The Birthday Party

It was my 30th birthday and Robert threw a surprise party for me. We had a great time with all our friends, but after everyone went home is when my real party started.

Robert slowly took off my skirt, leaving me wearing my yellow body suit. He threw me down on the bed and popped my breasts out of the top, immediately covering my nipple with his mouth. His tongue felt so good flicking it, making it hard, and sending shivers right down to my pussy.  

“Mmmmm. Baby.” I purred. “I would love to feel your mouth somewhere else.” That was all he had to hear. Sliding between my legs, he pushed my body suit over and his tongue went to work on my wet pussy. Usually he took his time, licking and teasing me, but tonight he dove right in, licking and sucking on my clit. My clit hardened immediately and I reached down and spread my pussy wide open for him. He covered it with his mouth and sucked while his lips and tongue nibbled. “ Oh God baby. That feels so good…oh that’s it, eat me…eat my pussy.” My body was on fire; he had me so hot. I felt the orgasm start, filling my body with pleasure. “Now baby, hard…suck it hard…oh God yes…yes…I’m cumming.” My pussy overflowed, and Robert drank thirstily.  

Slowly, he lifted his wet face from my dripping pussy and kissed me passionately, so I could taste my juices on his tongue. I kissed all over his face, licking my honey off him.  

“You like to taste yourself, don’t you baby?” He asked.  

“Uh huh, but there’s something else I like to taste too. Rolling over I told him to stand up and took his huge beautiful cock into my mouth. I could hardly fit it all in, but I swallowed as much of it as I could, swirling my tongue all over it as I sucked. I felt Robert growing bigger and throbbing in my mouth. I sucked him with slow, deep strokes, while my hands caressed his balls. Every time I heard him moan, it got me hotter and I shoved two fingers inside me, fucking myself as I fucked Robert with my mouth.  

“Oh baby, I have to fuck your pussy,” moaned Robert, as he pushed me back on the bed and thrust his cock deep inside me. My pussy squeezing tight around him, giving me one orgasm after another. He threw my legs up on his shoulders. He felt bigger and felt deeper than he had ever been before. I couldn’t stop cumming. We fucked in every position we could think of for the rest of the night, until early the next morning; finally falling asleep from sheer exhaustion. It was absolutely the most orgasmic birthday I’ve ever had.  

His birthday is coming up soon and I’ll have to come up with something great to top this. Hmmm. He doesn’t know that I’ve been having afternoon flings with my girlfriend Cindy. Oh, have I got a birthday surprise for him.

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