The First Meet

The First Meet

Imagine now….how our first meet would go.

You feel as safe as possible beforehand, because of our many online chats. You know I am a kind, gentle person, and you feel comfortable. And that tremble in your knees, that tingle in your belly – they defy logic and reason. It's been a very long time since you felt so …alive! And yet -you've only seen my picture; you can't confirm an address or a phone number. A tiny spark of fear glows deep in your mind, despite all your precautions.

As per my tasking, you left home for a weekend "business trip" to ________. After an uneventful flight, you take the airport shuttle to the hotel we'd chosen. Even though you exit the van carefully, your skirt rises high on your leg, exposing a spread of creamy white flesh. The driver is quick to notice, and smiles appreciatively. You quickly smooth the material, restoring a bit of decorum to the body you will soon yield to me. Even without looking up, you sense other eyes taking in your appearance. The manager? A maid? a customer, gazing down from the 4th floor? you don't know, of course, but your face still flushes crimson as you feel the uncontrollable wetness well forth again.

As you walk through the automatic door, a gust of chilled lobby air flirts with your bare legs, and you gasp softly as you feel the delicate coolness on your wet pussy. The desk clerk is watching you approach; a beaming smile lighting up his face. You realize that you're perfectly silhouetted in the entryway by the afternoon sun. He may not see every part of you clearly, but there's no doubt in his mind about what you have on under the dress. Or more accurately …what you don't have on.

After you finish checking in and turn away, the deskman asks if you need help with your bags. You can tell he wants to savor you for as long as he possibly can. Since your only luggage is a single overnighter filled with several rather exotic items, you merely smile and courteously decline his assistance. Then he shakes his head, as though clearing a vision. Then he blurts: "Oh! Ms. ______; I almost forgot; there's a package here for you." The container he hands you is a small brown box, about eight inches long and four wide. Your mind races, as you realize it has to be from me – the only other person who knows you're here is _____, your "safety valve". And she certainly wouldn't be mailing you anything. As you ride the elevator to our room, you recall how I insisted that you tell a trusted friend where you were going, and who you'd be with. As directed, you wrote the information on plain paper, sealed it in an envelope, and gave it to ______. And you made it very clear to her that you'd be home in three days to collect the envelope – UNOPENED. She looked at you quizzically, and asked: "Ohh..a hot date? Or are you a CIA spy?" But she agreed to follow your wishes.

Your suite is nice, roomy, but not overly elegant. you notice immediately that the bed sits on legs; not a sealed box frame. When you open the curtain and step out onto the balcony, you have a view that includes the parking lot, a small wooded park across the street, and beyond that, an upscale high-rise condo. You can see several people are relaxing on their balconies. The balmy summer weather is conducive to various outdoor activities.

After a moments' daydreaming, you return inside. Going to the bathroom, you clean and freshen up; you want to be at your finest for the events to come. Staying in your dress, you slip into the heeled pumps you've chosen for tonight. You're well aware of my need for fine, smooth legs, and you know these heels will accent the shape of your calves.

Now prepared, you…OHH….. the PACKAGE!! You hastily open it. Inside is a note, which you set aside for the moment. Under the note are two more items. The first is a blindfold – not a mere bandanna to be tied around the head, but an elegant "sleep mask"; black satin with an adjustable leather headband. When you briefly try it on, the soft pile lining rests comfortably against your eyes. The darkness is complete. The second item is a candle. It's bright (almost blood) red, about an inch wide and eight inches long. Your mind races. Setting both items on the night table, you open the note and read the printed words:

"1. Do not lock your door. It will remain closed, but unlocked. If you lock the door at ANY time; our meeting will be over. The decision is yours.

2. When the knock comes, put on the mask, and stand perfectly still in the middle of the room.

3. Do not remove the mask or even attempt to peek, without my instruction.

4. You will be directed to serve – perhaps by words; more often, by touch. You may say three phrases, and only in necessary response to directions: "yes Sir",….."no Sir", and – if you do not understand your
tasking – you are permitted to ask the question:"Sir?". Any other words will violate this agreement and end our meeting.

5. You are here of your own free will. You are here to serve. You DESIRE to serve. You may end this meeting at any time by speaking incorrectly; by refusing to obey; or simply by saying the safe word
You nod to yourself; it's all as we have discussed many times. You are ready and eager.

Time passes as you sit carefully at the edge of the chair – you do not want your dress wrinkled. The TV plays softly in the background. Your eyes close wearily; it has been a long day…

SUDDENLY – a single knock at the door!!! You awaken with a start, and almost say "come in". In an instant, you recall your tasking, and choke off a reply. You grab the mask and slip it over your eyes as you stand, smoothing your dress at the same time. You stand straight and still; arms at your sides. DAMN!!! You realize it was dark outside., and you forgot to look at the time! Too late now!

You hear the click of the door knob, as it opens.

(to be continued?)

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