The Hot Tub with Friends

The Hot Tub with Friends

While the second wife has been gone, I have had plenty of opportunities to think about what could have been or might cum to be so to speak. It has made from interesting masturbation sessions and some things that I would love to further explore if given a chance.

One of my old friends is a girl I have known since high school. She is married to a great guy now, but like every one else, loves to add something special to the bedroom. She had an affair on him this past year, but she left enough clues for him to find out. When he did put it all together it almost ended their marriage, but after she stopped seeing the other guy and some marriage counseling, their marriage and love life was stronger than ever.

As I became better friends with both of them, I started to share with them some of my dark past with my own wife. These were the very erotic stories that I had written down of me, my wife and a guy friend of ours. At first I just sent her husband that I have grown to like and respect the story of my wife’s and my first threesome along with a couple of close up pictures of my wife working her Robo and one of her cumming. I wasn’t exactly sure as to how he would take them, but after talking to his wife she had indicated that after he found out someone else had been fucking her, he has been much more aggressive in bed. So I thought, why not take a chance and maybe I will hit on a fantasy of his that doesn’t cross his trust with his wife.

I sent them with a little note which simply read, “Hey Johnny, Since I shared a very intimate detail about my relationship with Teresa and myself that affected our marriage, I guess I feel like I owed it to both of you to go into more detail to get a full understanding of who we were. I have attached the complete story of just the first night that started the whole relationship. Although things didn’t turn out so well with Teresa and me as I had hoped for, they are very erotic in nature, which in itself is why I wrote them down. The story is not intended to offend, or suggest anything as to each couple finds their own comfort zone. I hope that you will enjoy the detailed account. If not, I respect that decision as well and I hope we all can continue to be open and honest friends. See, Teresa and I were not the perfect cookie cutter couple as you may have thought after all!!!”

A couple of days later, Johnny responded. He said that he thought the letter was awesome and the pictures were great. He also indicated that the letter looked like it had been written by a professional, although knowing that I had already shared with him some of my and my wife’s past, he realized that it was all true. He said that he shared the letter with Rachel after dinner and a couple of glasses of wine. She too liked the story and it turned her on as much as it did him. He mentioned that if I wanted to share other stories of me and Teresa that would be okay with him, but he did ask me a very interesting question, “If you and Teresa ever get back together, what will she think of the stories that you have shared with us?” I just told him that Teresa is very voyeuristic in nature and will probably be turned on by just knowing that I did that.

I sent him another longer story of a couple of more threesomes we had with the guy, all very erotic in nature. Rachel called me later that day and asked me what I was doing the next weekend. I didn’t have anything planned, so I told her I was free. She said, “Good, Johnny has just about finished the deck in the back with the hot tub, you can come over and check it out”. All I could say was, “Cool, just let me know when”.

On Friday night, I got a telephone call from Rachel’s phone. It was Johnny. He just said in his usual cheerful self, “Hey Glen, what are you up to?!” I really wasn’t up to anything and was kind of surprised to hear from him. So I replied that I was just hanging around the house doing the normal stuff, watching TV and stuff. He said, “Rachel and I are in the hot tub!” I said, “Cool, sounds like fun, I can’t wait to try it out with ya’ll”. He said, “We are looking forward to it as well”, and then handed the phone over to Rachel. In a very erotic, but drunk voice said, “Hey Glen”. I said, “Hey Rachel, sounds like you guys are having fun”. She said, “We are, can you guess what we are doing?” I said, “From the sounds of it, you and Johnny are hanging out naked in the hot tub, enjoying each other”.

Rachel replied back, “Actually we are doing it right now.” All I could muster up was a “Cool, do tell…” Rachel said that they had been drinking wine and reading my stories and that they were extremely turned on and wanted to call me. They were sorry that things didn’t turn out so well for me and Teresa but it sounded like not everything was bad. I said, “It wasn’t and that as you could tell from the stories, we had some really good times too”. She said that her and Johnny fantasize about threesomes and swapping as well, but have never tried it. I said, “It is very fun and erotic as long as everyone knows the boundaries and no one crosses them.”

Rachel was moaning now into the phone. I asked her if Johnny was giving it to her good and she replied, “Oh, God yes, we can’t wait until you join us, Johnny really likes you and trusts you”. After that, she wasn’t really up for talking, as Johnny had her full attention. I listened to them for a little bit longer, but they obviously put the phone down to concentrate on the task at hand. I went ahead and hung up after it sounded like they moved and I could hardly hear them any more.

A little embarrassed, Rachel called me the next morning. They had never done anything like that before and she was very apologetic. I told her not to worry about it, that it actually turned me on a little and it is the closest I have been to action in a while. She giggled a little and then said, “We will have to take care of that later”. I asked her what time would be good to come over. She said that they were going to finish up some errands, and then take a nap, “How about 5 tonight?” She asked. I said, “That works for me!” and we hung up.

I did my errands that morning as well and then hung out by the pool and drank a few beers, while I was catching some rays early in the afternoon. But by about 2 PM I headed for the house, where I took a quick nap in the cool air-conditioned room. At about 3:30 I woke up from my nap and felt quite rejuvenated. So I got up and took a nice hot shower to rinse the chlorine and sweat from earlier off of me, got shaved and cleaned up and dressed for my visit with Rachel and Johnny.

I arrived just before 5, since I left a little earlier than I had originally planned, but with Atlanta traffic, you never really know just how long it is going to take to get anywhere if you are traveling more than 5 miles. I knocked on the door and Johnny answered it. He was dressed like I was in shorts and a golf shirt. I brought over some wine that I had purchased about a year ago at the Biltmore Estates. I handed it to him and he asked me if I wanted a beer or something. I was good with just a beer, and he said that Rachel was still upstairs. We went in to the kitchen and he had rolled a joint for us to smoke while Rachel continued to get ready. Johnny has always had good stuff and it always help take the edge off.

As Johnny and I were finishing off the joint, Rachel came down stairs and joined us in the kitchen. I had the end of the joint in my hand and asked her if she wanted a hit. She declined and then I handed what was left to Johnny. Just before he took one final hit, he said to me, “She looks great, doesn’t she?” Rachel enjoyed the compliment and went over and kissed Johnny deeply and I could tell that the hit he took, he exhaled into her mouth during the kiss. She came over to me and said hello to me with a hug around my neck. She had obviously been working out as I could feel her tight body next to mine.

Johnny made an understatement when he said she looked great. Rachel was totally hot. She is a really hot blonde with her hair down to the middle of her back. She is shaped perfectly and she was wearing a pair of sweat shorts and a bikini top that tied in the back. Johnny was in a joking mood so when she hugged me, he grabbed a hold of one of the strings and untied her when she was hugging me. Rachel had a tan, but no tan lines as her top rolled off of her round tits. They were perfect too, I might add. She noticed me staring at them, and asked me, “Do you like them?” I said, “Yes, they are very pretty.” She said thanks and then turned around and asked me to tie her back up. When she turned around, Johnny was still standing close to us and she reached over to Johnny’s crotch and grabbed a hold of it through his shorts and rubbed what looked like a semi hard cock and told him, “Settle down big boy.”

Johnny pointed out that I brought over a bottle of wine. She said, “Thanks, Glen!” And then Rachel asked Johnny to open it for her as she wanted to show me the new deck and hot tub that Johnny and her brother had spent the past couple of months installing. The deck was beautiful. The wood work was awesome and the hot tub was a top of the line model. It was a 6 man tub, but 4 people could stretch out in it easily without touching each other. It had lights on the inside and had a CD system and waterfall in it even. Johnny had built a tall fence along the side of the yard that faced their neighbor. Johnny came out of the house with a glass of wine in one hand and a beer in the other and said, “What do you think, man?” I told him I was very impressed and then asked him some questions and he went into details that were obvious Rachel had heard before. She was proud of her husband and what he was able to create, but she was not ready to spend the evening talking about the deck.

So after Johnny was finished his spiel, I subtlety changed the subject and asked Rachel how she liked her wine. Being that it was from Biltmore Estates, she had mentioned that she and Johnny had never been. I told them that the trip was very nice, but for me it was more of a family trip, but had the potential to be very romantic for couples. I also shared with them that our cabin even had a hot tub, but unfortunately because of its location outside it didn’t leave much room for privacy. Not only were my parents there but also my son. It also really wasn’t anywhere near as nice as the set up they had in their back yard.

Johnny could tell that we were all empty and asked us if we would like another. He then leaned over and kissed Rachel and said, “Why don’t you two go ahead and get started in the hot tub and I will pack a small cooler and bring out the bottle of wine, along with some towels.” Rachel agreed and I got up and said, “My bathing suit is in the Jeep.” Rachel took a quick glance at Johnny and then looked at me and said, “You don’t need to wear one if you don’t want to, Johnny won’t be.” And with that she got up, stepped toward me, and asked me to untie her. So I pulled on the string, like Johnny did earlier and her bikini top came loose. Only this time I pulled it off over her head and tossed it in the chair I was sitting in. She then grabbed a hold of her shorts and pulled them down and bent over right in front of me with that beautiful tanned ass and pulled them off of her.

Just the site of her made my balls tingle. She walked over to the hot tub and stepped up the stairs and got in. I was able to get a glimpse of her pussy and noticed that she kept it shaven except for a little landing strip that was just above her pussy and it was blond. I just stood there in amazement as I am sure my mouth was wide open. Once she was in and done adjusting to the water, she turned around and looked at me. When she did this it was obvious that one of the jets was hitting her pussy just right as she swayed back and forth and sexily said, “Aren’t you going to get in?”

All of a sudden, as it took me by surprise, Johnny put his arm around me and put his hand on my shoulder and said, “She is something else, isn’t she?” I couldn’t agree more as Johnny placed the cooler along with the towels within arms reach of the hot tub and poured her another glass of wine. I was still standing there in awe of what I was seeing. Rachel was absolutely stunning as she leaned over to wet her hair and then stood back up. I could see her perky breasts glisten off the light in the water. What was the usual site for Johnny was wonderment to me. Johnny noticed that I still wasn’t moving as I had my eyes pealed on Rachel, so he turned to me with a beer in his hand and asked, “Would you like one?” What I first heard was, “Would you like to do her?” But then he said, “Glen, would you like a beer?!” He was loud enough this time to distract me and I noticed that he had a beer awaiting me in his outstretched hand. I said, “Thanks” and took the beer from his hand.

Johnny then took off his shirt and asked, “So are you going to get in man?” I said, “Sure” and undressed as he undressed and hopped in right after he did. We were all sitting in separate seats, with Johnny sitting across from me and Rachel was adjacent to both of us. I must admit, the warm water and the jets felt really good. Even after being relaxed by the effects of the joint, seeing Rachel’s naked body excited me and had me all tensed up again. Although now that she was sitting in the hot tub, in the water as it rumbled all around us, I began to relax again just a little bit as I sipped on my ice cold beer.

The way the hot tub was set up and we were sitting, even though we could all turn to see and talk with one another, Johnny an Rachel were in one corner with them head to head and Rachel and I had our feet facing each other. They continued to drink with me and then she asked me, “So do you like it?” I said, “Very much”, but was unable to get my mind off of Rachel’s beautifully tanned smooth skin. I then said, “The view isn’t too bad either!” Both of them just giggled because they knew what I was referring to.

We continued to talk when Johnny pulled out another joint that he had wrapped in one of the towels he brought out for us. However, since we were in the hot tub and our hands were wet, we had to make a rule: if you want to smoke it, you have to get up and wipe your hands on the towel before holding the joint. After all, no one likes a wet joint. So we all stood up and gathered around the side of the hot tub that had the towel and wiped our hands dry. Johnny lit the joint and took the first hit and then handed it to me, where I took the next. I then handed it to Rachel and she took her first hit of the night, which made her a little light headed. She then passed it back to Johnny where he took another hit and then to me. I took a little longer drag this time, and before I could exhale Rachel had her lips pressed up to mine and opened my mouth with her tongue. I could feel her breath on my upper lip as she exhaled and then I exhaled the smoke from my lungs as she inhaled sucking all of it out of me and taking my breath away in the mean time.

I handed the joint back to Johnny and held Rachel tight to me as she exhaled the smoke. Then I kissed her deeply in front of Johnny and looked at him out of the corner of my eye as our tongues entwined. He took another hit and smiled at us which let me know that he approved of our kiss. Rachel kept her eyes closed as we continued to kiss. I too closed my eyes to fully enjoy the moment and my hands ran down below the level of the water and caressed her smooth tight ass. She could feel my dick harden as it grew against her stomach. She reached down and grabbed it, and it grabbed her attention. She broke off the kiss and said, “Damn Glen, I already knew that you were a great kisser, but I didn’t realize that you were that big!”

I had all but forgotten that the night before my first wedding. We were all partying up at Pat Hurley’s, which was a bar in Buckhead that Rachel and I use to go to all the time when we were in college. She laid one on me there and said to me, “See, this is what you are going to miss.” That was then though and this was now. She turned around to Johnny and embraced him as well. I could see that she was stroking him under the water, but could not tell if he was hard already, I just assumed he would be since I was. I stood back and watched them while I drank my cold beer.

Johnny then stepped up on to the seat and sat down on the side of the hot tub. I could tell that they had done this together before, because without a word being said, she knelt on the seat in front of him and started to suck what I now was sure was his very hard penis. He braced himself with one hand and held the back of her head with the other. He was talking to her letting her know how much he enjoyed her giving him one of her world class blow jobs. I continued to stand back and watch. Johnny then looked up and saw me which turned him on even more. He asked her, “So do you like giving me a blow job, while your old friend, Glen watches?” He knew the answer and just smiled and winked at me.

She knew that we were talking about her, so she wrapped her lips around him as tightly as she could and sucked him so hard, it was like she was trying to suck the cum out of him before he was ready to have an orgasm. This obviously grabbed his attention back away from me and he braced himself with both hands and his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he looked skyward. She had tasted his pre-cum, but wasn’t ready for him to cum just yet. She lifted her head up and gently caressed his balls with her nails. She took another sip of wine to wash the drop of cum out of her mouth and back down her throat. Rachel then turned to me and asked me if I would like to lick her pussy. I just licked my lips and nodded. She got up and sat next to Johnny. I asked him if he minded and he said, “No, go right ahead, Rachel loves to be eaten out.”

I spread her legs out before me and dove right in. Rachel reached over and started to kiss Johnny and I could hear him talking to her. It wasn’t real clear as to what they were saying because she had wrapped her legs around my head and the water was still rumbling, but I could tell that I was part of a fantasy of hers that Johnny was letting her fulfill. Rachel had a very sweet tasting pussy. It had almost a “clean and fresh” taste to it. I licked on it at first, and then when I found her clit, I took it into my mouth and sucked on it. This made her moan slightly and I continued to roll it around with my tongue. She gyrated her hips in motion with my tongue. She laid back now with the cool night breeze brushing over her soft subtle breasts. I now had my hands completely under her ass and started to pick her up as I continued to feast on her cunt. I continued to eat her until she had her first orgasm of the night.

Rachel was hungry for some cock now and wanted Johnny to have her first. He sat back down in his seat in the water and Rachel straddled his hard dick. Even though she was wet from just coming and they were in the water, she was still tight. She reached down between her legs and grabbed onto Johnny’s dick and guided it into her. I could tell when she just got the head in and then as she used her weight to put more pressure on it, his dick all of a sudden slid all the way in. Johnny thought this was great, as he says, “Hell yeah!” But I could tell that it took Rachel by a little surprise as she gasped at his depth.

Once she got use to him she slowly started to rock up and down. He held onto her ass while she was fucking him. I could see her tits bounce ever so slightly as she rose up and then back down in and out of the water. I went back into my seat and continued to drink my beer and stayed rock hard as I was watching them. They eventually were so much into each other that they forgot that I was there. She was kissing Johnny passionately as her pace continued to pick up. She has great stamina and was very much pleasuring Johnny to the fullest. I could hear both of them moaning ever so slightly over the sound of the jets in the water. Then when Johnny came into her pussy, she stopped and felt his hot semen fill her up. She had him fully inside of her as she continued to kiss him. He whispered to her that he loved her and she did the same back.

It took them a couple of minutes to gather themselves before they remembered that I was there. Johnny then looked over at me and asked, “Did you like that?” At the same time, as if she had truly forgotten that I was there; Rachel turned and looked at me with this grin on her face that both expressed satisfaction and naughtiness. Her eyes also caught mine as I could see them sparkle in the night and they had the same expression as her smile. I said, “I did, but probably not as much as you two.” Rachel then lifted herself up off of Johnny and we all freshened our drinks.

We sat there in the hot tub for a while longer and continued to drink and have small talk. Johnny was still curious about Rachel’s and my past. I promised him that I had never done anything more than kiss her. And although Rachel knew that I knew a lot more about her past and other guys than she ever wanted Johnny to know, she still trusted me not to say anything, which I didn’t. I grew soft again while we sat there and talked, but my balls ached as full as they were of cum that had not been released in over a month.

Johnny asked if I had ever shared another girl before. I had, but Johnny said that this was his first that he was a part of. Her affair was a touchy subject with them because it was an issue of trust, but Johnny loved Rachel very much and wanted to make her happy. He was also a little old fashion, with old fashion values and ideas. Rachel and I were younger than him and we had explored many erotic times with the opposite sex. Rachel had even been with other girls before, but I wasn’t sure if Johnny knew about it and I most certainly was not going to bring it up.

As we sat there enjoying the water and each other’s company, I could feel Rachel’s foot touching mine. She had that dirty look to her again as she was looking at me. Her mere touch of her foot to mine sent chill bumps all over me and a great sensation tingled in my crotch. I was growing immediately as she continued to rub her food against my leg. Johnny could tell what was going on, just by watching us. Just to be sure though, I asked him if he was okay with this, and he said that he and Rachel had discussed it in full and that because he was there and involved and she was not going anywhere, he was okay with it.

Once she heard this, she got up from her seat and walked over to me. It wasn’t a far walk, obviously, but just those few steps sent hormones through my body so fast, I almost started shaking in anticipation. My dick was rock hard and when she reached me and was standing next to me, she grabbed the beer from my hand and set it aside. Without realizing it, I had a death grip on it. So when she took it from my hand, I had to relax a little, which turned out to be a good thing. There is no need in pulling an American Pie moment and shooting off before I was ready to enter. She then took my hand and placed it between her legs and I started to rub her thighs first and then worked my way up to her pussy. Actually, I am not sure if I moved my hand up, or as she was spreading her legs further apart, she lowered her self down to my hand. Either way, rubbing on this beautiful pussy was a complete turn on for me. She reached down in the water and quickly found my hard dick. It wasn’t very challenging; it was the only thing sticking up down there.

As she stroked my cock with her hand, I started to finger her pussy. She was leaning forward now hovering over me and offered me a tit to suck on as I had my fingers buried deep inside of her. I sucked on her tits softly at first, but then I heard her whisper in my ear, “Harder, Glen.” I sucked the nipple in my mouth a little harder and nibbled on it slightly. She responded in kind, “Yeah that’s it Glen, that is how I like it.” Rachel has this special something about her. Because all of a sudden, I had completely forgotten about Johnny and it was as if Rachel and I were in our own little world.

I could feel her pussy swelling again, and she was moaning in my ear very softly. Most of my attention was on her clit now and I continued to rub it faster. She also picked up the pace on my dick and then whispered in my ear with her most erotic voice, “Are you ready to fuck me Glen?” I almost came right there! I asked her how she wanted it and she said, “From behind.”

She stood up and I stopped rubbing on her pussy. She stepped to the middle of the hot tub and I got up from my seat. I saw Johnny again and all of a sudden remembered that he was there. He was sitting back in his seat with his arms stretched out on the back of the side of the hot tub out of the water. He had a beer in one of his hands and was watching us and smiling. With where we were, we were within arms reach of where he was sitting. Rachel spread her legs and bent over, holding on to the side. Johnny was basically sitting right beside us and Rachel was parallel to him and her head was facing his feet.

As I approached her from beside her, I stopped to finger her pussy one more time. I was on one side and Johnny was on the other. He too reached up and rubbed her pussy. We took turns for a little bit, but Johnny could tell that I was ready and so was Rachel. He said to me, “Go ahead, man. Enjoy!” So I moved in behind her and she reached between her legs and guided me into her. Since I was slightly thicker than Johnny, she was still a little tight, but oh my God, she felt awesome! She let out a little whimper as I was fully inside of her. I held onto her hips as she relaxed and got use to my girth. I rocked her back and forth a little slowly at first but she just turned her head and looked at me and said, “Remember I like it harder, Glen.” This was all the encouragement I needed and I took a firmer grip on her hips and squeezed them hard and then I began to slam my dick into her pussy.

I was slamming her so hard; the water that was in between us was splashing all the way up to my face. I had to close my eyes to make sure I didn’t get water in them, but that was okay, it only intensified the feeling as it did for the kiss earlier. She was moaning louder now as I continued to fuck her for all she was worth and then I felt a new sensation. Johnny had reached behind me and adjusted one of the jets so it was pointing up through my legs and at my balls and her pussy. Rachel felt it too and she said, “Thank you Johnny, you know I love that!” I liked it too, and I am guessing they had figured this out in one of their private love making sessions.

Rachel then came as I could tell when she started shaking almost uncontrollably. It was one of those orgasms that make your toes curl, as I am sure hers did. I was getting close to cumming now too and it all of a sudden dawned on me that I wasn’t wearing a condom and didn’t know where it would be okay to release my load. So I turned to Johnny and said, “I am about to cum, where should I put it?” Now in most cases this would definitely be a mood breaker, but I was so far into her and she was just cumming off of one orgasm and about to have another, we continued to fuck even harder. Johnny did laugh a little bit and said, “Don’t cum in my hot tub!” Which I guess really only left me one option, I was going to cum in her. I continued to grab hold of her hips tightly and slam into her. I leaned back pushed myself all the way into her and let loose inside of her pussy. At the same time, she reached another orgasm and continued to quiver again. I was super sensitive inside of her and her quivering made it so I almost couldn’t take it any more. But I stayed inside of her until she finished cumming.

I backed back out of her, still hard, but completely satisfied. I was dripping sweat from my forehead and even though my head had never been under the water, my hair was completely soaked. Rachel just stayed there holding onto the side. I think I could still see her pussy pulsating from the fucking she just received. Johnny handed me a towel and I wiped the sweat off of me. I was pretty well spent and a little out of breath and very hot. I got up and sat on the side of the hot tub, trying to cool off. Rachel saw me sit down and saw that I was still hard. She then came over to me and kissed me and said, “Thank you, that was definitely worth the 20 year wait.” We all laughed a little bit and then she put my dick back in her mouth and sucked the rest of the cum out of it.

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