The City Slicker

The City Slicker

Me and my partner swirled through the grass, hand in hand as the wind sang to us. Life was perfect, the song of the wind, and the babbling chorus of the brooke, was all we heard. And as perfect as it was, it came crashing down when the continuous beep of my alarm clock started to go off. I sighed as my partner, and the beautiful scene left me. I opened my eyes to the immage of my pale blue room lit by the sun shining through the curtains. "Uckk" I muttered to myself as my bare feet hit the cold wooden floor. I streched and yawned. brushing my hair out of my face. I moved over to the curtains, and pushed them open, letting light pour into the room, I opened the window, to see my parents loading up the back of the truck, for tommorows visit to town.

This year was a good harvest. God had certainly been good to us, which couldn't have come too soon, though we had a good harvest, the heavy rains of the spring also brought slight dammage to the barn, and one of the horses. had gotton a broken leg, and vet bills…were quite expensive nowadays. Otherwise, it was a good year. It's June now..and months ago, Mom and dad had promised their old highschool friend Joanne Carter, that her 20 year old son, Evan, could work on the farm, for a few months, as kind of…a punishment thing. From what I've heard, he had quite the background..he's only 20, and had been arested on more then 4 occasions…as a legal adult! Kid was tough..then again, you had to be up there..the city..something I never personally liked. Evan, would be ariving….today.

My daze broke when I heard my mother screaming for me * Rachel Michelle!* I looked down * Get yourself cleaned up! Evan will be here in two hours!* I nodded and sighed. I moved away from the window, into the empty hall away and down the hall, I entered the bathroom, and pulled the blinds down. I started the shower up,, nice and hott, just the way I like it. I went over to the sink and got my toothbrush, I wet the head and put on some toothpaste, I started brushing my teeth, I walked back into my room, still brushing, I grabbed my robe and headed back to the bathroom.I finished brushing and shut the door, locking it.

I sighed, the room filled with steam, as I slowly slide off my top..I toss it to the floor, and slowly strip off my shorts…I look into the mirror, as I stand in the steamy room..naked.
I step into the shower..the hot water felt so good against me. I stood under the water, letting it cascade down my body like a water fall. I grabbed some shampoo and lathered up my hair. I slid my hands all through my hair. Slowly I slide my hands down my body, over my full, perky breasts..38b to be exact. I reached my small, hard, pink nipples, pinching each slightly. I continued on downward, over my flat, fit tummy. Finally reaching my pussy.

My shaven pussy, was waiting eagerly for me. I leaned against the wall as I rubbed my pussy. I was so wet. I closed my eyes, and gave a soft moan..When i heard someone banging at the door. It was my dad * Come on Rae! He'll be here soon!* I sigh and washed the soap off of me. I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. I stepped onto the towel, and grabbed for the other. I hurried and dryed myself off, wrapping my robe around me..and hurrying to my room.

I shut my door, and moved in, I heard a car door shut, so I moved to my window, and saw my mom hugging another woman..and a boy get out of the car. My eyes locked on him immeadiatly. He was……so….beautiful. He was tall..a good 6'2, his hair, was shaggy and black..and his eyes…were such a pretty green..he was thin but..not too skinny, and he wore loose jeans and a tight t shirt..He looked up, and I relaized he saw me, I hurried away and dropped my robe. I go to my dresser, I put on a black lacey bra and thong I go to the closet, and put on the flowy skirt, black and tight a the waist. and a black tank top, showing off my curves I put on some flip flops, and earrings and go downstairs.

By the time i get down there…theyre they were..My mom and dad, joanne, and Evan…sitting in the living room. I guess my mom must have heard me come down * Rae!! Rae come in here!* i sighed and walked in..I stood by my mom as I shook Joannes hand. I look at Evan, and he gives me a smile. I blush "Heh, you must be Evan.." i said sofly, reaching out my hand…He nodded..and just looked at me.I brought my hand back to my side, and gave him a look. He just smiled and winked.

"Asshole!" I thought to myself as I Sat down beside my dad. Every so often, I would catch Evan looking over at me. He had a nice smile, 'ya know, the type that would make you melt if you let him. And his eyes…he had what we call bedroom eyes…so…seductive. " Um, can I get anyone anything?" I ask as I stood slowly. After the unanimous, "no" I made my wait to the kitchen, poured myself a cup of lemonade, and took a seat at the table. I sighed as I sipped my lemmonade. " I didn't think he'd look so…good.* i thought to myself as sat in the serenity of the kitchen. The sunlight poured through the window. It soon became clear, I wasnt alone in the kitchen. I look toward the door, where the shadow stood, tall and mysterious.

I struggled to conceal the smile that was sneaking up on me, but apparently it wasn't working, or it didn't work fast enough. I could tell by the look on his face. He had on a broad smile, and a look in his eyes I'v never seen before…a look of..curiousity. He walked over, and sat at the table adjacent to me. I looked over at him. He smiled " Well, Rae? Is it?" I nodded slowly. " Yeah, that's right" I said softly as I looked up at him. " So, has your mother left?" I asked, not so much actually wondering, just more or less curious as to why he decided to join me. He nodded "Yeah, just left." I nodded and sipped my lemmonade.

Later that night, Momma was in the kitchen, making dinner, and dad was out in the barn, finishing up some of the preperations for tommorow. " Rae, would you call Evan for dinner…and remember dear, he's probably shy, try and make friends." I nodded and moved upstairs, into the hall. I knocked on his door *E…Evan?" I asked softly. " Yeah come on in." I heard as I opened the door. " H..hey* I said softly. Standing in the doorway. He smiled as he stood up, he looked so good, standing there in his jeans and a white t shirt " Um, heh, dinner will be done soon." I said softly, he gave me a nod and I turned to walk away, then, remembered what my mother said….I turned back.

"So, Evan, w…how do you like it so far?" I asked softly. He smiled, gave me a soft giggle, and walked up to me, stoping just inches infront of me. He smiled and said " I liked it a whole lot better since I'v seen you." I blushed brightly " Well, that's kind of you. If there is anything you need, dont hesitate to ask." I say sofltly, and innocently. He smiled and nodded. I walked down the stairs, and helped to set the table. After the dinner preperations were done, we sat, said grace, and began to eat. Dinner was quiet for the most part, a few jokes, and a few questions passed around, but that was all.

I cleared the table, as my parents headed on up to bed, after all they had to leave at 4 the next morining. Evan sat in the livingroom as I began to wash the dishes. I soaped up the sponge and ran the warm water. Washing each dish. I soon felt another presence in the room, i turned to see Evan, sitting at the table behind me "Hey, is something wrong?" i asked, wondering why he had came in so quietly not saying a word to me. He shook his head, I gave a nod, and went back to drying the dishes. " So….what is there to do around here?" I laughed "Um not much, mainly backyard sports." I smile as I finish and turn, looking at him. He had moved slightly, facing me, his legs spread as he slouched in the chair. He looked at me as though I had something he longed for. I blushed.

"Rachel, you seem like a nice girl…" he said as he extended his hand, reluctenly, I took it. He pulled me close and seated me on his knee. I blushed, he pulled me a bit closer, just to where, he could whisper to me. I shivered as he whisperd "Do you have a…naughty side?" he asked. I blushed brightly, he just laughed, and pulled me into a soft kiss. We kissed softly, passionatly, as I sat on his lap, my hands on his shoulders, his on my waist. I blushed as the kiss was broken naturally. I looked into his eyes as he smiled cunningly. Seeming as though we were both at a loss for words. I looked toward the ground, trying to find the words. He seem to have found them first.

I soon felt his hand aginst my chin, he raised my head slowly, so our eyes met. "So…was that as wild as you get, babe?" He asked, his voice, was still deep, but softer then before. I felt his hand move to my thigh as I blushed brighter, but seemed unable to stop him. I bit my lower lip as he rubbed in small soft circles. I giggled softly " Um..w..well, I..I don't know." i answered. I saw a smile move onto his face, one I'v never seen before. It was…alluring, and..and captivating, yet still so…tenacious. Soon, he stood up, my standing infront of him. He looked down at me, and smiled, in one swift movement, he picked my up, one arm under my leg, the other against my back. I had my arms around his neck, He smiled and turned off the light quickly. I giggled and he carried me slowly, and quietly up to his room.

Once we entered, he layed me on the bed, went over, and shut and locked the door. My eyes widened, a bit nervous but eager to find my "naughty" side. He moved over, pulling his shirt off as I watch, my eyes glued to his firm, tonned chest. I bit my lip anxiously as he moved closer, he smiled and giggled, He pushed me back onto the bed, he moved himself between my legs, He kissed my neck, up to my ear and whispered " Ya know, it's cute when you blush…kind of…sexy." I had no choice but to give a soft moan. His whispers flowwed through me like electricity, sending shiveres to every inch of my body. He must have heard my pleads for more in my moan, cause he continued to kiss my neck, biting softly. My hands moved to his bare back as he did so. My fingers clutched against him, he moved again up to my ear and smiled, I could feel his lips against me, he sighed softly into my ear, I dug my fingertips into him harder as I moaned softly. I felt the bulge in his pants grind against me, unfortuantly the feeling was obstructed by our clothes.

Soon, he knealed infront of me. I looked up at him, I watched intently as he unbottoned his jeans, sliding them off slowly, keeping his boxers on. He looked at me and smiled " Babe, dont you feel…overdressed?" he asked with a smirk. I took the invitation…I stood up slowly, kicking off my flipflops. I then slowly slid off my top, reavealing my black lacey bra, and flat tummy. He smiled as he layed back on the bed, laying with his arms behind his head. I slowly slid off my skirt, showing my thong. " Good enough?" I asked with a smile. He smiled and stood up, putting his hands at my waist I smiled as our bodies pressing against eachother. He looked into my eyes and whispered "You look…so sexy." I smile and he kisses me. He again moves me to the bed, this time, he lays, pulls me atop of him. I look down at him..and softly grinded against him.

He smiled at me..and looked over at the clock. It was already 11 30. My parents would wake up in 5 hours to get ready to go to town. I sat up a bit and looked down at him. He smiled and his hands moved to my waist, and tummy. Slowly he slid his hands up, over my lace covered breasts, I blush and give a soft moan. He sat up slowly, I moved to accomidate his position, He looked at me and smiled " I think I'm gonna like it here." I smiled and giggled softly. "Babe, lets save this…for tommorow night…your parents won't be back by then…It's less….risky." I nodded, agreeing completly but knowing I'm going to need to masturbate..My pussy was soaked. I kissed his cheek, and he kissed my lips passionatly. I crawled off him slowly. " See you in the morning." I said as I gathered my clothes, and went to my room, across the hall.

The next morning, around 6 I woke up. I quietly moved to the shower, knowing he was still asleep. It was just about sunrise, so the house was still moderatly dark. I showered and then moved down to make breakfast. It was about 7 40 now…when the smell of fress bacon, eggs, toast, and tea. filled the house. I soon saw the figure of a tall, fit body in the doorway, he smiled at me, still in his boxers "Well, goodmorining.!" I said softly, he smiled and came up behind me as I put the breakfast on the plates, one for him and one for me. His hands again found there way to my waist, and soon, I could feel his morning erection against my thick ass. I bit my lip. The material of his boxers, and my thin sundress, didnt do much to conceal the feeling. I felt his warm lips against my neck. I couldn't move, I just stood there, as his lips explored my neck, and shoulders. I gave a whispered moan. I felt him smile.

He moved up to my ear and whispered "Breakfast time?" I smiled and nodded "Yes..* he moved away and grabbed one of the plates and kissed my cheek. I smiled and poured tea into two cups. " How do you like your tea?" I asked as I fixed mine. He walked back over and put about two teaspoons of sugar and 4 table spoons of milk. I laugh " Hah, it's not even tea anymore!" He smiled and brought it back over to the table, I brought my stuff over abd sat adjacent of him. We began to eat, we spent that time also getting to know eachother some more. I found that he doesn't have a girlfriend, loves cars and music. We had some stuff in common, besides being single, and music. We both loved the arts, he was absoluly wonderful at drawing and sketching. I perfered to paint. But it was all the same in the end. Just a way to express yoruself. Which, we both seem to do in another way……sexually.

After breakfast I washed the dishes as he sat, drawing a picture, when I finished, I turned to see his drawing. It was a beautiful scene, almost like the one in my dream. I smile " Hey, I have an idea!" I smiled and finished cleaning He went to dress, he came back in a pair of moderatly tight jeans, and a buttondown shirt, a wife-beater under it. and his shoes. I put on flip flops, and packed a small lunch, for two. I also put on a small jean jacket over my loose dress, which showed off some of my curves. I put on my flip flops and we began to walk, we walked almost 2 miles before we found it. I smiled and walked toward the river. We sat at the rocky river bank, and watched the water flow, and the willow tree's branches dance in the wind. We must have been there hours. I took off my flip flops, and walked to the river, I put my feet in, walking a bit further, i hiked up my dress so it wouldnt get wet, the water at this point came up to my knees, he layed with his eyes closed a few feet a way, I smiled, he had taken off his socks and shoes, and his over shirt, I splashed a bit of water his way, it hit is arm. He looked at me and smiled. He took off his jeans and top and came to me, I had my dress tied up with a hair band so it wouldnt get wet. all he had on were his boxers. I smiled. He slid my dress off and tossed it onto the bank with his clothes, so I stood in my bra and thong. I blushed and he smiled.

I picked me up, and kissed me..he then put me a slightly deeper part, the water coming to my thighs now. He splashed me a bit, I laughed and splashed back..He came to me, and we walked back, I didnt know it then, but I soon found the river gets deep, I fell off the shelf that sperated the deepness, and the water then soon came to my shoulders. I shivered and he laughed, I then grabbed him and pulled him in with me. He smiled, the water came to his chest, he lifted me, mylegs wraped around his waist as he held me. I smiled as we drifted through the water. The sun shone down over us as we made circles in the water, I leaned back as he held me and my hand made circles in the water. It was magical. Like a dream, only this time…it was real. Could, this boy be….real? He seemed so perfect. After a while of swimming and soaking in the sun-warmed water, we climbed out, and layed in the sun together, still in just our underwear, He kissed me as I layed my head on his chest. After we had dried we dressed again and gathered our stuff, we started the wlak home…when we got there, it was already 4:00 o'clock.

The summer night poured down over the city, We had a simple dinner of, salad, and sandwiches. After cleaning up we went to the back yard, and sat on the swings, We talked again about past relationships..H told me he'd never had a real relationship, everyone had been based primarily on sex and fun. I told him, I'v only had one, that ended…and basically began badly. We came backin and watched a movie…We watched "The Notebook" and…he completley made me melt. Whenever I began to cry softly, he would wipe my cheek and kiss one point, we leaned over and whispered "We could be like that" I looked up at him and he smiled. I blushed brightly and looked away He laughed and smiled. The movie finished and it was almost 10! For a while more, we sat on the couch, cuddling. "Sit right here." he told me as he went up to his room. I sat nercvously as about 15 minutes later he came down, and behind me, covered my eyes and led me up the stairs, I giggled "What are you doing!" He stopped and uncovered my eyes, I looked at his room…it was covered with lit candels..I smiled, speechless…The bed was the only part of my room that didnt have a candel on it.

I looked at him and smiled. He hugged me close and I rest my head on his chest. Again he lifted me off the ground, carrying me like a princess to the bed, where he gently layed me he sat beside me "Rae…you deserve only the best." I blushed and smiled as tears flooded my eyes, never having a guy do something so nice for me. This big tough city-slicker…was this..romantic…sweet gentleman..and what a great surprise it was. He kissed me deeply, We kissed as he and I both removed our shoes. The kiss broke..he whispered "Iv never met a girl who made me feel the way you do.." I smiled as a tear fell..he smiled and wiped it away.."..I want to be with you…" I smiled and nodded "I…I'd like that"

He smiled and pushed me back, crawling, atop me. again finding his way bewteen my legs. at first we just kissed and cuddled. This went on for a while…he knealed again and slid off his shirts. I sat up and slid off my dress, he stripped down to his boxers…His hands slid to my chest. Rubbing softly he groped my breasts, I give in, soft moans escaped my lips. and I looked up at him, my eyes, begged for more, and my lips and body did not at all crave any diffrent. He must have senced this, he leaned down, his left hand moved by my head and supported him as his right hand moved down over my breasts, tummy and…now sat not quite intently on my waist line, seemed as though he craved more as well, he worked his way under the silky thong, and down my smooth shaven pussy. He smiled against my cheek as he felt the emanating heat. I felt his hand against me..My previously untouched pussy, practically dripped with anticipation. He rubbed his warm middle finger over my slit, getting it nice and wet. before slowly sliding it to my swollen clit. He rubbed in soft small circles. I moaned…bitting my lower lip..closing my eyes as he explored my virginal pussy. He kissed me and again moved closer to my cheek as he continued his gentle teasing.

My body quivered with pleasure as he kissed my neck, and rubbed my clit. He moved his hand out of my panties and lowered them off me, then undid my bra. I layed there, naked onthe bed. My legs spread wide, showing my clean shaven pussy. I blush as he smiles. He rubbs softly with his hand, then slowly slides a finger i nto me. I moaned, and he could feel…im still so verry tight. He started sliding in and out slowly…then quickened his pace. going faster but softly. I moaned and my hips raised to match his rythem. He kissed my neck and collar bone. Down past my lucious tits, and flat tummy and soon my waist line. I gave a moan…and grabbed his hand. * Evan..I…..I'v never.." I blushed and he smiled "Shh, baby..I know….I know, and relax..i promise, you'll enjoy. Lay back." I nodded and layed back, his arms were under my legs, his hands on my tights, I shivered with antcipation. my pussy, previously untouched, was dripping, with anticipation..and excitement. Iquiverd.

Soon, i felt his lips touched my sensitive clit. I moaned and my hips raised ever so slightly, soon, his tounge was probing my wet slit, then back to my clit he went, sucking and licking, flicking his tounge as one of his fingers played with my pussy lips, spreading them, and sliding into my tight hole I moaned and squirimed as he bit down very gently on my clit. Moaning loud. my breathing deepend and I tilted my head back..he continued to lick and suck on my pussy, he moved his finger in and out slowly. I moaned as he licked on myclit. He soon slid out of me, moving lower with his lips..he licked my slit and pushed past with his tounge, licking my pussy, I moaned and squirmed as his hands moved to my breasts rubbing hard. I moan and squirm "Ooo Evan!!" I moan and he smiles…sitting up. I Look at him and smile breathing a bit deep. He smiled, and kissed me,

I could taste myself on him. He moved back a bit and took off his boxers, exposing his hard cock. I licked my ilips and me smiled "Babe…I wanna fuck you firstt…but get your appitite up.." I smiled and nodded..he kissed me, as we layed back on the bed. slowly he rubbed his cock on my pussy. I moaned, urging him on, in one swift move he thrust into me, breaking my hymn, taking my innocence. My head leaned up against his shoulder, as i bit my lip. My nails dug into his arm, hard but still not hard enough to break skin. He kissed me gentle as the pain subsided, I blushed as I looked up at him, he gave me a reassuring smile as he slowly slid back, till just the head was in. I gave a gentle moan as he slowly, rentered my tight pussy, He leaned down, putting his weight on me, so I was laying back, he whisperd "You're so tight" i moaned softly as he began to thrust in and out faster.

My hands moved to his back, as I moaned, he smiled and kept a steady pace. He moaned as his hard cock slid deeply in and out of my pussy..He was going faster as I moaned, My fingers clutched against him as he slowed and looked at me, I smiled and told him to put me ontop. He rolled so I was straddling him, looking down, I slowly started to rock my hips. In small slow circles, my hands met my hips and his head tilted back in pleasure. I smiled as I bit my lip. Rocking again in circles, picking up pace. He gripped me tighter as I moaned louder, My hand slid through my hair, moving it out of my face, I moaned again as I tilted my head back. He moaned as I continued on. His hands moved up to my breasts. I moaned louder as he did so..I leaned down and he took my supple nipple into his mouth. I moaned and grinded against him. "Fuck..babe!" he groaned as I leaned up, rocking my hips again. I moaned and he fely my pussy contract onto him. He moaned loud as I came hard. My hands dragged slightly down his chest. He moaned louder. " Fuck babe! Im gonna cum! Suck me baby!" with that, i climbed off and moved down, licking and kissing his cock, he moaned and watched as I took him in inch by inch,sucking softly at first.

I sucked harder and he moaned, soon I felt his cock twitch against my tounge, he pushed my head down and moaned, cumming down my throat. I moaned as he did, Rope after rope poured down my thoat as he let go, I leaned up, swallowing it all. Some landed on my face and tits. I licked my lips and wiped the rest off, we layed together..exhausted. It was amazing. He smiled and kissed my forehead, he pulled a blanket over us, and went to sleep.

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