The farmer

The farmer

Later that evening, following his exciting game with the sisters, the milkman was wanking his milk spout replaying the day’s events. At this point in a state of rabid arousal he had wished he fucked the girls there and then. He remember the feel of the soft pouty lips on his shaft and relived the explosive moment over and over again, dreamily showering the girls with cum in his imagination as he stroked himself to completion climaxing on the thought of having had the girls swallow him.
Jen and Jessie had his sperm swirling around in their tummies right then, and unknown to him, the girls were lying wide awake in bed in the main house at that very moment too.

They lay side by side in bed facing one another, the shoulders of their nightdresses down to their waists, their massive mammaries exposed to the night air drifting in through the open window, the cold breeze stiffening their already hardened nipples as they practiced their milking techniques on each other’s breasts. Determined to please their tutor and prove they were ready to lactate they were resigned to imitating all the strokes and pinches the milkman had used on them. They fervently squeezed each other’s breasts, twisting and pinching the prominent nipples, but to no avail. Their melons reddened under each other’s ardent attention, they heaved and tormented their sensitive flesh till their hands ached and they fell asleep bare breasted in a loving sisterly embrace.

Elsewhere on the farm their mother Julie had been busy with the baby. The infant had kicked over a small jar of oil which spilled all over her. Having put the baby to sleep Julie went to the family shower which was located outside and just off to the left of the house. The rest of the farm was asleep, or so Julie thought, but the milkman having just milked himself to the thought of her daughters was outside for a bit of air and noticed the voluptuous silhouette of the farmer’s wife enter the shower stall.
His menacing smile returned.

Julie hummed softly to herself as she disrobed and felt the chill of the water caress and sting her body gently, some of the water slipping of the oil on her body. She liked how her hands slipped smoothly over the slickened parts of her body, even living on a farm she managed to keep her skin soft and silky smooth, but the oil made her body feel erotic even to her and she felt content in smearing the oil all over herself before washing it off completely.
She caressed her silky, soft, naked, oily, wet skin tenderly and gently massaged her breasts, squeezing them together between her hands until just the nipples were gripped by her finger tips, the oil making it easy to twirl and tease the protruding buttons which trickled tiny traces of her breast milk. Her hand eased down between her legs while her other continued to cup her breasts alternately, squeezing them so her fingers dug into her areola, pressing the nipple down into her breast, the hard button rolling around the top peak of her ample bust.
The hand between her legs instantly found the opening she sought as her fingers darted for her favourite little button to play with. At the very instant her fingers touched her clit Julie was startled into a high gasp that made no sound as the door swung open leaving her exposed to the man standing before her in a very compromising position.

It was the milkman, he stepped into the frame of the door and leaned against it cutting of her only means of escape. “Please don’t stop” he told her but she had already crossed her legs and was futilely trying to conceal her gorgeous body with her tiny hands. One arm reached down to cover her pussy with her hand, the other arm stretched across her breasts but managed to hide little more than her pink areola.
“I said, ‘Don’t stop!’” the intruder said again, but Julie just stood there motionless, except for a slight shiver, in stunned silence. A long moment passed as the milkman surveyed her exposed body relishing in the full splendor of the beautiful woman, he had seen little more than her breasts the last time.
Julie finally recovered from the shock and trauma of the situation, looking at him stare at her lustfully she yelled “How dare you, get out!”.
“Sshhhh” the milkman said, “you don’t want the whole farm waking up and discover the kinds of precarious situations you put yourself in do you? What would your husband say if he woke up to see this”
“He’d kill you!” she spat.
“Only because he doesn’t know what a tart you are, but I can tell him how you like getting yourself into these ‘situations’ … You haven’t forgotten about the other night have you? or have you told him what you were doing while he was away?”
“What do you want?” she said knowing she had been backed into a corner.
“That’s what I thought” the milkman smiled. “You can go back to doing what you were doing when I opened the door” he said.
Julie stood frigid and silent … “Go on, I’m waiting!” he half urged, half ordered her.

Slowly and reluctantly the hand on her crotch began to move, her eyes filled with anger and loathing as they were the last time Julie found herself helpless to resist being taken advantage of. “I want to see what you’re doing” the milkman said, and as if fighting herself Julie grudgingly uncrossed her legs to stand facing the intruder in her shower as her fingers played with her pussy, but with her legs together.
“Come now ma’am” he urged Julie on, “I’m sure a fine whore like you knows that I’ll enjoy this more if you spread your legs for me”.
“I’m not a whore” she spat venomously.
“Of course you are, I’m paying you by not telling your husband about all this.” Julie had no reply, she felt raped as another shred of dignity was ripped away from her. “This is a beautiful arrangement” the milkman said breaking the silence as he watched her pump her fingers into her pussy, “you’re depraving yourself for me so I keep your dirty little slutty secrets, but now I have this encounter to add to the list of sexual acts you’ve performed for your husband’s employees that you don’t want him finding out about”. He sniggered as she glared at him in rage but with fear as her possible fate began to dawn on her. “Was he going to continue tormenting her and taking advantage of her like this?” she thought, “of course he was, what man wouldn’t?”. Julie knew how men looked at her, she knew what they all thought of when near her, what they wanted.
What was she going to do, all she could do was hope it didn’t go that far … it wasn’t even her fault, she didn’t cheat on her husband, she was raped by the blacksmith and now she was being blackmailed for being raped … if she had only told her husband what had happened, “why didn’t she?” she thought, now it was too late and she was trapped.

Julie was deep in thought, contemplating her fate, weighing her options, trying to find a way out, she could see none. The milkman however was totally involved in the vision before him, Julie wasn’t aware of it, she buried herself in thought to hide from the reality of her predicament, she wasn’t the type of woman who would take of her clothes and tease herself to orgasm for anyone, but now her fingers were working frantically at getting her off now, she was moaning into the still night as she entertained her audience. She had been purposely avoiding her clit to deny the milkman the thrill he sought in manipulating her, but lost in her thoughts her probing fingers found her lust button and her body separated from her mind, relishing in the stimulation.
The oil on her hand was supplemented by her own secretions and she fingers worked furiously inside the stunning vixen’s hole. She again took to caressing her breasts and the milkman watched in awe as Julie’s milk jugs swayed in front of him.
After a long while of watching her in silence he spoke drowning out the sound of Julie’s moans, “come closer” he said, hearing him, Julie was snapped back to reality.
She was already within arms length (his arm) of him but Julie obeyed and moved even closer to witness the milkman produce a small jug.

“When I saw you step into the shower” he said, “all I wanted to do was come full up my jug with your milk. My coffee this morning was wonderful with your breast milk in it, I’ve never had a better cup!”
“It almost made me cum” he laughed. “I just came to get more milk from you, I never expected to find you playing with yourself and get a show!”
All the while Julie hadn’t stopped touching herself and rubbing her clit, her finger tips teased her mercilessly, she was losing control to her lust once more and going weak legged she fell forward leaning one tit into the inside of the door frame, the other into the man occupying the doorway, the fingers in her pussy never losing pace not missing a stroke, Julie was working herself into a frenzy. Ecstasy began to surge through her, she rubbed her breast against the frame of the door grating the nipple against the grain of the wood, pinching her other nipple with her fingers.
The milkman took the breast out of her control letting her hands meet between her legs to work on her climax.
He milked the mammary expertly as only he could emptying voluptuous firm jug into his jug, when he thought he had taken all he could from her right breast he pulled her half out of the shower and turned her so she stood in the door way facing the frame of the door. He positioned her so she could rub the tit he had finished with into the wood now leaving the other free for him to exploit. She gyrated her body and heaved her chest up and down stimulating her nipple against the wood grain while the other breast was being drained. Julie, overwhelmed by her libido, suddenly humped the door frame trying to rub her clit against the wood too. All the while the milkman continued to work on her, entertained by her lustful depravity. She ground her groin into the corner of the wooden post, were it not for the lubrication of the oil and her sex secretions the friction would have hurt her as she moved up and down in the door way moaning and grunting. She used one hand to pull her body as close to the door frame as she could and hold her there, the other hand lowered to her pussy lips which she parted with her fingers, pulling the lips up to expose an erect clit. The little bump felt wood for the first time as she pressed her crotch into the beam of wood between her legs, moving slowly now to heighten the sensation the grain gave her, up and down the milkman’s whore worked her clit. It was only moments later that Julie succeeded in sending herself over the edge and she erupted with a massive orgasm, her body spasming uncontrollably as she tried to stimulate her clit even further. She needed both arms now to hold her up against the door frame so she could hump her pussy on it riding out her climax as the last drops of milk were squeezed out of her.

The milkman told the farmer’s wife that her milk was so wonderful with his drinks that he was going to want a fresh supply every evening so she was to come by his room every evening to be milked, that is if she wanted to save herself the trouble of him coming to get his milk himself and finding her in yet another exploitable situation. With that he left Julie to retreat into the shower, cool down as the climax washed over her and clean herself up.

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