The Academy: Part One

"So, Mrs. Dawson," Diane Thomas opined, "I believe that our facility will do wonders for Kenneth, all he needs is to surround himself with others in that same boat as he's in!!!" "I hope so, Miss Thomas," Jana Dawson said with a shake of her head, "Kenneth desperately needs to feel accepted just as he is!!!" ""Don't worry about that," Diane replied, "here at BP Academy Kenneth will be just another boy in the student population, I'm sure that he'll fit in just fine, now I've reviewed Kenny's file and although I have a pretty good handle on what he's gone through, could you just take a few minutes to fill me in on his situation!?!" "Of course, Miss Thomas, I'd be more than happy to," Jana Dawson said while patting her eighteen year old son on the arm, "as you already know, Kenneth has fortunately or unfortunately been blessed with an incredibly large penis!!!" Miss Dawson nodded gravely and replied, "I understand that, Mrs. Thomas, please continue!!!" "Well as I'm sure you're aware," Jana went on, "a boy like Kenneth ends up being envied an in some cases despised by his classmates, up until he is finally ostracized from the rest of the group leaving him totally alone, and of course with the girls it's pretty much the same thing, with the main difference being that they're terrified of his massive organ and what it might do to them!!!" Diane Dawson knowingly nodded her head and replied softly, "Well don't worry, we're going to do something about that, of that I can guarantee!!! "So, what's the next step," Jana asked!?! "I don't want you to feel offended," Miss Dawson said softly, "but sometimes, unfortunately, some parents have tried to enroll their sons when in fact they had erections that were nowhere near large enough to pass our strict admission standards, so I must insist that Kenneth erect himself and expose himself to me for examination!!!" "A perfectly reasonable request," Jana Thomas replied while turning to her son and ordering, "Kenneth, please stand up and show Miss Dawson your penis!!!" The red faced young man, although mortified at his situation, quickly obeyed his domineering mother and did as he was told!!! An impassive Diane Dawson looked on as the boy dropped his pants and slid down his shorts, and only then did she gasp when witnessing the huge organ swinging semi erect between the young man's spindly thighs!!! "M-my goodness, Mrs. Thomas," Diane Dawson stammered, "Kenneth has a wonderfully large penis, it's so sad that others don't feel the same way!!!" "I completely concur," Jana replied, "those pricks back at his old high school were just a bunch of jealous assholes, and the girls were brain washed by the boys into fearing him!!!"

While the two woman continued chatting, Kenny stood their with his penis slowly growing to its full erect length of ten and a half inches which caused Miss Dawson to ask, "I can also assume that Kenny has a prodigious sexual appetite!?!" "Oh my, yes," Jana Thomas replied quickly, "as you can plainly see, his penis is almost in constant need of attention, and if I can anticipate your next question, it was up to me to make sure his penis was taken care of!!!" "I'm not surprised," Diane Dawson replied, "just from the few minutes we've be together, it is quite evident that you are willing to do almost anything to help your son, and I must say, for that alone I admire you greatly!!!" "Thank you very much, Miss Dawon," Jana replied evenly, "most mothers ignore their children's needs, but I am of the opinion that how you treat a child when he or she is young, is exactly how they will behave when they're grown!!!" Kenny fidgeted uncomfortably as his huge erection throbbed relentlessly, until thankfully, Diane Dawson returned her attention to him and asked, "So, Kenny, are you ready to meet your personal attendant!?!

While a confused expression washed over his face, Kenny looked nervously back and forth between his mother and Miss Dawson, while the director of the academy buzzed her secretary, and moments later, the door front door opened and in came an incredibly beautiful brunette with a stunning figure!!! "Kenny," Miss Dawson said warmly, "I'd like you to meet Carol, she will be your personal assistant for your entire stay at BP Academy!!!" "How do you do, Kenny," the young woman said in a soft southern accent, "I do hope that you approve of me, I certainly approve of you," she went on while staring at his full erection!!!" Kenny made an audible gulp while extending his shaking hand to the voluptuous creature before him, but managed to stammer, "Y-you'll do just fine, I'm happy to meet you!!!" "You've certainly taught him well, Mrs. Thomas," Diane Dawson said happily, "you don't see such nice manners in a boy these days!!!" "Well, I did my best," Jana Thomas replied, "I'm sure that these two will be very happy together!!!"

Miss Dawson picked up Kenny's file and scanned over it one more time before commenting, "I can see from your application that you're still a virgin, is that right, Kenny!?!" "Uh, yes," the red faced young man replied, "I'm afraid that's true!!!" "That's certainly nothing to be ashamed of," Miss Dawson relied gently, "but we feel that in order for you to fit right in, it's best that you lose your cherry before mixing in with the general student population, don't you agree, Mrs. Thomas!?!" "I think that that's an excellent approach to the problem," Jana Thomas replied enthusiastically, "when do you propose they'll do it!?!" "Well naturally the sooner the better," Diane Dawon replied, "and since Kenny has a full erection right now, I see no reason to put it off any longer, do you!?!" "No, I don't," Jana replied quickly, "now is as good a time as any!!!" "Okay then, it's been decided," Diane Dawson replied, "please, Carol, take off your things and take care of Kenny's problem!!!"

As Carol slowly removed her clothing, she casually reached out and caressed Kenny's big boner and asked soflty, "Tell me, Ken, just how big is your pecker!?!" "Uh, about ten inches or so," he stumbled, "a-are you sure you wanna let me do this to ya!?!" "Don't be silly," Carl replied gently, "there's nothing I like better than having a young man with a huge erection fuck me nice and hard, you do want to fuck me, don't you Kenny!?!" By now she was standing fully naked before him, and it was all he could do through a dry cotton mouth to stammer, "Oh god, yes, I'd love to have sex with you!!!" "Now Kenny," Carol said teasingly, "is that how you say it, have sex with you, I'd think that a man with such a big penis would use another word, don't you!?!" "Well, I guess so," he said softly, "what do you want me to say!?!" "You tell me, Ken," Carol said while cupping her firm full breasts in her hands, "I just love hearing a man talk dirty when we're having sex!!!" Now completely red faced, but hard as a rock, Kenny looked down at the carpeted floor and whispered, "W-would you like me to fuck you!?!" "I'm sorry, Kenny," she replied firmly, "I didn't hear you, "could you please repeat that for me!?!" "Well, uh," he mumbled, "I just asked if you'd like me to fuck you!!!" "Oh, yes," she sighed while reaching out and slowly fisting his huge piece of meat, "I'm going to adore having you fuck me!!!"

"We choose our personal assistant's for their beauty, brains, love of the over sized male organ, and of course for their aggressiveness in the bedroom," Diane Dawson commented while Carol gently pushed Kenny to the floor and slowly lowered her hairy pussy onto his straining erection, "and as you can see, Carol has an unquenchable desire in her vagina for erections like your son's, so for that reason alone I believe that they will get along famously, don't you agree!?!" "My god," Jana Thomas gasped as she watched her son's incredible organ disappearing inside of the hot box of Carol Anders, "she certainly is a cock hound isn't she!?!" "That's a perfect description of her," Diane said with a laugh, "I'm sure she could sniff out a big cock blindfolded, couldn't you, dear!?!" Carol Anders was lost in her own little cock filled world, but she managed to moan, "Oh yes, Miss Dawson, Kenny has an absolutely wonderful pecker, so thick and long, I'm going to just love being his personal assistant!!!" "What about you, Kenny," Miss Dawson asked softly, "doesn't Carol have just the loveliest pussy you've ever seen!?!" For a long time there was no answer forthcoming from the young man, so his mother interjected, "Kenneth, answer the lady, it's impolite to ignore her!!!" After the admonition form his mother, Kenny stammered softly, "Y-yes, Miss Dawson, she's so tight and soft, ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy, she's so good to my penis!!!" Miss Dawson looked approvingly at Jana Thomas and replied, "Don't worry about a thing Mrs. Thomas, everything's going to be just find!!!


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