The Barlows-Thea

The Barlows-Thea

Chapter Two – “Second Lesson”

Three months later, the sound of laughter made Thea Barton look up. The now twenty year -old blond-headed beauty was in the living room reading when she heard it. Recognizing the voice of Uncle Dan, she smiled as she waited to see whom he was going to be with. When the laughter grew louder, she smiled. Ah, yes! It was Irene, her now very good friend!
Uncle Dan seemed to prefer her to the others. Her being married seemed to make no difference to all concerned parties. Thea smiled to herself, as she knew where and most of all, what they were going to do!
First they would proceed up the long and elegant staircase and then disappear into Uncle Dan's bedroom. Once there they would then…!
Sure enough! Their laughter echoed down the stairs. Waiting until they got out of sight and sound, Thea scampered up the stairs and slipped into the adjoining guest- room that divided hers and Uncle's Dan's. Since coming here she had found a small-hole one day when she stumbled and knocked a painting to the floor. By pulling a low stool close to the wall, she could remove the painting and let her eyes be treated to a complete view of Uncle Dan's bedroom.
Stepping up on the stool and peeking through the hole, she smiled when she saw that the action was already in progress. Both were nude and as usual, Uncles head was between the firm thighs of Irene. The hunching from the mulatto caused her big firm tits to jiggle seductively as her smooth face was one of sweet agony as it- went side to side. Thea smiled for many times she had seen Irene's head do that when she herself, had licked her dusky thighs.
Irene’s hands were holding the back of head of her employer as he continued to lick her into multiple orgasms.
"Yeah! Mr. Dan! Don't stop! Oh! Yes!" Her lips quivering!
Thea had perfect view of the tongue lapped, dark purple hued labia lips of Irene and the sight made her lick her lips.
They were glistening from the effusions and mouth of Uncle Dan. Her dark thatch of pubic hair covering it was coarse and thick.
God! There it was again! Uncle Dan raised up to reveal a thick truncheon of male meat. Every time the spying Thea would see it; her heart would pick up a beat. How she would like to hold and maybe umm! Yes, even that! It looked so big and she would gasp in amazement when it would disappear up the pee hole of Irene. How could anything that large and long fit inside the body of another person she pondered? Lois had laughed at that question and told her that a man’s penis could easily slip inside.
"Uh, huh! That thing sure looks mean! You think maybe I should give him a little kiss or two and see if he will smile?" She heard Irene say as she bent her head and engulfed the throbbing flesh that was bobbing between the legs of Dan.
Oh well! Thought Thea, maybe someday she would learn more. But right now, Uncle had pulled his glistening penis from the lovely mouth of Irene and inserted it between her golden thighs. The bed was soon rocking as the couple were making low noises of enjoyment. Thea had to hurry and get back downstairs as she had seen them enough times to know that soon a white liquid fluid would erupt from the eye of Uncles member and the couple would stop straining against other.
Starting to step off the stool, a comer of her long house dress got tangled on a corner. Not being able to free it, Thea got a handful of the material and pulled firmly. Suddenly and swiftly the motion caused the precious girl to stumble and fall back, emitting a loud yelp.
As her senses returned, the cool air on her thighs made her heart quicken, as she suddenly realized her body was bared from the waist down, for during the hot summer months, she never wore underwear. Frantically flaying with her hands to pull at the material that was covering her head, she immediately sensed that it was caught on something.
"Well, well! If it isn't Ms. Peeping Tom! We knew it was someone, but we weren't quite sure." It was the voice of Uncle Dan!
"Sire! Please, my skirt!" She wailed from fright and sense of modesty.
"Are you referring to the one I have my foot on?"
"Uncle, please! I … nude!"
"Yes you are somewhat. You seem to enjoy watching us in the nude, so why can't we look at you?"
The skirt was suddenly removed from Thea's face. Her Uncle was on one knee and When she looked between his thighs, it was directly in line with his thick penis and scrotum. She gulped, as this was the first time she had ever been this close to a male phallus. Her heart was beating wildly and for some reason she felt a little faint.

Irene then came over and knelt next to her. Smiling at the stricken girl, she shifted her weight so that her honey colored thighs opened and the purple gash that Thea had seen Uncle kiss and make love to, was just inches from her face
"Hi honey! How you be?" Irene asked as she kissed the girl softly on her lips and let her eyes slid down Thea's bared lower body.
"Irene, please let me cover myself!” Thea pleaded with misty eyes.
"What do you say Mister Dan? Do we let her go or what?"
"No, but hell no! This little vixen has been spying far too long. Bring her in my room, that way she can have a better look!"
Thea was pulled to her feet and led to the other room. She continued to let her eyes kept sneaking glances at the male meat of her Uncle that was swinging with each step he took.
"Sit down here honey. Dan! Quit looking so mean!" Irene said as she pulled the trembling girl onto the big double bed.
"I should take a strap to her… and to you!" A scowling Dan said as he sat next to them. Looking at Irene, his look turned to a smile.
Irene returned it and standing up she got between Dan's legs and pressed against him. Bending down, she kissed him fully on the mouth.
"Yes, Mr. Dan, you should .If I was you, you should take me to the barn, strip me naked, bend me over and whip my big fat ass."
Dan smiled at the girl. Putting his hand up between her thighs, he massaged her dark cavern.
"Maybe I will. Maybe I will take you both."
Thea gasped at his words. Strip! Naked! Whipping! Oh! Lois had been the last to spank her breasts and sex. Oh! Maybe…? What was going to happen next? She was still embarrassed and tried to avoid Dan's eyes, but it was either looking at them or his one eyed cock that was lying against his leg.
"Ohh! Be nice!"
Irene said pulling a still sniveling Thea into her naked arms.
"Look at her! She is trembling! The poor baby!"
As she stroked Thea's wet cheek, she began using her other hand
in undoing the long row of buttons on the front of the trembling girl's blouse. Thea failed to notice Irene’s busy hands until the garment was open and pulled away.
"What! No! Stop!"
Thea began crying as her bra-cradled boobies were exposed. She could see the amused, but interested eyes of her uncle as he looked at her strawberry tipped boobies resting in her bra. This nudity in front of a man was not at all like she thought it would be.

Oh, no! In fact, she seemed to enjoy the look of a member of the opposite sex, even if it was her Uncle! Her half exposed breasts were beginning to swell and the nipples hurt, they were so hard.
Dan’s eyes widen in enjoyment when Irene undone the harness and let the pink- tipped beauties leap forward. They were fantastic!
Thea’s pleading went unnoticed as she tried but with no real conviction, to cover her quivering boobies. She knew Irene was undoing the rest of her clothes and she complied when told to stand and turn.
Now, yes! There was that tingling in her groin area she experienced every time she watched these two make love. Trying to portray a sense of modesty she forced a few tears to roll down her perfect skin. Returning to the bed, she flipped over on her stomach and continued to sob until the crack of Dan's hand across the upturned cheek of her buttocks made her become silent.
"Hush up or I will give you some more! " Dan said with sternness to his voice.
Looking at her uncle s pitifully, he rolled his eyes upwardly and said,
"Ohh! Come here cry baby! "
His warm smiles made her feel more at ease as she stretched out and went into his offered arms. Yes! There it was again! That feeling! Umm! How good it felt to feel the firm naked skin of a man! She smiled when he gave her a kiss on her forehead and pulled her closer.
Thea enjoyed the hard muscles of his chest mashing her full and aching breasts. Um, this being nude and in bed with an equally nude man and woman was … marvelous!
"Are you better now?"
Her head bobbed up and down against Uncles Dan's chest as his right arm held her close. When his left one dropped down onto her flat stomach, it caused her breath to catch for an instant. Thea sniffled a few times and looked down his body, which was muscular and firm due to the work involved in keeping the farm going. What took her full attention though, was his cock! It was long and looked very formable.
"Yes sir." She sniffed.
"Aren't you ashamed for spying on Irene and 1?"
"Yes sir."
He responded in a low voice
"Are you going to do it again?"
He asked as his other hand left her shoulder and slid just below her jutting breast.
"No sir. May I get dressed now?"
"Why? Do you feel uncomfortable this way? Surely not, for I suspect that you seem to enjoy being as you are now.”
"Ah! Sire, I … I.”
Sighing, Thea did feel relaxed. He was right! She did enjoy looking and being looked at! Plus the now circling hand on her stomach felt so good! Ohh! If he would just move his hands and touch her like she had seen him touch Irene so many times. Turning more toward Irene who had been watching them caused Dan's hand to go up and cup her wildly beating breast. There! She gasped at the touch.
"Ah … I." She stuttered slightly as her eyes flitted back and forth.
"What's the matter?" He asked with a hidden smile as his hand was now softly kneading her tit flesh.
"Oh. Your hand! It, oh!"
"Do you mean this?" His thumb and forefinger were now rolling her berry size nipple ever so gently.
"Sire!" She answered in a low voice. Ohh! Her little heart was beating so fast!
"Do you still want to dress and leave?" His hand felt so good!
"I … ah! Oh! I don't know. 1, I…! May, I… stay?"
"Sure. This way you want have to sneak around."
The trio laughed softly at his pun. Pulling her closer, his other hand slipped down and stopped just above her down covered patch. Thea’s body jumped at the touch and she gave him a nervous smile.
"Sire, I … please … 1"
"Shh! I'm not going to hurt you! Open your legs a little bit. Ah! There! Come on baby! Now, that's right, yes, open a bit more … that's good."
When her thighs opened and her smiling Uncle touched the top of her cunnie, she gurgled with pleasure. But when his middle finger found and rubbed her clit, Thea thought she was peeing on her- self.
"Ah! Sire! I…I… ho! I… Ohh! "
"Yes, my beauty let your body do its thing." Dan’s voice was low and soothing.
Thea was beside herself. Her hips see- sawed back and forth rapidly as Dan got her blood to boiling. She didn't know why, but her legs opened wider of their own accord. His rough hand continued to keep her brain in turmoil. Once again, the pressure in her groin area was building up. When his face got close to hers, she only slightly hesitated before kissing him fully on the mouth.
Dan put just the first knuckle length inside his niece’s twat. He didn't want to injure the hymen that he had already discovered. God, he thought! What a beauty she is! It was all he could do to not indoctrinate her fully.

She had big firm tits, a face of an angel, shapely hips, and skin unbelievably soft! Plus she was a horny little bitch. She was her mother reincarnated! Did he have plans for her!
Pushing her hips back against her Uncle's hand, she softly pleaded with him to do her again. Gasping as the finger in her crotch brought tightness to her she moaned softly as when a long orgasm wracked her body.
After she had subsided her lips sought out the hairy chest of her uncle. Kissing it, she progressed to his lips and then his chest. Continuing on until she was within mere inches of his throbbing stick, she whispered a low, "thank you."
"Irene, get down here and show this child how to suck."
Lying back. Dan positioned Thea so she lay with her head on his stomach only inches from his meat. Reaching part way over her side, he cupped a full globe.
Irene smiled at Thea when the teenager gingerly touched Dan’s cock.
Thea smiled with an uncertainly at Irene.
Bending over, and cupping his scrotum, Irene licked it like an ice cream cone. Her other hand then reached out and stroked the insides of the infatuated child’s thighs.
Thea smiled and sucked in her breath when Irene’s hand fluttered over her cunt. Opening her legs so she was open, she watched Irene’s tongue swirl and lick at the wide toadstool head of Uncle Dan's penis.
She had seen the beautiful mulatto do this many times, but never this close. Her eyes continued to grow wide in wonderment and when the cock disappeared inside the smooth mouth of Irene, she inadvertently moved her head toward the Negroes.
Dan winked at Irene as his hand continued to enjoy the resilient flesh of his niece's tit flesh. Making Irene understand his motions, he grinned and nodded when Irene pulled free of the hard stalk and pointed it toward Thea.
"Does the baby want a little of this to suck on?"
Irene asked as she waved the cock back and forth before the mesmerized youngster.
Thea whimpered slightly as her little tongue came out and gingerly tasted the smooth throbbing engine of love. Enjoying the taste, she did it again and again.
"Opens yo’ mouth honey. Dat right, okay now, let's it goes inside. Uh huh! Dat be good. Uh huh, you got it. Let yo' tongue go all around it." Irene said to her.
Her Uncles hand on her tit and the one of Irene’s that was tickling the sweet entrance to her marrow was blurring her senses.
She had never imagined anything that could feel so good! It was just a start she was to learn later on.
"Stop, I want to lick you."
Dan told the girl as he had her turn completely around. As his niece was getting into his desired position, he smiled at Irene winked, and said to the smiling negro,
“You can have her in a minute.”
"Thea, put your legs astride my face! That's right; now get on your elbows. Raise your hips a bit, umm!
Dan had her positioned so his mouth could pay homage to her virginal cunt.
Thea quivered as the tongue of Uncle Dan lapped her swollen labia. A mans tongue was different. Not that it was any better than a women’s, it was just different. Perhaps it was the almost rudeness as it pushed its way up into her slit. Whatever, it was different, but oh, so good.
Thea was now hooked. Already she found that showing her body to a male was great. And when you got to touch his or hers, that was fantastic!
Right now, her sex was wide open to the appreciative eyes and tongue of her Uncle. When his hand around her hips signaled her to bend down, she did so. And when his tongue snaked out and stabbed her cunt, she grew faint. Twice in rapid sequence, her cunt began exploding! Not being used to such measures from a man, the teenager passed out
Slowly her senses returned. The sensation that had caused her to faint was still strong in her young loins. Uncle Dan was lying next to her watching her facial expressions as his hand pulled and molded her firm breasts. Smiling, he kissed her rosy cheek.
Irene was between her tender thighs. Shocks of intense pleasure rocketed through her body as the dusky girl lapped intently at her wet and sweet marrow. Then it started! The pressure began to build up and she cried out as Irene brought her body to a crashing crescendo. The pressure in her loins was too much! Again darkness settled in.

"Glad to see you back among us." Uncle Dan said jokingly.
"How long was I out?"
There was just the two of them now. She had been positioned so that her right leg was in between those of Uncle Dan. Her left one was open wide. Uncle was on his side. His left arm was under her neck; his right one was cupping and gently squeezing her cunt flesh.
"Only five or so minutes."
“I’m sorry.”
Her eyes went down to his dangling cock.
"That's okay. I got a chance to look you over. You are very beautiful, did you know that?"
He said as his hand came up and cupped a breast.
It was true. She was a beauty. Dan had paid special attention to her virginal treasure that lay at her apex. The blond silky hairs covered a pink hued set of virginal labia lips that looked like they were stung, they were so pronounced looking. This all rested on a firm globular, pert ass. Yes. A true beauty! Almost a carbon copy of her mother!
"Thank you." She answered as she boldly took hold of his limp cock.
"I think we should talk." Dan said as he pulled her closer.
"First, you should have received a spanking for spying. Which, you may still get. Eh! No, no, don't worry! You will find that it will be a new lesson. Secondly, you seem to enjoy being nude. Am I correct so far?"
Thea blushed and slowly nodded her head.
"I … sire … it … oh, I think so!"
"Third, you also like to be touched and to touch. Am I not correct?"
With that statement spoken, his hand returned to cup her cunt. Thea smiled and then gave his cock a few strokes.
Her voice was almost a whisper. The smooth shaft in her hand felt so good! Hopefully Uncle would permit her to suck it again soon. Little did she know that this was already planned!
Dan smiled and kissed her on the forehead. Taking her head in
his hands, he pulled her sweet face down until she was at his semi hard cock. Whispering for her to suck it, the precious girl moaned as she greedily stuck it between her pouting lips.
Letting her have it until his juices began flowing, he stopped and pulled her into his arms much to her pleadings to continue.
"Wait! Now, if you wish to continue as we have today, we can. If not, we can stop right now and nothing will ever be said. Besides, I have no intention of taking your maiden- head. I think that honor your husband should have.”
Her hand remained on his cock. The smooth skin felt so good!
"If that is your wish, sire. But, to continue, as you just said, what will …uh, you, me, do until this time?"
Sliding his thumb and fore-finger up and down the sides of her labia, he inwardly smiled as the love child opened her alabaster thighs more.
Continuing, Dan said, "Oh, several things. One is that I will want
your body exposed whenever we are together. And when you cannot, you will wear clothing that will easily permit me to expose you whenever, wherever…and to whomever, I choose. What! That's correct. To whomever! I will expect you to permit them, male or female to look…and touch. From there, we will let nature take its course. So as you can see my dear, there are many things we can do."
He replied as his hand moved and went to her pert butt and stroked the protruding flesh.
"You know, you are not limited to just one opening. So why then, should you be limited to just one person?”
With this, he kissed her full pouting lips.
“Uh, with whomever, uh, I see." She answered almost out of breath. "If there was …so… someone here…now…what would you… uh … be … having me… do?"
"You would be naked naturally. Your sweet mouth would be wrapped around a cock. And this” he said as his hand went to her buttocks, “would be filled.”
“My… buttocks?” Her heart jumped a beat at the mere thought!
“Yes my dear. Your sweet buttocks! Would you deny me or someone else the pleasure of not having you there? Believe me, you will enjoy it.”
“Sire! I could never deny you anything.”
"Thank you.” He answered. His hand cupped and gently squeezed the firm flesh.
Giving her a smile, their lips came together and wielded.
“Now if you were married, that would be another thing entirely.” He answered in a short breath.
“How so sire?”
“There would be a hard cock…here!” One hand went to her butt. The other one went to her slit. “And the other one would be here! And…in some instances…here!” He added as he kissed her sweet lips.
“ Oh God! Yes. Please!" Her youthful body shuddered with lust as she eagerly sought the lips of her Uncle.
A new life came into Thea's' world after that. A new world of sexuality. She began slipping into her Uncles bed and spending the nights that he did not have one of the female employees with him. They would spend hours licking and sucking.
Then Jake Blake showed up.

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