The Garden At Midnight

Peeking through the foliage…I made my way into the back yard. It was truly amazing, when I went to bed I didn't have a yard like this. Now I found myself winding my way through an over grown garden that was much bigger then my yard ever has been before.

What awoke me was that song, such a sweet song on the midnight air. Like honey it just seemed to permeate the world with a sweet flavor. I had to find out where it was coming from. Not even bothering to dress I had come out back in my boxers only to find a huge garden in my little back yard.

What bothered me the most though was that it didn't seem that odd to me. As I walked past a small garden gnome under a fountain I paused and listened. The song was still coming to me from straight ahead. I smiled and pushed my way through the bushes and heard the sound of something small running past me. Fearing some wild animal I looked down and could see nothing. Looking back, the garden gnome was gone and the spot was empty now. This was definitely one fucked up dream I was having.

Pushing further into the bushes I felt thorns prick my fingers. Cursing I pulled them back and sucked on the wounds. I had to get past them to find whoever was singing that song. I reached forward again and this time I actually saw the thorn bush move and stick my finger with a thorn.

"Dammit! I saw that!" I yelled at the bush which, being a bush made no reply but the song stopped for a moment and there was this giggling like the sound of water in a spring. Then the song started again and teased me into trying to get past the bushes.

I walked down further and tried to see if maybe the thorn bushes didn't go all the way but sure enough, they did. Frustrated I kicked one and was rewarded with a thorn in my big toe. That was it! I had enough of these damn bushes.

"I'm going to get the hedge trimmer…see how you like that!" I said to the bush, not really paying attention to how insane I sounded.

I turned to find my way back to the house when I heard a rustling behind me. As I turned I saw the bushes pulled apart wide enough for me to slip through. So, that was what it took huh?

I slipped through the bushes, careful to avoid the thorns and found myself at the edge of a huge beautiful garden. The moonlight seemed unnaturally light here and I could make out all the flowers around me. Every kind of wild flower you could imagine was there, everywhere. Like the world vanished and I was walking on a carpet of flowers.

In the middle of the garden there was a grassy hill and as I watched the singer appeared from behind it. She was nude except for flowers that just seemed to hang off her, blonde hair to her shoulders pulled back with a weave of flowers. The most beautiful face I had ever seen and a smile that made my knees weak.

Her body was amazing, big full breasts, strong legs, shaved pussy, flawless skin. the flowers did not cover her as much as seemed to frame her pussy and ass and nipples. As I watched she playfully danced for a second humming that song that had woke me from my sleep.

I couldn't speak, I was transfixed by her beauty, I just stood and stared at her. She smiled at me and playfully skipped to the top of the hill and looked down at me. The moon was behind her, and yet the light seemed all around her nude body so that I could see every detail of her.

Suddenly I felt a tug and realized my boxers were caught on the thorn bush. I turned to try and untangle them and the bush pulled back hard and the fabric ripped. I tried to grab at it but the bushes were too fast, my torn boxers vanished into the hedge.

Turning back to her, she was staring at me and grinning. I was aware I was naked but it didn't bother me at all. I knew I was rock hard watching her and that too felt completely natural. I stood and stared back at her and she winked at me and began to sing again.

Now as she sung though she danced, at first playfully like a child's dance and I smiled. She looked so sweet dancing among the flowers, so perfect in the moonlight. She giggled as she sang and the dance became more serious.

Her dance was like the flowing of water in a stream, so fluid and graceful, from one pose to the next. I watched her in complete awe, she writhed and spun and seemed to float on air. I walked closer and closer, drawn to her dance.

She spun and lifted a leg and I could see her pussy was wet, the moonlight glistening on the moisture on her lips. I could also see that the wetness was running down her legs too. She spun and whirled and then as she dropped to her knees and turned over. she slid fingers into herself and then out again, rubbing them over her body as she kept on dancing for me.

As she twisted and danced she would dip her fingers into her pussy, pulling them out wet with her sex and rubbed them on her naked skin. Over and over again she coated herself with her own juices until her whole body seemed to shimmer with sex. I could smell her arousal, I could almost taste her as I watched. She was like the sweetest flower I had ever smelled mixed with the dirtiest thoughts I could think.

The dance was so fluid and beautiful, I was enspelled by it. I could not look away, could not just leer at her swaying breasts or dripping pussy. I had to watch all of her, the movements and the effort. The power behind the dance captured me.

Then she was at a frenzy with her dance and song. Like a wave of energy she spun and whirled and dropped and twisted. I felt sweat trickling down my brow from watching, my pulse was going a mile a minute. The dance meant something. I knew it did. It meant something. It was saying something to me.

I watched and my breath was ragged and harsh. I felt something building in me. Some deep dark need. She danced more for me in the moon light. She rubbed her juices all over, she invited me. Yes, That was it. She invited me. Teased me. Challenged me. She danced for me.

Letting out a growl I charged her. She was not surprised nor did she try and flee. She danced for me until I was on her and taking her to the ground. Growling and panting I grabbed her and brought her with me to the soft grass. She kissed me and grabbed my hair. As I kissed her back she bit my lip hard, I felt blood trickling into my mouth. I cried out and she giggled and tried to roll away.

I grabbed at her and pulled her back, pinning her down with my body. She was slippery from her own cum and sweat as I slid over her until I was between her legs. I growled and bit her shoulder and neck as I pressed my cock head between her lips. She dug her nails into my back and thrust her hips up to meet me.

Thrusting deep into her I began to fuck her hard and fast, I felt the blood trickling down my back from her scratches and it just made me fuck her harder. She was laughing and squealing as I fucked into her, her cum squishing out of her and down the crack of her ass.

Growling like a beast I grabbed her legs and put them over my shoulders. Her ass lifted slightly off the ground was in perfect line for fucking. I slammed balls deep into her again and again, grabbing and squeezing her succulent tits as they bounced from the impact.

I bent her near in half as I leaned into her legs and fucked her harder. She grabbed my hair and gave me an angry, hungry growl back and thrust back against me. The sound of our bodies slapping together like applause in the still night air.

She was so wet the sound of my cock in her was incredible. Wet sloppy squishing noises as we fucked. She threw her head back and howled for me as she came, he pussy clenching onto the shaft of my cock like a vice as her cum spilled out of her. I didn't stop fucking though, I kept hammering into her as hard as I could.

She grabbed my shoulders and her nails dig into my flesh. The pain was exquisite as I felt my own orgasm building. her pussy was so tight now and she kept screaming wild, animalistic sounds. Growling myself I bit her leg next to my face hard and slammed into her again and began to shoot cum. She cried out and squeezed her pussy tight to milk me dry as I came.

I couldn't catch my breath, it seemed the word was spinning around me. As the last of my cum filled her pussy I threw back my head and howled at the moon. The world was spinning. I wanted to know her. I wanted more. I wanted more dance.

The world spun.

More of her.

The world went black.

I woke to the morning dew on my body. Shivering, I sat up and looked around. I was naked in my tiny back yard, laying on the ground. I looked around me and wondered how I got there. Last night, the dream. I remembered it…but it was just a dream. Then I saw my boxers hanging from the branches of a bush. I felt the scratches on my back. And I saw the stone gnome watching me with a knowing grin.

"No wonder you lil fuckers are always grinning." I said to the statue and stood up. He smiled back. He knew.

I walked back inside. I didn't know what happened but, I knew I couldn't get that song out of my head. That song and the dance. I would never forget the dance. Upstairs my alarm went off, the night was over.

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