nipple throbbed from Bubba’s rough treatment and, every time she stumbled, her nipple stretched and pulled and hurt even more. It was hard walking across the garden in her high-heels.

Once, when she fell, Bubba just laughed and pulled her up by both nipples.

As they walked, Bubba grumbled, “Mr. Roberts says I’m not allowed to damage the goods. That’s half the fun! Well, a promise is a promise. We can have fun without spoiling you too much. Come on inside so I can check you out closer. Never rode a foreign compact before. Hope you’re good. You won’t like it if I’m not happy.”

Cristina’s spirits sank as she realized that Bubba was really not a nice person.

He pushed her inside his porch, grabbed her hair and made her walk backwards to his basement door. Shoving her down the basement stairs, he turned on the lights. Cristina found herself in a room with several easy chairs, a wide-screen TV, a couple of camcorders on tripods and several chains hanging from the high ceiling. There were also some ropes coiled on the floor. Various photos of bound, naked, frightened women adorned the walls.

Cristina’s eyes bugged out!

Bubba pulled one of the chains lower, hooked it to Cristina’s dog collar and let the heavy spring pull her up until the toes of her high-heels barely touched the floor. She desperately tried to keep her balance to avoid dangling from the hook.

Bubba paid no attention. He sat on a chair and picked up a phone.

It was hard for Cristina to follow the conversation and keep her precarious balance at the same time. She did hear some words: “foreign compact…got her right here…come on over…fun…ride her”.

Then Bubba glanced at her and said “Bob and Joe are coming over. You better treat them right.”

Bubba exited the room leaving Cristina to struggle to keep her balance while staring at the clock on the wall. The muscles in her calves were threatening to give out and she was covered in a sheen of sweat from her efforts when, after a half-hour, Bubba finally returned, carrying a thick leather strap.

Adjusting the angle of the camcorders, Bubba grinned at her, waved the strap and said, “Used this all the time when I was a teacher. My students were real well behaved. Too bad the schools don’t let me use it anymore. I really enjoyed it. Here, let me show you.”

With that, he swung the strap, striking Cristina’s naked, soft bum with a loud slap. Cristina instantly lost her balance and dangled from the collar briefly until she managed to get her feet back on the floor.

Whack! The strap again struck her naked, cinnamon bottom making her swing back and forth till she again regained her balance.

“Your ass really jiggles nice.” Bubba remarked, smiling with pleasure. “Now let’s see how red it can get.”

Whack! Whack!! Cristina managed to keep on her feet. The stinging from the smacking of the strap brought tears to her eyes but, oddly, she felt a pleasurable sensation between her legs.

Bubba kicked her legs so they swung apart then aimed the strap and swung it between her legs so the end lashed Cristina’s bare pussy. Bubba’s expertise was clear – the tip of the strap squarely slapped Cristina’s love button. The sting was more than she could bare and she tried to scream out loud but the hanky stuffed in her mouth squelched her cry.

Again, oddly, the stinging and throbbing of her exposed love button slowly subsided into a warm, feeling of pleasure.

Whack! Whack!! This time the leather strap struck across Cristina’s perky, brown nipples making them puffy. The stinging made more tears come to her eyes.

Bubba looked closely at Cristina’s water-filled almond-shaped eyes and smiled widely, “Water works! Just what I like! It’s time to go for a ride.”

Bubba quickly whipped off his shirt exposing his grey-haired chest and letting his belly hang over his pants. Another hard WHACK on Cristina’s hot, throbbing ass and he slid his jeans down and off exposing his hard, thick, straight cock. It already had a bit of dribble at the tip.

Seeing Bubba’s exposed manhood, much thicker than Mr. Robert’s had been, Cristina wildly shook her head. Looking around she noticed that all three camcorders were recording.

Pulling her aching nipples, Bubba brought her close until his bulging cock touched the straight, black hairs covering her cunt. She tried to back away but kept losing her balance. Bubba grabbed her throbbing, red ass in a tight, pinching grip, pulled her close and with his other hand searched for her pussy hole. Finding the warm, moist hole, he guided the head of his hot cock to its goal and, with both hands clutching her whipped, stinging ass cheeks, he pulled forward hard forcing his too-thick cock into her pussy hole.

Cristina shuddered in a mixture of fear and pleasure. This was the second man in just a couple of hours who had taken her virginity. Her mind swam in confusion.

As Bubba thrust, Cristina again lost her balance. This time her slim, brown legs wrapped themselves around Bubba’s waist, desperately attempting to save her from choking as she dangled from the collar and chain. Her high-heel shoes dug into Bubba’s ass but he just smiled even more as he thrust again and again into Cristina’s defenseless, cinnamon cunt. It was a very tight fit. Luckily, Cristina’s cunt rapidly became slipperier as her juices flowed.

Cristina’s legs wrapped tighter around Bubba as he plunged forcefully into her hot, wet pussy. His hands continued to grip her ass cheeks firmly and his fingers began playing with her exposed ass hole. While pumping into his Filipina captive, Bubba kept leering into her wide eyes, from time to time roughly kissing her thick lips. She could only make gurgling sounds in her throat due to the dirty hanky crammed in her mouth.

Cristina clung hard with her legs, feeling the unexpected pleasure between her thighs as Bubba’s thick manhood continued to impale her flesh.

Bubba realized that Cristina’s clinging meant he no longer needed to hold her soft ass, so he let go, reached for the leather strap and started thrashing her sore ass again. Cristina jumped forward with each slap of the strap thus causing Bubba’s hot rod to ram her even harder.

The heat inside her cunt built up until suddenly she jerked spasmodically from the pleasure of the cock in her and the strap beating her ass. Bubba ignored his Filipina doll’s spasms and continued ramming his meat in and out of her juicy cunt until he too finally shot an immense load of white, sticky sperm into her hot hole.

Bubba stepped back to survey his exhausted conquest. Cristina, covered in sweat, had numerous large red strap marks on her ass and tits. Her chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath. She tried to regain her balance to avoid dangling from the hook but this was very difficult as she now wore only one shoe.

“You’re a good fuck, girl.” Bubba said approvingly. Then he added as the doorbell rang, “That must be my buddies Bob and Joe. You better give them good entertainment!”

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