I spent the better portion of the brief subway ride Downtown trying to figure out what Veronica had on underneath her long winter coat. I could see her black fishnets, but only below the knee. She was wearing sneakers underneath, which looked kind of silly by contrast, but I suspected she had other footwear in the large shopping bag she’d told me to carry but warned me not to peek inside. Her hair was done up fancy, wrapped upward and pinned precariously atop of her gorgeous head, with strategically chosen clumps and strands either poking out or hanging down.

The more I imagined what she had on underneath, and the more I fantasized about what might be in store, the tighter the cock ring Veronica had asked me to don clinched around my dick, restrained as it was by a tight pair of boxer briefs. All I knew for sure was that I was about to experience another one of V’s delightful surprises, and the anticipation was driving me nuts. The last one had been an amazing swingers’ party, and the time before that, we’d fucked on a bench in the audience of a Linkin Park concert, our clothes still mostly on while dozens of people watched and shot video with their cell phones.

Veronica was visibly shivering once we stepped out into the open night air. A steady breeze cut into us as we hurriedly walked several blocks West toward the river then cut one block North. I’d been in the neighborhood before, but I knew better than to try to guess where we were going. The last time I’d followed V on a secretive jaunt in this general area, we had wound up in a hotel room where she watched as I fucked two call girls she’d ordered just for me – before she joined in the fun, that is. The memory of that, and the hope of something remotely as pleasurable, sustained me during the swift walk. I knew I was dressed more warmly than Veronica, though, so my emotions swung between concern for her and nervous anticipation of what was to come.

Finally, we arrived at a small apartment building. We walked up three flights of stairs, and V knocked on a door. After a few seconds, it opened. A very petite, young-looking woman greeted us with a meek smile.

“Ahlai,” V said to the woman, “this is the boy I told you about.” The mystery grew even with the introduction.

So this was Ahlai. I had been hearing about her for nearly a month now, though never any details. All I knew was that V had been hooking up with a new female partner, and that they’d been having very, very wild sex. She had obviously been enjoying herself, since she’d run off to be with Ahlai at least five times in less than month. Okay, I admit it: I had been counting, and it was six times.

I reached out to shake the tiny woman’s hand, but she didn’t meet my grasp. She glanced at my eyes for just a second before ducking her head, nodding slightly, then turning to walk inside. Veronica followed, with me trailing. At about five-foot-one, Ahlai was a good deal smaller than V. She was dressed in tight-fitting pants that caressed a gorgeous, round ass, and she wore a tight off-white halter-top that showed off her slim waste and cute, chubby, braless breasts.

Ahlai had short, rich brown hair and deep green eyes. Her skin looked more olive than tanned. She was beyond cute. I guessed her age at maybe 20, but I can’t really say why, since she looked more like 16 or younger. I could definitely see what drew Veronica to Ahlai, though – I’d only been around her half a minute, and already I was eagerly aroused.

There didn’t seem to be anyone else around. The apartment was small and dark. A couple of dim lights struggled to illuminate the main room. Its dark-red walls were splotched with carelessly splattered black paint and lined with oddly placed, frameless paintings on canvases. There was a black leather sofa on one end, across from an almost-matching love seat. A battered hardwood chest functioned as a coffee table bearing a lone, unlit candle and a clean, tinny ashtray. It cut diagonally between the sitting pieces.

“Did you prepare yourself just the way I ordered, Ahlai?” V suddenly asked. The girl nodded. “Good,” said V, who then grabbed the shopping bag from my hands, pulled some items out, and told Ahlai: “Go put on everything left in this bag. And I mean everything.”

I was taken aback by V’s command over the apparently shy woman I’d only just met. She is not normally a domineering person, but she has a keen ability to adapt her attitude to her lovers’ tastes. We have alternated over the years between dominant, submissive and equals in the bedroom. She is better at all three than I will likely ever be.

Ahlai disappeared, and V slipped out of her sneakers, replacing them with a pair of 3-inch black spiked heals that were more strap than substance. She wrapped them around her calf, nearly to her stocking-laced knee, where each clasped with a small, chrome buckle. V looked at me as she slipped her coat slowly, tantalizingly off her shoulders and hung it by the door. I could barely believe my eyes when I saw what she had been wearing underneath. I fell back onto the love seat as I took in the view.

Her barely present outfit started at her neck, where a two-inch choker collar connected in the front to a fairly narrow piece of densely laced fabric that cascaded down her breasts, widening as it went until, by the time it reached her nipples, it wholly engulfed her full-bodied tits, pulling them upward and outward. Then, beneath the chest piece, more black lace, now narrowing again as it delved sharply toward her crotch in one fell swoop, where it must have been less than an inch wide, since I could see her shaved pussy bulging out either side. The gorgeous teddy had no sides, so I was left to imagine it cutting between her cheeks and shooting straight back up to the collar. Indeed, when she spun around to give me a full view, that is exactly what I saw. Again my cock ring grew tight. The lace sling that started below her breasts widened to no more than 2 inches as it emerged from her gorgeous ass cheeks and shot vertically to reattach at her neck, leaving a sexy gap between itself and the small of her back, then contouring with her spine between her heavily tattooed shoulder blades.

Aside from her fantastic footwear, V’s only other garments were that pair of tightly woven fishnet stockings that rose to an elastic lace pattern at about mid-thigh. Her smooth white flesh seemed to glow in the ample spaces not covered by lace.

“Wow,” I said. “You look… amazing.”

“I thought you’d like this,” Veronica said with a grin. “Now, there are some rules for tonight.”

I hadn’t really had time to imagine what my role in this event was to be. I guess I had been assuming for a couple of minutes that I was about to have wild sex with two incredibly hot women – not something I’d never done before, thanks to V, but something I also never took for granted, to be sure. Apparently, that wasn’t necessarily the case.

“The first rule is, no touching unless I say so,” V informed me with a particularly serious directness.

“No touching what?” I asked.

“No touching anything. Not me, not Ahlai – not even yourself.”

“What?” I said, half protesting already. “You can’t be serious.”

“I promised this night would be special for you, I know,” V said, “but I still promise that. Even if you never get off, you’ll never forget this night, and you’ll still be thanking me for it years from now.”

I didn’t know whether to be frustrated or intrigued. What on earth could she have planned if it was going to be that exceptionally good even for a mere observer? I didn’t know where to let my imagination run, and I held out hope that she would relent. At the very least, I knew, Veronica would fuck me to a pulp later as a reward if I only behaved for an hour or two now.

“Okay,” I said. “You’re the boss.”

“Damn right,” Veronica muttered with another grin. “The second rule is, trust me and do everything I say. Otherwise, you know where the door is.”

I simply nodded my acceptance, taking hope in the possibility that revelation meant I was to be a participant of some sort.

When Ahlai emerged from the bathroom into which she had disappeared, she looked even shyer than during our brief introduction – but she looked radically different, too. Again I had to keep my jaw from dropping and my cock from tearing a hole in my pants. Ahlai was wearing an astoundingly beautiful black lace corset, perfectly fitted to draw her waistline in and push her little tits up. The corset was topped with little half-cups that cut right across her nipples. I could barely discern her brown areolas given the dim light against her dark skin. The assertive corset turned her lemon-sized tits into plump oranges. A two-inch-wide gap bisected the garment at Ahlai’s artificially prompted cleavage and dropped all the way to the bottom of the corset. Nothing connected the corset’s sides to each other in the front, suggesting rigid boning held it tightly in place all the way around.

Ahlai’s corset sported straps in the front and back that suspended a pair of dark sheer stockings topped with a wide band of dark lace. They in turn caressed her legs all the way down to a pair of heels similar to V’s, only simpler, with fewer and lower-rising straps. Covering Ahlai’s obviously shaved pussy was a tiny patch of translucent fabric. A G-string rose from either corner of the diminutive triangle nearly straight up, crossing the garter straps stretching down from the corset. Ahlai’s hips were as attractive as the rest of her. Her legs were thin and sleek, seeming to fit the rest of her nicely.

But perhaps the sexiest thing Ahlai was wearing, to my mind, was a patent leather choker collar with a stainless-steel ring hanging down in front, about an inch in diameter. That topped off the whole outfit.

She never looked at me for a reaction, but Ahlai did appear to silently solicit one from Veronica. “Very nice, Ahlai,” my girlfriend told her. “What do you think?” Ahlai smiled slightly and nodded. I still had not heard her speak. “I told Jeremy about the rules,” V said. “He’s going to be a good boy. I know you don’t like boys, but I promise he’ll behave himself. You can imagine his torment the whole time, if that helps. And I promise he won’t touch you, and I won’t make you touch him.”

I swallowed, wondering for a second if I was somewhere that I was not wanted. But that concern passed as I reassured myself that Veronica knew exactly what she was doing. She must have at least suspected Ahlai would get off on my presence – and her suspicions of that nature are always devilishly astute.

“Are you wearing everything I told you to?” Veronica asked the smaller woman, leaving me to wonder what I was missing. Ahlai nodded again. “Good,” V continued. “If I find anything missing, there’s going to be hell to pay.” Ahlai did not look concerned.

Veronica ordered Ahlai to approach her, and she obeyed. The instant V touched Ahlai’s hips with her hands, I felt myself growing harder still. I began to doubt that I could last through the whole event without somehow relieving myself, but I took comfort in the hope that I would be able to rub myself off nonchalantly with a forearm and just come in my pants once things got heated.

V began to kiss her partner firmly on the lips. I saw both tongues dash in and out of each mouth. The girls wasted no time getting frisky with each other. Hands dashed everywhere. Ahlai grabbed a fist full of Veronica’s ass – I savored the vision of my girlfriend’s meaty flesh bulging between Ahlai’s tiny fingers. Veronica turned the smaller woman around so I could get a full view of Ahlai’s luscious ass. The G-string split into a Y even before it emerged from her crack, then climbed her hips and disappeared beneath her corset.

With a rough shove from Veronica, Ahlai suddenly fell back onto the couch, only to be pounced on by her dominant lover. Hands appeared between thighs, exploring ravenously. V began to lick Ahlai’s bare chest, then between her tightly packed tits and down the gap in the corset. Her head continued in that direction until her mouth clasped onto Ahlai’s panty-laden cunt, where V began to suck and then bite ferociously. Ahlai moaned sharply as V gnawed at her pussy with a vigor I hadn’t seen from her in some time. I could see her teeth glimmer as they dug into the skimpy fabric that scarcely contained Ahlai’s mound. She was literally chewing, both jaws grinding away – it looked painful even to me, but Ahlai just continued to moan in delight.

Ahlai raised her legs up, spread at the crotch and bent at the knees. Veronica took the opportunity to support then, firmly clasping each leg around the inside of its lower thigh and pushing them upward, outward. I was stirring where I sat, now perspiring a bit. I lit a cigarette, mostly to keep my hands busy, since any chemical craving I might have been experiencing was surely overwhelmed by more-carnal urges. When I took the ashtray off the coffee table between me and the women, I lit the candle to shed a bit more light.

In the glow, Veronica was still chomping away at Ahlai’s pussy like a coyote to meat. The whole area was soaked with V’s slobber and presumably Ahlai’s free-flowing juices. Strands of saliva and cunt fluids extended from Ahlai’s flesh to V’s mouth whenever V pulled her head away for a second to adjust her neck or just take in the view. Ahlai’s head was hanging off the side of the sofa, her eyes closed. Her mouth alternated between various forms of lip-biting and lip-licking as she continued to groan and now even shriek in delight.

Finally, I heard Ahlai speak, in a voice as docile as her appearance. “Oh, that’s it, Miss V,” she said. “Please eat me right up.”

The next time Veronica pulled her head away from Ahlai’s pussy, I could see that she had chewed straight through the crotch of that tiny thong, the front of which now stuck to the flesh above Ahlai’s pussy like a flap of dead skin. V plunged her face into Ahlai’s twat, licking and nibbling away, then biting again, almost like she was fishing for something hidden within. That compulsive expedition went on for a few more minutes, until, to my astonishment, her teeth latched onto something and then pulled it out of Ahlai’s soaked cunt. A hefty green dildo emerged, inch by inch, seemingly going on for miles. When V finally sat up, the big urethane cock protruded easily eight inches from her shiny white teeth, arching out from her sneering grill, bending slightly toward the floor. Now I knew what else V had given Ahlai to put “on.”

V wasted no time crawling back up Ahlai’s body, strattling the smaller girl on knees and elbows, and swiftly shoving the pussy-coated dildo right into Ahlai’s waiting mouth. Ahlai gulped at it hungrily, taking it back inside her now, inch after inch. “You love the taste of that tight little pussy, don’t you?” Veronica teased. “Don’t you?” V didn’t give Ahlai a chance to answer clearly, but Ahlai managed to groan a muffled “yes” as V shoved the dildo further and further into her mouth.

For a moment, I thought Ahlai was going to take the whole dong into her face without complaint, but there were a couple of inches left when she started to gag. Still, even as Ahlai’s facial expression melded from excitement to near terror, V did not relent. She only pushed harder. I could hear Ahlai gagging, and for a moment felt a pang of concern. But again I told myself V knew what she was doing. Even when Ahlai tried to wrestle her lover away, V persisted. “You’ve got to take it for Miss V,” she told Ahlai. “Take it like a good girl and I’ll let you eat my ass.” Ahlai tried to relax. She was breathing furiously through her nose; her nostrils were dilating about once a second as she desperately gasped for air through them.

Ahlai tried to relax. She let one arm hang off the couch and released her grip from V’s shoulder with the other. V continued to push on the dildo, and before long, only the very back end had not passed Ahlai’s lips. “Good,” said V before quickly withdrawing the huge, thick phallus from her lover’s throat, pursued by long strands of thick, sticky fluids. Ahlai gasped sharply. She was clearly distraught from the ordeal. But then she sat up and thanked Veronica, as if she’d just been blessed. “That was so hot, Miss V. I want you to do it again, but I want to try to take the whole thing. Why did you stop?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. As much as I’m into pushing limits, I thought I couldn’t in my wildest fantasies perform such a feat – certainly not begging for more!

V grinned at her submissive mate and then started the process all over again. This time, Ahlai stayed more relaxed, and after several tense seconds, she had gulped the whole dildo into her mouth. Then Veronica drew it back out, again with all that nasty hot fluid in tow. V suddenly spit into Ahlai’s still-gaping mouth then kissed her roughly.

I took that opportunity to adjust my throbbing cock, which was now threatening to snap inside my underwear.

V handed the dildo to her lover. “I want this thing in my ass, Ahlai,” she commanded. “Work your magic and get it up my fucking hole.” With that, V turned around, facing away from both Ahlai and me, her hands on the arm of the couch, one leg on the floor, one knee on the cushion. Ahlai hurriedly tugged the crotch of V’s skimpy teddy off to the side and started devouring my girlfriend’s anus. She dug her face deep between V’s full cheeks and thrust it in and out, voraciously licking and sucking. She spit again and again at V’s ass, which she gulped at greedily between each sloppy discharge. She was still performing the spit-and-lick routine when she sunk the big dildo back into her own cunt effortlessly. It emerged re-lubricated and ready for more action. Ahlai was far from gentle when she began cramming the rubber cock into V’s rectum. It went in faster – and further – than I had ever dared. Veronica growled in agonized ecstasy as Ahlai pumped the dildo in and out several times, and then it was gone. Ahlai pulled the crotch of her partner’s teddy back into place, patted her ass once, and then asked, “Okay?”

“Very okay,” Veronica said, turning back to face Ahlai after throwing me a quick glance over her shoulder. “Miss V is all filled up now.”

I can’t describe how badly I wanted to pull my dick out and stroke it. I was so turned on, I thought if only I were to wiggle around a bit in my seat, I could bring myself to orgasm. My cock was positively aching to explode, but alas, I obeyed the rules as the scene before me continued.

V unsnapped Ahlai’s garters and slipped the smaller woman’s thong-turned-loincloth off her sweet little legs. She then sunk two fingers immediately into Ahlai’s pussy and started working her G-spot. Ahlai’s whole body convulsed and then kinked almost immediately. She was sitting up in the most awkward of positions, her head cocked back, her shoulders lunged forward, her spine twisted. She looked petrified that way for a moment as V expertly worked her fingers into and around Ahlai’s canal. Ahlai let out a sigh, then began to pant, whispering, “Yes, yes, yes, yes,” almost endlessly.

With her free hand, V reached around Ahlai’s back and into her ass crack. She swiftly removed a rather large butt plug that I had not suspected was even in there. That move sent shivers rippling through Ahlai, who finally broke free of her trance-like stiffness and wiggled about spasmodically. Veronica was smacking the underside of her hand and wrist against the hooded crest of Ahlai’s cunt lips now, rapidly massaging the girl’s insides with brisk strokes. Without warning, Ahlai’s pussy dumped a huge gush of fluid onto the leather cushion beneath her. I could smell its sweetness almost immediately from several feet away. It warmed me.

Ahlai cried out, Veronica withdrew her hand, and then a sharp stream of clear liquid burst forth from Ahlai’s cunt, hitting the sofa with a faint ripping sound. “Oh, fuck!” she screamed, and then another, less-intense shower. Ahlai collapsed onto her back, wasted.

Holy shit, I thought to myself, V has found a squirter! Now I was actively jealous. I couldn’t believe I had just watched a gorgeous young woman experience an explosive orgasm – when all I could do was watch. I wanted to soak myself in Ahlai’s juices. I wanted V to scoop some up for me and deliver it across the small room so I could lick it out of her hands.

Instead, V simply reached around behind her, pulled the sizeable dildo out of her terrific ass, and began slathering it in Ahlai’s puddled cunt nectar. She then brought the big phallus up to Ahlai’s face and placed its head on the exhausted girl’s lips. Ahlai licked and kissed the dildo, but V had other plans. Again she began forcing it down her lover’s throat. “Taste my ass, you dirty slut,” V said aggressively. “Swallow it all.”

Ahlai submissively obliged, this time even more relaxed than the last. She took the whole thing in, again without even gagging. And once again, I found myself writhing in my seat, using the waistband of my tight boxer briefs to stimulate the tender underside of my rock-hard dick.

V pulled the dildo out from Ahlai’s mouth, then jammed it all the way back up the collapsed girl’s pussy. Then she took it out and placed the back end into Ahlai’s mouth, where the smaller girl held it firmly in place, protruding directly upward. Veronica positioned herself above Ahlai’s face, the dildo just inches from her starving pussy. With her sharp heels digging into the sofa cushion and one hand steadying herself against the back of the couch, she lowered herself onto the dildo, using her free hand to steady it as needed. First she took it into her pussy, all the way till her thighs were touching Ahlai’s face. Then she rose up off it completely and devoured it with her anus.

Veronica looked over her shoulder at me the whole time. Her face revealed virtually no expression. She just stared at me almost blankly, like she was showing off without putting any effort into the matter. If I hadn’t known better, I would have thought she was upset with me for some reason. She simply gave no indication that she was really even acknowledging my presence or, for that matter, enjoying the event.

She traded that big, wet dildo between her orifices over and over, each time taking the it in all the way, each time letting her clit or cunt tap Ahlai’s nose. Veronica had her first orgasm that way, with the dildo buried in her snatch. It was not huge, by her standards, but it looked and sounded delightful as she moaned to alert us of the achievement. Her feet on the floor now, Veronica removed the dildo from Ahlai’s mouth and brought it over to me. She dangled it in front of my face, head down. I looked up at it and opened my mouth, somewhat concerned she might try to shove the whole thing down.

“Lick it clean,” she ordered. Without raising my hands from my side, I licked every delicious square inch of the rubber dick, just as I was told. I savored the chance to participate, hoping my willingness to taste the mixture of pussies and ass would impress Ahlai, at least a little. I of course knew I was no match for these women when it came to having objects stuck into me. “Good boy,” Veronica said as she turned to walk away and rejoin Ahlai. “Don’t worry, we’ve got more for you.”

Veronica picked Ahlai’s butt plug off the coffee table and began working it back into the girl’s waiting hole. She stroked it in and out for a while to Ahlai’s great pleasure, then withdrew it finally and brought it over to me. “Now this is some ass,” she said, as if eager to share some great culinary accomplishment with her boyfriend. I opened my mouth to take the dildo in, but V stopped short, holding it under my nose. I inhaled. The aroma was magnificent. It smelled like dirty sweat – dirty girl sweat. It smelled better than Veronica’s pussy or ass had ever tasted. At last, she let me take the whole toy into my mouth like a pacifier. I held the hilt between my teeth for a few seconds – as long as V would let me – it tasted like desire – and then it was gone again. I smiled and said “thank you.”

“No talking,” V scolded me curtly. I cowered a bit.

“Do you have any more gifts for Miss V?” Veronica asked Ahlai as she made her way back over. Ahlai had reanimated by now. She was leaning back on her elbows, glistening in sweat and other fluids. The girl nodded. “Let’s have them, then,” Veronica said. At first I couldn’t tell where her fingers went – either Ahlai’s pussy or her ass – but I soon realized it must have been the latter, as Veronica came back out with a string I recognized gripped tightly in her fingers. V tugged at the string, popping the first of several small beads out of Ahlai’s ass. Ahlai’s hips bucked. Veronica dove her face back between Ahlai’s thighs and resumed eating the girl’s pussy. Ahlai was quickly nearing climax again. She moaned and sniveled as she began to come. V had only barely sunk a free finger into the woman’s cunt when Ahlai raised her hips clear off the couch and cried out, “Now! I’m coming now!”

Veronica hurried the remaining beady bounty out through her lover’s pulsating anus just as Ahlai began showering V’s face with more of her soaking wet sex. “Oh, yeah,” V said as the juices sprayed straight against her brow, eyes and nose. The beads were coming out rapidly now – four, five, six, seven. After another sharp burst from Ahlai’s pussy, V began sticking the anal beads into her own mouth, caressing them with her tongue until the third bead disappeared. Then she started pulling those out and inserting others.

Ahlai had fallen back again with that same wasted look. Veronica looked over and busted me working my cock with an elbow. “Fuck,” I said, inadvertently causing another violation.

“That’s it,” Veronica snapped. “You can’t be trusted.” She rose and strode over to me, grabbing Ahlai’s cast-aside G-string on the way. Before I could imagine what she was going to do, V started shoving the anal beads into my mouth. I couldn’t take them all. Two were still hanging out when Veronica started stuffing the broken crotch of Ahlai’s underwear into my mouth as a chaser. Then she wrapped the skimpy waistband around behind my head and tied knot in it. I was sufficiently gagged, and I wasn’t particularly thrilled about it, either. Nevertheless, I hadn’t lost my erection or my keen interest.

“Now strip,” V commanded. I stood up and started pulling off my pants and shirt. Soon I was left only in my underwear. “Those too,” Veronica said, gesturing at my groin. I pulled off the boxer briefs and kicked them aside. My rigid cock felt vulnerable poking out into the tension-filled room.

Veronica pulled the candle off the coffee table and took it over to Ahlam, against whose shoulder she shoved the lit side with smack, extinguishing the flame instantaneously. Ahlam shrieked, “Fuuuuuck!” Then she pleaded with Veronica: “Please, Miss V, I didn’t do anything wrong. Take it out on the boy! I’ve been so good to you…”

After scoffing at Ahlai, Veronica kicked the ashtray off the coffee table, flung the old chest open and started to rummage around inside. It was filled with sex toys and bondage gear, but clearly lacked whatever V was looking for. “Where are your restraints, slut?” Veronica fired at Ahlai.

The young woman quickly responded, “In the bedroom – right where you left them the other day, Miss V.”

“They’d better be,” Veronica hissed as she stormed off around a corner.

I looked over at Ahlai. She was finally looking at me, but she quickly looked away. “Why did the boy have to upset Miss V?” she asked in a whisper. “Now Miss V is going to take it out on both of us. The boy should just do what she says,” Ahlai pleaded, glancing at me again before looking back in the direction Veronica had run off. “She can be very, very nasty. The boy should just obey and this will all be over sooner.”

I quickly became convinced that Veronica was not my girlfriend at all – not right now, anyway, not here. Instead, she was this Miss V character, and I got the feeling Ahlai knew her far better than I did. Of course, I couldn’t respond. I just stood there, uncomfortably gagged.

Ahlai massaged her clit during a long minute of silence until Veronica emerged with four padded Velcro cuffs and a length of rope. She clasped my wrists and ankles, fastening the restraints tightly, then tied all four together through metal loops hanging off each device, until my hands were bound behind my back, and I was forced to crouch down awkwardly while she looped the rope through the anklets. Then V shoved me back onto the love seat, where I could barely sit. I maneuvered myself into the most comfortable position I could manage.

“Now you’re going to help me punish the boy,” Veronica said to her new mate. “But I’m afraid you’re not going to like it. And as for you,” she said to me as she bent over and fished around in the open chest, “your punishment is that you can’t come, no matter how badly you want to. If you come, I will beat you and throw you out, and you can make your way back Uptown naked.” From the chest, V produced a studded flogging whip the likes of which I had never before seen up close. V knew I was not into that kind of sex play, but I believed she would hit me with that horrendous object. You see, Veronica knew that I knew I had to play along. I didn’t doubt for a second that she would hit me, or she would kick me out if I somehow managed to protest. Not coming isn’t necessarily my specialty, but I can hold back in a pinch. I reluctantly nodded so as not to lose my seat… or any skin. Truthfully, the mere sight of that whip actually weakened my drive momentarily and caused my dick to go somewhat flaccid, defying the cock ring to graciously offer a welcome relief

“Crawl over here and touch the boy’s cock,” V ordered Ahlai. The younger woman reluctantly left the couch and headed toward me on her hands and knees. She was hesitant, but after a few seconds, she grasped my partially engorged cock in her right hand like a limp joystick. “Squeeze it,” Veronica ordered, and Ahlai did. Her soft little hand felt glorious on my aching dick, which presently regained life. Her squeeze was gentle at first, but when V threatened to hit her if she didn’t squeeze hard, her grip became very firm. “Harder!” Veronica demanded, and Ahlai squeezed with all her might. Now it really did hurt, in a good way, and I started to wince.

“Good,” Veronica said. “Now get it good and wet – it’s going up my ass in a minute. Despite my bizarre bondage predicament, I finally breathed a sigh of relief. Soon I would be fucking my woman where she and I loved it best. And maybe I’d get a little action with her new hottie in the meantime. Ahlai spit big gobs of saliva on my cock and started rubbing the goop around with her hand. “That’s not good enough,” V’s voice boomed. Ahlai spit a few more times, but still V wasn’t satisfied. “You’re going to need to suck it,” she snapped.

“But, Miss V–” Ahlai began to protest.

Veronica swooped down and hooked a finger through the ring in Ahlai’s collar then forced her head closer to my upright cock. “I said suck, slut. You know you want it.”

Veronica, still holding the flogging whip, was soon using both hands to maneuver Ahlai’s mouth onto my dick. I squirmed as the smaller woman’s teeth scraped my extra-sensitive flesh like an amateur. V wouldn’t relent. She was putting her weight into the game, literally lunging Ahlai’s head until my cock – just a bit smaller than the dildo they’d been playing with – impaled her face deeply. Ahlai gagged and coughed, and I have to admit: while I was somewhat concerned that she really didn’t want to suck my dick, I was pretty much thrilled with the whole incident. Soon her head was bobbing up and down on my stiff dick, sucking like she’d had a million cocks in her mouth before.

The intensity of the situation was almost too much for me to handle. I took the deepest breaths I could manage through my nose alone, trying to focus my mind away from the royal dick sucking that I was receiving. I was so afraid of blowing a load, I’m not sure I could have if I had tried. The brutal blow job went on for minutes. Ahlai was gagging, whimpering, and I think even crying as Veronica repeatedly coerced her throat onto my raging erection. I was engaged in the hardcore throat fuck I never could have forced on a reluctant woman myself, and it was all a gift from my wonderful girlfriend.

When V at last pulled Ahlai’s head off of me by her hair, I didn’t recognize the look on the submissive woman’s face. It was a mix of anguish and excitement, saliva mixed with bile and tears – I couldn’t be sure, but I had a feeling she’d enjoyed the ordeal.

Veronica touched my cock and then rubbed her fingers together, testing the viscosity. “I’m sorry, slut, but that’s not going to do it. I need that cock to be nice and slippery before it can go up my ass.”

Now an authentic look of fear mixed with disgust overtook Ahlai’s face, still so pretty and innocent under the sticky sheen. She shook her head. “No, Miss V, you know I can’t…”

“What did you say to me?” Veronica insisted. “Did you just deny me?”

“No, no Miss V, I… I didn’t,” Veronica whimpered. “It’s just that…”

“Well, you can get fucked, or you can get the whip, it’s your choice.” And then V spoke the words that almost knocked me out of my seat: “You have to try cock sometime in your life, you little virgin slut. Why not now?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. It was inconceivable that a woman who had just stuffed a huge dildo, a butt plug and a long string of anal beads out of her various orifices had, in fact, never had a cock in her pussy. But then, if she really wasn’t attracted to guys, why would she have ever fucked one? And it was truly unlikely that Veronica would let me fuck a girl who had been with other guys unless I was wearing a condom. Again I had to rely on Veronica’s judgment. She wouldn’t make either of us do something we wouldn’t thank her for later… right?

“I’m sorry, Miss V, I just can’t do it,” Ahlai said in a cowering whine, nearly crying as she crumpled between my legs. Veronica’s flogger cut through the air with a whoosh and landed square across Ahlai’s back. Ahlai screeched in agony. I couldn’t believe how hard Veronica hit her.

“I can keep hitting you, or you can fuck the boy – the choice is yours,” Veronica said.

With fresh tears running down her face, Ahlai gulped then slowly stood up and turned her back to me. “Okay,” she finally relented. “I just don’t want to face him; is that alright?” Ahlai pleaded.

“Suit yourself,” Veronica replied. “Just get his cock good and wet for me with that fine little cunt of yours. You don’t want Miss V’s sweet ass to get hurt, do you?”

I watched Ahlai’s gorgeous, round ass as she backed up onto me. She expertly guided the head of my cock up to her still-soaked labia and rubbed it around. “You’re sure he won’t come, Miss V? You know I’m not on the pill or anything.”

“He knows better,” V said, “and he’s well-trained.”

But Ahlai had a trick up her sleeve. She knew she could lube me up good without ever touching my cock. So instead of sliding herself down onto my pulsating dick, which was again straining so hard against my cock ring I thought surely one or the other would have to give – she merely hovered over me and started rubbing her pussy, dunking fingers in, and jerking herself off wildly. I had more than half a mind to try to lunge my cock up into Ahlai’s slick cunt, but I knew it wouldn’t work, and I feared the punishment it might elicit.

It wasn’t long before Ahlai came, with another of her drenching orgasms. She howled loudly as the sensual shower began. Her succulent juices rained down on my crotch, one, then two, then three strong streams as she squealed with delight. I felt half blessed – since I was gagged and bound, I couldn’t drink up any of that magnificent girl come.

“You are a clever girl,” Veronica said, declaring that my cock must be “wet enough by now.” I longed to be inside Ahlai after V ordered her small pussy away from me. Then, after testing my lubrication again, V surprised us both once more. “Oh, never mind,” she declared. It’s still not how I want it. It’s too slippery.”

I shot her a look of astonishment. First I hadn’t been lubed enough, now I was too slippery? I just wanted to fuck something. Veronica returned to the chest and fished out a handful of condoms. She rolled one onto my tortured cock, then tore open a second package. She rolled that rubber on, too, then opened a third. This one was studded and ribbed – V’s favorite kind. Now my dick was so heavily layered, sensation would surely be elusive – at least for me. More tantalizing torture.

Not so for Veronica, though. She took up Ahlai’s previous position, pulled aside the crotch of her teddy, and began forcing my cock, dry rubber and all, into her loose asshole. I could feel the tightness, but there was no sense of friction. Meanwhile, V was getting all the friction she could handle. She bounced up and down on my cock, letting her ass fall fully onto my thighs just the way she had come down on Ahlai’s face not long before.

Ahlai began to kiss Veronica passionately as V fucked my thickly coated cock with her ass. I found myself straining against my restraints, now sincerely wanting to get loose so I could start using my hands. I wanted to paw them both. I wanted to tear V’s teddy off and grope her plump tits. But alas, all I could do was sit back and enjoy what felt like a long-distance fuck.

Veronica usually came from anal fucking, and this time was no exception. After about five minutes of riding my rough-coated cock that way, she climaxed with a wail. She pulled off me slowly, covered in sweat, then turned and said, “Good boy. You managed to behave that whole time.” Then V turned to Ahlai. “Do you think we should reward him by letting him loose?”

Ahlai shook her head.

“Why not?” Veronica asked.

“He’s a boy. No boys.”

“But I think you’ve started to like him, haven’t you?”

Ahlai shook her head again.

“Well, I think you’re lying,” V said slyly. “But there’s only one way to find out. I’m going to set him loose on you, and he’s going to fuck you silly. If you enjoy it, then you were lying.” V stopped there, and Ahlai looked up at her, almost pleadingly, as if to express the irrationality of the proposition with a mere look.

“Okay,” Veronica seemed to relent. “I’ll tell you what, then. First the boy will fuck my pussy, and you can watch and see how much fun it is. Then you’ll want him to fuck you. And if you don’t want it by then, I think a suitable punishment for your resistance will be to get fucked by a boy. How does that sound?”

Ahlai seemed to have no option but to obey. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the whole thing. At first I thought this was all just a game, but now it seemed like V was really taking advantage of this girl just to get her own rocks off. Maybe during some planning session to which I had not been privy, Ahlai had expressed maybe wanting to get fucked by a guy – it just didn’t seem like that was the case at present. Veronica seemed to be on some kind of power trip. Still, I was sure I knew her better than that. At least, that’s what I continued to tell myself as long as it played to my advantage, which it seemed to. I was just a pawn, too, after all.

V undid my restraints and finally pulled that awful gag out of my mouth, casting the anal beads to the floor. I peeled all three rubbers off my still-hard dick at once as I inhaled a deep breath through my mouth just to prove that I finally could.

Veronica finally slipped out of her teddy, but she was still wearing her stockings and heels. She put her hands on the arm of the couch and leaned forward, apparently inviting me to enter her from behind. Her clean-shaven cunt was sopping wet when I slid my dick into it. I wasted no time. I just started fucking her wildly, reaching around to grip her tits as I smacked her ass hard with my pelvis time after time, sending ripples through it. After a couple minutes of getting pounded from behind, V turned around and sat up on the arm of the couch. I raised her legs up with my hands and went right back inside, fucking her more while she rubbed her clit and I kissed her beautiful neck and her perfect tits.

I looked over at Ahlai several times. She was watching us intently while sucking on her bottom lip and rubbing circles around her clit. It didn’t seem to bother V that I was thinking about fucking Ahlai while I was inside her, my long-time lover. “You can’t wait to get some of that tight virgin pussy, can you?” Veronica whispered into my ear, seemingly asking me to confide. I said nothing. “Can you!” she demanded, now using her full voice and staring me right in the eye, our noses nearly touching.

“No,” I conceded.

“Tell me what you want,” Veronica insisted.

“I want to fuck her.”

“You want to fuck my little fuck slut?” Veronica sounded extremely aroused now.


“Tell me how you want to fuck her.” V’s breathing was intense now. I could tell she was going to come again any minute.

“I want to show her what a really good fuck is like.”

“More…” Veronica said.

“I want to fuck her hard,” I whispered loud enough for Ahlai to hear. “Harder than I’ve ever fucked you. I want to fuck her till she either craves cock constantly, or until she never wants to see another cock in all her life.”

Just as I knew it would, that line pushed V beyond all boundaries. She dug her nails deep into my back, scraping them downward, drawing blood. She gripped me tight in her thighs as she came with a dozen wicked convulsions.

When her jerking subsided, I backed away from V and tried to catch my breath. I was already exhausted from pacing myself throughout the whole trial, but what lay ahead was sure to pose the biggest challenge yet.

“Okay,” Veronica declared, “it’s your turn now, Ahlai. Time to make Miss V proud.” Ahlai looked pensive. “I know you like watching that, didn’t you?” Veronica asked.

Ahlai nodded her confession.

“Now don’t you want that big cock up your tight little virgin cunt?”

Ahlai shook her head.

Veronica looked disappointed. She turned to me. “Show her what she’s been missing.”

I stood still. I wanted to fuck Ahlai, but I didn’t want to rape her. And I really couldn’t tell what she actually wanted. She seemed to trust Veronica. I remained unsure of Ahlai’s true desire. I would feel like an idiot asking her myself; I didn’t want to break the mood. So I fell back on that infinite trust in V and reached into the chest to procure a condom. But when I pulled a rubber out, Veronica scolded me.

“No! No rubber. Just fuck her. Fuck her pussy raw.”

Recalling Ahlai’s own advice, I did as I was told. I stepped over to the couch and descended on Ahlai. She smelled wonderful. She looked incredible. She was a fantasy right before me, still wrapped up in that cute little corset, her tits staining against it like my veiny dick against that cock ring. Looking into Ahlai’s eyes, all I could see was apprehension… and maybe some fear. I kissed her lips softly, but she didn’t respond. She did spread her legs, seemingly out of some sick sense of duty. My own sick sense responded by guiding my cock to the gates of her pussy. I rubbed it around on her clit for a second, and finally she responded, very slightly, by licking her upper lip. To me, that was as good as a green flag at the speedway. I poked my cock a couple of inches inside her. She was tight indeed – perhaps the tightest I’ve ever experienced. I knew she could handle me with ease, since I’d seen her get fucked with that oversized dildo, but the tautness of her vagina was marvelous.

I had only been inside Ahlai for a moment when she screeched loudly. I suddenly felt my dick get shoved out of her from within. A split second later, her come flooded the couch cushion, but only after spraying all over my cock, balls and belly in the process. I dove down to lick it up, slurping Ahlai’s juices off the leather and then lapping away at her bare pussy like a hungry dog. She soon came again, this time right into my mouth, and I was in heaven. I had been with squirters before, and in fact Veronica knew it was a special pleasure of mine. She graciously afforded me a moment to indulge before ordering my cock back inside Ahlai’s cunt.

I crawled back on top of Ahlai, her legs still spread wide, and plunged my full length right into her. She groaned – in ecstasy or pain, I wasn’t sure. She wrapped her arms around me. I took that as another good sign, and pretty much the only reassurance I required. I began fucking her with long, swift strokes, showing off my full length, trying earnestly to compete with the best of her toys. As much as I was getting off, I truly wanted Ahlai to love the fuck I was giving her. She yelped with every thrust, breathing heavily, sweating profusely. I focused all my energy on maintaining deep, hard strokes, delving far inside her ultra-tight snatch. Veronica sporadically spat reassuring words. “That’s it.” “That a girl.” “That a boy.”

I found a decent angle that seemed to access Ahlai’s G-spot just right and started to work it. Ahlai’s yelps gave way to low moans each time my cock head brushed against her special flesh. After I got a steady pace going in that position, I reached up and finally pried Ahlai’s heavily wired corset apart like a clamshell, exposing her round little breasts to the open air. I dove for her right nipple, and immediately V joined in sucking on the other.

“You love that cock buried in you, don’t you, Ahlai?” Veronica said.

“If you say so, Miss V,” Ahlai managed in place of a rhythmic moan. Then as if to illustrate her response, Ahlai came hard again, gushing all over my cock, which I kept inside her the whole time, even as Ahlai tried to squirm off my prick. Seconds later, she was coming again, this time harder and longer. Again she tried to wriggle away, but my dick was insistent. “It’s too much,” she complained. “I can’t take any more cock.”

To my delight, Veronica would hear nothing of Ahlai’s protests. “Oh, you’ll take more cock,” V said. “We’re just getting started.” Then, to me: “Pick her up. I have an idea.” I slipped a hand between Ahlai’s back and the carcass of her now-gaping corset. With one big heft, I hoisted the petite woman up with me, my cock still inside her. She wrapped her legs around my hips instinctively. She was so small and light, I could easily hoist her up and down on my cock, now fucking her fully again, ignoring her precious G-spot. Ahlai assisted, using her arms and legs, permitting her pussy to ascend the full length of my cock then plunge back down onto it.

Veronica started working the big dildo into Ahlai’s ass while I fucked her naturally constricted cunt. Ahlai sneered in discomfort momentarily, but by the time Veronica started working the dildo in and out, she was moaning loudly again. I could feel my rubber competitor through Ahlai’s inner flesh as it bumped and brushed my prick by proxy. Ahlai’s cunt seized with tense tremors the next time she came, and once again her juices drizzled out onto my balls and thighs, as well as the floor at my feet.

After just a couple of minutes in this position, I grew tired and my shoulders started to cramp. I eased Ahlai back down onto the couch, leaving her in a partially sitting position. I kept my feet on the floor to provide leverage, from which position I hammered away at Ahlai’s cunt with everything I had to offer. My pelvis spanked Ahlai’s pubis as I thrust into her and withdrew as fast as I could. She was having trouble disguising her pleasure at this point, whimpering with each of my pushes, but obviously nearing climax each time I plunged my cock into her.

“That’s it, boy, fuck the shit out of her,” Veronica said as she climbed onto the couch, her back to me, placing a foot on either side of Ahlai and then lowering her pussy onto the small woman’s face. I leaned in and dug my own face into V’s ass, licking her hairless anus as Ahlai lapped up V’s cunt juices. Then I reached down past my prick and withdrew the dildo that was still buried in Ahlai’s butt. I licked and sucked it for a second and then forcefully inserted it into Veronica’s asshole, still steadily pummeling Ahlai’s cunt with my dick all the while.

V was holding Ahlai by the back of the head, pulling it up toward her pussy while Ahlai devoured it. I started fucking V’s ass with the dildo about as voraciously as I was nailing Ahlai’s sweet cunt with my dick. She enjoyed the process quite vocally, but before long, the position grew awkward for both Veronica and me, so I was thankful when she got up and sat down beside Ahlai on the couch.

“Are you ready to come, Boy,” V asked me as I kept stroking away at her little lover, now leaning in to kiss and bite Ahlai’s gorgeous nipples and areolas some more.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Are you ready for some come, Ahlai?”

Ahlai looked confounded. “I don’t want that nasty thing in me anymore,” she finally revealed, though she was still panting in what seemed an awful lot like pleasure. “But I don’t want the come. Please take the come.”

“Not on your life, slut!” Veronica spat. “You’re going to take all the come. The only question is where you want it: in your pussy or on your face?”

Ahlai looked perplexed again. I knew we were both wondering if it was a trick question. Of course, I didn’t know Ahlai’s actual preference, if she had one.

“On my tits,” Ahlai said diplomatically.

“How dare you!” Veronica shot back. “Just for that, you’ll take it in your ass.”

“Oh, shit,” Ahlai muttered. Needless to say, I was delighted, though I kept quiet about it for fear of jinxing the privilege.

Veronica looked at me. “Start fucking her ass, Boy.”

I obediently pulled out of Ahlai’s splendid cunt, pulled her hips closer to the edge of the couch cushion, and started working my cock into her other hole. Oddly, her anus felt looser than her cunt, but I didn’t mind, as my dick was burning from the rapid-fire fucking I’d just managed. Ahlai, too, seemed relieved. I got the sense that, like V, she preferred anal penetration. I fucked her ass with long, slow but steady strokes, savoring every second but secretly waiting for that final command.

Veronica climbed down to the floor behind me and ordered me to pull out. I obeyed. “Raise her ass up,” V said. Lifting Ahlai’s legs, I brought her hips up off the couch until her crotch was aimed skyward like her pointed heels. V then dug the index finger and thumb of her left hand into Ahlai’s ass, prying it open. Next she contorted that same hand until she could penetrate Ahlai’s vagina with her ring and middle fingers, opening that hole, too. Finally, V stroked my dick with her right hand, aiming it downward at Ahlai’s gaping holes.

“Now come!” Veronica snapped. “Shoot that hot stuff deep inside her.”

“Not in my pussy, Miss V!” protested Ahlai as she kicked halfheartedly and twisted at her waist in a vain attempt to displace the targets. Veronica started jerking me faster. I groaned as I at last allowed a massive climax to overtake me. An hour’s worth of tension burst forth as vines of thick jizz that coursed through my cock and streamed out with great intent. I watched with pride as the first shot fired right past V’s thumb and into the little hole she’d managed to form at the entrance to Ahlai’s ass. The second load splattered against the young woman’s taint and immediately began to drizzle into her anus. The third stream ran along V’s fingers into Ahlai’s open cunt, where the fourth and most voluminous stream squirted directly.

“No,” Ahlai cried out, obviously aware that V had hit the taboo target.

My dick continued to pulsate and dribble cum onto Ahlai’s crotch. I lowered her bottom back onto the couch as Veronica barked an order at Ahlai to “Shut up and lick your ass off the boy’s cock.” Visibly upset, Ahlai sat up and took my softening rod into her mouth, sucking halfheartedly, cleaning it up from head to hilt. When I was all but totally limp, Ahlai pushed me away and looked at Veronica.

“Thank you for not making me swallow the boy’s come, Miss V. I wish you hadn’t put it in my cunt, but at least I didn’t have to swallow any of it.”

Veronica offered a sinister grin. “Oh, but you do, my dear.” V pulled her fingers out of Ahlai’s orifices and forced them into the astonished girl’s mouth. “Suck and swallow, Slut,” she said. “Every last bit.”

Ahlai obeyed with a grimace and a gulp. But V wasn’t satisfied. She reached down again and gathered still more come, this time letting it drip into her own upturned mouth before standing up, leaning over Ahlai and drooling it into Alai’s mouth. “Swallow that, too,” she ordered.

That display was all it took for my cock to twitch and show more signs of life, though I was reluctant to let Veronica see that I still had fuck left in me. I needed at least a few minutes to catch my breath. I sat back down in the love seat, nearly expired.

Everyone was quiet for probably a minute before I guessed the scenario had been played out, for now, and tried to satisfy my curiosity. “So… shit,” I started. “Is anyone going to let me in?”

“I think you were just let in plenty,” Veronica snickered.

“I mean, you know…”

Ahlai laughed. She smiled wide now, meeting my eyes as she sat fully upright, simply gorgeous from head to toe. “I haven’t actually fucked a guy since I was fifteen,” she revealed. “That was a short series of shitty experiences, so I kind of swore boys off for a while. I told Veronica the other day that I wanted to try it again, and she said she knew the perfect guy.”

“Whoa. Really?” That was my only response.

“Yeah,” Ahlai said. “And she was right.”

I blushed for the first time in a while. “So you liked all of that?”

“I loved it,” Ahlai said. “I told your woman here that I wanted it to be wild, but with someone who wasn’t a dick – even if you were kind of going to be acting like one. I trust her, and she trusted you, and it worked out nicely. Oh, and I have a diaphragm in, so no worries on that account.”

“How old are you, anyway?” I asked.

“How old do I look?”

“You look fifteen, but you act 25,” I admitted.

“Actually, I’m nineteen,” Ahlai said.

Veronica chimed in. “So, do you think you want to start fucking guys again?”

“Maybe,” Ahlai said. “At least I know I want to fuck this one again.” My blushing accelerated. “Of course, I don’t know what it’s like to fuck a guy without his girlfriend directing the action.”

“Well, then,” Veronica said, “why don’ the two of you go into the bedroom and see how you do without bossy Miss V around?”

“Actually,” Ahlai said, “I was thinking we could start in the shower.”

Just then didn’t seem like the time to start saying “no.”

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