The Game of Life: Chapter 1

The Game of Life: Chapter 1

The Game of Life
Chapter 1
By John Morrison

Mitch Goodman is lying in bed asleep, the room is dark. The sheets are hanging halfway off the bed, and he is snoring loudly. His alarm clock buzzes loudly, he aimlessly slaps at the nightstand. “Shit,” Mitch mumbles, as he knocks the alarm on the floor. The noise is distorted, but still remains. “Motherfuckinshitass,” He growls as he nearly falls out of bed whacking the top of the alarm finally silencing it. He looks at the time, 8:30. He sighs loudly, lying back down. His eyes slowly close. His eyes open, sunlight streaming in through the window on his face. He squints. “Sonofacock,” He growls some more, quickly hopping out of bed. The alarm clock is still on the floor; he grabs it and looks at it. “Ten thirty!” Mitch shouts angrily. “Fuck,” He sighs, stumbling naked toward the bathroom. “Ten minutes for shower, five to shave, fifteen to drive, umm eight for the…” Mitch quickly thinks, trying to figure what he has time for. He has three days worth of beard and mustache. “No time,” He thinks. Mitch flips on the shower, and turns back around to start brushing his teeth. Teeth cleaned he turns back around and steps into the shower. “Fuck!” He yells, falling backwards into the tub, halfway catching himself on the shower curtain which rips most of the way off the bar. Searing cold water bombards his face and chest, running down the rest of his body, shocking his system. He lays there, eyes wide open, he has large rage-filled breaths. “What the fuck! Are you just fucking fucking with me!” Mitch screams at his ceiling. He sits in the running water for a moment longer. The curtain bar falls from the wall, smacking him on the top of the head with a metallic thud. Mitch dazedly stares at the falling water coming from the shower head. He is visibly woozy. Watered-down blood starts to run down his face. His eyes close and his head rests back against the wall.

White. Not a room, just a white…space. Mitch is standing naked in a white area. He is confused. “Umm…Where am I?” He asks. He looks down at his feet. He is standing on some surface, but he can’t see anything. It’s all just white, in all directions. “It’s like the Matrix,” Mitch mutters. “Okay…let’s see. I was at a Eric’s…I drove home…I watched Sportscenter. I woke up late!…then I …fell in the shower,” He thought, this time out loud. “Am I dead?”
“No,” A booming voice announced. A large man appeared in front of Mitch. He had a long white beard and a big belly. He had on a Hawaiian shirt and sandals.
Mitch looked at the man in an odd way. “Santa Claus?’
“No Mitch. I am god.”
“Why do you look like Santa Claus?”
“I can look like anything, I am omnipotent, I can do anything.”
Mitch looked around, “Omnipotent…right.” Mitch was looking around for something. There was an awkward pause. Mitch looked downward and realized he was naked. “Then why am I naked, you could have at least put some clothes on me?” Mitch asked.
“I can see through clothes, so what difference does it make?”
“Well you’re looking at my cock, that’s the difference.” God wasn’t really talkative. “So…I’m NOT dead?”
“No you’re not dead,” God said.
“Okay…So what am I?”
“No…what the hell am I doing here?…I mean…What am I doing here?”
“What aren’t you doing here?” God asked.
Mitch looked very puzzled.
“I’m just fucking with you,” God said, smiling and laughing now.
“Okay…so that whole shower and all that, you were just fucking with me?”
“No…actually that was just you, but when you asked if I was ‘fucking fucking with you’ I couldn’t resist but to fuck with you,” God explained. “Walk with me,” God said. Mitch walked next to Hawaiian Santa God. “You see Mitchell, I am quite a lonely fellow. I don’t have friends or drinking buddies or anything like that. So I have to create my own entertainment, which is why I made the universe to begin with.”
“The meaning of life is to entertain you?”
“More or less,” God said. “I do put some meaningful things in there though, but I was bored. Most of the time I just watch movies and television or listen to music or watch people doing strange and new things. It’s amazing what humans have created. Godfather Part I…magnificent.”
“Why can’t you just make your own entertainment?”
“Ask a director what he thinks of his own movie. He’ll tell you he…or she…can’t enjoy it. They watch it and all they see is the work that went into it and think of the decisions and cuts and additions and on and on. Same with me. But you people create things that I don’t have anything to do with…so I can enjoy that.”
“Well…I guess I should ask. Is there a heaven and a hell?” Mitch asked.
“No,” God said quietly.
“So I can do anything. No hell?” Mitch wasn’t a believer in hell, but confirmation is always a good thing.
“Well, kind of. Some people create negative energy. Some create positive. When you die, the energy is recycled back into the system. If someone is really evil, then their energy is cut out of the loop.”
“So there is reincarnation?”
“Sort of. But it doesn’t work the way you think. But people still make choices…good and bad, so the energy is always changing, evolving. That is what makes the life worth living, otherwise it would be stagnant.”
“Well what if it was all good, and there was no conflict?”
“Then I would get bored and blow you all away and start over,” God said evenly.
“Okay…compromise is good. So what…what am I doing here?”
“I was bored. I need some entertainment,” God said in the same even tone.
“So dance monkey? Is that the deal?” Mitch asked.
“Sort of. I have a deal for you. How would you like to relive the same day over and over?”
“What like in Groundhog Day?”
“Damnit…I can’t ever get away with that can I? Yes like Groundhog Day,” God said annoyed. “I told you I need people to entertain me.”
“So…God. Can I call you God?”
“Call me Morpheus,” God said. Mitch looked around the white void and nodded. “Okay, caught me again. I love that movie though. Call me…Maximus”
“So Russell, is it fair to say that you aren’t a creative person?’
“Well, I’m not a person, but the creative part you’re right.”
“Seems Ironic,” Mitch said.
“It’s my curse,” God muttered.
“So basic Groundhog Day scenario? I learn some lesson from it and when that happens tomorrow happens?”
“No, I didn’t really like the exact set up. Here’s how it works. You will wake up just as you did this morning.”
“Oh great,” Mitch mumbled.
“Oh don’t worry about that, you’ll wake up in bed. The day will go on just as it would have. You can do, whatever you want. There are no consequences. Remember what I said about energy and people making decisions and all that? It doesn’t apply. It keeps going until you decide to start over. You can ‘Save’ your ‘game’ at any point.”
“You like video games too?”
“Big surprise right? So you can save anywhere and go back if you want. Whenever you want you can reset to the morning of today. If you want you can go on for forty years without resetting.”
“So I can do this as long as I want?”
“Yes. Whenever you want this all to stop, you tell me, and it stops, life goes back to normal. Play as long as you like.”
“This sounds too good to be true. I can do anything?” Mitch asked incredulously. “No consequences?” God shook his head. “So…what’s the catch? There has to be a catch.”
“One catch.”
“I knew it. Sell my soul right? Its always the soul.”
“No you’re confused, that’s Satan…which is me…but anyway. The catch is that I have to be entertained. So if you are boring…I pull the plug, you go back to normal.”
“You don’t implode the universe? Just back to normal?”
“Yep,” God said.
“Good, cause for a second I thought the weight of the universe was on me being entertaining…Why me?”
“Cause you asked to be fucked with,” God said matter-of-factly.
“Fair enough,” Mitch said. “So when do I start?”

Mitch is lying in bed asleep, the room is dark. The sheets are hanging halfway off the bed, and he is snoring loudly. His alarm clock buzzes loudly, he aimlessly slaps at the nightstand. “Shit,” Mitch mumbles, as he knocks the alarm on the floor. The noise is distorted, but still remains. “Motherfuckinshitass,” He growls as he nearly falls out of bed whacking the top of the alarm finally silencing it. He looks at the time, 8:30. He sighs loudly, lying back down. His eyes slowly close, then instantly open wide and he jumps up. “Entertaining…entertaining,” He mumbles. “Wait…how do I know that wasn’t a dream or a hallucination,” Mitch asked the ceiling. I EXPECTED THIS. “God?” Mitch asked, hearing a booming voice that seemed all around him. Suddenly Mitch shoots upward, the ceiling and roof break away just around him. He is now floating a thousand feet in the air…naked. He awkwardly looks around. A few seconds later he is shot at high speed back down, screaming. He lands back where he started, everything falling back into place. “Okay…it’s real,” Mitch said. YES IT IS. “So umm, can I just talk to you whenever, will people hear you?” ONLY YOU CAN HEAR ME, IF YOU WANT TO TALK TO ME, JUST SAY START. “Start? Why not pause?” IS THERE A PAUSE BUTTON ON THE PLAYSTATION 2 CONTROLLER? “No…”

“Okay…entertaining.” Mitch said again. ONE MORE THING. YOU GET THREE WISHES PER GAME. “Anything?” ANYTHING, EVERY RESET RESETS THE WISHES TOO. “Sweet fucking ass,” Mitch said. “Do you mind if I curse?” NOT A FUCKING BIT. “Just to check…The catch…like how long will it take for you to get bored? Like can I seriously fuck this up in like a day or two.” NO I AM PATIENT. “Okay…” Mitch said, smiling. “First Wish: Invisibility that I control at will.” DONE. Mitch is standing naked in his bedroom. He suddenly turns invisible, unable to even see himself. “Second Wish: I can walk through walls and doors and floors and ceilings at will, but I can be perfectly solid and normal at will also.” DONE. Mitch stood, naked, invisible, his fingers invisibly running through his bedroom wall. “I can float, fly, whatever you call it, as fast as I want,” Mitch said. THIRD WISH? “Third Wish.” DONE. Mitch smiled, invisibly, then he leaned forward, and flew like superman, through the wall of his apartment and outside at an incredible rate.
He flew at high speed over traffic and houses, skimming over trees. He realized that he could go through things, so he went lower, still going fast, flying through houses, through walls, people, anything. He comes up on the Freeway, flying beside cars. He flies up next to a blue Toyota, which is driven by an attractive young woman. Mitch looks in on the woman, then he becomes visible, floating beside her naked at seventy miles per hour. She glances out the window and is shocked to see him. He disappears. She looks around quickly; no naked floating man. Suddenly Mitch is sitting in the passenger seat…naked. “So, what’s your name?” Mitch asked. The woman screamed. Mitch came up on a city bus. He popped in. The people were all reading papers, listening to music, staring out the windows and so on. Mitch stood in the middle of the bus, and made himself visible. No one paid any attention. “Hey everybody!” He said loudly. A few glances at his naked body, then they looked away. Mitch started floating again, still in the bus, still visible. “How about some pelvic thrusts!” He said, humping the air and floating. Now he had their attention. “I’m here all week!” And he vanished, moving through the ceiling of the bus. Mitch surfed the bus, drivers all around seeing his naked bus surfing. Then he vanished and flew off at high speed. He arrived at his destination: Work.

He touched down, starting to walk now. Mitchell worked downtown at an insurance company office. His job is to go over contracts, lawsuits, claims, anything that is written, and analyze the language, checking for possible problems, loopholes, and so on. Sound fun? That’s what an English degree nets you. He realized he didn’t have any clothes. Mitch walked through the door into his boss’s office, literally through the door. “Hey Henry,” Mitch said, naked in front of his boss.
“Goodman? What the fuck are you doing?” Sam the boss asked, standing up from his chair.
“Nothing,” Mitch said.
“How the fuck did you get in here like that?”
“Very carefully,” Mitch replied. “Hey Sam, take your clothes off.”
Mitch turned invisible, flew across the room almost instantly and reappeared behind Sam. “I’m serious.” Sam turned in shock, his eyes wide. Mitch did the maneuver several times, appearing on one side of the room, disappearing and appearing somewhere else. “Take off your clothes or I will make you disappear for good.” Mitch threatened. Sam, in shock, started to take off his tie, undressing till he was down to underwear. Mitch put on the suit. “Later Sam.” Mitch disappeared, but the suit stayed visible. “Damn, I didn’t specify.” Mitch reappeared. “Sit boy, sit,” Mitch said to Sam, who obeyed. Mitch walked out into the office to his cubicle.

Mitch sat down in his chair. “Hey Judy!” He leaned back and said to the girl in the next cubicle.
“Yeah?!” She somewhat yelled over to him.
“You want to do something?” Mitch asked, rolling his chair to the edge of the cubicle wall so he could see her. Judy was about five eight, 130 lbs. She was wearing a fairly short black skirt, and a white blouse. Her c-cup breasts were somewhat visible. She had long brown hair. She is the epitome of a hot office girl.
“I’m busy at the moment.”
“Want to have sex?” Mitch asked seriously.
Judy started laughing, and turned to look back at him. “Not at the moment Mitchell,” She said smiling.
“I’m serious,” Mitch said. Judy looked back at him funny. “We flirt…everyday right? Well, are we ever going to get around to doing something or what?”
“I’m not laughing Mitchell,” Judy said, turning back to her paperwork.
Mitch stood up and walked over and leaned against her desk. “I’m serious.”
“What? Right now?” Mitch nodded his head. “No,” She whispered. “And keep it down, somebody is going to think you’re serious.”
“Hard to get, huh?” Mitch asked. He climbed up on her desk. Now anyone could look up and see him.
“What are you doing?” Judy asked.
“Give me some music,” Mitch said, pointing at her radio. Judy turned it on, turning through the stations and turning it up when she found a good song. “That’s good,” Mitch said. He started dancing; Moving with the beat. Judy shook her head. Several people were staring at him now. Mitch unbuckled his belt and pulled it off seductively, swinging it in the air over him.
“Oh god,” Judy said, giggling.
Mitch started to unbutton his shirt. He opened the front, letting it hang open. “You’re going to get fired,” Judy said, still chuckling. Mitch looked around the large room, and saw many eyes fixed on him.
“Watch this,” Mitch said. In an instant he went to not solid mode, which made his clothes fall like they were just dropped from where they were, leaving him naked in a second without moving. The clothes were in a pile on Judy’s desk.
“Get down!” Judy said insistently. Mitch went invisible. Judy looked around, hoping she wasn’t crazy. Then she felt hands on her shoulders, massaging her.
“Come on, it’ll be fun,” Mitch said, still invisible. Judy turned around looking for him. She stood up, looking around for him. Mitch grabbed her hand and pulled her towards Sam’s office. She was pulled by the invisible man. Sam was sitting in his chair, paranoid of everything, in just underwear.
“Hi, Judy,” Sam said quietly.
“Hi, Sam,” Judy said awkwardly. Mitch cranked the thirtieth floor window open. Judy was pulled to the open window. “Mitch, what are we doing?” She asked worried.
“Hold on tight,” Mitch said, hugging Judy, she hugged the invisible man back. They started floating out the window. Up and out, they floated, Mitch still invisible all the way up to the forty-eight story high roof. They gently touched down.
“Okay Mitch, I’m scared,” She said. Mitch appeared in front of her naked.
“Don’t worry, I met god today, he’s a nice guy,” Mitch said.
“You met god?” Judy asked awkwardly.
“Yeah, hence the powers. So, we flirt everyday, I say we just do it,” Mitch said.
“Okay, why the hell not?” Judy said, throwing her hands in the air. DAMN STRAIGHT.
“You got that right,” Mitch said.
“What?” Judy asked.
“Oh right, only I can hear you,” Mitch said. Judy looked at him strange. “Only I can hear god,” Mitch said.
“What did god say?”
“Damn straight,” Mitch repeated.
“God enjoys watching sex?” Judy asked.
“He says we are here for entertainment, and that’s why he gave me powers, so let’s put on a good show,” Mitch said.
“An audience, a divine one at that,” Judy said, starting to get excited.
“You like that huh? Why didn’t we just do it in the office?”
“Don’t push your luck,” Judy said. “Oh, what about…protection?”
Mitch flew through buildings to a store, grabbed a box of condoms, flew back, it was almost instantaneous. To Judy, it looked like a box of condoms appeared in his hand. “We don’t really need them, no consequences,” Mitch said.
“No consequences?”
“Yeah…umm have you ever seen Groundhog Day?” Mitch asked.
“Yeah,” Judy said.
“It’s like that,” Mitch said.
“How do you know?”
“We just floated out a window and up to the roof…and this,” Mitch said, flashing invisible, then visible, then invisible, then visible. “Or how about this,” Mitch said, visible, as he dramatically punched his hand through her stomach, which she couldn’t feel, but she could see his hand coming out of her back. He pulled his hand back “out.”
“Okay, I am convinced,” Judy said. “So why did we come to the roof?”
“So we could have privacy.”
“But we could go anywhere, right?”
“Yeah, pretty much.”
“Lets go up in the mountains or something, somewhere romantic, not a crappy roof downtown,” Judy said.
“I guess I wanted to fuck on a rooftop,” Mitch said. “Hey! We could do it in space!” “Ohh, wait, we would have to be in a spacecraft, and I can’t sneak you on… I’ll just have to think about that with the next wishes.”
“Yeah, I have 3 wishes each day, hence flying, going through walls, invisibility.’
“Why didn’t you just wish for omnipotence?”
“Damn, I should have thought of that,” Mitch said. CAN’T DO THAT. “God used his veto on that one. Mountains? Hop on.”
Judy stood behind Mitch, and hopped on his back, holding tight. Mitch floated a few feet off the ground, Judy with him. “Which way?” Judy pointed and they flew in that direction, picking up speed. They went higher, a thousand feet over the city. “How’s this?” Mitch asked, turning invisible.
“Ahhh,” Judy screamed, laughing. “I can see better,” She said. They flew on for several minutes. “Over there,” Judy said, pointing to a meadow. They came to a stop a few hundred feet above the meadow.
“Ready?” Mitch asked.
“For what?” Judy asked. Mitch turned his solidity off, which dropped Judy. She screamed, falling faster and faster. Mitch floated along beside her until she was about fifty feet off the ground, then he grabbed her and slowed them to a gentle stop. “You bastard,” Judy said, breathing heavily.
“Want to have sex now?” Mitch asked, standing in front of Judy, visible.
“Give me a minute would ya”
“How about now?” Mitch asked, instantly appearing right next to her.
“You are having way too much fun,” Judy said.
“Yeah. Hey! Would could just do it in mid-air.”
“I’d prefer to stay on the ground thank you,” Judy said.
Mitch wrapped his arms around Judy, looking into her eyes. “I really like you,” He said. “Let’s fuck.”
“How romantic,” Judy said, smiling. Mitch leaned forward, kissing her. “Okay, let’s go.” Judy said, pushing against Mitch, kissing him passionately. She ran her hands all around his back. Her kisses slowly descended to his neck. Mitch put his hands under her shirt, feeling her up. Judy got down on her knees in the grass, stroking Mitch’s cock, looking up at him. She put her lips against his head, pleasuring the most sensitive part of his cock with her lips and tongue. With Mitch excited, Judy laid back, invitingly. She had a skirt on, which she pulled up. Mitch got between her spread legs, grabbing her panties and pulling them aside. He put his cock against her lips, pushing inside. He put his hands on either side of her head, laying on top of her. Judy moaned as he penetrated her. He fucked her hard. He dropped down, laying on top of her, his head right next to hers. Their bodies rubbing together as he thrusted inside of her. She screeched louder and louder, he grunted as they fucked, their bodies smacking and rubbing together. Judy came, her screams piercing his ears. Mitch kept pumping her hard. Soon he was about to cum. Mitch got up on his knees, pulling out of her, and he shot his load on her stomach.

With that done, Mitch fell backwards, laying on his back, panting. Judy laid there panting as well. “That was fun,” Judy said between breaths.
“Yeah. Hey, honestly, how was I, cause this isn’t really real, so you shouldn’t lie, I mean.”
“Relax Mitch, That was fucking good.” The pair laid there for a while. “What should we do now?”
“How about we float up to about thirty thousand feet and then fall,” Mitch suggested.
“No thanks. I have an idea,” Judy said.

Thirty Minutes later they flew back in the office window. Mitch was invisibly naked, Judy was dressed, but she was slightly disheveled, her hair in a bit of a miss and her blouse had cum on it, and the back of her blouse had grass stains. They walked out into the cubicle area. Judy stood behind Norm, an office nerd. “Hey Norm. You know Sarah?”
“She really likes you, I think you should go talk to her.”
“Yeah, just go talk to her.”
At the same time, Mitch was invisibly sitting under Sarah’s desk. She was another cute office girl. She was wearing a skirt, which Mitch had his invisible hand up at the moment. Sarah felt a caress on the inside of her thigh. She urgently looked under her desk and all around. Mitch felt her up, putting his hand against her panties, and rubbing her pussy. She started to respond, but she was thinking she was crazy.
“Hey Sarah,” Norm said, standing beside her. She was still being felt up by an invisible man.
“Oh hey Norm,” She said awkwardly.
“I was wondering…if you would like to ummm, like go out …for a dinner or something?” Mitch put one finger inside of Sarah and played with her clit. She shivered.
“Yeah sure,” She said, not really listening to him, just trying to get him to go away. Mitch morphed through the desk and stood next to Judy on the other side of the office.
“It worked,” He said.
“Good, I think they would make a good couple, she thinks he is cute,” Judy said.
“Okay, now its my turn to think of something,” Mitch said condescendingly.
“Oh, what that wasn’t a good idea?”
“Come with me,” Mitch said, grabbing her hand and pulling her back to the boss’s office. “Take off your clothes,” Mitch said.
“We aren’t fucking again…at least not for a little while,” She said blushing.
“No, it’s not that, take off your clothes.”
Fine,” She said, taking all her clothes off. Mitch laid down on his back on the floor.
“Hop on,” He said.
“I thought you said it wasn’t sex?”
“I didn’t say you had to put it in,” Mitch said. Judy squatted down, sitting on Mitch, just above his crotch. She put her knees on either side of his chest, gripping him tightly, and her hands on his shoulders. “Off we go,” Mitch said, floating up and out the window, with Judy naked on top of him. “I’m your magic carpet,” Mitch said. He floated them down to the street, and hovered next to a taxi. The taxi driver looked over and saw a naked woman floating next to him.
“This is your idea of fun?”
“Yeah, pretty much,” Mitch said laughing. They floated on down the streets. They came to a High School.
“Oh no, no no no,” Judy protested.
“Oh, come on, besides you can’t do anything about,” Mitch said, pushing through the front door. They floated on down the hallway. “Just wait until the bell rings,” Mitch said.
“What’s wrong with you?”
“I’m trying to not be boring,” Mitch said. They had some time to kill. Mitch started to massage Judy’s breasts.
“You are invisible, you can’t be embarrassed,” Judy protested. Mitch turned visible.
“Fair now?” Mitch asked, still playing with her tits. “Let’s fuck again.”
“Not here,” Judy protested.
“Why not? It doesn’t matter, I told you, no consequences,” Mitch said, rubbing his hands all over her body now.
“Fine, I guess I don’t have a choice,” Judy said.
“Not really, I mean I could just leave you here naked and not invisible. Or we could have sex while floating in the air.” Mitch said, putting his hands around her hips. He lifted her and grabbed his cock, pushing it into her lips. Her weight pushed her down on his cock. She moaned loudly. They fucked floating in the air, then the bell rang. They were panting and moaning when scores of teenagers walked out into the hallway. They stared in amazement, on several accounts, forming a circle around them. They kept fucking. “Watch this,” Mitch said, then he started to spin them. They spun around faster and faster, Judy’s hair swinging out from them. They were both getting dizzy, but kept fucking. Judy started to scream loudly, marking her orgasm. Mitch slowed their spin to a stop. “And that kids, is how it is done,” He said.
“Now what?” She asked him, with dozens of eyes looking at her naked body.

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