The Dentist Is In

"What's next on the agenda, Carol," Dr. Cameron Fixx asked his nurse, "nothing tough I hope!?!" "No such luck," she said with a laugh, "we have a woman in the waiting room with what we think is and impacted wisdom tooth!!!" "Do we have a file on her already," the doctor asked!?! "Nope, brand new patient," Carol replied, "she just moved into town and says she hasn't seen a dentist in over ten years, and I think I can see why, she's scared to death!!!" "How old is she, anyway," the doctor asked, "maybe she's a prime candidate for our new treatment technique!?!" "She looks to be about forty five or so," Carol replied, "and I was thinking the same thing about the treatment!!!" "Well, let's not keep the lady waiting," Dr. Fixx said with a smile, "ask her in!!!" "I'm Dr. Cameron Fixx, and you're Miss Winters, is that right!?!" "Uh, yes," she replied, "Kaye Winters, I just got into town last week, I'm working as the editor of the local newspaper!!!" "Well it's nice to have you as a member of our community," the doctor said while ushering Kaye into the examination chair, "now, let's have a look at that tooth!!!" After giving her teeth a thorough going over, Dr. Fixx ordered a series of x-rays to determine if Kaye Winters did indeed have an impacted tooth, but from the looks of things, that was exactly what she had!!!

Ten minutes later Carol handed Dr.Fixx the just developed pictures, and after only a minutes perusal he announced, "I'm afraid that we were right in the first place, you have a impacted wisdom tooth in lower right quadrant, so were going to have to go in and clean it out!!!" Dr. Fixx could see immediately that Kaye Winters was growing increasingly tense and agitated at the mere though of having oral surgery!!! He glanced over to Carol and carefully broached the subject by asking softly, "You're really nervous aren't you, Kaye!?!" "You don't know the half of it," she half moaned, "I'm so close to running out of here you wouldn't believe it!!!" Well let's not do that," Dr. Fixx said softly, "we've got a plan!!!"

"Ohhhhh, gosh this thing hurts," Kaye Winters moaned while holding her sore jaw, "you were saying something about having a plan!?!" "Uh, yes," Carol replied, "this is a highly unusual technique, but we find that our female patients thank us when the treatment is over!!!" "Oh my, this is painful," Kaye said while grimacing, "anything, just make the pain go away!!!" "Okay," Carol replied softly, the first thing that the doctor will do is give you a shot of laughing gas to take the edge off of the pain, after that's taken effect, he'll give you a couple of shots of pain killer right in your jaw, and then, and I know this sounds crazy, but it really works, I'll lift your dress and insert this vibrator into your vagina!!!" "W-why would you need to do that," Kaye asked while in obvious pain!?! ""Very simply," Dr. Fixx interjected, "if you're having orgasms, you certainly won't be thinking about anything as mundane as dentistry!!!" "Oh, oh, oh, please hurry," Kaye Winterws moaned, "do anything but just do it!!!"

"Okay, Kaye," Carol asked, "can you hear me!?!" "Oh, yes, that's much better," Kaye said smiling, "I can barely feel the pain now, thank you so much!!!" "That's very good, Kaye," Carol replied, "now I'm going to insert the vibrator, so just lay back and relax!!!" The laughing gas was certainly doing its job well, as Kaye was feeling as high as a kite, and as a result she didn't even notice when Carol lifted her skirt and tugged off her panties!!! "My you have pretty undies," Carol remarked while pushing Kayes legs far enough apart to get the vibe inside of her!!! "Oh my," Kaye laughed, "that tickles, take it easy!!!" "How does that feel," Carol asked!?! "I don't feel a thing," Kaye giggled, "did you really like my panties, they're pink ya know!?!" Carol smiled at the now happy patient and said softly, "I'm going to turn it on now, dear, so get ready!!!" Kaye was oblivious to any and everything, that is until the little vibe abruptly began buzzing deep in her dark haired pussy!!!

Kayes eyes grew wide as the full impact of the little hummer swept through her groin causing her to moan and almost instantly stiffen as an orgasm washed over her!!! "W-wow," she stammered, "I-I haven't cum like that in a long time, thank you so much!!!" Dr. Fixx rolled his eyes at his nurse and proceeded getting down to the job at hand, that being removing Kaye Winters' wisdom tooth!!! The only problem was that every once in a while Kaye's whole body would begin trembling as another climax would ravage her now hyper sensitive vagina!!! "I think she's setting some sort of record," Dr. Fixx commented while working his scalpel into Kaye's jaw, "how many orgasms would you say she's had, I lost count at five!?!" "I don't know," Carol replied, "but look at where her hand is!!!" The doctor glanced over towards his nurse, and incredibly, Kaye Winters had her hand up Carol's skirt and was caressing the front of her vulva!!!

"My gosh, Carol," the doctor replied, "you don't have to let her do that, just pull her hand away!!!" "Do you want me to do something that may upset her," Carol asked a little hoarsely!?! "Uh, no," Dr. Fixx replied, "but you sound a little tense!!!" "T-tense isn't the word for it," Carol gasped, "say what you will, but this lady knows right where a clit is, and let me tell you she knows what to do with it, ohhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy!!!" At first Kaye Winters was satisfied rubbing the front of Carol's panty clad vuvla, but as the seconds turned into minutes, her fingers gradually began slipping inside of the elastic leg bands where they encountered Carol's very hairy pussy lips!!! "Oh, oh," Carol gasped again, "s-she's inside of my panties, ohhhhhh god that feels so nice, ohhhhhh, she's fingering me, I just love getting my pussy fingered, mmmmmmm it's so nice!!!" Dr. Fixx worked as rapidly as was humanly possible, but now with two very aroused women to contend with, he had to make sure that he carefully finished the job at hand, which was of course taking care of Kaye Winters' infected tooth!!!

Although Carol hadn't reached an orgasm, she was running a ragged line between mere arousal and climax, and she was almost sure that Kaye Winters was doing it on purpose, so when Dr. Fixx finally announced that he was finished, Kaye pulled the buzzing vibe from her pussy, and with unbelievable deftness, slid the little hummer up Carol's dress and into her steaming pussy!!! If is took five seconds that would have been a long time, because almost instantly Carol's pussy convulsed five or six times in rapid succession as her cunt wrenched in a series of the most incredibly satisfying orgasms she had ever experienced in her life, with or without a man!!! Dr. Fixx just looked on helplessly as the two women groaned in abject pleasure as their cunts seemingly spun out of sexual control, leaving both of them gasping for air as their blood pressure shot through the roof!!! Carol legs were so weak from the sexual assault she had sustained that she slid slowly to the floor while pulling the merciless vibe from her over heated pussy!!!

Dr. Fixx practically ran to his fallen nurse, and as he was trying to help her to her feet, he was stunned as the sexually infected nurse practically jerked his thickening erection from his pants and nearly swallowed it whole!!! The sore mouthed Kaye Winters managed to mumble, "Shuck him off, Carol, shuck his big phrick!!!" Dr. Fixx stared down at his cute little nurse with his big cock down her throat, and while he often wondered what kind of fuck she would have made, he never in his wildest dreams figured that she would turn out to be a sexual athlete!!! As the tension in his nut bag grew more intense, and his orgasm was imminent, Carol flicked on the vibe with her free hand, and just as the cum jetted from his tip of his super charged dick, she rammed the little hummer into her cunt with such viciousness that Dr. Fixx was a little worried about the condition of her cunt!!!

After everyone had had a chance to come down from their high, Kaye Winters mumbled through her gauze filled mouth, "And I was afraid of going to the dentist, just look what I've been missing!!!" "Yeah," the doctor said to both women, "just look what you'd have missed!!!


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