The Encounter

The sun was sinking into the ocean as I walked along the boardwalk from
the cafe to my hotel room. I had just had dinner and was admiring the
beauty of the peaceful evening when my attention was drawn to a lovely
young woman who was also dining alone. I glanced over at her a couple of
times and finally our eyes met and she smiled at me. I smiled back and
returned to finish my meal. When I looked up, she was gone. I was hoping
I could have a drink with her or something, but she seemed to have
vanished into thin air! She was very beautiful. I couldn't determine how
tall she was because she had been sitting when I noticed her, but she
had long, curly auburn hair, bright green eyes and a smile to stop
traffic. She had been wearing a green dress which matched her eyes
perfectly. Perhaps that was what drew my attention.

I paid for my meal and began my walk back to the hotel. As I approached the
bridge from the shore to the hotel walkway, I heard a large splash and
turned to see where it had come from. I looked toward the sunset and saw
the young red-haired woman swimming toward me, smiling brightly. I waved to
her and she waved back, encouraging me to join her in the water. Excited
and curious, I removed my beach jacket and shoes and dove into the water to
swim out and meet her. As I got nearer to her, she reached to me , took my
hand, and guided me into the deeper water. I was forced to tread water as
the waves moved over us one by one. She, however, seemed to adapt to the
movement of the water very well.

She took my face into her hands and kissed me, without saying a word to me.
Her lips were so soft and full. She kissed my eyes, my cheeks, and finally
my mouth, parting my lips so her tongue could invade me. Sooo delicious!
She tasted like strawberries and cream. I wanted more. I took her into my
arms and gave up treading water for a moment. I began to float downward,
but I wasn't afraid because our mouths were still locked and I could
breathe as well as if I was out of the water. She wrapped her arms ar ound
me and we swam under water for a short time like that. After a few minutes,
we came back to the surface of the water and were in a lagoon surrounded by
palm trees.

The sun was almost completely down. We crawled from the water onto the
secluded beach of the lagoon. A weeping willow tree covered with Spanish
moss was a few yards from the water. Still holding onto my hand she led
me under the tree. It was too dark for me to see her clearly but I was
able to distinguish that she had a beautiful body. Her long hair was
flat against her head revealing a slender neck and shoulders that led to
her full round breasts.

She guided my hand to her breasts and I felt the nipples harden even more
under my touch. Still not speaking, she began to kiss me on the neck,
lowering to my chest, belly, and then back up to my mouth. She saw that I
was "standing at attention" so to speak and took the liberty of reaching
into my bathing suit to touch me. As soon as she touched me, I felt a bolt
of electricity had hit me. Such ecstasy! God, let me be able to hold onto
this moment for a while longer…please!

She began to caress my organ, slowly, yet tightly. I felt I would burst! I
held her breasts in my hands still and began to squeeze them, feeling the
nipples between my fingertips. She gasped, closing her eyes and leaned to
kiss me again, deeply and passionately. Ever so gently she moved her other
hand to my testicles and began to caress them also. Our bodies were pressed
so closely together. I could feel every inch of her lovely, sweet delicious

She pushed me onto my back and proceeded to climb on top of me, lowering
herself over my now erect member. Her love canal was hot, tight and ready
for my at once from our love play. She began to move up and down on top of
me, trying to get me deeper and deeper within her each time. I moved upward
to accommodate her wishes and filled my hands with her luscious breasts.
Her red hair was beginning to dry and it hung forward, threatening to hid
her breasts from me, but I pushed it aside so I could imagine ho w lovely
she was even though moonlight was the only light I had. She began to
increase her rhythm and I moved with her, slowly at first, but moving a
little faster……faster…..her nether lips tightening around
me….faster….faster, until we reached the pinnacle of ecstasy as one

She collapsed on top of me and I held her there for a short while, enjoying
the feel, smell and taste of her. In a few minutes she rose from on top of
me and headed toward the ocean. I wanted to relax a little while longer so
I watched her walk away and planned to join her soon. I closed my eyes for
a second and when I opened them, once again she was gone. I never heard her
say a word. I never knew her name. I jumped into the ocean and swam back
through the lagoon cave and back to the hotel. I couldn't f ind her
anywhere. When I relayed the story to a friend of mine, he told me about
the legend of a red-haired mermaid who only comes out in the evening but
returns to the sea after seducing young men into her private lagoon.

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