Tell Me About Your Wife

“What’s a pretty lady like you doing in a place like this?”

Orchid swirled on her chair to face the middle-aged man who had spoken. She casually took in his well-combed hair, sparkling blue eyes, chiseled features and broad chin. Good looking and arrogant. This was something she could work with.

“Sit, and cut the crap. Just tell me your name.” Her own blue eyes flashed as she spoke.

“Oh, feisty! I like that. My name is Ken. Ken Buckwald, at your service.”

“And what service is that, Ken?” Her eyes drifted back to the wall in front of her. Let him work for her attention.

“For you, dollface, that means anything.” His hand reached out and rested on her thigh. A gentle squeezed ensued before his touch left her skin. Unperturbed by her lack of reaction, he continued to speak. “So, is there anything you need?”

Orchid looked back in his direction. The sharp focus of her eyes emphasized her words. “I don’t have needs, Ken. I have wants, and those don’t usually remain that way for long.”

He chuckled, observing the blonde-haired beauty beside him. This was one strong woman. Pitiful attempts at a pick-up would not work with this sparkplug. “Hey, look, I’m sorry about the line earlier. I know it was lame, was trying to have some fun. You really are quite breathtaking. Cocky too. I like that.”

“It’s called confidence. Determination. A desire to succeed. I have it all.”

“Okay, okay, relax. I got it. Like I said earlier, was just looking for a little fun.”

“Ah. I’m all for fun, Ken, but if you’re looking to catch me, use the right bait.” Her voice held a mischievous tinkle. “Tell me about your wife.”

“My what? Wife? Um… How did you know?”

Orchid laughed. “Come on, Ken. A man like you, not married?” She reached and took his hand. “You really should have left the ring on. It’s more honest.” A slow finger traced its way past his wrist, up his muscular arm, to his neck until it rested under his chin. The slight pressure caused him to look deep into her eyes. “It’s time for that fun. Follow me.”

He watched as she slipped from the barstool. Her hips swayed provocatively while she walked to a corner table on 5-inch heels. The black mini-skirt clung tight to her ass like a second skin. She turned once, revealing a side view into the deep cleavage exposed by her blouse. Hot! He quickly followed and sat beside her at the corner booth she had selected.
Orchid’s hand slipped into his lap. “Excited yet, Ken?” Her grin was downright evil. She knew what he needed. He would get it. At the same time, so would she.

“Oh yeah, babe, I’m excited. Slightly disappointed though that we’re still here in this bar. I thought I was following you home.”

Once again, Orchid’s laughter rang out in the air. “No, no, Ken. I don’t do married men, but that’s not to say we can’t have some fun.” Her hand stroked his hardened cock through his pants. The back table afforded them some privacy and Orchid took full advantage.
The woman was driving him crazy. Beautiful, sexy and uninhibited. What a combo. He groaned slightly as his cock strained for more of her touch. He would explode if he kept thinking of ways to fuck this blonde goddess.

Aware of his state, Orchid leaned and whispered in his ear. “Since you won’t tell me about your wife, how about I tell you.” The catch of his breath was her cue to continue. “I picture a beautiful, slim woman of, oh, maybe thirty years old. Chestnut brown hair framing the soft features of her face. The line of her neck long and graceful. And those breasts. Mmmm. Round, full, and just waiting to be squeezed between strong hands.”

He broke away from her hot breath on his neck. “What’s this? What does my wife have to do with anything?”

“Ken, Ken,” she purred, “she has everything to do with why you’re here.” Her fingers squeezed his cock harder. You should be at home with her now, but you’re not. So, instead, I’m going to tell you what I would be doing with your wife if I was.”

Her breasts brushed against him while she continued. “Now, where was I? Ah, yes. Her glorious tits. Do you give them the attention they need, Ken? A woman’s breasts need lots of attention. Gentle caresses. Firm massaging. Light and rough touches mixed together. Do you slap them, Ken? I would. Yes, a couple of quick smacks to each one to gain her attention. I love to watch them move. Maybe have her shake them for me. Harder and faster until it hurts. It’s better that way. What better excuse to kiss them better? Do you kiss them, Ken? Cover their roundness with your wet lips? Circle your tongue over her flesh before clenching her nipple between your teeth. Give her that sharp bite to make her pull from your mouth?”

“Oh, gawd woman, what are you doing to me?” He was rock hard, the pressure building fervently in his cock. The need of release was strong, but so was his longing to hear this woman speak of his wife. He knew her questions needed no answers. How come he never thought of his wife this way? The images she portrayed flamed the fire inside him.

Orchid’s voice stayed hot in his ear. “Yes, Ken, what rosy nipples she has. Lovely buds that elongate with the slightest pull. I bet they are sensitive too. Those are the best. The look on her face as you twist them cruelly. She loves it, doesn’t she? Do you bite them, Ken? Do you ever make her scream from the intensity? And what about her pussy, Ken? What’s that like? I bet she’s wet all the time. No woman ever gets enough, you know. They may say they aren’t in the mood, but that’s a lie. Do you ever show her that she’s lying? Reach under her skirt and slip your finger into her panties? Let it run over her slit slow and deliberate? Tickle her clit until it comes out of its hiding place?

I’d do that to her, Ken. Yes. Tease her a bit before returning my fingers to the outside of her panties again. Rub them against her wetness. Use them to soak up her sweet juices. Force them into her with my fingers. Yes, Ken. Drive her undies deep inside her. Call her a slut for being so wet and turned on by it. Watch the shame and desire mingle on her face.
Want to know what I’d do next, Ken? I would slide those sopping panties off her and bring them to my nose to inhale her sweet aroma. She’d watch with lust and need. Oh, that little slut would be so horny by now. Those panties would go into her mouth. Make her taste her own pussy nectar. How lovely she would look too. I love that look on a woman. Picture it, Ken. Flushed cheeks, desire-filled eyes and a mouth full of her own juicy panties.

And Ken, if we tell her to raise her skirt, just look what’s waiting for us. What a pretty pink pussy she has. Do you make her shave her cunt for you, Ken? Mmmm, I like that. It’s so soft and smooth that way. I could eat a woman for hours when it feels like that. Bend over, sweetie and show us your wares. What a perky little ass she has. Do you ever spank her, Ken? I bet her ass looks wonderful when its red.

She wants to be spanked. Look how she wiggles. Did you know you had such a slutty wife, Ken? Lets play with her a bit. Make her spread her pussy lips wide for us so we can take a look. Yes, that should get her juices running. Don’t forget the asscheeks. Mmmm, she’s totally exposed now. See how wanton she is. She needs this.

Wanna help me use her, Ken? You spread her pussy while I enclose my mouth around her sweet hole. That’s it, Ken. Hold her open so my tongue can reach deep into her. She likes that. Yes, she’s humping my face now. Do it, baby, fuck my tongue. That’s a girl.
Play with her clit, Ken. Flick it. Oh yeah, she’s really getting into this now. Rub it harder, Ken, she’s almost there. Ever stick your finger up her ass just before she’s about to come, Ken? Gets them every time. Just feel those contractions take hold of her body. Come for me, baby, fill my mouth with your sugary juices. Ooohhh, tastes so good.”

“Oh gawd!” Ken growled.

Orchid looked down at Ken’s pants with a smirk. “Having fun yet?”
Back to his senses, he stared at her. “How did you do that? I mean, you knew so much about my wife.” The hair color was right on. The scent of his wife’s body almost palpable as she spoke. No. It had to be coincidence. They’d been married for over ten years. He would know.

“You see, Ken, your wife and I are great friends.” She smirked, then continued. “More than friends, really. While you were out cruising for trollops, we have been, well, you know. It is her opinion that you need to be taught a lesson. And I agree. How about it Kenny? Ready to sacrifice your ass to save your marriage?"

“If you think…”

Orchid interrupted. “Ken, you will come with me to meet your wife, who by the way, is currently naked in my bed. If you do not, you will certainly live to regret it. Not another word and follow close,” a sly smile came over her face, “or people will see the mess you made.”

He stood and tried to shield himself behind her. Her hips swayed as she sashayed out of the bar. While her heels clicked with each sensual step, he pondered the evening to come. Not only had he made a mess of his pants, but of his life. There was no choice but to follow that luscious ass to his fate. He had the distinct feeling his lips would soon pucker to meet it.

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