The Bath

Marcia Ingram glanced out the window from her living room and then checked her watch for the tenth time in the last five minutes, "Where is he," she said softly, "he's fifteen minutes late!?!" She continued paging through her magazine and was startled when the doorbell chimed indicating someone was at the front door, she jumped up and quickly covered the twenty some feet, opened the door, and invited the blonde haired young man into her parlor!!! "Good afternoon, Peter," she said graciously, "and how are you today!?!" "Just fine, ma'am," he replied softly, "and you?!?" "Uh, good, very good," she answered, "would you like something to drink, maybe a soft drink or coffee!?!" "No thanks, ma'am," he replied, "I'm just fine!!!" "You're a little late today," she offered!!! ""I'm sorry," he replied, "my last appointment went a little longer than usual, I hope I haven't inconvenienced you!!!" "Oh, no," she answered quickly, "I was just wondering, that's all…………." They both sat there for a moment in silence until Peter asked softly, "And what would your pleasure be today, ma'am?!?" "She turned away with her cheeks turning red and replied very softly, "I'd like you to bathe, powder, and diaper me, if that's all right with you!?!" "Of course it is, Mrs. Ingram," he said gently, "why don't we go up stairs and get started!!!" Once in the spacious bathroom, Peter immediately started the drawing the bath and then turned to help his fifty two year old client remove her clothing!!! "Here, let me help you with your robe," he said gently, "you always wear the prettiest things, ma'am!!!" She blushed again at his compliment, but also do to the fact that under her gown she was totally naked!!! "My, my," he offered, "I always love seeing your breasts, ma'am, they're so large and full, just like your bottom!!!" She blushed again and replied, "I think my bottom is too big, I've put on a little weight lately, are you sure you really like it!?!" "Of course I do," he answered while cupping her ass cheeks and leaning down to give her nipples a quick lick, "I think that it's sexier when a woman isn't built like a bag of bones, some nice round curves always turn me on, say, I think the water's ready, why don't you hop in!?!"

"How's that," he asked while sloshing his hand between her legs to feel her vagina!?! "Mmmmmm, very nice," she replied dreamily, "you always make me feel so feminine!!!" "It's easy when you like your subject," he responded while gently fingering her fat lipped pussy, "tell me, ma'am, why do you like getting diapered!?!" "Well," she replied softly, "my husband, rest his soul, bathed and diapered me every night, it got to be a routine that I find very hard to break, why, do you think I'm strange!?!" "Of course not," he replied smoothly while caressing her big breasts, "a lot of people like to be babied, it's just natural to want to go back to a simpler time, when you had no worries or cares!!!" "But I love to potty in my diaper," she said softly, "maybe that's taking it a bit too far!!!" "Oh no," he retorted, "you have your strongest climaxes when you potty, I feel that if it feels good and you're not hurting anyone, just go for it!!!" "Oh, Peter," she sighed, "what would I do without you, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that feels so nice, you have such nice hands and know just how to use them!!!"

For the next half hour Peter washed and caressed Marcia Ingram, bringing her to several jolting orgasms that left her limp and defenseless, but totally satisfied!!! After she had regained some of her strength, Peter helped her out of the tub and began drying her off, paying special attention to her breasts and vagina!!! As he dabbed at her vagina he whispered, "I just love it that you let your pubic hair grow wild and free, it's so nice and thick, it's very sensual!!!" "Thank you," she gasped, "c-could you kiss it for me please!?!" "Of course, dear," he replied as he leaned in and rand his tongue along her very wet crack, "mmmm, you taste so nice, would you like me to suck you off!?!" "Oh, yes, please," she said with a moan, "do me, oh yeah, do my clit for me!!!" She stood with her legs spread wide apart as he casually tongued her to another orgasm, which caused her to nearly lose her balance and fall over!!! On very shaky legs, he led her over to a large heavy oak table and helped her up on top of it, where she lay down and waited for him to continue!!!

"I'm going to powder my baby's vagina and bottom," he whispered naughtily, "so please spread your legs so daddy can feel his little girl’s pussy!!!" She automatically open her thighs, exposing her big hairy cunt, which absolutely dripped with anticipation!!! "Oh, daddy," she groaned as he shook a generous amount of powder directly on her cunt and slowly worked it all over her puffy lips and ass, "you know just how to make baby feel so nice, mmmmmmm, baby is very hot!!!" When he was sure that she was well powdered, he slid a large over sized diaper under her and deftly safety pinned the corners shut!!! "Now," he asked, "is there anything baby would like!?!" "She needs her pacifier," she cooed while rubbing the front of his crotch, "can you give baby something to suck on, please!?!" He quickly opened his pants and pulled his already erect member into the open air, where Marcia Ingram took it into her mouth where she sucked it like a baby!!! He looked down at the incredible sight before him and had to struggle to keep from blowing his nut too quickly!!! The silver haired woman with the huge chest, wearing a diaper and sucking his pecker like it was a baby bottle created an unbelievable juxtaposition in his minds eye that was so erotic, his pecker began to spasm even as he tried to hold it back!!! When he knew he couldn't hold back any longer, he gave a low moan which signaled her to reach into her diaper and madly jerk her clit as she let a stream of pee fill her well padded diaper!!!

Seeing the wet spot forming in her crotch and her hand working overtime to bring her to another climax, his pecker spasmed out of control in her mouth, sending a torrent of hot sperm deep into her throat, which she greedily swallowed down as pussy convulsed hard, sending her over the edge to another brutally satisfying climax!!! As usual, when he was totally spent, he would take a nipple into his mouth and nurse on her until he had regained his energy!!! "Thank you," she whispered, "you are always so good to me, Peter!!!" "It's my pleasure, ma'am," he replied as he prepared to leave, same time next week!?!" "With a twinkle in her eye she replied, "Yes, and be on time for once, will you!?!" He chuckled a little, leaned over and nipped her on the nipple, and replied, "The longer I make you wait, the hotter you get, and you know it!!!" "She held his mouth to nipple and replied softly, “Daddy knows best!!!"


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