The Academy

"So you really think that our daughter will fit in here at Coldridge Academy," Mary Nash asked!?! Smiling gently at the Mr. and Mrs. Nash, Head Mistress Madlyn Towers replied, "Yes, I really do, we've had great success here at Coldridge handling the type of problem that Peggy has, and I'm sure after just a few short days she'll be writing you a thank you letter for making this decision!!!" Mary and Tom Nash exchanged glances, before turning to Peggy and asking, "Tell us the truth now, honey, do you really want to stay here," while all three adults turned and waited anxiously for the eighteen year old to respond!?! "She faint smile crossed her lips and then she replied, "Mom, dad, the past three years have been just awful for me, what with the catcalls from the boys and the dirty looks from the girls, I just want to get away where no one will bother me, and I can be just like anyone else, is that so wrong!?!" Mary Nash took her daughter's hand and kissed it several times before responding softly, "No, honey, no it's not wrong, and if this place will make you happy, then that's where you should be!!!" "Then it's settled," Madlyn Towers said happily, "Peggy is now one of us!!!" Peggy and Miss Towers stood on the curb outside the walled academy and waved as her parents drove away on their way back home, a home that was no longer hers!!!" "Well, child," Miss Towers offered, "let's go back inside and start getting to know each other, all right!?!" "Yes, ma'am," Peggy replied while watching her folks disappear in the distance, "I'm ready!!!" On their way back to her office, Miss Towers put her arm around Peggy's shoulder and began explaining the mission of Coldridge Academy, and by the time they had returned to the administration building, Peggy was more sure than ever that she had made the right decision!!! Seated in a large chair in front of Miss Tower's desk, Peggy listened intently while the Head Mistress explained, "Now all of the girls in the academy are in the same boat as you, that is, that they each have been blessed with breasts that are much larger than normal!!!" Peggy nodded silently in assent as Miss Towers went on, "We feel that if everyone has the same problem it ceases being a problem, that is, everyone already knows how it feels having enormous breasts, so being large busted is just another fact of life, and not better or worse!!!" Miss Towers paused for a moment to let that sink in and then continued, "And in order to achieve our goal of conformity, all girls are required to go topless when inside of the buildings, that means in the classroom, in the library, in the dorms, and of course in the administration building, do I make myself clear!?!" "Uh, yes," Peggy stammered, "perfectly clear!!!"

Good," Miss Towers replied softly, "then we might as well get down to it right away, so if you will, take off your tee shirt and remove your bra, and of course I will do the same, the only reason I had a top on was to meet your parents, we maintain strict privacy for our girls, you'll never have to worry about outsiders seeing you naked!!!" As Peggy was unhooking her bra, Miss Towers asked softly, "What size are you dear, you certainly have a very pretty chest!?!" "Thank you, ma'am," she replied softly, "I'm a 38DDD!!!" "You too," the Head Mistress replied, "that's the same as me, but you'll find many of the girls are even larger than we are, but after awhile you don't even pay any attention to breast size!!!" "Now doesn't that feel nice not having that awful contraption holding you so tightly in place," Miss Towers asked, "after not wearing a one for so long, I can't stand the constriction!!!" "It does feel kinda nice," Peggy replied softly, "sorta free, if you know what I mean!?! "Of course I do, dear," she replied quickly, "and just look at your nipples, they're very hard and erect, are they very sensitive to the touch!?!" Now lowering her eyes and turning a bright shade of red, Peggy mumbled, "Uh, yes, very sensitive!!!"

Now coming around to the front of her desk, Miss Towers took Peggy in her arms and hugged her before saying, "I didn't want to bring this up in front of your parents, but here at Coldridge Academy we also realize that our seniors girls are just about ready to become sexually active, so naturally we don't want them getting into any trouble with boys, so we allow a certain amount of intimacy between the girls and of course the faculty!!!" Peggy's breathing was becoming increasingly labored as her breasts were being pressed firmly against those to the Head Mistress, and she gasped moaned when out of the blue the older woman dropped her head to her breasts and began softly nibbling on her large nipples!!!

"How does that feel, dear," Madlyn Towers asked softly, "you certainly have very responsive nipples!?!" "I-it feels wonderful," Peggy moaned, "you do that so well!!!" "I hope so," Miss Towers said with a chuckle, "I've sucked the breasts of every senior girl in the school and never had any complaints!!!" Peggy's head was spinning at the sudden turn of events, but even though she was pretty nervous she still had the gumption to ask, "May please suck yours, I've never sucked another woman's breasts before!?!" Miss Towers kissed Peggy softly on the cheek and whispered, "Of course you may, dear, just look at how hard they are already!?!" A soft groan escaped Peggy's lips while Miss Towers fed a distended nipple into her mouth and gently caressed the young woman's cheek and sighed contentedly!!! Peggy nursed eagerly for another ten minutes or so, before the older woman whispered hoarsely, "Are you aroused child, I certainly am!?!"

Madlyn Towers sat down and immediately removed Peggy's jeans and panties, leaving her standing totally naked except for her knee high socks, which looked even more arousing than complete nakedness!!! "You have a beautiful body, dear," Miss Towers croaked, "d-do you always keep you vagina shaved smooth!?!" "M-my mother always shaved hers and I guess I just followed her lead," Peggy stammered, "do you like it that way!?!" Madlyn Towers was now on the verge of an orgasm just from having had her nipples sucked, and the mere sight of such an incredible labia was enough to drive her crazy with lust, so her answer wasn't in words, it was in deeds, as she dropped her mouth to Peggy's drooling sex and let her tongue snake out and lap at the young woman's slit like it was full of honey!!! From her experiences at masturbation, Peggy naturally pulled her own nipple to her lips and sucked furiously while Madlyn Towers drove her closer and closer to her first orally induced orgasm!!! Never in her whole life had her vaginal lips seemed so plump and full, and her clit, the smooth natural slickness of a warm tongue was ten million times better than her finger ever had been, and that tongue was being maneuvered around her pussy by someone who was an expert at bringing young women to hard satisfying orgasms!!!

Peggy's legs began to wobble unsteadily as Miss Towers drove her tongue in and out of her now gushing vagina, bringing the shaking girl to the brink of a devastating orgasm!!! Just when Peggy's pussy began to contract in a precursor of her climax, Miss Towers pulled her mouth away and asked softly, "If I suck you off will you do me a favor!?!" Now puffing like a locomotive, Peggy gasped, "A-anything, just name, but please, don't stop, I'm almost there!!!" "Of course you are, dear," the big titted woman replied softly, "all I want you to do is masturbate my clitoris with one of your big nipples, that's it, just do me with your nipple!!!" "Okay," Peggy moaned, "I'll do anything, just finish me off, please!!!" Taking one look at the poor girl's clit was all Madlyn needed to see, she knew that it would only take a couple of more hard licks to get the little cunt off, and so with brutal efficiency she raked her tongue over the hard little organ, sending Peggy over the edge as a shuddering climax ripped through her pussy leaving her shaking and gasping for breath!!!

Madlyn Towers quickly stood up and pushed Peggy back down onto the chair, and then in an overt display of lewdness, she shoved her hips out towards the young girl, offering her puffy lipped organ to its fullest advantage!!! "Okay, lover," Madlyn Towers said evenly, "now it's your turn, use your nipple on it, do it now!!!" With still unsteady hands, Peggy hefted one of her monsters until its hard nipple was just inches from Miss Towers' incredibly hard clitoris causing the older woman to move slightly forward until the hard nipple met the harder clit!!! "Oh my," Madlyn cooed, "that is very, very nice, mmmmmmm, yes, do mama's clitty for her!!!" As her own strength and senses returned, Peggy became more aggressive as she rubbed her hard nip over and over the little organ until the older lady stiffened and a vicious orgasm convulsed through her heaving pussy, leaving her shaken and panting for air!!!

When both women had recovered and had dressed, sans bras of course, Miss Towers offered, "I think that you'll find Coldridge a very friendly place, and I hope you have pleasant senior year!!!" With a small smile breaking over her face, Peggy replied, "If they're all as friendly as you, you can bet on it!!!"


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