The Dance

Let me dance…don't touch…don't speak…just stare. Covet me from afar and let me feel your eyes. I am music, I am the beat…I am the passion of the song. Don't try and capture me…I am just a song and all songs end.

The lights dance with me so I have no need for a lover, they are always with me. Here in the dark of the club I am as elusive as they. I am no more then part of the song that resonates in the room. I fill the air and entice you to move with me but I am fleeting, I will always vanish when you try and grab me.

So don't touch…just enjoy me. I am on the edge of your vision in the foggy shadow, my form moving and twisting in ways that make you excited, my lithe tight body tempting you. I am the sucubus, I am the siren of Greek legend. Long dark hair swinging with the melody, ample breasts swaying to the rhythms, ass keeping the beat, and my arms telling the story. My body becomes music, my soul becomes the meaning of the song. I am the music baby…watch me, covet me, but you can never have me.

I can see you there watching me and in this we are lovers. Your eyes are devouring me and I respond, dancing more and more seductively. Testing you, can you resist me? You can have me until you try and take me baby, just want me and be happy with the wanting.

The beat changes and you watch me longingly, you understand don't you baby? You are a watcher, I can tell. From there we are both safe in our intimacies. We can be lovers like others never understand. We are touching deeper then flesh without ever speaking.

The music makes me sway and spin but you baby, you are what makes me dance now. I am fulfilled in your want. You are fulfilled with your desire. There doesn't have to be more…more would ruin it. From here you are perfect.

From there do I look perfect? Am I every fantasy? Am I everything in a woman you ever wanted? I am the satisfaction to every fantasy aren't I? I am your fantasy…so I dance…just for you baby.

That smile…so tempting me. Urging me on. I wish I could strip naked here and now and dance naked for you. Slowly touching my body as I dance and showing you how much I desire you to watch. God I can feel that need burning so badly…I want to make love to your eyes so badly. Watch me baby…watch closely…can you see what I am going to do?

My hands are so supple, can you see the one sliding and touching under my short skirt? Can you see me touching for you? It's your hands baby…all you…your fingers playing with me through my panties…your powerful touch making me so very wet.

Yes, baby, I can see you know what I am doing and that turns me on even more. God I am going to vanish into the music…so powerful. I can feel the beat through my soul for you. The fog falls down and the lights scatter and dance. They want me to cum for you baby, to be your lover here just out of reach.

My fingers are so wet and they slide so easily through the elastic band of my panties. God I am so bad…I am so close. Your eyes are touching me in ways I can't explain. Deep and hard they penetrate me and thrust in until I want to scream out.

Faster, the beat is faster, my fingers are faster, the lights are faster. Everything is coming to the climax baby. My dance is almost done. Don't try and touch…just love me from there baby. Just love me.

Oh God baby…just for you…just for you. Do you see the wetness on my legs? Can you see what you do to me? How your touch makes me feel?

Don't try and touch baby. Just go now. The dance is done, I am just music now. Free and spinning in the air. You can't hold me, you can't whisper sweet nothings to me. It's all done now baby. Thank you. The song is over.

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