Tempted (part 3)

Tempted (part 3)

This follows on from Tempted and Tempted (Part 2), so read them first…

Candice's heart was pounding. She was alone in the room with three very handsome and obviously rich men. She could not agree to group sex, could she? She could not think straight and pulled the sheet tighter over her chest.

The black man removed his jacket and walked towards the bed. "I think maybe you need a little pick me up" he said reaching inside his jacket pocket and producing some coloured pills. Candice had smoked a little pot at high school, but nothing serious.

"What are those?" she finally said. "Something real good, baby" he replied. He had now reached the bed and had a red pill in his hand, "here try one. They make you feel real good".

"You want a drink to go with those Solly?"

"Yeah." said Solly "Black Jack and Coke man"

By this time he had put the pill to Candice's lips. She did not open them at first. "Come on baby" he said "Then we can have a real good party. Here, I'll try one first" he said and popped a blue pill into his mouth and swallowed. "See, they are good"

His fingers returned to her lips and he rubbed the red pill along her lips. She was excited but also a bit scared. Logic went out of the window and she opened her lips a crack. Before she knew it the pill was in her mouth and she swallowed it. "Oh god, I hope I have not done something stupid" she thought. "There you go" Solly said and he moved his hand down to her hand and tried to pull the sheet slowly down. Her business head momentarily returned and she said, "Sorry, you have only paid for one" as she clung on to the sheet. Solly reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out some notes. She had no idea how much was there and he tossed them into the air and then continued to pull on the sheet. This time she let it fall allow, exposing her beautiful breasts. He traced the mounds of her breasts with his fingers and then pinched the nipples. She gasped. Her head was feeling a bit fuzzy now from the drugs. She knew what she was doing, but just felt carefree.

She reached out and pulled his head to hers and kissed him deeply on the lips. "Stephen, I think we ought to join the party" said the short white man. "I think so" said Clint. Both men moved towards the bed. Stephen was quickly removing his suit as he approached and Clint let the robe fall to the floor. As they reached either side of the bed, they both guided one of Candice's hands onto their cocks. She gladly grabbed at their manhood and began working her hand up and down on the shafts. She was still kissing Solly with long deep wet kisses. Her mind was racing. What was she doing, she thought, but the excitement and pleasure drove her on.

Solly now pulled away and quickly removed his shirt. Candice's hands left the other cocks and found Solly's trousers. She had never had a black cock. Were they really as big as it is said they are? In a couple of seconds she had her answer as she removed a thick half erect cock from Solly's pants. "Wow" she said as she leant forward and took his member in her mouth. It began to grow more and was barely half way in when it touched the back of her throat. "My god, this will split me open" she thought. Stephen and Clint lifted her up onto her knees as she sucked Solly's cock and began to fondle her pussy and ass. She squirmed as Stephen began to work his fingers into her pussy. Clint broke off for a second and reached into his bedside drawer. He returned with some KY jelly and worked a little onto his fingers. She felt his fingers touch her anus and immediately clenched her buttocks together. No-one had put anything up her ass before, but she knew what was coming. His forefinger went easily into her anus despite her clenching due to the lubrication. He worked it around before adding a second finger. The drugs were really taking effect now and she was more relaxed than ever, so she began to care less about this anal violation and even began to enjoy it. A third finger was inserted, stretching her anus wider.

Candice was furiously bobbing her head on Solly's massive cock now, wanting him to explode in her mouth. Solly moved back a little so that Candice could move onto all fours. Stephen climbed onto the bed behind her and teased her slit with his cock. "Yes" she whimpered "Please" before returning her head to Solly's cock, which was now covered with her saliva. Stephen drove into her quite violently. "Aaahh!" she cried as he began to pump into her briskly. His cock was rock hard, but not as big as either Clint's or Solly's. She was now filled in all three holes. Stephen's cock in her cunt, Clint's fingers in her ass and Solly's enormous cock in her mouth. Her head was swimming but she loved it. At that moment Solly’s body stiffened and he grunted loudly as he shot his load into her mouth. She thought it would be a lot, but she was not prepared for this and nearly choked on his cum. It took five large gulps to swallow it all and some trickled down her face after escaping from the side of her mouth.

Solly rolled off the bed and removed his trousers so that he was totally naked. His erection had began to wane, but he wanted more. Stephen pulled out of Candice’s hole and laid down on the bed beckoning Candice to climb on top of him. She smiled and obliged, feeling now very light headed and high. She grabbed his cock and guided it into her pussy.

Having warmed up her arse with his fingers, Stephen now got on the bed behind Candice and began to push his member into her anus. “I really should not be doing this” she thought momentarily. But before she could object, she felt his large cock enter her. After a few strokes, he was pounding her ass with the full length of his cock. She was tight and he did not think it would be long before he would cum. Stephen and Clint established a bit of a rhythm Stephen pushed hard into her cunt, then Clint pushed hard into her arse. It was an amazing sensation. She had certainly never had a DP before and she longed for them to cum.

Solly had now moved his attention back to her tits and was stroking them in turn and then fingering her nipples. This heightened her sensations and she cried out a few times in ecstasy. This pushed her over the edge and she cried out as her orgasm exploded inside her. This made her grip Stpehen’s cock more tightly and tipped him over the edge as his juices were shot into her. Finally Clint came in her arse to send his spunk into her anus.

They all collapsed on the bed, spent with their efforts.

Might do a part 4 if you want one. Do you?…

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