Teenage Escort PT. 3

Teenage Escort PT. 3


I got paid extremely well for the two guy, one woman, first escort assignment. Loved every second of it, I’m a confirmed sex crazed horny slut. Brendy saw that the day we met. Getting paid this kind of money and enjoying the sex, what could be better?

Brendy calls me after the ‘date’. She provided me a cell phone so my parents wouldn’t know who was calling. “Hey Rhonda, how did it go luscious?” she asks.

“Oh Brendy, it was fantastic. My cut of the cash was great but I also enjoyed the whole experience. I think I’m a natural at this business and want to do more.”

Brendy says, “you sure about that, if so I have another special client that pays real well but he’s a total freak. You would really have to be into BDSM, that’s bondage, discipline, sadistic, masochism sex. You know what that means?”

“Yeah, I got a good idea. One of my parent’s porn videos shows a woman tied up and spanked, forced to do stuff while hanging from the ceiling, things like that. It was one of the videos that I got the best orgasms from.”

I can almost hear her smile over the phone. “He’s pretty severe, torture, bondage, and forced sex turns him on. The more you try to resist the more excited he gets. But, it also pays more if he gets to abuse you to his liking.”

Pausing for a moment I ask, “he’s not going to permanently scar me or anything like that?”

“Oh no, he will bind you, spank you, beat you with a whip but all within limits. He likes the pain you feel and the cries for mercy but keeps it within limits. None of my other girls have had a problem with him.”

It sounds intriguing to me. “So what’s the scene that I need to create?”

“He likes a sexy dressed woman to knock on the door and try to sell him something. He’ll lure you in, get you drugged and drunk then take you to his pleasure dungeon in the basement. The drugging is very light because he wants you responsive as he does his thing to your body.”

Sexily dressed, I don’t have anything like that. “What should I wear, I don’t have anything sexy,” I tell her.

“Meet me at the Goodwill where we originally met at 3pm tomorrow, she instructs. “This is one of the customers that I told you likes to rip the clothes off his escort.”

After school I catch a bus to the Goodwill store, Brendy is already there. “I found you an outfit, check this out.” It’s a short black dress with a little rhinestone design. Very low cut, my ample tits will show plenty of cleavage. The bottom barely covers my ass so the lace French panties I’ll wear will show.

Thigh high lace top stockings, matching my panties, will leave a few inches of my legs showing from their top to the bottom of my dress. Brendy has picked out a knee high pair of black leather stiletto healed boots.

Exiting the dressing room in this ensemble she flashes that big smile. “Oh you look so hot Rhonda, that’s a perfect outfit for this client.”

Putting back on my regular clothes she drives me back to her penthouse. There’s no way I could leave my family’s trailer wearing that outfit without questions and objections from my parents.

I call them and say I’m going to be out tonight with a study group. They buy it.

Dressing at Brendy’s she tells me to take my regular clothes since it’s likely that the client is going to tear my clothes off. “He really gets off on a fantasy rape and BDSM of his ‘victim’.”

Going down the elevator I had butterflies in my stomach. This was only my third time having sex other than masturbating and it was going to be extreme. The doorman at Brendy’s place was always very nice. Opening the entrance for me I see the same taxi waiting.

I look like a cheap streetwalker. Super short black dress barely covering my ass, stockings that stop a few inches below the bottom, tits bursting from the push-up bra, high heeled knee high boots, face made up in extra makeup. And my hair teased into that 1980’s ‘hairband’ look. No doubt, the cheap hooker look was on.

The cab drives me to another gated huge mansion. These rich guys all must be perverts but I’m glad for the money they pay. I’ll be anything they want for the bank I’m making.

Ringing the bell I remember the sex toys Brendy put in my bag. That was my ‘sales’ job, to sell marital aids. They included handcuffs, buttplug, several dildos and vibrators, mouth gag that was basically a penis shape with straps, a paddle, and also a ‘cat-o-nine-tails’ whip. Given her instructions earlier I knew all these would be used on me.

Can’t say I wasn’t nervous but was also trembling with excitement. A man dressed very well opened the large door. “Yes young lady, what can I do for you?” He looks me up and down and gets a cynical grin on his face.

“Uh sir, I’m Rhonda from the Sinsations sex toy company and I’d like to show you my products,” I stammer out the words.

He opens the door wider and says, “well little girl, come on inside and let’s see what you’ve got.”

Leading me to a large barely lit room he tells me to show him my goods. I pull out a large dildo that is a reproduction based a porn stars’ cock. “Well sir, you can use this to warm up your lover, she’ll be ready for a real cock after teasing her with this item.”

“I wouldn’t buy anything without seeing it used first. Take your panties off and show me that it gets a woman hot,” he commands.

While sitting my short dress had ridden up my thighs showing the lace panties I had on. Slipping a thumb under each side I wiggle out of them pulling them down my legs and over my slut boots.

Now my hairless cunt is exposed to the client. Being so turned on my pussy is soaked, placing the large dildo at the lips it parts my cunt easily. As juiced as I was it took nothing to insert the fake dick into me. The dildo shaped like a cock included a ball sack and in no time it was so deep in me that I could feel the fake balls on my asshole.

My head rolls back as my cunt is being fucked by this rubber dick. That’s when it began. It being the harsh brutal sadistic rape I was going to experience. Oddly I was looking forward to it, I had turned into a sex whore and wanted it all.

Not seeing it the client had gotten up and took the handcuffs out of my bag. As I pushed the dildo into my cunt he stood behind me.

I remember the pain and surprise of what happened next. He punched me hard on the back of my head. It caused me to bend over letting loose of the dildo stuffed in my cunt. He then grabbed my arms pulling them behind my hunched over body and quickly had my wrists cuffed.

Grabbing my hair he says, “come on whore, you’re going to get what you deserve.” Still holding me by my hair he pulls me to my feet. He grabs the bag I came with.

Even though he hit me for whatever primal reason it kept me hot.

Pulling me up off the chair he pushes me down a hallway then to some stairs. I begin to beg for him to stop which is exactly what he wanted. At the top of the stairs he pulls the handcuffs up stretching my arms backwards, he’s in total control of my body.

I stumble several times going downstairs. As we get to the bottom I can see he has a torture and rape chamber. This was what Brendy told me would happen.

And it didn’t bother me, this would be a new experience my young whore body would feel.

Pulling me over to a beam that had a chain hanging from it and a hook on the end he put the hook on the handcuffs. Pulling on the chain my arms are extended behind me. He pulls the chain to the point my arms are almost coming out of their shoulder sockets.

He slaps my face on each side several times. I don’t mean light slaps, we’re talking about slaps so hard your whole head turns. It brings me to my knees putting more stress on my bound arms.

“You fucking cheap piece of shit whore, you’re my toy now and you will feel the pain of your whoring life cunt!”

I see him getting into my bag of toys, Brendy knew exactly what should be in there. He takes out the penis mouth gag. Walking back over to me he jams it into my mouth securing the straps around my head so it is lodged in my mouth.

“Just getting your mouth ready to take my cock you fucking slut.” He slaps my face hard another few times bringing tears to my eyes.

After that he grabs me by the throat pulling me up on my feet while pulling the chain over the beam upward. I’m standing in front of him with a cock mouth gag and tears streaming down my face. He looks like a man possessed.

Again he slaps my face hard, it must be blood red by now.

Grabbing each side of the dress at my cleavage he rips it open. This was what Brendy told me about shopping at the Goodwill store. He pulls harder until it is ripped all the way down. Throwing it to the side I’m now in a bra, thigh high stockings, and slut boots.

His hands reach over to each side of my bra but oddly he unclasped it and hung it on the wall. This must be a ‘trophy’ Brendy told me about.

While I’m standing, now in just stockings and boots, he goes back into my bag.

Pulling out the paddle I know he’s going to beat me, and by his aggressive action so far it was going to be painful. But a pain I might enjoy.

He licks the face of the paddle. And he has a wicked look in his eyes. Next I feel something binding one ankle then the other. I was on my feet, arms bound and pulled back, and now my legs are bound so I can’t move. He moves behind me.

It isn’t a second or two that I feel the sting. He hits my ass so hard it causes me to pull against my restraints. As uncomfortable my arm restraints are I still react.

He hits me again and again with the hard wooden paddle. My ass is burning, the pain almost unbearable but enticing at the same time. I try to scream but the cock shaped gag in my mouth muffles my cries. As he continues to spank me with the paddle my body jerks and stiffens with each swat.

Occasionally he’ll rub my ass cheeks but it doesn’t comfort me at all. Again he repeatedly swats my ass with the hard wood paddle. As much as it burns and hurts it’s causing my pussy to flow juice so much it coats my inner thighs.

His violence to my body gets more intense. My ankles are strapped to mounts on the floor, hands cuffed and pulled high up and back to where they felt like they were going to come out of the shoulder sockets.

A penis gag was strapped to my head and my butt bright red almost bleeding. That’s when he went to the next level, one of many more levels of pain to come.

Taking one last swat at my butt it was the hardest of all. I felt like the floor restraints were going to let loose when I jerked in reaction. I hear the paddle hit the ground. Next I feel his hands sliding up my inner thighs slick with girl juice.

Still behind me, reaching my cunt, he pulls my pussy lips open and forcefully jams his thumbs into me. A wet as I was they slid right in easily.

With his thumbs in me he used his other fingers to roll my clit. That only made me gush more. I wasn’t to the point of squirting an orgasm but I was getting there. Removing one of his hands he grabs me by the hair jerking my head backwards.

As hard as any time before he slapped my face, each side a few times. This guy was beating the shit out of me, normally I’d be pissed but it was actually making me horny as hell. Who would think a 16 year old new whore would like this shit.

Though very inexperienced sexually obviously there were deep rooted kinks in my mind. Brendy had smelled it like a bloodhound. She knew how to exploit my desires for financial gain, hers and mine.

The client walks over to a box pulling out a rope. He wraps it around my waist then under and around each tit. After several windings he pulls it tight with several feet of rope dangling. My nipples are hard enough to cut glass. Looking down I can see my breasts turning bright red. Probably a color match to my well spanked ass.

Moving behind me I feel him release the ankle restraints. I’m thinking some relief was coming, I was wrong.

Unloosing the chain from the overhead beam that was holding my arms back and up my arms fall to my back. Oh good, my legs are bound but my arms are relaxing after being pulled in such an uncomfortable position.

All of a sudden he grabs my hair and throws me to the floor. My body makes a thud sound as it slams to the ground.

Reaching beneath me he grabs the long rope that was binding my boobs. Grabbing each ankle pulling them up as he wraps the rope around them then loops it through the chain on the handcuffs.

If you’ve ever seen a rodeo you would recognize this as being ‘hog tied’.

He’s very strong and picks me up by the rope carrying over to a cold, stainless steel topped table. The cold is initially soothing to my tits that felt hot because of the binding. I wish he would have put me backside down to cool off my still burning butt cheeks.

Grabbing my hair again he pulls my head to the edge of the table. I feel him undoing the mouth gag straps and it falls to the ground.

I can barely see in the dim lit room but he goes into my bag again, this time pulling out the butt plug Brendy put in there. Not only did it vibrate but also had a hand pump to expand its’ girth. With no lube or anything he forced into my asshole.

He must love to pull women by the hair because he jerks my head upwards. I’m bound around my tits, laying on a cold table, arms and legs tied together, and a large butt plug in my ass. Not like I’m not already being violated (though liking it) but now he jerks my head upward directly in front of his massive cock.

What goes through my mind is odd at best, I’m thinking ‘geez, all these guys have huge dicks’. Just as soon as I feel happy that the gag is out of my mouth he moves closer. Using his dick he rubs it all over my lips then uses it like a baton to beat my face. Swiveling his hips, dick in hand, he uses it to beat me in the face over and over. Strangely it does hurt but in that ‘hurts so good’ manner.

While he’s beating me in my face with his hard cock he’s also pumping up the buttplug. My asshole is expanding the fastest it can but can’t keep up with his pace. It feels like my asshole will rip in half.

This brings tears to my eyes. My head firmly in his grip by my hair he jabs his cock into my mouth. I don’t mean in my mouth, I mean full hilt into my throat. His hips press into my face, balls on my chin.

Gagging and difficult to breathe it makes my stomach react. The champagne I had enjoyed earlier at Brendy’s blows out my mouth soaking his cock and balls.

That makes him more brutal in fucking my throat. He begins to pull nearly out then ram his full length into the farthest depth of my throat. I can only imagine what he’s going to do to my pussy and ass.

His thrusts get harsher and faster, he’s going to cum in my throat soon making me swallow his load. As I lay there belly down on the cold table, expanded plug stretching open my asshole, hog-tied, head bent backwards by the grip he has on my hair, he’s throat fucking me. It isn’t much longer at this point.

Several jabs of cock later he unloads huge wads of man cum into my mouth. Trying as best as I can to swallow his hot thick load some seeps out of the corners of my mouth.

With a few more short thrusts he pulls out of my mouth and using the head of his cock spreads the cum that escaped all over my face. Even then he still had a little extra cum release making my face a cum slicked gooey mess.

Not to mention I was still being anal tortured by the buttplug.

He walks away as I lay there on the table. Leaving the room I can’t imagine what more he will do to me. All I know is whatever he does it’s going to be more harsh than the beating I’ve already taken. By now my tits are in real pain, the ropes binding them are digging into my skin.

But I can’t do anything to help the situation. Since they are tied and pulled around my ankles every move just digs them into my flesh more.

The client returns with a large knife. Oh shit, this is going real bad in a hurry. He can see the fear in my eyes. “Don’t worry cunt slut, I’m not going to cut you,” he says as he swipes at the rope pulling my ankles and wrists together.

My legs slam to the table in a thump. My hands are still cuffed behind me but at least now they are not stretched at the shoulders.

Grabbing my hair again he pulls me off the table to the floor, at least a 3’ drop. I’m helpless to resist the hard floor. My body lands like a sack of rice, face first. He moves behind me wrapping his meaty hands around each ankle.

He proceeds to pull me over to the beam with the chain. I feel him wrap restraints around my ankles again, not the floor mounted ones as before but free restraints.

That’s an oxymoron, free restraints.

Putting the hook at the end of the chain between the ankle cuffs he ratchets me upside down. My head swings a few feet from the floor, hair hanging down in the previous pussy juiced stains. My guess is that wasn’t just my cunt juice but many girls juices mixed together.

Uncuffing my hands they fall to my side, the pain of confinement subsided a bit. Not for long. Moving in front of me he spanks my cunt. Many times so it gets very sensitive.

“Reach up and open your cunt bitch!”

My hands reach up but it takes a lot of effort since they had been behind me so long. My thighs are tight together because of the pull from the chain on the ankle cuffs.

At best all I could do is open my pussy lips enough to expose my clit. It was hard and red. He bent over sucking it into his mouth. He sucked it in and out like I would a dick. All the while tonguing it with swirls and lapping at it.

Going back to my ‘toy bag’ he pulls out the cat whip.

With a sinister laugh he walks behind me. It wasn’t but a moment that I feel the sting of the leather whip on my back. He hits me again and again until I whimper.

“Beg me whore to stop, beg me!”

“Oh master, please don’t hit me again, I’ll be your bitch,” I scream. It doesn’t stop him and he strikes me several more times. If I thought the paddling of my ass was painful it was nothing compared to this.

He kept beating my back with this whip, I was wondering if I would bleed. Later I found that I didn’t though welts were blistered all over my back for days.

After a time he tired of whipping me. I still had tears draining from my eyes but also had pussy juice flowing from my cunt. I’m still not sure what was draining more down my face, the tears or the cunt juice. The streaks down my belly and tits of pussy liquid must have been hot, though I couldn’t see.

My ass was still red from the paddling and my back welting from the whipping he gave me and being upside down my head began to get fuzzy. A combination of alcohol and what I learned later was an ecstasy laced drink.

The client stops beating me with the whip, moves away from me and releases the chain holding me upside down. My head and body hits the floor.

Undoing the restraints on my ankles he again grabs me by the hair jerking me over to another device. It looks like a large V shaped padded table. It’s only a few feet off the ground. Pulling me hard upward by my hair, nearly ripping handfuls out of my head he throws my upper body over the V table.

Standing behind me he forcefully grabs one leg pulling it wide to one side. I can feel the now familiar restraint on my ankles. He does the same with the other leg. Again, both anchored to the floor.

My legs are spread as far apart as they could be exposing my ass and pussy to his perversion.

Moving around to face me he takes my wrists and ties them to another rope also anchored to the floor. All this time, from face down on the table to being suspended upside down and being whipped, the expanded buttplug was still stretching my ass open for a fucking to come.

Now I’m bent over and bound, cunt and butt exposed from the spreading of my legs. Hands are tied to a bolt on the floor, I couldn’t do anything but squirm.

That’s when I hear a light buzzing noise behind me. He had gotten the dildo from the stuff Brendy provided. This was no regular dildo. The large portion was shaped like a cock but vibrates, thrusts, and twists. On that fake cock was another 5” addition that vibrated and twisted. The toy’s objective was to penetrate both the pussy and the anal opening.

I had used something like this before but with smaller dimensions. The client could care less. He had spanked and whipped me, throat fucked me and plastered my face in his man cum. Not to mention all the other pain he enjoyed.

Without warning he thrust the dildo into me, entering both my pussy and my ass.

It must have been a sight. Bent over totally exposed to him he was now forcefully shoving this sex toy into me. As before it made me more excited than repulsed. It still was painful but it felt thrilling to be totally helpless getting, in essence, raped and abused.

Then again, I was going to get paid extremely well for this session.

He began spanking my butt again. As he thrusted the rubber dick in me with the other hand he spanked my already raw ass more. This guy really liked to beat and punish his escorts, or whore would more appropriate.

After some time of this vaginal-anal plunging he pulled the dildo out of me. In a nanosecond he was shoving it into my mouth. “Suck off your pussy and ass juice bitch, suck it, lick it, savor the flavor.”

I did my best to swallow the dildo and the cunt and ass flavors off it.

A couple more hard hits on my butt cheeks he guides his big dick to my pussy. I can feel the fat head spread my cunt lips apart then his large shaft entering me. I squealed as the length and girth of his cock entered my cunt. That made him reach over and cover my mouth.

Muting my screams he violently fucked my cunt. The dildo was used as a new weapon on my bung. Using the long fat fake cock part he sticks it in my asshole. His monster dick ramming my cunt only made it tighter with a large dildo getting forced in my asshole.

The strokes were in sync, each thrust of cock in my pussy was equaled by a thrust of dildo in my butt.

Not far into this vaginal-anal rape I was coming to an orgasm. “Oh shit mother fucker, you’re bringing me to the edge, I’m about to cum master.”

He pulls his cock out of my cunt and gets on his knees. It’s the first time he wanted to experience my pleasure. Actually, my guess is he wanted to get off on my cumming. Still with the dildo plunging in my asshole his mouth hits my cunt.

Sucking my clit into his mouth he rams two fingers in my pussy massaging the ‘g spot’.

In a moment I’m squirting like a water fountain. The client is groaning, moaning, licking, sucking, like a bitch in heat. My girl cum is gushing all over his face. It’s like he had put his head under a faucet, so much girl cum flooding his face he must have thought it was pee.

It wasn’t, it’s that I’m exceptional at cumming hard with serious flow.

He stands, dildo still in my bung, he slaps my ass cheeks a few more times. Then he pulls the dildo out of my ass. I hear it hit the ground as I feel his hands pull my butt cheeks apart. It isn’t a hard guess what’s coming next, or cumming next.

Still bent over this V shaped bench and bound at the ankles and wrists I have to accept whatever happens.

Rubbing his cock up and down my cunt slit his cock gets slick with my girl cum. As he does this he slaps my head several times calling a whore, slut, bitch, scum, and other nasty names.

I feel the pressure of his cockhead pressing at my asshole. With no mercy or concern he enters me in one push. Even though my ass was stretched by the inflated buttplug the pure violent harsh ramming into me hurt. I screamed and that again made him more forceful.

Grabbing my hair he pressed my head hard against the V shaped table, grunting he bucked hard and deep into my ass. His large cock was uncomfortable yet stimulating.

My body was rocking from the force of his deep penetration to the balls into my ass. I whimpered and begged for him to stop. I didn’t want him to but I knew that would turn him on more.

That’s my job, making the client live out their fantasy.

As he pounded my butthole deeply while still holding my head by my hair he pressed my head harder and harder on the device. At this point I’m begging for mercy, “please stop anal raping me, please it hurts so much.” Again, just playing the role.

He gets more forceful making my whole body move even though it is bound to the fuck table.

I can feel his cock swelling even larger, if that was possible. He must be ready to cum. He pulls out of my ass as fast as he entered it moving around to being in front of my face.

Looking up I see the slick, hard, massive throbbing cock in front of me.

He grabs me by the hair pulling my head up, slaps my face really hard, pulls my chin down and harshly rams his just out of my ass cock into my throat. It gags me as it did before.

A few deep thrusts into my throat while he slaps my face more I can feel his cockhead swelling even larger. First I get a taste of the early tiny cum releases and know what’s coming next. It doesn’t take long.

His cock stiffens, bulbous head engorged, and torrents of hot cum is flooding my mouth. Hungrily I gulp his man jism down my throat. He’s buried deep in my mouth using my tongue and throat muscles I milk every drop of cum from his balls.

I can feel him shudder, he’s in total sexual bliss with this young whore who has satisfied his perverse desires. Soon his huge cock goes limp in my mouth and he falls back sitting on the floor.

Once his head clears he releases me from my bondage and we retire to the main room where I dress and we enjoy a bottle of Moet champagne.

“Girl, you were fantastic, I’m going to request you many times from Brendy.”

I reply, “well, if you treat me like a dirty whore like this every time I’ll be available.” After finishing the bottle he hands me an envelope and I walk out to meet the usual taxi driver.

Opening the envelope I count the cash, $10,000, oh how I love this job!

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