The Dungeon Bitch

The Dungeon Bitch

The Dungeon Bitch

Jane was a well-endowed woman, who looked good in anything she wore. With long lanky legs and a nice firm butt. She made heads turn every day wherever she would go.

One day while sitting with some friends having coffee at an outdoor coffee shop. They were talking about a cruise they are taking in three weeks.

As Jane walked down the street afterwards, she turned the corner and was passing by an alley. When these two guys grabbed her and pulled her down the alley.

They dragged her to a van, where they pulled her into it and another guy drove away. They blindfolded her and gagged her so she wouldn’t alarm anyone near enough to hear her.

When the van came to a stop, she was taken from the van into a building. Where they took her down some steps.

Once downstairs they put shackles around her wrists and proceeded to cut her clothing off of her. And get her completely naked.

Then they removed the gag and blindfold and told her she can scream all she wants. That no one will ever hear her down there. And she asked them who they are and why did they pick her.

One guy says I am the Dungeon Master and these two are Pain and Torture. The reason we picked you is, because you walk around flaunting your beautiful body off teasing everyone. You go out looking so sweet and then you ignore people like us. Treat us like your better then us. That’s why you are here and we’re going to have our fun and pleasure now.

Now Jane is feeling really helpless and doesn’t know what to think. She tries to think about what she can do to get out of this situation and what was going to happen.

The three men start feeling her body and making weird sounds. Then one pushes his finger up into her cunt and says to the other two your right it is a nice pussy.

Jane is trying to wiggle it out of her cunt, when she feels one of them licking her tits. And she knows she is in big trouble now.

They take this ball thing with springs on it and force her mouth wide open. They insert this thing into her mouth and set the springs onto her teeth. Then one guy starts poking at it with his finger and as he does it makes her mouth open up. He then takes two fingers and it makes her mouth open wider. Then he says to the other two, Hey it does work.

She sees this black harness thing as they bring it closer to her. They lift each leg and put it on her, pulling it up above her waist. As they get this contraption in the right spot, they hook the straps and make sure it is secure on her.

They pull these wires from the side of the room and start hooking them to the harness on her. Then take off the shackles and pulled the pulleys to tighten the wires.

As Jane is being pulled into the air and supported by the metal wires. She is suspended in the air and can’t do anything. They then put things around her ankles and wrists, and then hook wires to them. As they pull the pulleys more her arms and legs are being parted. She feels helpless and alone and wishes she had taken a cab.

About now she feels one of them is between her legs. While the other two are putting something on her head.

They slip it over her head and it has a big opening for her face. But it has those hook things and they hook a wire to both sides of it pulling her head upwards to look straight ahead of her. All the while she is suspended in mid air with her legs spread open and looking straight ahead.

Jane then feels one pushing his cock into her pussy and knows she is going to get raped. With a feeling that she doesn’t deserve this and not knowing how she became the victim.

The cock enters her cunt an inch at a time, with each time it come out it goes back in another inch. This cock is big she thinks and feels more and more being pushed inside her pussy.

Meanwhile the other two guys are finishing up hooking all the wires up to her and one says, we need your head up so we can fuck down into your throat easier. As one pushed on the ball in her mouth with his finger, causing it to spread her mouth open again.

About then she sees that their pants are cut out with their cocks hanging out. As one comes closer to her with it in his hand. He lifts it and says, I’m going to fuck your mouth now.

As she starts shaking her head no ever so slightly. He puts his cock up against the ball and she can feel the springs opening up her mouth for this long thick cock.

It enters through the ball and causes her mouth to be spread wide open. And she can feel this man as he pushes his cock into her throat. He begins to rock it in and out of her throat slowly at first. Then pick up the tempo as he goes.

Dungeon Master if fucking her cunt really hard now and her pussy is quivering tremendously. And it is still going deeper with each thrust he pounds into her. Jane feels that she can’t take all his cock into her cunt without hurting her.

Torture is pounding away at her face, driving it down into her throat. With each shove he can hear Jane gasping for air and gagging on his cock.

Then pain drops to his knees and begins sucking on her tits and playing with them. He does this for a while then gets up walks over to the bench and gets a dildo to have some fun.

Pain begins to stick this dildo up to her anal hole and without any lubrication, he starts pushing it up her ass.

She can’t move or scream or anything, she is suspended there and has to endure everything they do to her. She is at their mercy now and doesn’t know what else she can do but to take whatever they bring.

Dungeon Master is fucking away at her cunt, pulling out and shoving back into it with all his force. While Torture is skull fucking her down her throat with his 10 inches driving to the end.

Both their balls are slapping against her and she not only feels each thrust, but hears the slap each time they drive into her.

Pain is now driving the dildo all the way into her ass and her ass is making a sucking sound each time he pulls it outward.

She has 10 inches in her cunt and 10 inches in her mouth and throat. With a 7 inch dildo up her ass. With all three of them driving into her from different directions at a fast and hard pace.

She feels one Cumming in her cunt, squirt after squirt filling her pussy to the limit. While the dildo and one in her mouth is still pumping away at her.

Then she feels it down her throat, running and pumping like an oil well.
As it continues to unload it hot sticky substance into her mouth and cunt, she hears one of them say, We’re just getting started missy, when Pain stops fucking her ass with the dildo.

They exit from her mouth and pussy and she feels relieved. Only to hear them talk about switching places.

Dungeon Master and Torture switch places and start shoving their cocks in place where the other one was before. As they drive there members into her mouth and cunt again.

Jane feels them inside her again and her mouth is being spread apart widely. Her jaw hurts from the springs forcing her mouth open like it is. She wishes she could get that thing out of there, cause its hurting her.

Torture drives his cock the full length of it into her sore pussy, while Dungeon Master is reaming her throat.

Then she feels the dildo being pushed up her ass again and wants to scream at them to tell them this all hurts.

As they continue to fuck her face, ass and cunt for 35 minutes. She can feel the two one after the other cum into her again with fewer juices then the first time. She feels relieved that there wasn’t as much too.

As Dungeon Master pulls from her throat and mouth, he looks at her pleading eyes and laughs. Saying to her that wait till Pain has his turn cause she is really going to be hurting. Then he says, why do you think we call him pain?

Jane thinks, I never seen his hanging out only the other two. About then Pain walks around her and Shakes it in her face.

Torture is just pulling his cock out of her cunt, when she forces the dildo out of her ass. The men just laugh about this, cause they never seen anyone pop a dildo out of their ass before.

Jane looks at the monster 15-inch cock being waved in her face and squirms, trying to get away from it. And Torture says don’t worry little lady he’s not going to bite you, He’s going to fuck you in each of your holes.

This made Jane more scared and wanted to free herself now before they tare her into pieces with these cocks.

About then Pain raised his cock, which wasn’t erect fully yet, to her mouth and began pushing it into the ball. Which of course spread her mouth open for him to enter. His cock was very thick and long and filled her mouth over flowingly with just the head of it.

Jane was thinking, God how can I ever get this big thing into my mouth. And she realized that when he pushed it, it caused the ball thing to push into her mouth too.

Now her mouth was free except for the ball thing and this gigantic cock. And as he pulled it back she managed to pull her head back enough to spit out his cock from her mouth.

Torture said look you went and pushed it right out of place with your big dick. So now we have to take it out or you can’t fuck her mouth.

So they reached in her mouth and retrieved it. And Pain began forcing his cock back into her mouth. But she refused and wouldn’t open her mouth to let it back in. She screamed no I don’t want to.

This made Pain a little angry and he grabbed her jaw, squeezing really hard. As her jaws opened up he rammed his cock into her mouth again and said now take it deep bitch and like it.

Jane could feel, as each inch of this massive cock was being forced into her mouth and further down into her throat. She could do nothing but gag on this monster as it continues to drive and rip her throat.

After she was beginning to think he would never be done, she felt his cock start pulsing and knew she was in deep shit. Thinking how in the world will she ever handle his load of cum.

Pain pulls his cock from her mouth when he felt it was about to explode and began letting his entire load shoot onto her face. Covering her face with surge after surge of his heavy thick cream.

After that Dungeon Master lowered the pulleys again, bringing her backside down lower then before. He spread some lubricant around her ass ring and then into it with his finger. He then got closer and inserted his cock into Jane’s ass.

As she felt his cock enter her ass, she began to scream and curse. Telling him to please take it out because it hurts too much. Dungeon Master just laughed and pushed it harder in to her ass. Then said, somebody shut this dumb bitch up. And Torture shoved his cock back into her mouth and down into her throat again.

As she felt like she is being ripped apart from this cock in her ass, while it just keeps pumping deeply into her anal cavity. She can’t stop this anal fucking she is getting but she can’t take it either. And to boot there is a cock in her mouth and she can’t even tell them what she thinks about them.

As the pain is sweeping through her body, she feels it is hopeless for her as they pound their cocks deep inside of her.

Then she feels the cock in her ass Cumming and knows it will be out of there soon. When she feels the cock cum in her mouth again, she is hoping that it will be over soon. But then she thinks about pain and how he was saying he was going to fuck all her holes. She thinks Oh God I can’t take it, Please get me out of here.

They pull their cocks from her and she hears Pain talking about fucking her. She can’t see him but she can hear what he’s saying. Oh no she thinks He’s not, He’s not.

About then she feels his cock enter her cunt. With a shove she can feel the walls of her cunt ripping. The pain is too much to bear and she needs to get it out.

Pain forces in about half of his cock, when he hears her screaming and pleading for him to stop. He tells the others to shut her up saying, how can I enjoy this if all I can hear is her bitching.

Torture walks over to the bench and grabs a 4-inch dildo and a roll of duct tape. And walks back to her, shoves the dildo into her mouth and tapes it there. And all three are laughing cause she is still trying to scream at them.

Pain continues to drive his monster in her, and with each stroke going in, he gets a little more into her. After about 10 minutes of ramming his cock in and out he finally manages to drive every inch of it in her.

Now he is banging his cock all the way in, while his balls are slapping up against her belly. And finding this amusing he chuckles to himself.

Meanwhile Dungeon Master is playing with her tits again and having a blast with these big beautiful tits of hers. He bends down while holding one and starts licking and sucking on it.

As Pain is ripping and stretching Jane’s cunt with each thrust. He feels the point is reaching him soon. So with one final shove as hard as he can he releases his spunk into her unwanting pussy.

While Dungeon Master continues to play around with Jane’s tits. Torture and Pain go to the icebox and pull out some food. They sit down and eat, while they watch Dungeon Master get his jollies off again.

Dungeon Master is hard now and wants to fuck her ass again. So he goes around behind her and starts shoving it up her anal canal.

She feels one of them pushing a cock up her ass again and tries to scream to no avail. She feels it ripping her again as it enters and exits time and time again. She wants to go home and be away from this unwanted torture she is going through.

Dungeon Master keeps driving his cock into her ass for another 20 minutes and at times he moves his cock from side to side. Trying to stretch this tight ass hole to where it can accept their cocks easily. And he keeps pounding it in her until it’s time to unleash his load into her ass.

Dungeon Master rocks back and gives one last thrust before unloading his spunk deep in her ass. Thinking this bitch deserves every hard fucking they can deliver to her. And when he was done he joined the others for some food.

Jane was hanging there crying and not being able to control the situation like she always does. Not knowing what might be next was really making her fearful for her safety. She had no choice on what she had to do and therefore she didn’t like it at all.

Jane had always been the one to lead the charge, take control of everything and everyone. She never let anyone tell her what to do or force her to do something she didn’t want. But yet here she was with no control over anything. She hated this and her captors.

As they sat and ate, they talked about what else they could do to her. They discussed different ways to turn her in this harness and all. So they decided to stand her straight up and have two do her at once. One in the ass and one in her cunt that was the plan.

They all went over to her and Pain pulled the pulley to raise her up upright. As they turned her up she looked at them with a puzzling look on her face. Torture tells her we are going to fuck your pussy and ass at the same time darling.

With this she started her attempts at screaming again and trying to wiggle free or something. She was thinking no way was she going to let the do both holes at once with those big cocks. She wanted to go home so bad.

Dungeon Master wanted the front, that way he can suck those great tits again. So he shoved his cock up into her cunt and started feeling her tits with his hands. And Torture got behind her and started pushing his cock up in her ass.

Jane was wide-eyed and trying to scream and plead with them not to do this horrible act to her. When she felt a cock rip into her cunt again and then another one being shoved into her ass. She couldn’t bear this and it hurt like hell. She wanted it to stop right now and that’s all there is to it.

Pain was laughing because of the look on her face when she felt both cocks going inside of her. She had the look like she wanted to die and get it over with. So he leans over to her ear and says, does it hurt little lady, do you want them to stop? As she is shaking her head yes, he laughs harder and the two fucking her start banging harder.

Jane is now fading in and out of reality as she passes out briefly and returns to where she is. Because of the pain she is feeling. One minute she’s awake and the next she doesn’t remember.

Dungeon Master and Torture are banging her holes like they were trying to tare something apart. And Dungeon Master is playing with one tit while sucking on another.

They keep this up for close to an hour before letting go of their cream. Once they are done they pull away from her and Pain decides it’s his turn to go at her pussy again.

He tells Torture to keep it in her ass while he fucks her cunt. And he raises his cock to enter her pussy. As it rips into the gaping hole making it bigger. He feels the tightness from the cock up her ass. And he starts pounding really hard so he can drive it all into this cunt once again.

They keep this up all day, and then took her down from the pulleys and wires. They put her into this cage in the corner and made her some food.

They tell her she is their love slave and she will be there forever. And they feed her and retire for the night. Only to come down the next day and do it all again.

This is the end of this part, but stay tuned for more to come in the next one, when they abduct another woman to make them do a show for the three men.

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