The Date

Brittany was at the grocery store shopping when she was picking out tomatoes and the plastic bag broke! All of the tomatoes fell to the floor with an overwhelming splat – some beyond salvation. As she was embarrassed by her faux pas, she looked around to see if anyone had witnessed the event.

“Need some help?” a manly voice queried.

“Oh yes, that would be great. Geez, I’m so clumsy!” Brittany joked.

“It’s okay. I’m all thumbs too sometimes. It happens to the best of us.” The stranger replied. “My name is Alex.”

The two shook hands. As they cleaned up the mess, they struck up a conversation and hit it off and found that they had many things in common. The conversation ended with Brittany inviting Alex over for dinner – with the condition that she not use the tomatoes that she had just massacred! Alex accepted and he would be over to Brittany’s place at 7PM.

Brittany scurried around her apartment making it presentable for Alex’s arrival. He was a stud, and she hadn’t been on a date in several months. She was nervous to think of his presence in her apartment so she ran around straightening it up before he got there.

Precisely at 7PM, her doorbell rings. She opens it to find Alex smiling on the other side.

“Hello, Gorgeous.” Alex comments.

“Hi. I hope you like spaghetti sans tomatoes.” Brittany apologized. “I didn’t buy much food and it was the only thing I had enough of for two people.”

“I’m sure if you made it, it will be wonderful.” Alex smiled.

The two of them had dinner and discussed everything from pop culture to politics. They were really hitting it off! Brittany discovered that she was really starting to like this stranger.

A few hours passed and as they were sipping their 2nd bottle of wine on the couch, Alex finally made a play for Brittany. He leaned in towards her and kissed her softly on the lips. Brittany enjoyed his tender kisses and kissed him passionately back. The room got very heated as things escalated into heavy petting. Within minutes, Brittany’s shirt was off and Alex was feeling her supple tits. As Alex removed her bra to expose her perky boobs, he made a suggestion:

“I know something we should try. Do you like to get kinky?”

Brittany was intrigued, she replied, “Sure. What do you have in mind?”

“Well why don’t you take that little miniskirt off and bend over my knee?” Alex retorted.

Brittany was hesitant at first. After all, she had just met this man today! Should she trust him enough to play kinky with him? Brittany went with her instincts and bent over Alex’s knee. Alex squeezed Brittany’s firm ass and rubbed her already wet pussy between her legs. She was starting to really like this! Then all of a sudden:


“Ow!” Brittany yelled. “You didn’t tell me that was coming!”

“Well isn’t that the fun of it?” Alex replied as he smacked her firm ass again.

“Ow!! I guess so. When does the fun come in, that hurts!” Brittany whined.

Alex responded, “This is just the warm up,” as he struck her ass several times more.

As Brittany’s ass turned redder, Alex’s dick got harder. After a few more strokes, he felt Brittany between the legs and noticed that her swollen pussy was starting to get very wet and very excited. Alex decided Brittany had enough of the warm up and decided to lead her into the bedroom. As they laid down on the bed and were making out, Alex grabbed a hold of Brittany’s nipples and squeezed hard on them.

“OW!” Brittany screeched. “Ooooh, that hurt but at the same time, I enjoyed it.”

Alex continued to pinch and twist Brittany’s nipples at her enjoyment. Then he leaned down towards her chest and bit her nipple with his teeth, but Brittany screamed in ecstasy.

“Ahh, I see you like pain too,” Alex devilishly smiled. “Well then do you have any clothespins?”

Brittany wondered why Alex would ask for such a bizarre item. She thought she was gonna get his 7” cock inside her – where was this leading? Anyhow she humored him and retrieved a handful of clothespins for him.

“Lay down and spread your legs,” Alex instructed.

Brittany was starting to like this! Maybe now she’d get a little of the beef injection!

Brittany laid on the bed and opened her legs wide, she was ready for at least some oral sex. She closed her eyes as she waited in ecstasy for what Alex was about to do to her wet pussy. Then all of a sudden a sharp pain emulated from her crotch.

“OW!” Brittany screamed. “What the fuck?”

Alex smiled, “Hang in there, Honey. You’re gonna love this. Just take it for a minute.”

Brittany clenched her teeth as Alex applied more of the clothespins to her labia. Her pussy was becoming sore and now starting to ache from being teased so badly. It longed for some insertion and instead it was getting pain. After a few minutes, the pain became numb. Brittany was actually starting to enjoy it! Her pussy was so sore, but it was orgasmic! Alex finished applying 4 clothespins to the area and then rubbed her pussy to admire his handiwork.

“How does that feel? There’s a fine line between pleasure and pain, huh?” Alex grinned.

Brittany agreed and closed her eyes to concentrate on all of the feelings coming out of her crotch. Then she felt it – Alex’s tongue was teasing her clitoris. Her hips squirmed and wriggled by instinct to move with his wagging tongue against her most sensitive skin. Brittany started to groan with pleasure. After a few minutes of giving Brittany oral sex, Alex came up to Brittany face to face and they started kissing. Then the moment of truth, Alex reached down between his legs and positioned his cock in front of Brittany’s wet cunt. As he slid it in, Brittany felt ecstasy along the inside walls of her pussy. She also felt pain on the outside, but now the two feelings were starting to blend into one large orgasm! Alex fucked Brittany hard and fast until they both finally orgasmed. Afterwards, Alex gently removed the clothespins from Brittany’s twat. They kissed at bit longer and caressed each other. Brittany was sure glad she met this new stranger in the grocery store! Maybe she should drop tomatoes more often!

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