The Last Priest In Town

The Last Priest In Town

The Last Priest In Town

My name is Vincent Vader I am a vampire and I’m going to tell you my story.

I was 6'1, broad chested from years of chopping firewood and hunting with my parents back almost 749 years ago to my family tree I was the last of my family line. I was dressed in garments similar to Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp for I was born in the Midwest in Kansas to be almost exact. My regal yet calm hazel eyes were hard, I had a long braid of silver blue hair, long smooth pale skin and fingers, and my voice was honest and I could change it to whomever I chose but mainly I stuck to Doc Holliday because he was the first man I saw and when he spoke it lit my heart up with such vigorous joy. But at the same time I pitied the man he was brash and smart but sick with disease so I mourned for him when he passed.

Walking down the stone marble street in busy New York City heading for a Catholic church and you must be thinking “What is he doing walking into a church?” well I’ll tell you I am found of crosses for I wear a rosary round my pale neck which I cherish again and I love the confessional booth. Sinners of all kinds come there and confess the most wicked sins and the most funny ones those I listen to and chuckle silently while I listen from a distance.
“Father forgive me stealing my sister’s Barbie doll” or “Father forgive me for I have sinned I took money out of the mall’s water fountain” those sins I would laugh myself into pain over but enough of that. I came to this church St. Gabriel’s was the name and entered touching my forehead, chest left shoulder and right shoulder then saw a priest and sniffed the air and knew no one else was in sight. I was full from a previous meal earlier so you can rest assure I wasn’t going to kill a Priest but he was The Last Priest In Town.

“Father might I have a minute of your time?”
“Son you do know the hour is late?”
“Yes but I have a confession to make” The Priest was approaching 56 and had a patch over his right eye and bald except for a three inch silver goatee which he stroked thoughtfully and then replied “Come into this booth”
“Thank you Father” I answered bowing politely and went inside it was comfortable so I removed my hat and coat folded it and sat it next to me just as he opened the little window.
“Forgive me Father I have sinned”
“Tell me your sins My Son”
“I have killed countless innocents and I need your blessing Father”
He turned to look at me through the wooden window and slid that back and I wept lightly.
“Why do you cry child?” He asked handing me a couple of tissues.
“Because I have lived for almost 300 years I never age a day and it pains me to live like this.”
“You mean you’re a vampire?”
“Yes Father do you wish to smite me with your words and drive a stake through my chest?”
A silence sat through our booth followed by “How do you handle Holy Water?”
“It burns but not enough to kill me do you want proof?”
“Well no but—“
“Go and fetch it if it will settle and justify your beliefs” and he went off his small potbelly jiggling slightly to the front of the 100 pews lined up 50 on each side.
He came back and sat it on the small ledge which separated us and I dipped my bony index finger in it a little whisp of smoke rising and I withdrew it sighing heavily.
“Anything else?”
“How much do I weigh?”
“The truth?”
Now this I found funny so I answered.
“Damn!” he swore and I looked at him shocked and chuckled.
“Why is that funny I’ve been on that damnable Jenny Craig food bah! They can go to hell!”
“The robes do make you look slimmer but I think you should be happy with yourself”
“Okay but how did you get turned? I do have to get home to the missus”
“You mean your mistress of a whore who has stolen your credit cards and is maxing them out as we speak while your wife sits in a home which you don’t even bother to visit”
He looked at me mouth agape.
“Not even Millie knows about that!”
“I can read minds but I will make you a deal”
“Okay god if you tell a soul what you know so help me God”
“Please stop with that tiresome line and listen”
“I will keep your secret if you clean up your ways and help me with my blessing and help me to find my lost mate I saw her in town here years ago but if you know anything you will tell me won’t you?”
“Yes I will”
“And the answer to your other question is no”
“Damn it”
“Ah ah no cursing in the house of God”
“Tell me about how you became this way” he said stroking his goatee and praying softly.
“Well Father my tale begins back in 1880 in the Midwest when I was about twenty and wild”

June 14, 1880 Kansas City

I was sitting in my favorite bar it was called Grand Rock and was run by the bartender named Jack Harrington he was 34, heavyset but mostly built strong, a black mustache curved down on his lip and his black hair was short wavy and parted like Moses did with The Red Sea he serving brandy and whiskey of the strongest quality by the glass and mug back to back. I was surrounded by five different women for I was very what you would call a man whore but I didn’t sell myself I just charmed women with ease my mama razzed me for doing this but my father didn’t care what I did for he was also surrounded by women at the Blackjack table laughing and puffing away on cigars as did I.
“Got another one ladies” Donovan said that was his name he said in his burly deep voice laughing and pinching the closest ass he could.
The air was thick with smoke, brandy, whiskey, sex, music and gunpowder depending on what night you were there; Friday’s were the worst nights to be in there.
Donovan and me looked alike except for that fact that he was 45 and had a mean haggard face but was kindhearted with a mustache and beard brown oil colored and neatly trimmed I had shaven my face at the barber’s yesterday and rubbed my bare face and smiled at Tammy who was a redhead whom was sitting on my left leg rubbing my slightly exposed chest and licking her lips. She was pretty with big hair tied up and some of it hanging loosely full breasts just as Cindy and Tracy whom were both brunettes and some what attractive. The last two girls were named Hannah and Lillian and they were blonde with smallish breasts and cute bodies which I craved more than the other three because their eyes were both ice blue both sensual with every gaze they cast most though they were sisters.

Anyways after Tammy rubbed my crotch which already had a huge bump from my stone hardness I looked to her and kissed her caressing her full left bosom in my right hand through the pink dress she wore moaning under her wandering hands which was soon joined by all the other girls and we laughed and I said “Who is going home with me tonight I wonder?” all of them giggled and smiled drunkenly. I was a bit buzzed but still coherent when I took Tammy’s hand and lead her out the back and winked at Hannah and Lillian which caused them to blush.
Stumbling out the back of the bar it was night and warm the moon was full with the stars in the heavens cloudless sky. We kissed and laughed as she tugged on my left earlobe and then she stopped and screamed in utter horror and suddenly I was pushed away hitting the back of the bar wall shoulder first I winced in pain and chuckled “Love I didn’t know you liked it rough”
A dark figure wrapped in an emerald velvet cape circled Tammy and then as she screamed once more the dark figure raised a hand and brought it down threw Tammy’s head and pulling out my Colt 45 pistol with grain polished handle I cocked it aiming wildy at the figure and saw Tammy’s face which had a massive hole where her nose, eyes, and mouth had been.

The figure advanced slowly my vision was blurred so I saw two no four of them as I waved my pistol wildly until my hand was grasp softly but harshly and put against the wall by a smooth hand that belonged to a woman her skin was fair and cold but normal like yours and mine before I died. I belched loudly sighed and giggled trying to free my hand and brought my right hand up and said “You killed my Tammy! How could you!”
“She was a whore what value does that whore have to your heart nothing!” the cloaked woman stated pinning my other hand to the wall as well so we were face to hood. She withdrew her right hand away from my left taking the gun and drawing back her hood I saw a mane of rich red hair that flowed down to the middle of her back, she the most gorgeous face so smooth and sharp, devastating smile that charmed me from first sight, cute nose, full breasts, and curvy body but the thing that stood out were her eyes they were green and so loving and full of total velocity that amaze me to this day. She hissed softly in my left ear and I kicked her off and said “You devil bitch take your hands off me!” I shouted shaking the cobwebs from my head and focusing on just one of her after all the others disappeared then she snarled choking me hard and replied
“I will make you mine and you will not fight me or I will kill you” smiling briefly.
“You’re a daisy if you do” I answered shaking my head pushing her off with another shove I staggered off until I saw the light on the front of the tavern and then clouds of white consumed my thoughts and next I awoke in a bed.

The bed was not my own it was in a hotel room upon the outskirts of town my head covered with a cool washcloth which didn’t help the excruciating headache I had and the room was lit by only a small light which sat at the wall at the end of the bed. I sat up moaning lightly and felt my knife slide down to my right hand but I tucked it back into place waiting for her to show up and she did and said sitting in front of me “How yours head Vincent?”
“Was getting better but I didn’t catch your name” I winced rubbing my forehead with my left hand and she pushed me back down onto the bed straddling me lightly and answered “Florence”
“Why is that good?” she said lightly kissing my lower lip.
So I can kill a piece of filth like you!” I sad bringing my knife to her throat pressing hard.
“You won’t do it you don’t have the guts Vincent” she hissing green gleaming brightly her full breasts pressing against my chest her hardened peaks rubbing against my chest through her nightgown erotically making me moan slightly.
“Stop it! You demon slut!” I said shaking my head pushing away the whispers in my head.
“Shhhhhhh relax Vincent”
“No I won’t you killed Tammy I won’t let you get away with it!” I said as she ripped my shirt open and kissed my chest lightly taking the knife out of my head dropping it onto the floor.
God how she made me stone hard and aroused all my senses but I could not fight her so I gave in and let her take my mortal life away. Florence kissed up my left breast to my left ear and kissed it and moaned involuntarily pushing her away with my hands but she laughed kissing my neck where I was most sensitive and nibbled then I felt a sharp piercing in my neck and groaned holding her to me and in my mind I heard her say “There ya go just relax and go with it”

Florence kissed my neck then my lips which I tasted my own blood upon and turned away at first but then she brought my face to hers and I kissed her fully as she swept my lips gracefully her hands tracing my chest and stomach moaning softly then she slid down my chest butterfly kissing until she undid my pants letting my heated flesh stick out and she got up shut off the light and climbed back on top of me french kissing me gently and I kissed back running hands feverishly all over her back moaning with every kiss we shared and our sensuous embrace intensified with her body against mine then she slowly sat up dragging her hands down my taut front and as I tried to say something she put her left index finger to my lips and said “Shhhhhh”.
She sat up fully taking my heated flesh into her secret pocket of warm wetness which I enjoyed as she rode me gently and slowly her face silhouetted by the moonlight then I saw her hardened peaks sticking out proudly through her nightgown and she looked down and said “You like that better than Tammy huh?” she said clawing my chest lightly chuckling.
“Oh yes better than her god yes” I moaned exploring her thighs all over she then took each of my nipples into her mouth slowly one at a time biting them tugging until they almost were ripped clean off my chest. I raked her hair taking in her scent til my nostrils burned.

She was vivaciously insatiable in every way imaginable when it came to our first encounter. She sat back up riding softly locking my gaze with her own eyes flickered briefly from brown to soft green I saw this and smiled loving that moment squeezing her mashing hips against mine in repetition moaning softly aloud and in my head crying out my name in the name of Ecstasy over and over then the moment was over and she was gone then I sat up only to be pushed down again by laughter. “Did you think I was gonna leave you without dessert?”
“I didn’t know there was dessert” I said sitting up holding her in my arms gazes locked hard into our eyes. Florence slid the fingernail on her left index finger across the top of her left breast pulling down her nightgown with the other and guided my head to her bleeding peak I suckled hungrily relishing in her moans as she threw her head back laughing lightly saying “Like warm honey huh baby?”
Lifting my mouth away I answered “Oh god yes just like it”
“Mmmmmmmmmmm keep drinking lunger” she chuckled warmly bringing my mouth back to feast more, after about ten minutes I felt full and my mouth heavy for strange reason I watched as her wound healed up clean like it never existed then she covered her bare breasts again teasing me even more I fell backwards moaning contentedly she laid down and kissed my lips whispering “I shall see you tomorrow evening when the sun goes down” and vanished I passed out.

The next day I woke with the taste of blood in my mouth, pants unzipped my half erected dick hanging out, my smoke wagon lying on the night stand beside me along with my cigars and matches and a small thing of whiskey with a note. The note read: “This’ll help with the hangover effect Flo” with her lip impression underneath the words. Then it hit me She was a vampire she turned me that demon slut! Son of a bitch I’m gonna kill her! So I got dressed pulled on my gun belt checked my smoke wagon made sure it was loaded tucked it away swished the blood taste out of my mouth with water and downed the small bottle of whiskey and groaned spitting it out shaking my head cleaning the cobwebs out and made my way downstairs, paid the manager and left. Heading for home on my brown stallion I rode fast to tell my father of what had happened but I stopped and went the back way home cause the law dogs were looking for me then I gasped pulling on the reins as a little boy ran out in front of me and he knew who I was.
“Don’t tell here take this go buy yourself something big” I said leaning down handing him $20 in ones and fives. “Thanks mister” the boy said and ran off smiling. Thank god I had some money on me matter of fact that was the last of my money the rest was at home. Slapping the reigns down on Johnny Boy he neighed and dashed off hard my duster flapping outward behind me my hair doing the same it took me forty-five minutes to get home and my father was not happy first thing I got was a hard slap with a backhand so I punched him and went straight to my home after I said hi to my mother who stood there cussing her head off at me.

It was high noon when I got into my room as I moved my bed over to the opposite wall and pulling up two of the loose floorboards which contained my “winnings” from poker, blackjack, faro, and Texas hold em nearing about $100,000 over the course of six months bagging up the coins and bills I rushed packing up my clothes, watches, and various other possessions that I owned. My father came into my room flung me aside holding his Colt smoke wagon to my face and said through gritted teeth “You better have a goddamned reason for not coming home last night and for how the fuck Tammy ended up with her face missing behind Grand Rock” he cocked the smoke wagon still gritting his teeth and growling.
“Donovan you better take that goddamn smoker out of my face or your gonna be regretting that deeply”
then my little brother Morgan walked in and said “Daddy why do you have your gun in Vinny’s face?”
“Nothing nothing at all Morg go on downstairs with your mother” and he did without question smoothing his plaid long sleeve shirt with his sleeves rolled up black pantlegs tucked into his shiny tan boots spurs jingling.
“I was knocked out by a girl with my own pistol Donovan” I said looking him in the eyes.
“You a girl took your pistol and knocked you out then what?”
“She drank my blood and then made me drink her’s I didn’t want to but I couldn’t stop myself it was like she had some kind of mind control on me it sounds damn near crazy but it’s true Donovan I swear it” I said running my hands through my hair watching Donovan pacing back and forth muttering then I went to close one of the bags that was full and he pinned me against the wall hard smoker barrel in my mouth fully cocked.
“I swear boy if you sound like the town crazy you wanna end up like him god and then you said you drank her blood” he withdrew the pistol and cussed left and right then said “You get the hell out of home pack your shit and get out the law dogs are after you and I don’t want that shit blowing up my ass catch the train at 7:00 p.m. and haul ass to Tombstone and go look for Virgil and Carrie North they can help” then he hit me with the pistol hard over and over till my face bled and finished “and don’t ever show your face on my doorstep ever again!” and stormed out of my room.

Morgan came in still in his pajamas holding Fluffy his stuffed puppy to his baby blue plaid pj’s I saw him and said “Hey buddy what’s the matter?”
“Why’d daddy hit and yell at you?” he answered wiping his eyes after all he was only six.
So he came over to me and hugged me tight and I tried not to weep and said “Morg you’re brother has to go away for awhile but maybe when you go to town with mommy go to see Hannah and Lillian you remember them don’t you?”
“Yeah they look like sisters” he said looking in my eyes and wiped away my tears and noticed it and said “Are you crying Vincent?”
And I cried hard holding him not just caused he asked me that but because my life had spiraled out of control and he finally said my name without trouble.
Holding him at arms length I sighed sniffing and said “Come help me pack my stuff up” and he did smiling lightly.
Then I heard my mother calling to me from the backyard and opening my window I saw she had Johnny Boy and was feeding him brushing his thick mane of hair kissing him and he whinnied and snickered when she hugged him.
“What ma?”
“Are you done packing yet?”
“Almost got two more then I’m done”
“Okay you can hide out at The Regent till seven”
“Thanks mom”
“Thank me when this shit blows off”
I chuckled and shut my window and returned to packing my stuff with Morgan’s help.
Once were done packing my mother made a call to the Regent and thirty minutes later a tall gentleman rode up on a black stallion whom escorted me but said “Make your goodbyes quick and fast the law dogs are out to lunch so you open window is ticking”.
“Yeah yeah I know” so I hugged and kissed my mother goodbye as she sobbed softly.
Then I picked up Morgan and we hugged each other tightly crying and laughing then I put him down wiping my face and then came Donovan so I whipped him with my pistol making his cheek bleed and said “Now we’re even asshole” and straddled Johnny Boy. Then he chuckled and said “Hey Boy here” and threw a small wad of hundreds at me then came up to me and handed me an Ace of Spades and an Ace of Hearts and said “You’re an American Asshole” then I pocketed the two Aces and slapping the reigns down hard we rode off.

Coming to the town entrance the tall gentleman said “Go around back and knock three times”
“Sure” and I did the back door opened and there stood Cindy smiling brightly which turned to a frown when she saw my face.
“What did Donovan do now?”
“Oh not much we’re even gave him the same cut damn cur” I said pulling my luggage off of Johnny Boy and petted him and kissed him which made him nicker lightly then I kissed Cindy and she led him out front to drink and eat. Going upstairs I went to the girls’ room, Hannah and Lillian were playing High Card then both of them jumped as I entered the room immediately I was consumed with kisses and nonstop pampering not that I didn’t mind it made me feel loved but at least somebody.

After about fifteen minutes of pampering and kissing I made my way to the bed collapsing with both of them on either side of me.
“So I gotta know are you two sisters?”
“You have to promise not to tell a soul”
“I swear on the grave of Doc Holliday”
“We are cousins” they said in unison.
“Well I am an oak”
Hannah rubbed my crotch and said smiling coyly “You are an oak Vincent darling” and she kissed Lillian then I kissed her right earlobe teasingly then we switched I french kissed Lillian as Hannah worked off our clothes one at a time soon after we were all naked lips interchanging tongues tasting each other’s mouths in pure passion unknown. After going down on both of them I still had enough energy for both of them to ride me out. Hannah climbed on top and rode me gently while Lilly nibbled on the right side of her neck massaging her breasts one at a time twisting and pulling her nipples moaning followed by her rubbing Hannah’s wet pussy causing Hannah to moan and groan loudly begging for more. “Mmmmmmmmm god Lilly Vincent I’m almost there” “So am I baby” I said watching them greedily savoring in every kiss, moan, twist, and grope. Then sitting up I nursed Hannah’s left breast hungrily which in turn made her cum and made me also shoot inside of her I groaned kissing Hannah breathlessly and she said “God that was splendid you tall drink of water”

I laid down slowly pulling her with me still kissing and moaning as she dismounted me to let her cousin ride me out. Hannah broke our lip lock and french kissed Lilly gently massaging her left breast moaning as Lilly did the same to her’s. Then Hannah leaned down onto Lilly’s right breast taking it into her mouth suckling it fiercely making Lilly moan louder begging her to stop laughing some riding me harder making her pussy tighter making me groan in pain. Hannah switched over to Lilly’s left breast suckling it swirling her tongue counter-clockwise around her rosy nipple making it tighter and harder.
“God yes Hannah jesus christ yes babe!” Lilly cried out as I rubbed her teasing her over and over then Hannah kissed her way down to her cousin’s pussy and licked where my fingers stroked her switching hands to my right I ran my hand through Hannah’s hair moaning and me and Lilly climaxed at the same time and came at the same time saying in unison “Holy shit Hannah” then we all laughed then both girls licked, sucked, and nibbled on my cock. Their lips met and they kissed each other, their tongues swirling around my throbbing hard-on. Up and down my cock, their hot greedy mouths worked their magic, meeting at my bell-shaped pricktip,
where they kissed again, their spit dribbling down all over my balls I groaned after they finished coming up to my kiss me after they both gave me a blowjob. We shared a passionate three-way kiss then fell asleep with Hannah on my right and Lilly on my left and I drifted off to sleep in peace my limp dick slowly shriveling up then I dozed off.

At about 5:55 p.m. I woke up with the urge to piss real bad and grabbing my pants I pulled them on and climbed out of bed headed out back to take a nice piss the sun was setting and as I was halfway through I heard a smoke wagon being cocked then felt it pressed against the back of my head.
“I oughta haul your lunger ass in right here right now” Deputy Hank Harrison said spitting at my right foot.
“Well hello lawdog how goes your day?” I said smirking knowing he was cocky to an extent and that he was only 31.
“Don’get smart with me boy I ain’t in the mood for it yer wanted fer murder” he said as I finished.
“May I zip up law dog Harrison?”
“Yeah of course” he answered taking the smoke wagon which was a 1845 Colt six shooter still worked after all these years.
Then I zipped up and pinning him against the back of the door gritting my teeth I kneed him in the groin and said “You didn’t see me you don’t know where I am got it?”
“No I don’t!” he said and hit me with the Colt but I took the hit on my left arm mild pain I grabbed him by his expensive jacket and smeared his face in my piss puddle.
“Now have you seen me?”
“No I haven’t but someone else will!”
“Wrong answer!” so I plunged his face into it again and he gurgled then bringing his face up I said.
“Did you see me?”
“No I didn’t”
“Good law dog have a drink” and smushed his face back into my piss and ran back inside.
Passing the tall gentleman I said “I need some protection and backup Harrison just found me”
“Okay I’ll see you at the train in an hour.”
Dashing upstairs I tossed the sea of clothes around fishing for mine and got dressed causing them to wake up.
“What’s gon’ on Vinny baby?” Lilly asked rubbing her eyes.
“Harrison found me and now I gotta skedaddle”
“Oh My God” Hannah said getting out of bed tits bouncing erotically but I shunned that away for now as she grabbed my things up and piling them up nice and neat on the bed. I pulled on my vest and gun belt then tucked my smoker away and pulled out my other smoke wagon tucking that one in my waist but not after loading it fully spinning it and locking the chamber in place by then it was 6:23 so said my timepiece.
Lillian climbed out of bed and hugged me tight as did Hannah both whimpering.
“Hey now you can come and see me in Tombstone just promise you’ll bring Morgan”
“We promise” they both said kissing me one last time then grabbing my stuff I headed out but not before they called me back again.
“What now?”
“Something to remember us in your dreams” and they french-kissed each other.
“God you two are gonna be the death of me” and dashed off down the back stairwell and out the back door coming around the left side of the building stood Florence wearing a blue dress with a black sash and blue dress hat smiling pleasantly.

I had my smoke wagon drawn ready to give someone an early grave but she was there and sighing I said “Move it Flo I ain’t got time for your shit”
“I know I just found out you’re on the run from the lawdogs very smart smearing his face in piss”
“Oh jesus christ Florence either you can help me or you can go”
“I’ll help”
“Good take these bags and Johnny Boy and get them on the train I’ll be there shortly” I said handing her my bags.
Then she smiled and kissed me and went off and not two seconds after she was gone I grabbed my other smoke wagon my twin Swords I called them cause they were both shiny silver I headed out and there stood all four Lawdogs: Harrison, Jimmy “Two Shakes” Jones, Johnny “Stallion” Burke he got that name for having the biggest dick or so was the rumor heh, and the U.S. Marshall Tommy “22” Smith all armed with shotguns and smoke wagons alike and I had the tall gentleman which came riding in with three others and the Lawdogs were all dressed in expensive garments and dusters as was I.
I stared hard into Tommy 22's black eyes and smirked as he said “Vincent Vader the fifth you are hereby under arrest for the murder of one Tammy Wilkins”
“Come on 22 we both know that I had nothing to do with it”
“There is evidence that you were seen at the scene of the crime!” Stallion said stroking his much needed shaven cheeks.
“Johnny you were probably hip deep in some whore’s pie so you couldn’t know” and some of them chuckled.
“Enough of this shit” I said taking up my stance holding both smoke wagons spinning them as the Lawdogs geared up cocking their shotguns and pistols for battle.
“Go!” and the shooting gallery began I stopped twirling mine and fired left and right at them and I knew they were crooked but 22 was the most vile 22 stood for how many lawdogs he himself had killed to accomplish the position he was in now.
“Look out Vincent!” the tall gentleman shouted at me as Two Shakes came up and fired twice missing me the first and grazing me the second minor pain nothing to cry about now so I fired at him twice hitting him in the chest and head watching him fall into the horse’s water trough. 22 and Stallion were in a crossfire with two mexicans shooting back and forth which gave me some time to reload my Swords then I heard and saw Hank “Piss Boy” Harrison coming at me and laughed cocking my pistols and jumping at him I fired four times scoring hit after hit and took one in my left shoulder and winced watching him fall down to the ground clutching his legs and crying like big baby.
“You whiny cur! Die Piss boy!” and shot him in the face then ran like hell through the crossfire firing at the opposition as I ran and emerged with some bumps and bruises and bleeding from my left shoulder bad I headed for the train and it was five minutes til seven and looking over my shoulder I saw 22 coming at me riding his steed hard I aimed with both Swords and fired until they were empty and he fell from his steed dead and I felt another sharp pain in my stomach and staggered as I got on the train and headed for the back and found Florence sitting there the smile she wore turned upside down when she saw me.

“Jesus Christ Vincent what the hell happened?”
“I got Piss Boy and 22" I chuckled wincing in pain as she helped me into the seat then the train moved and I saw the Tall Gentleman as he waved at me I poked my head out the window and yelled “Meet me in Tombstone” and he nodded and I sat down hard moaning in more pain.
We were all alone in the third class car as she went to work on me helping me out of my duster, vest, and shirt gently she gasped at the bloody mess I was and sifted through her purse and pulled out thread, needle, tweezers, and a bottle of hard ass whiskey I chuckled.
“Awwwww you bought me my favorite baby bottle”
“Uh huh that’s right take a sip big baby”
I did and grimaced “God this shit’s super fucking strong” and handed it back only to have a belt shoved in my mouth and she said “Now this is gonna hurt you’re dying okay and I’m gonna save you” and kissed my right cheek then took her index fingers and pulled open my shoulder wound first and I bit on that belt hard as I could till my teeth went numb and watched her and felt my skin splitting apart then she took the tweezers and pulled the first bullet out of shoulder with difficulty I moaned sweat breaking out all over my body blood pouring everywhere which she sucked up then poured the whiskey into my shoulder and I smacked her face and she said “You get one hit free the next is gonna cost you”
Then she dried up my shoulder and told me to hold pressure against it so it wouldn’t bleed anymore Flo then went to work on my stomach helping me to lie down so she could work better on my wound that was zapping my life away.
“Don’t think your getting any favors while I’m down here”
“You are an oak darling” then I bit on the belt again harder than the first time as she spilt my flesh apart again with ease then plunged the tweezers into my gut fishing for the second bullet poking inside my belly I moaned and groaned screaming and tasted blood on my lips and knew that my teeth were bleeding from biting. I bit again and passed out from the pain and losing my energy I collapsed onto my left side and she said “Ah ha!” and pulled the second bullet free and sucked up the blood flowing then poured more whiskey onto it I howled in pain being jarred out of unconsciousness from that burning needle stinging whiskey. I slowly sat up and hit her right cheek then she went to hit me and I passed out again falling onto her right shoulder and she picked me up and took me to the cargo area were just by chance there happened to be a bed laying on the floor beat up but still usable.

Laying me down she went back and grabbed her things and hiking up her dress she kneeled beside me a lantern glowing at my the right side of my face she checked me out to see if I was still breathing and patted my face dry of sweat and blood then sat the lantern on the other side of my face and begin sewing up my shoulder wound first pulling the skin together tight sticking the needle through more pain jarred me out of rest and I moaned slightly while she took a half hour to stitch up my shoulder then she kissed it gently then brought the hot lantern to sit above my second entry wound and went to work on that for an hour and brought the light up to my face and I winced then she kissed me gently.
“Rest Vincent rest darling”
“Mmmmmmmmmmm now that’s the best idea I’ve heard all day” and sighed resting my head in her sea of blue falling fast asleep two seconds later. Florence blew out the light and held Vincent praying for him to make it through the night looking at the moonlight shining through a small window in the car. It masked her face perfectly as she smiled some and looked down at him brushing hair away from his face taking in all his beauty that she adored for all time but now to see it dirty, cut and in need of a shave she frowned trying not to cry and a tear fell onto her cheek and wiping it off she chuckled.
“A tear from my eye for this lunger? God I must be getting soft” she said silently sniffing taking off her gloves and sitting them beside her she touched his sweat slicken face and dried it away with another tissue feeling tears falling onto his face and sighing heavily taking off her hat she laid down with him cradling his sleeping form she smiled and kissed his forehead and sniffled then felt his hand touch her right cheek and he said “Inside us all we have softness” and kissed her gently and they both kissed until they fell asleep in a newfound understanding of each other.

At around five a.m. the sun was rising and Florence stirred slightly when she smelled something burning and then hissed leaping into a dark corner of the car. She patted her left dress sleeve and cursed then noticed Vincent lying there not moving and thought to herself “My little outburst should’ve woken him up or at least made him stir” So she threw the burnt sleeve at him nothing happened, so she called out to him even stomped the floor and nothing happened he lay there in the sunlight right hand resting over his tummy, right leg bent, left leg straight as well as his left arm, and his head lay looking to the right; chest not rising and falling.
And she knew that Vincent Vader was dead he looked like a dead angel almost laying there like he did. A fallen angel who died fighting a courageous battle but she would not let him die like this not at all.

She grabbed his ankles despite the burning smell of her flesh plugging up her nostrils Florence dragged him into the shadows and held him in her arms crying profusely tears pouring freely she bit into her right wrist and put it to his maul blinking away tears causing her vision to become blurry and she roared in fury and rage that he died on her like this then she felt a slight pinch and said wiping her eyes clear “Vincent come on babe come on back to me” I drank slowly abhorring the disgusting taste going down my throat but I continued drinking feeling my energy returning slowly all the way down to my toes then she laughed holding me to her tightly I groaned and she let me go and kissed me hard then slapped me and said “That’s for dying on me don’t you ever do that again!” rubbing my face I smirked and pulled her lips to mine again and we kissed fully and passionately with her holding me up by her left leg I broke the lip lock saying “I promise dear Florence now we better get the mattress over here” and she nodded and let me drag the mattress over to the corner which we laid down upon the electricity interchanging with each kiss we gave. Then in-between one of these electric kisses I groaned and jerked as my body was dying then five minutes later after listening to her reassurances of I was gonna be allright I was like her undead, a creature of the night, a vampire who drank of blood.

“Wow what an interesting tale Vincent but I hate to cut this short but the hour is extremely late”
the priest said looking at his watch.
“Yes I know this shall we continue tomorrow Father?”
“Yes we shall”
Stepping out of the booth together I said “What tis your name?”
“Father Shannonwell” he said regarding me with some degree of respect.
“Thank you Father Shannonwell good night” and we parted ways.
I made my way down the now empty marble street, flagged down a taxicab, and he took me to my small apartment on the Lower East Side. After paying him handsomely I headed up to my apartment hanging my duster and wide rim hat on the hooks on the back of my door and went to my couch by Ashley and sat down admiring the moonlight at 2:00 a.m. covering my matching sofa covered in silver satin followed by the glass coffee table with Doc Holliday’s body embossed in the glass and in color, next was the fireplace which had pictures of my family which had passed on years ago, and ended with a matching armless chair by Martha Stewart Living hated the bitch but she has good taste in furniture. Getting up I shed my vest taking my timepiece that still worked 300 years later then came the rest of my clothes and after a nice shower I lay in bed staring at the ceiling.

Thinking of Florence and how we stayed together for so long and then deserted me for years and I drifted off into a endless sleep if only it was endless it was the replay of my gunfight with Tommy “22” and his crooked deputies and I got shot and died over and over leaving Florence all alone on the train and I awake each night caked in sweat which is why I slept nude not just because the sheets were black and silk not to mention relaxing on my skin but when I awoke both of wounds would bleed some and burn just as they did 300 years ago. The only time I ever slept good and had peace was with Flo and now that she had disappeared again and the last time we talked was in 1968…………

The following evening I awoke to the sun half setting and felt happily amorous for some strange reason for which had no answer so I got out of bed, showered, dressed, and headed for St. Gabriel’s. As I dressed in black dress shirt loose fitting by someone named Louis Vuitton very rich man he was and I adored his flavored taste in clothing styles which matching pinstripe vest that cost me around $350 but the original price was $800 because it was in high demand and the clerk that was helping was a male and he I found to be very attractive with serene deep green eyes and after a lengthy discussion about designs and well paid compliments he decided to drop the price if I had a drink with him sometime next week and I agreed. After I checked out Yori that was his name threw in a pair of silver slacks at no charge which I had graciously thanked him for. So I was as they say these days “playing for both teams” I could not help myself sometimes I did find certain men alluring either by their eyes, hair, or personality when I struck up a conversation never did I go to bed with a man ever in my life the closest I came was a kiss on his cheek and that was it. My lunger heart scorched for Florence no matter what. Anyway I brushed my thick long hair then had my next door neighbor who was a blind eighteen year old girl who loved simply adored my hair and braided it for me and I paid her twenty dollars for it cause she was so beautiful and small breasted and complained about how no boys would have her and I would laugh at her over that and told her everytime that Mr. Right was out in the world waiting for her and she said “Yeah right I’ve heard that bullshit from my parents all the damn time” so once she was done I paid her bowing respectfully and went to St. Gabriel’s. Taking a cab to my rendevous I paid and went inside making the sign of the Cross kissing my rosary hanging around my neck.

Going inside I realized I had interrupted a choir meeting consisting of eleven year old boys and girls dressed in maroon robes with gold lining and I bowed and apologized for the interruption and asked where Father Shannonwell was. The director said he was in his office down the hallway at the end pointing to her right which was my left and I followed her instructions and knocked three times and he said “It’s open” and so I opened the door and stepped in.
“Evening Father”
“Yes good evening Vincent how are you?”
“Pleased with myself and very amorous”
“Oh over what’s her name—-“
“Florence shall we continue with our discussion from last night?”
“Yes but first I have to go and hear the children sing it’ll only take give or take an hour at most is that okay with you?”
“Yes I should like to watch and hear the little angels sing”
“Well then come with me” and he got up adjusting his all black attire with white collar and I followed in suit.
Sitting in the front pew I crossed my legs right over left and fiddled with my spur on my right boot until I heard the director who was a youthful woman whom was about 32 with a slim figure which was covered in a yellow daisy dress with a maroon hooded shirt unzipped by IZOD. She had short straight moptop brown hair that had a pearl colored headband pushed into the top of it and a pretty set of earrings of penguins which one of the boys said it was “Very very nice” and I smiled at this leaning back as Father Shannonwell joined me sitting on my right smiling brightly.
She tapped her stand lightly and the kids all hushed immediately and then with a wave of her wand they began to hum softly which turned into “Hark The Herald Angel” and I watched soaking up the sound like a dried up beach being teased by the Pacific in Malibu. He turned to me and said “Sherry is a very gifted Sunday School teacher” and I replied
“Yes she is but there is something up with her isn’t there?”
“She is going through a nasty divorce right now after her husband who’s a real bastard and wants everything”
“Why does he desire what possessions she owns?”
“I would imagine it’s because she told him last month that she cannot bear children for him”
I turned to him my concentration broken of the angels singing so lovingly.
“She cannot have children at all?”
“No not she was raped and scarred for life by her asshole father” then he prayed briefly and sighed running a hand through his goatee.
“How scarred?”
“After he raped her he poured gasoline over her crotch and—-”
“Tell me no more” I said closing my eyes erasing that image out of my mind.
“I know but you could help her”
“I am not God!” I said in a low hiss.
“But isn’t it true that if you turn someone into a vampire everything is healed?”
“Physically yes but mentally and emotionally the immortal scar inflicted upon them from childhood stays” I answered a little more calm.
“Oh I forgot about state of mind my fault forgive me”
“I forgive you I could help her but I do not wish to doom her by a life of living by night and the only food she can have is human blood would you want that?”
“Well I mean I guess not it depends”
“Let us finish listening to the angels of innocence sing then we’ll pick up my tale after”
“Yes let’s” and we did sat there in silence washing our minds and bodies clean with holy Christian music from the mouths of purity.

After the children were picked up by their parents I was introduced to Sherry by him and I was taken aback at how beautiful her face minus the small mark left by her ex-husband which slightly angered me and in reading her mind I found out her address without her knowing Jason would have a reckoning later tonight. She had sweet adorable hazel eyes, pointyish nose, cute tiny lips, smooth face and skin as I clasped her right shoulder she tensed up and I let go.
“Sorry I do that all the time”
“It’s all right my dear” I said bowing politely.
“May I kiss your hand then?”
“I guess so” she said holding out her right hand and bending down slightly I kissed it gently and leaned back up.
“Such a gentleman you are”
“It is the Western way milady”
“Oh well I would love to continue this but I have to go home and get some rest”
“Well don’t let us keep you” and she parted our company after hugging Father Shannonwell briefly then scampered out the front doors.

“She is very rattled by the touch of a man”
“I know she may not ever be the same again”
“You know I could give her passion unknown to her make her mine forever but I will not”
“Because of Florence right?”
“Partly but mostly because it would be wrong”
“Ah yes good point shall we use the confessional booth or would you like to talk out here?”
“Hmmmmmmm it is a little stuffy in the booth so out here shall suffice”
“Where were we with you?”
“Ah yes I had just been turned into a vampire by her”
“Should I order pizza?”
“If you are hungry then order some”
“What about you?”
“I shall join you”
“But what of your diet?”
He leaned in and said “The Hell with it” and chuckled then pulled out his black RAZR, ordered it and twenty minutes later a young gentleman wearing a blue uniform shirt that read Domino’s on the left side and brown pants by Calvin Klein by the cut of them and brand new Adidas sneakers and Domino’s hat on backwards he handed Father Shannonwell three squares: two pizzas with cheese, sausage, pepperoni, ham, Canadian bacon, and one plain extra cheese pizza with a double order of breadsticks I chuckled as he paid the chap and sat down with the food and got plates from the kitchen in back and rushed back handing me one and serving me two slices one of each and I took a bite and picked up where I left off.

On the busted mattress I held Florence to me tightly we continued our electric kisses tilting our heads here and there darting our tongues in and out of each other’s mouths full of passion that was uncovered by her shovel of desire.
“Thank you for saving my life”
“You don’t have to thank me”
“Yes I do”
She put a finger to my lips and added “Your killing the mood by doing that”
“Liar” I said pecking her smooth glistened lips.
“Dirty rotten lunger” she said smiling broadly and I remembered why I was so in love with her.
Rolling over so she was under me I kissed her hard as she ran her hands through my short wavy hair which it was at the time and moaned forcing her tongue down my throat it was my turn to groan and breaking it slightly I said
“Ya know darling I am at an unfair advantage”
“Really how’s that my pretty lunger?” she said curving her words huskily.
“Well I am half dressed and you are fully dressed”
I shook my head pressing it against her’s laughing.
“Come on give me a break I did get shot and almost died if it weren’t for you”
“You do have a point” she said pushing me up so she was sitting in my lap poised right over my fully cocked smoke wagon of bliss.
“So do I get you out of this lovely dress?”
“Mmmmmmmmmmm good question”
“Stop teasing you priss” she slapped me and said “Bad naughty tall drink of water” guiding my hands to unfasten her dress a button at a time and there were five of em.
“You are the Antichrist I swear” I stated unbuttoning the second button pecking her left cheek.
“That I may be dear Vincent” she answered biting my lower lip teasingly pushing my hands away.
“Hey stop that!” I responded unbutton the remaining two pulling down her dress which had a blood stain from my wounds.
Florence shrugged helping me to remove her dress and sat it in a crumpled heap next the makeshift bed leaving her in her bustle which I untied and dropped on top of her dress leaving just her long pajamas made of soft cotton her dress shoes were sitting underneath the door of the train.

“Mmmmmmm now I’m comfortable” she said shivering with happiness kissing me fully.
“So am I” I replied kissing back running my hands all over her like race horses neck to neck in a race to the finish line.
She laid me down which I allowed her to do as she kissed my neck nibbling it tenderly I let my hands get tangled up in her bushy red waves of hair moaning softly. Closing my eyes I could hear her in my head whispering lovingly and laughing warmly as I felt her lips lock around my left ear licking and tugging on it; her hot breath in my ear cascading multiple vibrations throughout my whole body. I could feel her tight nipples rubbing through her pj’s against my bare smooth semi hairy chest as she blew into my ear letting a moan of pleasure escape my lungs.
“Heh my little lunger” Florence said kissing my hotly plunging her tongue into my mouth persistently massaging my tongue and purposefully she brushed her right knee against my bulging fly.
“Damn you stop teasing me you satin doll” I said a small tone of anger in my voice.
“Awwwwwww I like that you’re so cute when you’re pissed off” and kissed down my chest kissing my tight nipples tugging them just to hear me gasp in undeniable satisfaction.
“Oh my Florence yes my little devil” I said as she ran a hand over my bugle and squeezed it sitting up.
“Mmmmmmmmmm I’m tired” she said yawning.
“You’ve got to be kidding me!” I said blowing my temper and fighting the urge not to slap her again.
“Sorry Vincent sweetheart but I really am” she said trying not to smile.
“You little harlot!” I said and slapped her face then pushed her away.
She laughed and slapped me harder and punched my stomach where it hurt most and I groaned.
“Told ya it was gonna cost you” then she gently kissed my wound and tried to kiss my lips but I wouldn’t let her.
“Come on Vincent you know you want to kiss me come on lunger” she said huskily again and I looked at her.
“You would make an excellent nun my darling a certifiable oak of a nun!” I said smacking her buttocks.
She gasped and chuckled huskily taking my lips to hers and I relished in her glossy pink colored lips over and over squeezing her buttocks tightly and moaning as she responded to my bulging oak.
“I still hate you deep down you do know that?”
“Aww come on now don’t bring that up I thought we were done with this subject”
“Well yeah but-“
“But nothing should I turn-“
“No please no don’t do that then I’ll really be pissed off”
“So then shut up and kiss me” and she forced her tongue down my throat closing her mouth around mine and I groaned in shock darting my tongue into her mouth hard.
“There ya go” she said murmuring between electric kisses.
“Mmmmm hmmmmmmmm” I answered as she moved her head from left to right kissing me and squeezing my bugle.
“God Vincent I want you so bad” she said in my head voice full of erotic allure causing me to shake my head some and moan.
“So do I Florence god so do I” I replied bringing my hands up to undo her pajamas but then she stopped my progress leaving me with a bit of her cleavage sticking out.
“Mmmmmmm go ask for a blanket or two”
“Okay” I said getting up kissing her tasting her fresh silk lips and went to the cart the sun didn’t affect me and a waiter was walking pass and I asked him to get me two blankets and he did after I paid him sixty bucks to keep out of the luggage car. He winked and brought me two blankets fresh from first class.
Taking the blankets which had satin lining at either end I headed back to the luggage car and found Florence kneeling smiling lovingly at me.
Throwing the blankets at her she moaned as part of the satin lining brushed her breasts I climbed onto the mattress with her and kissed her cleavage and she said “Oh Vincent” holding my head in place laying back. Kissing softly I yanked her pajamas open letting her breasts jut forth and tight peaks come out to play I kissed her left tightened peak swirling my tongue around it and she gasped running her hands through my hair. Then I twisted her rosy ribbed peak and pulled it gently kissing her awaiting lips soothingly and she chuckled playfully biting my tongue and nibbling on it moaning wrapping her legs in turn around my waist.
“Mmmmm don’t you think we should get undressed?” I said as her cotton thighs squeezed my hips.
“Well then we should” Flo answered pushing my head down to her right ribbed peak which I took into my mouth kissing, swirling my tongue, and biting it which made her lurch up and purr softly. Whence I finished I swirled my tongue around it clockwise blowing softly on it watching the tip tighten even more and listen to her moan breathlessly. Our electric kisses continued as she rolled me over onto my back she kissed me with fevered passion from my lips to my ears right to left then down my chest slowly stopping at my buttoned pants smiling wickedly rubbing my bulge and squeezing it making me moan and beg for more.
“God stop teasing me Florence” I groaned as she raked my chest with her smooth soft cool hands causing my body to lurch under her. She stopped raking lightly and scooted down and undid my belt, unfastened my pants, and then torturously unzipped my fly super slow laughing at my complaints.
“Big crybaby this feel better?” Flo asked running her hand over my thick long stiffness.
“Mmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm much better”
“Uh huh and this also?” Flo stated juggling my berries in her hand slowly.
“You oak of tease stop playing around” I responded.
“Me a tease? No not at all” she said pulling off my pants and boots then standing up she let her pajama suit balloon at her feet and stepped out of them and laid down on top of me taking my erected hardness inside of her I felt her hair at her moistured pool and didn’t mind it that much as she brought up the blankets which were red wine in color to cover up to our necks as we french kissed each other. Tongues entwined mouths locked together hands interlocked with each other’s we parted our liplock to catch our breath chucking softly she started sliding up and down pecking me here and there as she maneuvered up and down my body.
“God Flo so damn good mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” I said as she bit my chest playfully. Her skin was silky soft from what I could get my hands around to but I was determined to explore every bit of her silky satin undead flesh one day but for now I would settle for this.
Florence kissed her way down my taut stomach kissing my little scar just above my belly button and I shuddered pushing her bushy hair back I moaned as she continued down my hardness slipping out of her pool of pleasure.

She looked up at me smiling that sweet innocent smile as my hardened sex stood erect in front of her mouth and I said as her nose touched the tip of my sex.
“Well what are you waiting for?” as a small glob oozed free.
“Christmas my baby lunger” and slithered her tongue out to lap the small glob up like a snake and swallowed my love juice.
“So how’d it taste?”
“Mmmmmmmmmmm no comment” she remarked chuckling and kissing the tip of my sex then kissing back up to my mouth bringing her index finger of her right hand into my mouth which I tasted and moaned.
“So how do I taste my little lunger?”
“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm no comment” and we both laughed kissing passionately savoring in our love juices mixing between the interchanging electric kisses. Next Florence sat up riding my hard sex slowly her eyes changing to serene honey which shine even in the shadow which we had to ourselves her hands cradled my neck which reeked of orange flower and precious jasmine freshly covered in morning dew then she massaged my shoulders throwing her head back moaning and she mashed her hips into my crotch I groaned meeting her pace which was a smooth gallop as I felt her secret pool of wetness leaking onto my oak which in turn made me lurch up and made her moan. My hands spider walked up her tummy to her full breasts hanging there bouncing lightly as she rode me like a mare fast and hard which was alluring to my senses as I pulled on her ribbed peaks then sat up to nibble and kiss on the spongy taste of them cupping her naked buttocks tightly licking her right nipple like a kitten.
“Vincent naughty little lunger god you feel so good inside me!” she cried out digging her nails into my back causing me to wince in minor discomfort.
“Florence my lovely nightingale cum for me my love” I croaked as she leaned against me fully and I laid back down holding her to me enjoying the sweat drenching heat of ours bodices tangled like fish caught in a fisherman’s net.
“Sweet Florence god you’re so wet and so so radiant”
“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm my baby cur” she said huskily brushing her lips with mine romantically prating my lips with her tongue she plunged it in to dance with mine grinding her wetness against my oak ready to let warm sap explode inside her and she knew this because she was at the point I was just begging to let her pool overflow over my oak.
“Dear Vincent let go inside me” she said in that enticing voice with full huskiness in it.
“Oh god yes sweet jesus yes” as I let my sap spill inside her fully and then she let her pool overflow onto my hardened oak coating it all over climaxing at the same time we both moaned loudly kissing inbetween moans she slowed her sliding down till she was motionless in my arms moaning contentedly tracing my little chest hairs.
“It’s so warm” I said my eyes closed absent-mindedly brushing her hair with my right hand.
“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Vincent it feels like warm milk and honey mixing all inside of me” Florence said kissing my right nipple tugging it lightly then looking up at me she asked
“So am I better than any of those whores I mean girls that you had just before I came to see you?”
“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm tough question but it’s for me to know and you to find out” I winked at her as she kissed me.
“I am better than those two put together” she said tapping her right temple indicating that she read my mind.
“Why you little tart!” I shouted but my shout was silenced by her mouth over mine passionately tongue massaging mine in turn I caressed her back with the satin lining and she tugged my lower lip and spoke “You are so bad you naughty little cur” and after about fifteen minutes of kissing and caressing we fell asleep holding each other tenderly warmed by the cotton blankets lined with satin.

At around 7:00 p.m. that evening I awoke to an empty bed and saw Florence standing by the doorway wearing only her blue dress and hat admiring me as I lay there half awake.
“Why’d you get up?” I asked half sitting up.
“Because we need to get off this train and catch the next one at 3:00 a.m. sweetheart so get dressed” she said half smiling as I grabbed up my pants and fastened them shut followed by my boots with spurs and stood up folding the two blankets neatly smiling then sitting them on top of my stuff I pulled on my gun belt tucking my Swords away followed by my jacket we got off the train. Heading to the car in front of us I got Johnny Boy out and petting him he snickered then I gestured to him for Florence to ride him into town.
“Why thank you kind sir” she said curtsying politely and I helped her up onto the saddle and he wavered some but then settled.
“My, my a bit giddy isn’t he?”
“He jus needs to stretch ‘is legs is all” then after tying my stuff to him we went off into the western town of Oklahoma near the state line of New Mexico.
“He’s so calm now that I’m riding him” Flo stated.
“Yes I guess that gunfight from the other day whooooooooo this burg is jumpin’!” I commented taking in the sights, smells, and sounds of Oaktown which is what the welcome sign said at the entrance to the burg. There were about ten buildings which included: a couple bars, barbershop, three hotels, local grocery store, sheriff’s office which I hoped had pure lawdogs, a church, and other various little homes surrounding the town which were spread out and the farthest one was four miles away.
So we came to a stable tied up Johnny Boy and headed for the first hotel that we saw after I helped her down from the saddle. The hotel was named Little Oak as I gazed at the sky dark as oil covered with stars but no moon I opened the door to Little Oak and let her in following suit.
“Well you new here?” The owner who was in his late 40's with a clean shaven face and short wavy black hair matching eyes, slim build, wearing a spectacle over his left eye, and a white short sleeve shirt, and blue pinstripe pants and dress boots.
“Yes we are as a matter of fact on our way to Tombstone” I said to the man.
“So are you two married?” the man said glancing over Florence as she looked around then met the man’s gaze.
Both of us looked at each other and she spoke up “We’re engaged aren’t we darling?” then put her hand up to me which I kissed and replied “Why yes we are my good man”
“Good because we have a good deal for newlyweds like yourselves our biggest room if you’ll follow me” he said then added “By the way name’s Mackle John Henry Mackle anything you need on where the best betting tables are you just ask me” Mackle said leading us upstairs behind the counter and down the right end which he stopped us at door number five which was painted in tapioca white but fading away he opened it up and ushered us in as a small group of drovers and bummers walked past us laughing and parading on.
“This is my best here in my hotel” John said pointing out a big bed with the sheets a worn-out white in color but otherwise made up with pink pillowcases and a blue comforter which was also worn-out colorwise but still usable.
“What’s the pay?”
“About 200 for the week”
“Mmmmmmmmmmmm not a bad deal but I feel something is missing”
“Missing? What do you mean?”
“There’s something you’re not telling me or you want me to do something for you”
“Well there is one thing actually it’s two brothers by the name of Sullivan”
“Bill and Bradley Sullivan?” I said shaking my head.
“Why yes do you know them?”
“Yeah from stories do you know Tommy “22”?”
“Sheriff from Kansas City?”
“I killed his ass”
“You killed a lawdog? Why? How?”
“He was crooked and it was a thing of I was in the right place at the wrong time”
“Oh did you have a big ol’ shootout?”
“Yes I did and just barely escaped”
“I’ll keep your secret and lower the price say by ten if you make good on my offer”
“You got a deal” and we shook hands and he left us to our room.

“So now what do we do dear husband?” she smirked closing the door and leaning against it.
“Well dear wife we could do a number of things” I answered laying my Swords on the bed and approaching her.
“Now now are we feeling oakish darling lunger?”
“I don’t know you tell me you wretch?” I asked affectionately clapping a hand to her buttocks.
“I am not a wretch!” Florence said pushing me away.
“Well then I am not a lunger or a cur!” I shouted pinning her to the door.
Florence eyed me hotly eyes narrowed then grabbed my crotch and pulled me to her and kissed me passionately.
“What was that for?”
“For being a lunger!” and then I started to say something and she cut me off with her hungry tongue which I accepted with muffled laughter.
Later on we showered and dressed for this evening’s activities. She had on a bright lovely white dress, long johns since the night air was starting to get cooler, matching gloves, and tan cowhide boots. Shiny red ruby earrings dangled from her ears and a necklace which held a small blue sapphire jewel which gleamed even in the candlelight. I had on a black button down shirt with a red tie, white vest with my timepiece on the left side, black pants, my Swords tucked away into their sleeves then sliding on my black boots with twin red kings on them I said buttoning my cuffs
“Are you ready my darling huckleberry?”
“Why yes I am” she answered putting two chopsticks in her hair to hold the loose bun together.
“Were you serious about that married bit?”
“Why do you want to get married?”
“Well no but yeah not for awhile”
“Well in a couple years ask me again and I’ll say yes”
“Okay milady shall we?” I said extending my right elbow out for her to take and she did.
We went to the first gamblin’ establishment we saw named Jumping Jacks which hosted faro, blackjack, poker, Texas hold em, and other card games that I had played back home. Opening the door she gathered her dress up and I held open the door and almost everybody stopped to notice her then went back to their respected games. I made my way over to the bar and ordered us two scotches and then sat at a poker table in the corner where three gentleman were currently playing a round then after that I joined in and to my surprise the Sullivan brothers were playing at the table.
So after I was settled in Florence came over and sat beside me watching intently.
“Ooo weeeee what a peach of a woman you’ve got there” Bill said he had a goatee and looked like Mickey Rourke stroking it thoughtfully.
“I have to agree dear brother she is quite a sight to behold might I have a touch of that fine skin of yours my dear?” Bradley said reaching out for her right arm.
“Touch her and you’ll be eating my smoke wagon forever” I interjected drawing my pistol and cocking it.
“Forgive me I did not know that she was your property”
“Property am I now? Look here sonny boy you don’t even have enough balls to match my husband lunger” Florence countered and I fought the urge not to laugh because she was right about that.
“Why you little bitch! No one talks to me like that” Bradley said drawing his iron out fully cocked but I had mine pointed right between his eyes and the other leveled at Bill fully cocked.
“Now I don’t want any blood on my cards I just got these today” The short gentleman who was tubby and wore glasses as I did but he wore a mix of gray and brown which looked quite good.
“Shut up you wretch!”
“Now Bradley you will do three things: one apologize for calling her a bitch”
“And if I don’t?”
“Then you’re gonna have a third eye”
“Sorry Ma’am”
“Thank you”
“Two you are gonna put away that pistol and sit down”
“Okay” and he did grumbling and giving the evil eye.
“Three you’re gonna play a nice game of poker and then go home to sleep in peace”
“Fine I will miserable lunger”
“Dirty Cur!” I shot back.

The tubby man dealt the cards out till we each had five and Florence was slowly rubbing my right leg as I softly smoked a cigar and enjoyed my scotch. I had my hand which consisted of the two Aces my father gave me with the king of hearts and the king of diamonds, and the jack of diamonds which gave me the highest hand next Bradley which I knew he had a card up his sleeve because if the legends were true about the Sullivan boys then one of them always played dirty sometimes both of em.
“He’s got four of a kind Sevens” Florence said in my mind softly.
“Honey darling- I said kissing her left hand- could you get me another scotch?” I gestured handing her my empty glass.
“Why sure my dear lunger lover” she said smiling tenderly but with mild irritation in her eyes.
“So Bradley boy spread em” I said blowing a cloud of smoke at Bill causing him to cough.
“You first” he said smiling semi dirty teeth.
“Ah ladies first you purty thing you” I chuckled as Florence came back with my drink she flipped his long dark hair.
“He does have a point brother” Bill said laughing but then fell silent after Bradley whacked him on the beezer.
“Fine there four of a kind all sevens” he said proudly reaching for the money pot but I grabbed his wrist halting his progress.
“But you forgot I never laid down my hand Betty” I spoke a smile curving my lips.
And in laying down my hand he said “You son of bitch! You crawl fished me!” then he reached for his Ruger New Model Super Single-Six but came up short by way of Florence’s Ruger Vaquero BH pointed at his left temple I shell shocked by this turn of events.
“You’ll take your losses and find someone else to crawfish young man or I’ll burn you where you sit” Florence said cocking the hammer back.
“O,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,okay Miss I will take my losses and leave y’all alone” Bradley said shaking with anger and humility he took his brother and left.
“Hey Bill” I said thoughtfully.
“What Vincent?” he said turning to me.
“Here this is for being a model brother since he is not” and I tossed him my timepiece but I had another in my bag so it didn’t matter.
“Wow thanks” he said smiling big and bright.
“Don’t mention it come along dear the night is young and I still have some energy to expel yet” I told her standing up pocketing the winnings and handing a quarter of it to the dealer which he accepted humbly.
Leaving Jumping Jacks we had a good laugh and went to the other saloons and gambling establishments that Oaktown had to offer then as we retired to our room I collapsed to a knee holding my stomach.
“Florence what’s happening to me?” I groaned in pain beads of sweat covering my face.
“You need to feed on someone’s blood” She said face full of worry and conflict.
“So let me feed of yours” I coughed holding my gut tighter.
“I can’t you have to feed of someone else’s it’s the rule”
“Great now I know you’re an oak”
“Well well lookee here it’s The card swindler and his bitch” Bradley said strolling up half drunk.
“Let me handle this” I said in her head.
“You dirty cur I know you crawfished that card game!” he said cocking his Super Single-Six at me as I stood up.
“So you’ve done more damage then I’ve done in my life you ignorant wretch!” I countered coughing violently.
“No one calls me a wretch!” and he fired at me then lunged for me taking me down to the ground punching wildly.
We wrestled for ten minutes and I got him with a sucker punch that knocked him out cold and while he was out I leered up at Florence and bit into the right side of his neck and drank his blood moaning at the sour taste of it which came from the alcohol consumption going on for years in his family line. His blood filled me with such impeccable energy and strength not to mention stamina which would explain why I was so worn out from my first night with her. But now I felt like a wild man a savage murderer who cared not for anyone but himself and at the same time smooth, seductive, charming, alluring, and provocative all together like a big Christmas present in bright wrapping paper with a big red bow. Then I was pulled back by her hand while she slashed his throat wide open to hide the bite marks next she took me upstairs but not before I was questioned briefly by the lawdogs then I had to see them tomorrow morning.

“How am I going to talk to them tomorrow morning?” I said moaning as my stomach loosened up bit by bit.
“Well it’s suppose to be cloudy tomorrow with a chance of rain so there you go” Florence said sitting behind me rubbing my shoulders and neck which did calm me some.
“How am I going to explain that I don’t have a scratch on me from him?”
“Well you got some bumps and bruises here and there not to mention I got my dress dirty from slitting that lunger’s throat” she said squeezing my shoulders hard.
“Ouch! That hurts!”
Shit sorry but this is partly your fault” she said climbing off the bed to take off her earrings and necklace.
“My fault? How’s this my fault this is all your fault to begin with”
“Help me unzip I can’t reach” she said with her back to me.
Fuck you do it yourself”
“You already did that to me twice now dear little lunger now unzip my dress” she said anger creeping into her voice.
“Fine but you hadn’t killed Tammy no one this would’ve happened none of it!” I shouted.
She turned to me sliding her dress down to her feet then kicked off her boots and stepped out of it and looked at me with malice in her eyes.
“You’ve got some nerve lunger” she spat poking me in the chest hard.
“I took you as my own”
“You made me into a thing a fr—-“
“You say freak and I will walk out this room right now”
“For good?”
“You wouldn’t because you are connected to me”
“So you think I care about that?”
“I know you do because I also do” I replied pushing her.
“Don’t you push me you cur you pissed me off”
“Piss on you then” I said and pulled off my vest and kicked of my boots and sat on the bed.
So she sat on the bed also leaning against the headboard and sighed heavily.
“If I could take back what I did I would but I can’t you know that”
“Yes I know but I’m still mad at you and that will never go away no matter what you do”
“Do you love me?” Florence asked crawling over to sit beside me.
“But you still hate me?”
“Duh you wretch what did I just say?” I stated looking into her eyes which were full not of malice but serenity and looked much deeper and full of purpose.
“Don’t call me a wretch” she said sliding behind me.
“Massage my shoulders and I won’t” and she did and I relished in every movement of her fingers and hands.
Then she kissed inbetween my shoulder blades and I gasped softly.
“Why’d you do that?”
“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm peace offering” she chuckled and kissed that same spot again flicking her tongue upon it.
She slid her hands around to unbutton my shirt one at a time then splayed it open and pulled it back purring in my right ear as she tossed my shirt onto the floor and kissed that spot lips and tongue to bare flesh and I moaned lurching my body forward only to have it brought back by her cool touch.
“You like that my little cur”
“Yes my dear and loving wretch”
“Don’t call me that” she said backing up to let me face her and I did so unfastening her longjohns kissing between her cool breasts which were now warm and slightly sweaty.
“Don’t call me a lunger or a cur” I said kissing her upper lip then pulling away to spread her longjohns open fully and blew out the lantern.
“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm kay my little lunger baby” She said clogging my mouth of all protest with her hot tongue.
I moaned pulling her to me closing the gap between our craving bodices as the moonlight engulfed half of our room Florence took the initiative by pushing me back slipping out of her longjohns then grinded her body to mine which gave way to a little sound escaping from my mouth.
“You are so bad”
“I know that’s what you just can’t keep your hands off me.” she smirked kissing my lower lip and pulling on my manhood some.
“God you got that right”
“Uh huh now how bout I get you out of what’s left covering this smooth soft skin of yours?” she suggested sitting up and unbuckling my belt.
“Go for it my darling wretch” I mumbled as she unbuttoned my pants then unzipped my fly tugging them down with my drawers tossing onto the floor with her clothing and took my erected fullness into her left hand and slid her hand up and down drawing lazily on my chest and stomach with the other.
“God Florence it feels so good keep going” I moaned as she leaned down and kissed the tip of my manhood.
“I want to feel you blow your load in my mouth baby” Florence said her voice full of erotic huskiness.
“Oh god Florence suck it my dear” I moaned as she swirled her tongue around my stiff member.
She was better than any of the girls that ever sucked me off I guess it was because she was a vampire and it was definitely because I could hear her voice in my head as she bobbed up and down taking every inch of my hard oak waiting for sap to leak out.
“Vincent sweetheart mmmmmmmmmmmmmm your oak tastes so good” she said in my head as I heard her suck and kiss my hardness.
“Unnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhh I’m almost there my loving wretch”
“Don’t call me a wretch my little lunger” she said squeezing my berries hard.
“Stop calling me a lunger then” I said aloud groaning.
She chuckled pumping me and licking my hardened cock.
“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm let me taste your sap” she said letting the words roll off her tongue.
“Mmmmmmmm uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Florence jesus god ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I moaned feeling my sap run into her mouth along with her tongue swirling all over it.

After she cleaned me off she mounted me again and rode me harder than the last time that I fell asleep with my dick inside her and her cuddling to me lovingly sleeping softly I caressed her bushy hair then dozed off into a somber sleep full of mixed emotions. The next morning we met with the sheriff’s of Oaktown and to our surprise there were two lawdogs I mean sheriff’s one was named Tyler King and the other Lucas Johnson. Both men were of average height Mr. King had a small pot belly from eating and drinking much too often while Mr. Johnson was lean and trimmed and quite handsome I know this because Florence kept flirting with him with little notions and I had to nudge her a little bit to stop. They both had short trimmed mustache’s Tyler’s was red and Lucas’s was tan with a deep voice to match as oppose to Tyler whom had a full Southern accent coming from Louisiana. Both had hazel eyes which stuck me as odd cause then I thought they were brothers maybe cousins but nope that was confirmed when I asked of that and they had long hair tied in a neat ponytail Tyler wore a brown and white suit while Lucas was clothed in five different shades of red cept for black boots that he was polishing as he interrogated us.

The sheriff’s office had two desks in the front four ceiling fans as close to the corners as they could be put running on medium the place was still humid even with the doors and windows all open, in the back was a jail cell which had a sleeping bum in it from last night I guess, then in front us where we sat side by side were the desks of Sheriff’s Tyler King and Lucas Johnson both of which were semi cluttered but otherwise visible. I had on black pants with suspenders and a white shirt sleeves rolled up due to the humidity even though it was cloudy and was going to rain while she sat there sheathed in a grey dress and black nylon gloves and black shoes hair tied up nice and neatly.
“So you apparently crawfished Bradley Sullivan in poker?” Tyler said he small mean honey eyes boring into mine.
“According To Hoyle” I said fishing for a cigar to smoke since I was a little jittery.
“And ma’am you were there also is that correct” Lucas asked leaning back in his chair propping his boots on the desk.
“Yes” she said casually crossing her legs right over left clearing her throat.
“You thirsty madam? Cause we got some scotch in the back if you like or water” Lucas offered starting to get up.
“Yes please water would be nice” Florence replied kindly flashing a smile my way.
I shook my head blowing a puff of smoke out in front of me.
“So he became enraged after losing to you in a poker game and confronted you outside of your hotel?” Tyler continued lighting a cigar of his own with a match then shaking it with his right hand to put it out.
“According To Hoyle he claims I bilked him out of his money”
“Ah I see” Tyler said drumming the fingers of his right hand on the desk as Lucas came back with a small mug filled to the top with water.
“Here ya go little lady”
“Thank you kind sir”
“Welcome milady” Lucas said sitting down resuming his position again as I blew a puff of smoke out the left corner of my mouth Tyler said “Who bulldozed first you or him?”
“He did he pulled a gun on me we wrestled and then I slit his throat”
“Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm interesting you must be quick with weapons eh Mr.?”
“Quigley Mr. Quigley sheriff”
“And where you from Mr. Quigley?” he said with a hint of smugness.
“Kansas City Mr. Lawdog sir” I sneered leaning forward.
“Are you getting curly wolf with me young man?” King said standing up and I did the same tapping my smoke wagons.
“Why Mr. Lawdog whatever do you mean?” I said a smile curving my lips.
“Now boys let’s not do anything we might regret” Lucas said jumping inbetween us.
Tyler King stepped up to me and I stepped up to him so our noses touched and he narrowed his eyes as did I and then he laughed.
“I like you Quigley”
“Why’s that?” I said taken aback.
“I ain’t never had me a curly wolf step toe to toe with me like that ever” he said shaking my hand hard.
“Oh okay well I don’t take to kindly to curs and lungers who are yellow-bellied deep down either” I answered returning the handshake noticing Tyler’s dragged out looking face he was a smidge handsome but he looked awfully sick or maybe it was just cause he didn’t get enough sunlight anyway the charges were dropped and that was that. Then afterwards I profusely apologized to Bill for what went down and he forgave me just a little bit but he was still cross with me.

So we stayed in Oaktown for about a month or so then packed up traveling through Colorado and New Mexico by night then finally we made it to Tombstone.

Arriving in Tombstone on July 3rd which was a Thursday evening and I had just euchered someone in a small game of blackjack on the train ride there winning a small wad of about $300 which made me happy and the man very cross with me. Climbing off the train I squatted down then stretched my legs and turning slightly I extended my right hand out for Florence to take hold of and helped her down then I took our luggage which grew from five bags to ten bags over the course of a month which consisted of expensive clothing that she wanted and either bought, stole, or charmed her way to getting it that was how Florence operated after being with me for what seemed like an eternity was only four or so weeks coming up on a month. She was fine as cream gravy when it came to playing the tables yep I taught her how to play all the card games and what not and damn she was better than me. We fed on criminals, innocents, animals, and only one time two little kids but I don’t want to go into that because that was a very bad memory for me to try and forget.

So we made our way into town on Johnny Boy who turned six on June 28 and my birthday was coming up Saturday so first things first we went to Virgil and Carrie North’s farm which was a long two hour ride on horse cause it had just rained five hours ago and it was muddy just to travel in but not to the point of being a pain I only had to hop down every so often and pull the wagon out off the mud so my hands were red, split, and ached everytime I splayed them wide to stretch them. It didn’t bother me that much I was just glad when we arrived at their farm. It was big two pastures that I could see given the sun was still out a little bit but shrouded by clouds, a white house sat about ten feet from a small lake which was behind it with smoke rising in whisps from the chimney, a couple horses were running behind the fence freely chasing each other and grazing, a man with dark brown hair riding a plow that had two mules pulling it in a small area for crops to be planted in, and a blonde haired woman with two kids standing beside her both of which looked to be around nine and ten with light brown hair that was short and wavy dressed in blue and brown overalls and barefooted. As we approached the blonde haired woman waved at us and I waved back in return.
“Is this the place?” Florence asked waving also.
“Yep and they are right as the mail”
“Meaning what?”
“Meaning I don’t want you seducing Virgil at all”
She looked up at me and said with mild irritation “You think I would do that?”
“Well you do have a habit of doing it”
“Fine I won’t besides why would I do that when I got you to seduce everyday?” She added tracing my right cheek lovingly then pinching it for her own amusement.
“Lunger” then as I was about to spit another insult Carrie raced up to us as we came to the front of the house.
“Hello there you must be Vincent my gosh how you’ve grown” she said embracing me tightly and I did the same laughing lightly.
“And who’s this lovely lady?” she asked as I held out my blistered and reddened left hand to help her down.
“This would be Florence” I said fake smiling at Florence.
“Florence what do you have a last name?” Carrie inquired as Virgil finished the last row of about twenty in the small area.
“Florence Michelle Baker ma’am” she said smiling and smoothing out her brown with white trim dress and cleared her throat.
“Hey you boy!” Virgil said running over to me and tackling me and we both fell over laughing.
“Virgil god one of these days you’re gonna throw that back out.” I said getting him into a headlock and laughing then released him.
“How you been man it’s been what fifteen years since we last saw you” Virgil said dusting himself off and shaking his head. He was 45 but acted like a schoolboy which is why he never did act the right way sometimes. He needed a slight shave but the look suited him good little hairs surrounding his lower jawline and throat plus his mouth, smooth brown eyes surveyed his work, me, the kids, Carrie, and then Florence.
Howdy ma’am” he said bowing some and sucking in his small gut then I punched him softly and said “Stop that ya cur!”
“Ha ha come on I was being nice”
“How do you do Mr. North?” Florence said laughing at his performance.
“Good now how did you hook this little fellow here?” Virgil said getting me in a headlock and digging his right knuckles into my hair laughing.
“Well it was by a card game I think Poker or Blackjack isn’t that right dear?” she asked smiling at me.
“Yep card game let me go!” I croaked and he did pushing me playfully.
“Come on let’s get these bags upstairs.” Virgil said starting for the cart but tripped from my right foot which I stuck out purposefully.
“Hey you bastard!”
“Virgil not in front of the kids!” Carrie hissed.
“Come on in I’ll make you something to drink you must be dreadfully thirsty and hungry too huh?” Carrie said leading Florence into the house leaving the kids outside.
“Well how are things at the North house?” I asked grabbing four bags.
“Okay but a little shaky” he answered pulling out three bags then gestured to his kids to come and help.
“Why shaky?” I said looking puzzled as he lead me into the house and upstairs to a spare bedroom which was big and had been recently emptied of it’s previous contents which must’ve been moved to the barn. Sitting the bags in the corner he sighed.
“Stupid ass landlord wants more money out of our pocket” he replied stacking the four I had on top of the three.
“Dang want me to help out?”
“No well I mean yeah it would be nice cause we just don’t have enough for what he’s asking”
“What’s he asking?” I said as we passed the kitchen where Florence and Carrie were sitting and talking about me.
“Well he is very cute and amorous”
“He’s got his mother’s love and his father’s charms in ‘im”
Outside Virgil answered “We’re paying 350 a year and he wants double that”
“Christ who does he think he is?”
“Fucking Chopin the asshole” Virgil answered helping the kids each take one bag upstairs and I took the last bag which was Florence’s makeup and shit.
“I got this one you did enough with plowing and all that” I said patting his back.
“At least let me take Johnny Boy around to the stables”
“Okay but then I want you to rest”
“You got it ya old bum!” and with that I took the last bag upstairs and came back down and went into the kitchen and sat beside Carrie.
“So Florence was telling me some very nice things about you”
“OH really?” I said eyeing Flo with suspicion.
“Yes like how you crawfished games and such” Carrie said her arms folded a stern expression on her face.
“Carrie I—-”
“Don’t you Carrie me young man you’re so lucky I don’t take a switch to your little ass!” she snapped smacking the back of my head.
“Come on now I got some good news for ya”
“That being what?”
“I killed Tommy 22”
Carrie went from stern to shocked and speechless.
“When and how?”
“A while back a thing of right place wrong time”
“Womanizing again Vincent you’re as bad as your father I swear it” she said taking a sip from her coffee cup.
“I hate that bastard glad I don’t have ta deal wit him anymore” I snorted and felt Florence rubbing my left knee with her right hand affectionately.
“Why what did he do now?”
“Pistol whipped me so I pistol whipped him” I remarked showing her the small scar on my left cheek.
“Goddamn that Donovan!” she swore slamming a fist into the table.
“Mommy you said a bad cuss!” the nine year old said his mouth agape eyes wide with shock and I stiffled a laugh as did Florence.
“I know Sean baby come here momma didn’t mean to curse but she was mad at Vincent’s daddy”
“Shit!” the ten year old said and then I busted out laughing but stopped short when Carrie slapped my face.
“Dammit I’ve had enough abuse from Florence and everybody else”
Jackass!” the ten year old said skipping around the house in singsong.
“Brett you better stop that cussing or you’ll burn in Hell!” Carrie shouted and he stopped then came into the kitchen which was about the size of Hannah and Lillian’s room back home and that thought made semi hard.
“I’m sorry mommy” he said trying not to laugh.
He was cute and adorable just like Carrie but had the mouth of Virgil I know this because me and Brett skipped around long ago and we’re singing “Asshole” left and right after Virgil called Donovan that for doing something stupid.
Sean on the other hand was nice and calm and reserved like Carrie matter of fact he was the male version of her. Carrie North was skinny, looked like city girl with cool collected green eyes, small nose, lips, and breasts, somewhat curvy, and very outgoing when she had the right Johnny Walker in her hand.
“So what’s on the menu for supper time Carrie?” Virgil asked walking in and shutting the door a crack wiping sweat off his face.
“Vegetable soup but everybody needs to wash up before dinner is ready” So we all went and washed up changed clothes, ate dinner which was always good coming from Carrie North’s stove, then afterwards around 8:30 Sean and Brett were put to bed so me and Florence were left alone in the kitchen.
She pulled her out of it’s bun and sighed shaking it to loosen it up.
“Well I must say you have some interesting friends”
“Yea I know what do you think of Sean and Brett?” I asked as she leaned against the sink looking out the window the last bit of sun capturing her face like a baseball falling into a catcher’s mit.
“They’re cute and very funny” she chuckled looking over at me.
“Yeah speaking of kids Vincent I have something to tell you”
“What about kids?” Virgil said coming into the kitchen and heading for the cabinet over the stove and pulled out a bottle of half filled with hard whiskey.
“Ah still got my favorite brandy from when I was 16"
“You betcha” he said pouring the fluid into four separate glasses halfway and handed one to Florence then me followed by him and sat one out for Carrie.
“Damn that’s strong!” Florence said squinting her eyes tightly and half gagging.
Virgil and I both laughed at her as Carrie walked in and downed the whole glass in one gulp.
“Mmmmmmmmmm that’ll put hairs on my chest” Carrie said sighing and pouring another glass.
“God you two still amaze me” I said watching Florence drink another sip and gag.
“Man oh man what a stressful day” I said wincing as my hands still ached from pulling that cart out of the mud on the way here.
“Shit what happened to your hands?” Virgil said taking them into his own turning them over.
“The road was muddy and the cart slipped in and out of it so I had to pull it out from time to time” I answered as he let them go and I downed my glass then refilled it sighing and laughing.
“What’s so funny?” Carrie said sitting down beside Virg and he held her right hand in his left hand and kissed it lightly.
“You two and how you run this household”
“Ah yes we are a strange pair aren’t we?” Virgil stated smiling lightly. Florence gagged again and then handed me the rest of it which I downed in one gulp then she coughed and sat down beside me shaking her head a little bit.
“Ya getting buzzed already little lady?” Virgil laughed belching inbetween little and lady which made all of us laugh.
“Yes I am just a bit” she answered brightly flashing a smile.
“Vincent dearest I’m gonna go and lay down join me later?” Florence said in my thoughts.
“Yes” I answered and patted her back.
“I’m gonna go and rest til this buzz is gone I am deeply sorry for leaving so abruptly”
“Oh it’s no problem” Carrie said belching which brought on another set of laughs.
“Damn silly sally I forgot how good you were with drinking!” I said as Florence kissed my forehead and I kissed her lips briefly and she departed.
“Golly day Vince does she have a sister?” Virgil asked then Carrie hit him over the head with her open hand.
“Not that I know of but you’ve Carrie for all the fun you need” I stated swishing the liquid in my mouth before swallowing it.
“Hey remember that mule from when you were 14?” Virgil spoke stifling his laughter.
“Oh god not that story!” I said shaking my head and covering my glass as Carrie went to fill it again.
“No more for me I wanna be coherent not shit faced
“Your already shit faced!” Virgil busted out laughing and fell out of his chair along with Carrie and I pounded my fist on the table several times laughing til it my sides hurt then I helped them both get up and took a deep breath and sat back down.
“God I’m surprised you remember that”
“I know guess Johnny Walker has magical powers!” he said waving his hands around laughing lightly.
“Yep man that mule was a mean son of a bitch”
“I remember just standing there watching you getting your face kicked in and knocked into the mud behind you”
“Now that’s not true at all” Carrie chimed in.
“You weren’t there” Virgil interjected.
“Yes I was sitting at the table looking out the tavern window watching you drunk bastards tell Vincent that he should go and give it a kiss”
“Oh yeah I forgot that part” he said thoughtfully.
“And I had the privilege of getting a pretty black eye for about two months” I said rolling my eyes feeling a bit drowsy and tired.
“Yeah that was funny seeing you getting kicked though ha hahahahahaaaa” Virgil laughed and then there was Sean standing in the doorway rubbing his eyes holding his stuffed bunny in his right hand and said “Mommy I can’t sleep”
“Did we wake you up little guy?” Virgil said handing me the bottle which I hid behind my chair.
“Yea a little bit” he replied and Carrie picked him up and carried him back up to his room and put him back to bed.
“God it’s ten past twelve maybe we should call it a night” I suggested yawning and stretching my arms out.
“Yea I gotta get up and tend to the animals tomorrow anyway.” Virgil answered standing up and headed upstairs.
“Goodnight” he said waving drunkenly to me.
“Night” and I stood up slowly and stumbled over to the cabinet and put away what was left of the bottle and headed after her scent.

I found her standing at the side of the barn up chucking dinner and Johnny Walker in a rust orange puddle slowly I walked over and rested my right hand on her left shoulder and she back handed me into the air and I landed on my back hard two feet away.
“Gee thanks for the wake up call” I groaned.
“Oh I’m sorry I didn’t know it was you darling” she said wiping her mouth off and helping me up and in the process trying not to fall over herself.
“Hey you know what?” I said.
“That is the first time you didn’t call me lunger or cur” I smiled drunkenly.
“Huh that is interesting my dear lunger lover” she smiled broadly and I narrowed my eyes and pushed her away only to fall backwards but I caught my balance but Flo didn’t she fell right on her pompous ass and I pointed at her and laughed feeling pain in my sides but still I laughed.
“It’s not funny I am a lady goddammit!” she sneered blowing hair out of her face.
“Yes it is” I said between laughs.
“How would you like it if I came over there and puked in your face?”
“Okay I surrender” I chuckled fighting to stand up and make my way up to her.
“Will you at least help me get up?” she said batting her eyelashes.
“Let me think upon that nope!” and I started to run but she caught me by my left pants leg and I fell face first into the dirt covered grass.
Now she bursted out laughing and snorted a couple times.
“Piggy!” I said and joined in then after a couple of minutes we just lay there panting hard out of breath and finally got up just as it started to rain fairly hard.

Racing up the steps inside the barn escaping with minor wetness from the downpour of cool rain.
“Well now that was interesting”
“Yes from upchucking to rainfall very interesting” I remarked as she fished through her pockets for some mints and finding a couple she chewed and sucked on them and sighed happily.
“Good idea not in the mood to kiss you with puke on yer breath” I laughed as she kicked my legs and then she started over to me smiling playfully then her lips were two inches from mine and as I went to kiss them she jumped up and walked over to the opening stood there watching the rain come down. So I made my way over to her enfolding my arms about her waist and kissed her neck lovingly and she moaned softly.
“Ever the romantic aren’t you?”
“Yes I am and always will be” I responded and she turned taking my right index finger to her lips kissing it gently followed by the rest of my fingers then as she worked on my left ear I chuckled and said
“You should get two towels and two blankets love”
“Good idea I’ll wait here”
“No I meant you should go and them” I said as she looked at me dumbfounded.
“You get them while I get nice and cozy for you” she swooned unbuttoning her dress.
“You are such an oak!” I spoke waving my finger at her which she took into her mouth swirled her tongue around it and traced the curves of her cleavage with it and moaned emphatically.
“I’m gonna go and get that stuff now”
“Good boy” and off I went to fetch two towels and two blankets from the spare bedroom and tiptoeing quietly and loosening my belt I made my way back outside through the rain and up to the barn.
“Well I got them” I said throwing them at her and she growled softly at me I made my way over to her and she wearing only her blue longjohns pushed me against the wall gently kissing me hard grinding her body to mine working my shirt off of me.
“Damn Florence what got into you?”
“Soon your cock” she chuckled huskily and I pulled her to me tightly feeling her grind hard against my bulge which she grabbed as I bit the right side of her neck. She then slithered her tongue into my mouth and I did the same to her moaning as her right hand made it’s way down my pants.
“God love you are remarkable” I moaned as she pumped my hardened member while nibbling on my right earlobe. Florence stopped nibbling and kissing down my chest biting my nipples one at a time then kneeling and smirking as she unbuckled my belt, unfastened and unzipped my fly then pulling down my pants letting my stiff member stick out along with my loose ballsack. She looked up at me smiling and then traced the length of it lazily making it twitch and I moaned when she wrapped her left hand around it and began pumping, after that she kissed the head swallowing the whole length of my sex bobbing slowly moaning and sucking as she worked me up.
“God yes Florence suck it lover!” I moaned as she kissed and licked the shaft chewing on it tenderly making it harder and tighter. She bobbed and sucked as I watched her pump, kiss, and suck on me bringing me to climax and as I felt myself ready to explode like a stick of dynamite she stopped squeezing hard and my member twitched three times then bringing it into her mouth she let go and I blew my load in her mouth sighing contentedly. Florence chuckled licking her lips and said “That was good I want more” and standing up licking her lips she hungrily kissed me guiding me over to a small area surrounded by six bails of hay in the shape of a “U” stacked up.
Laying down I followed her yanking open her longjohns and pressing my bodice to hers I felt the coolness of her mountains and tight peaks sighing and moaning we devoured each other’s mouths.

Baring my fangs I dragged them down her mountains bathing in her ecstasy of musical passion I smothered her mouth with mine entwining her tongue with mine and grinding my full erectness into her sopping wetness she pushed me up and cried out digging her nails into my shoulders she pulled me tightly to her bodice and I groaned whispering soft French which I learned from Hannah years before since she had traveled overseas and come back after five years and naturally Flo relaxed her grip but then wrapped her legs tightly around my hips letting me slide my hardness inside of her and she purred in my right ear then tugged it as I slide in and out of her. We kisses each other tongues entwined in a wrestling match to the point of where each of us would’ve pulled our tongues out so our mouth embrace was broken after ten minutes. Panting and laughing she licked my lips and said “Faster Vincent darling go faster” and so I did biting upon the left side of her neck drawing blood she let out a small moan then as I sank my fangs into her freshly bleeding wound and began to drink Florence shuddered pulling me even tighter to her and cried out “Oh God Vincent I’m cumming don’t stop!”

I sucked and gulped her sweet alluring nectar and lifting my mouth away I moaned and moving down to her left erected nipple and kissed it swirling my tongue around it counter-clockwise the effect made her climax hard and thick. Her body lurched upward as she orgasmed when I exploded inside of her groaning as her muscles tightened and pulled of my erectness till it hurt at which time her pussy dislodged it and I fell onto my right side moaning in both pleasure and pain from her cumming and orgasm. Looking at her she writhed and moaned for a time then sitting up I saw her neck wound heal and looking at me she smiled devilishly then standing up she walked to the opening where the barn doors closed and sighed happily
“Join me” she asked holding out her left hand as her bodice became illuminated by a sharp lightning strike followed by a clash of thunder with continual rainfall so I did. I got up slowly letting my legs adjust and joined her taking her left hand into mine and kissed her neck answering “Yes my love?”
“Let us make love in the rain to cool us off”
“Grand idea Michelle” I chuckled as I tugged her neck gently and she cooed softly, cupping her sweat slicken breasts I twisted her hardened peaks pulling them and massaging her warm mounds she moaned and turned to me kissing me hard but I put a finger to her lips and said “No tongue pulling dearest” and she sucked on the tip then french kissed me pulling on my tongue and I moaned breaking the liplock and groaned and she chuckled jumping out the opening into the storm and rain.
Following her I could she her running to a nearby tree but my vision my immediately blurred by the rain and felt my whole body covered in wet cool rain and moaned making my way to her under the tree where we kissed roughly and erotically as lightning crashed and thunder boomed while the rain pelted our warm skin coats cooling them off.

Hoisting her right leg up I entered her drenched cavern and sank my fangs into the right side of her neck savoring in her quench filling blood as I slid in and out of her sucking and biting harder and harder as I went.
“Sweet jesus Vincent more harder!” she begged telepathically wrapping her arms around me.
I drank her deeply and hungrily then after a hefty fill I looked into her rain soaked face and she was dizzy with lust and exhaustion but still she kept on for another forty-five minutes then we went back up to the barn and after toweling off I sat with mine wrapped around my waist my hardness now limp and empty hanging loosely under my towel she was standing in front of me wrapping herself up and I leaned down and kissed her left thigh and she moaned lightly and came down into my lap kissing me fully hands pushing my towel up to my waist and taking my limpness she pumped it slowly and I moaned as she nibbled on my left earlobe.
“God Michelle haven’t you had enough?”
“Nope” she whispered nibbling on my neck then I felt a sharp tight piercing and sucking and knew she was taking her fill of my blood and I moaned pulling her close to me. She withdrew briefly to untuck her towel and then she resumed her bite with her extremely tightly ribbed nipples pressing into my own I orgasmed gripping her ass cheeks firmly she kissed my wound as it healed up and moaned flicking her tongue to it I shuddered and sighed.
“Mmmmmmmmmmmm that was good”
“I bet”
“Uh huh” she cooed purring softly as she kissed me then laying down she pulled the blankets over us and purposefully grinded her left knee into my limp penis and I groaned as she did this then after trapping her left leg with my right Florence chuckled resting her head on my left shoulder and fell asleep twisting my chest hair softly till her hand lay gently and unmoving.

The following morning me and Virgil spent the whole day cleaning up the farm which took all my energy since I fed last night, Virgil on the other hand was sweating just as hard as he lifted two bales of hay at one time sitting them next to a small stack of bales already put into place.
“You boys done yet?” Carrie asked walking into the doorway holding two glasses of water wearing a pair of overalls hair tied up into a ponytail smiling brightly.
“Yeah just about honey” Virgil answered wiping sweat from his forehead and onto his dusty brown pants.
Both of us weren’t wearing any shirts too hot for shirts so we were both slicken with sweat and tired so we stopped and went over taking the glasses and he downed the whole glass, I on the other hand drank a little and poured the rest over my head letting run over my sweat covered body and sighed then went back to moving the bales.
“Let me help you finish Vincent”
“Nah Virg you go rest I’ll be just fine”
“Okay if you say so” and they both walked off kissing with his right hand wrapped around her lower back hand resting on her right hip.
After they were gone I picked up five bales in one move then sat them on top of the two and sighed feeling my knees getting tired so after spitting twice to my left I finished putting away the last fourteen bales and walked off to the small pond and when I came to end of the deck I jumped in after shedding my clothes and gasped resurfacing.

“God this feels so good” I shuddered from the water being slightly cool.
“I bet it does” Florence replied sitting on the edge of the walkway smiling sweetly.
“Come on in”
“Nah not in the mood for intimacy darling not for awhile”
“Why?” I said swimming up to her and shaking my hair out of my face blinking.
“Come up here” she said scooting over to her right and so I did.
“What’s wrong dear?” I asked taking her warm left hand into my wet right hand.
“I’m gonna be leaving for a while and I don’t if I’m gonna be back”
“For what Florence?”
“I just need some time to myself”
“It’s sounds like it’s more than that” I pushed kissing her hand.
“It is but I won’t tell you”
“Why can’t I know?”
“Because I said so you spoiled little lunger” she responded kissing my lower lip.
“Not fair”
“Life isn’t fair” she chuckled and I jumped back into the pond dipped below the surface resurfaced and laughed.
“Ugh I can never talk to you” she sighed frustrated.
“I’m listening I was getting dry and cold”
“No you’re not Vincent darling”
“Will you at least stay till the end of the month?” I asked taking both her hands into mine.
“That I will do for you”
“Good now get in this water” I smirked splashing her some.
“No I will not”
“Then I’m gonna keep splashing you”
“Then I am gonna walk away and wait inside for you dinner is ready by the way” she said walking off and disappeared in the house.
“Fine then” and I swam around for about another hour then grabbing the towel she left behind I dried off wrapping the towel around my waist and took my clothes with me.

After taking a nice hot bath I had supper after they did and Florence walked into the kitchen wearing a blue robe and red pajama pants with slippers sitting down across from me.
“You don’t have to distance yourself from me”
“Sorry just distracted”
“Just tell me I won’t be mad”
“You would if you knew what I was thinking about doing”
“Tell me” I said pleadingly.
“No! And that is final” she said slamming her coffee cup down spilling some of the contents.
“Let me get that” I said getting up and wiping up the small mess.
“God I really hate it when you push” she remarked
“I know honey” I smiled kissing her forehead.
“Let’s go to bed kay?” I suggested putting my plate in the sink.
“No intimacy sweet little lunger”
“You say that again and I’ll give you intimacy” I sneered.
“Sweet little lunger” she chuckled and I picked her up throwing her over my left shoulder and headed upstairs.
Laying her down I kissed her hungrily as did she wrapping her legs around my waist tightly and I moaned biting the left side of her neck. She pushed me off and sighed disgustedly saying “God I really hate you”
“What the fuck did I do?”
“Everything” and that’s all that was said as we both fell asleep for the first time out of each other’s embrace.

So the end of the month came and went and she was true to her word left me a small note that read:

Dearest Vincent, don’t try to find me you will only find bits and pieces of where I was last leaving you in an endless trail of breadcrumbs that won’t lead anywhere but right back home to Virgil’s ranch. Please know I hold you dear to my heart and this separation will be hard for you but we shall see each other down the long road known as life.

Yours forevermore,


I stifled a small cry and that very day I decided to pack up and venture out west to California.
“Well I guess this is it” I said looking at Virgil, Carrie, and the boys.
“Yea I reckon so”
“Come here you oak” Virgil said hugging me tightly as I did holding him close not wanting to let go Carrie herself was near tears.
“I’ll be back sometime or another to visit but I gots to be on my way” I replied releasing Virgil and hugging Carrie just as tight followed by the boys for which I knelt down to hug them both and tucked a couple dollars in their back pockets.
“Please be careful” Carrie urged sniffling hugging Virgil as her pink and white poka dotted dress blew against her, dust kicking up here and there the sun beaming brightly as the clouds shielded it away as the town clock struck 2:10 p.m. and the conductor called “All Aboard”
“I really gotta go now or else I’ll miss my ride”
“Go where the wind takes you my friend” Virgil said shaking my hand firmly and Carrie hugged me again crying and I sniffled and kissed her forehead then Virgil pulled her back and I jumped on the train and I took my seat and waved goodbye to them as the train rumbled past them and Carrie broke away from her husband’s embrace and stopped at the end of the port still waving to me and I waved back crying wishing that I didn’t want to leave but it was for the better.
I made my way to the back of the train with the luggage and cried my eyes out for hours on end and knew that wherever Flo was she was doing the same soon after I fell asleep against one of my suitcases and awoke to the loud crashing of thunder and lightning.
“Well that’s fucking great” I mumbled standing up and stretching feeling greatly hungry and sensing the train was coming to a stop I hopped off with my luggage and after checking into a tavern I went for a bite to eat which was a tasty juicy steak and a ravishing busty blonde.

“So where all did you go after Tombstone?” Father Shannonwell asked burping lightly.
Counting off my fingers I said “Colorado, California, Washington State, Arizona got into a big gunfight down there, both Dakota’s, Louisiana, Texas, and the other states” Taking a slice of plain into my mouth I chewed it hungrily savoring every bit of it then took a slice with lots of meat on it and savored that moaning in it’s many flavors.

“Oh god I love Domino’s I do wish they had them back in the day”
“I know so good you’d swear the Devil himself made it” Father Shannonwell laughed.
“Mmmmmmmmm this is so delicious”
“Well I could split the pies with you if you want”
“Yes yes please god this is as addictive as opium”
“Oh how so?”
“Many people drank too much of it plus the cost of it was high back then”
“Oh if only medical research that we have now was available back then”
“True my good man so true” I said wiping my mouth and patting him on the back.
“So when did you and Florence met again?”
Standing up I walked up to the podium and looked to Jesus Christ hanging on the cross wearing the Crown of Thorns and shook my head and said with my back to him.
“If you could go back in time and prevent one thing which would be for the better of the world what would it be?”
“Oh wow well I was gonna say not have eaten all those fatten foods but when you put it like that”
“Yea” I said leaning against the podium.
“I would have to say prevent the war in Iraq from happening”
“Interesting choice” I said turning around.
“How so?” he asked confused pouring both of us a cup of Pepsi.
“Well you being a man of the cloth I figured that you would say prevent the death of The Son”
“Well that was my second choice”
“So why the war?”
“Because it’s being fought over meaningless slaughter”
“But the country is being reborn going through a rebirth so to say”
“And look at it now: more deaths more innocents dying every minute”
“True but when the dust settles it will be all over hopefully”
“So tell me what would you go back and prevent?”
“Ah 1968"
“The year itself?” he asked confused.
“No my good man the day Martin Luther King JR was assassinated.”
“Interesting why?”
“He and God are like the same man except different in appearance but have the same goal”
“That being what?”
“Bringing people together” I said walking down closing my fingers together and sitting down.
“Jesus wanted to make people believe in his Father and what happened he got crucified for it but in turn he died for our sins”
“Yes that is very true”
“Martin Luther King did the same except he fought and died to bring two races together: white and black into the same school building”
“And he succeeded down the road”
“Yes he did I was there the day he was shot”
Father Shannonwell nearly choked on his Cinnastix hearing that so I patted him hard on the back and he coughed and swallowed it.
“You ok there Father?” I said looking up at the ceiling which was painted with angels in flight.
“Yes bit of a shocker
“Sorry bout that”
“No problem how were you there if you’re a vampire wouldn’t you have burned up in the sun?”
“Yes but I was under a tree heavily shaded let me tell you exactly what happened and how it went down.”
“Yes please but can I take a piss real quick before you start?”
“Yes go ahead” and Father Shannonwell dashed off down the hall to his office and returned fifteen minutes later.
“Much better I would imagine?”
“Yes indeed number two called me”
“Ah I understand” and we both chuckled.
“Now rewinding back in time 38 years ago”

I was standing under a shady tree just as the countless others were doing the mortals that is watching and waiting which included the KKK one of them walked by and said to me
“Man I hope somebody kills that nigger” so being the genuine person that I am I grabbed him by the collar and growled pulling him close so we were nose to nose my eyes narrowed to slits.
“You say that again and I’ll rip your balls off and shove em down your throat you got me boy?”
The man who had a minor crew cut was with salt and pepper hair but was in his early forties with glasses dark framed, a hooked nose, menacing brown eyes, 6'5, 287 pounds, and had a smooth tone with a slight purr to it. But now his eyes were wide as were his nostrils in complete fear of me.
“Y,y,y,y,yes sir”
“Good boy” I said in my southern draw and pushed him into a small group of colored folks who were looking to fight and they caught him and I added “He don’t like colored folk much” and they nodded since I knew the one’s brother cause I saved him from a small fight two weeks ago. Turning my head in the direction of the podium carefully moving under the shade of the trees I adjusted my posture and watched as the whole crowd grew silent as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr made what would be his historic speech that would put him the history books for years to come.
I stood there sweating and awe inspired by his words they touched my heart in no way anyone had since I could remember and just like that it was over.

“What happened later that day?”
“Oh well I went to bed and awoke to a gentle breeze tickling my toes”
“How or should I say what was the state of the people since JFK’s death?”
“Well some people cared and some didn’t”
“Ah I see”
“There something you want to tell me father?”
He hesitated then said “Later please continue”
“As you wish”

I got dressed in a brown pair of pants, shoes, and a loose white t-shirt. The night air was crisp and breezy not to warm not to cold but just right so I didn’t wear a coat. I took a walk to the town square and reflected on what had transpired earlier today of course it was being televised in the store windows some people watched some walked on in disgust. One of these people bumped into me and knew my standing.

“Filthy nigger lover”
“At least my wife isn’t selling herself like a cheap moonpie”
“What did you say about my wife?”
“You heard me asshole”
“Boy if there wasn’t any police round these here parts”
“Come again my friend?” I said glaring narrowed eyes at him snarling softly.
He walked away muttering and cursing.

I found my way to the second story of white pavilion and sat and watched the sun set smoking a cheap cigarette. God it was so beautiful didn’t hurt my skin as much since the majority of the brightness was gone and replaced with softer more gentle tints of red and blue. Blowing a puff a voice said “Ah the only way I can actually enjoy a sunset instead of watching it in a flicker show” Turning to my right I saw a woman who hadn’t changed cept that she was wearing a blue pair of jeans, white shirt tucked in, and brown boots with her hair flowing behind her she looked over to me and smiled that sweet smile I haven’t seen for decades: Florence.

“Hi love”
“Where have you been?”
“Moving around feeding here killing there struggling to survive yourself?”
I started to move closer but she waggled her left index finger no at me so I sighed flicked my butt over the railing and let the smoke drift out of my mouth.
“Ehhh same watched Dr. King give his speech in person had to put up with the sixth anniversary of JFK”
“Ahh that womanizing son of a bitch now there’s somebody to miss” Florence said rolling her eyes and laughing shortly.
“So what did you think of King’s speech dear?”
She looked and tensed a little at what I said.
“What is it Flo?”
“Please don’t call me dear not after all this time my sweet little lunger” she said turning back smirking.
“Still the antagonistic bitch I fell in love with”
“My little lunger I did enjoy his speech it was moving he’s got potential”
“I think he does too”
A silence fell between us and it was broken by her sweet voice.
“I never did tell you why I left the farm”
Standing up I went to stand on her left side leaning against the railing. “No you didn’t”
“I didn’t know what to do I was scared” she stated shaking her head gesturing with her left hand.
“Florence what happened?”
“I can’t nevermind”
“No your gonna tell me after all these years you’re not stonewalling me again now tell me”
“I was pregnant” she said looking at me with glassy eyes and wiped them sniffing.
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Like I said I was scared I didn’t know how you would react got another cigarette?”
“Yea sure” I fished one out and handed it to her and before I could try to touch her hand she pulled it from me and put it to her lips and I lit it for her and wiped away a tear with my left thumb.
“Please don’t”
“I just god stop asking me the same goddamn question!”
“Fine fuck it finish the story what happened to our child?”
“It was pouring down rain cold rain I was just outside of a town I don’t remember the name but I collapsed and gave birth in the mud and rain I cried for you but you never came. Christ there was so much blood and he finally came out and he cried I wrapped him up while I was still awake then I collapsed as some men came up and the rest is blank.”

I slid down and held my head in my hands and sighed.
“I hope he didn’t die”
“I don’t know like I said the rest is blank I blacked out after I wrapped him up”
“Ok where did you go after that?”
“Ummmmmm California then to Nebraska and finally here”
“Ah sounds like you’ve made quite an investment on your journey’s”
“Yes I have now tell me what you have been up to”
“Hmmmmmm some gunfights, bought a couple homes, whatnot”
“Still wisking the ladies off their feet?”
“Here and there but still I waited for you night after night”
Florence looked at me and blushed slightly.
“Been a while since someone’s paid me a compliment”
“Wasn’t a compliment it’s the truth”
“Do you remember that village?”
“Which village?”
“The little one in the valley”
I rattled my mind and it hit me like a mob of white people.
“Oh that village”
“Yes that one I’m sorry”
“I told you to feed of me but no you had to be stubborn and wait”

A small village lay at the bottom of a valley with about 90 occupants. It was nighttime lanterns were hanging from doorways as Vincent and I swept into the little area.
“Come dear please I beg of you take some of mine” he begged for the tenth time which was beginning to annoy me.
“No goddammit I want fresh meat a little child perhaps” I chuckled darkly and saw two little kids approaching a boy and a girl.
“Hello do you need help or food to eat?”
“Help no do we need help dear Vincent?” I said looking back at him with a crazed looked.
“But food however–“ I said turning to face them my fangs already out.
“We need so bad”
“Florence goddamit no!!!” Vincent said as I buried my fangs into the little boy’s throat ripping it wide to feed.
“Christ Flo” Vincent said approaching me and tried to pull me back but missed by inches and I was upon the girl and he was upon the men who were coming at me. Ripping their throats out and feeding of their blood I took the lanterns and set the houses aflame.
He stood there blood running down his mouth and shirt then he lunged at me in the middle of the burning village.
“You crazed bitch this didn’t have to happen”
“But it did besides I needed fresh you were getting bland for me”
“Bland where the fuck are you Florence cause you definitely aren’t here”
“Lover are you mad with your mistress?” I chuckled buzzed from the blood intake.
“Goddamit I am not playing a game with you!” he said shaking me violently then I snapped back to reality.
“Wha wha what have I done? Vincent I don’t understand”
“Come we’re leaving”

“I wasn’t myself I know this now”
“Yea you lost control”
“No I lost myself in the thirst”
“That’s why I told you not to go no longer than three days without feeding”
“But you have to admit the sex afterwards was wildly vivacious”
“God you and sex shit”
“Come on what did you expect a saint for a vampire?”
“Yea exactly” and we both laughed.
I checked my watch and it was 8:34 p.m. as the streetlights came on.
“Well I think I better go”
“No you can’t not again”
“Yes I must” she said standing up and brushing herself off then smiled at me.
“No goddammit this is an injustice”
“Don’t fret little lunger of mine” she said caressing my right cheek I held her left wrist and kissed her left hand.
“Vincent please don’t make this any harder”
“When will I see you again?”
“When I’m horny” both of us laughed.
“When I deem it right” and there Florence walked off as I let her hand drift out of my grasp she smiled at me and sniffed wiping her eyes.
“Farewell Vincent darling” and she disappeared around the side.
And that was the last I saw of her.

I enjoyed the end of the 70's I watched culture change and one movie I saw called The Warriors really interested me so that I went to see it near thirty times. I saw gangs take over their turf by weapons no guns just bats, bricks, bottles, shanks, and what not.
I joined the punk persuasion in the 80's had multiple piercings then came the 90's I tried many things out but most remained in the shadows. Next was the big Y2K scare which made me laugh and now here I am talking to you of my past crimes and lifestyle.

“Wow did you wear bell bottoms?”
“No I did not like the tightness of them”
“Oh very understandable”
“Did you father?”
“Yes I did” and we both laughed.
“Ahhhh yes those were the days but oh my I must retire for the night” Father Shannonwell said standing up and stretching as did I.
“Yes I should do the same”
“But the night is so young”
“My point exactly”
“Heh come by tomorrow I have something I want to show you”
“Why not show it to me now?”
“Cause it’s not ready”
“Ah you must have to wrap it for me yes?”
“Yes that’s right”
After a short bow and tip of my cane we parted ways till tomorrow night.
On my way home I decided to change my apparel for all black and let my hair flow and dawned a silver cross around my neck then went to a gothic nightclub which was very amusing to say the least. For example there was an attractive purple and blue haired woman there kissing on a younger guy who had spiked hair moaning “Dawn ooo baby you’re so good” so being the humorous man I was I said “Hello Periwinkle how are you tonight?”
“My name isn’t Periwinkle”
“Yes it is Periwinkle Jones”
“Whoa you’re name is Periwinkle total loser” and the guy got up and walked off.
“Damn you Vin why’d you do that?”
“Because he’s too young for you”
“He was 22”
“No my dear he was 17" I said as the bartender served us Bloody Mary’s.
“Dammit I swore he was 22"
Periwinkle Jones was 24 and very attractive 36 waist that was to die for so after some talk and four more different drinks back at my apartment she decided to dance for me to “System” by Chester Bennington and that led to a very erotic nightcap.
Her bodice was tattooed with various cartoons characters, two gothic crosses, couple memorials, Chinese symbols, and different band logos.
After a long three hours I lay there with her in my arms covered in my fleece of Ville Valo on the cover his album called Razorblade Romance which I found strangely alluring so I bought it off the Internet like all my other collector items. Peri moaned softly and nuzzled my chest with her lip ring and the cool steel stirred my skin slightly.
“What’s wrong?” she asked sleepily.
“Nothing dear just thinking”
“Mmmmmmmmmmmm night”
“Night babe” and I kissed her smooth black and silver lips and watched her get comfortable rolling onto her side I saw a tattoo on the back of her neck which read “Demon Angel” and I smirked knowing that was true when it came to sex.
Then I thought about what Florence said on that pavilion in 1968 and it bugged the shit out of me so I couldn’t sleep so I grabbed my easel and began to sketch Peri as she slept. She loved my sketches so she volunteered to sit for me didn’t care what kind it was but she loved watching me work. But she was a free spirited gal which made me smile when I was down I glanced at her crumpled heap of clothing draped across my polished floor.
A tank top that read “Lucifer’s Plaything” followed by a pink bra which had two blue heartagrams on each breast and her breasts were perfectly sized like grapefruits, a black pair of underwear with a red pentagram on the front and “Siren” on the butt, next was a black Ramones skirt, ending with her high boots which added about four inches to her height since she was 5'6 but still so beautiful and by the time the sun was half up I was done and I was tired so I climbed back into bed kissing her left shoulder then nuzzling her neck making her moan softly.
“What time is it?”
“About seven”
“Yes why?”
“I gotta go”
“No stay”
“I really gotta go” Peri said sitting up and grabbed her clothes.
“Please I don’t want to be alone”
She turned to look at me and dropped her clothes and smiled “What’s wrong?”
“Remember Flo?”
“Oh yea that chick who left you what about her?”
“Something she said that you just said and it hit me hard”
“Oh I’m sorry you want me to stay little longer Vinny?” Peri said brushing my hair back and kissing my cheek.
“Yea if you can I drew you just finished two minutes ago.”
“Ooo can I take it with me?”
“I love that you see more than just my tits and ass”
“I know you do demon angel”
“Oh you saw that huh?”
“Yea it fits you”
“How so?” she said stroking my hair as I lay upon her chest eyes closed near sleep.
“Cause that’s how you are everytime we have sex”
Her laughter was the last thing I heard and I dozed off.
I awoke warm air and humidity in my room sitting up I looked around yawning wiping my eyes I saw Peri walk into the room wearing a black towel body wet from a hot shower.
“Oh My God! You scared me!” she said jumping slightly.
“Sorry dear thought you put the window up” I spoke softly swinging my feet over to rest on the floor as she came to sit down beside me and leaned against my left shoulder.
“So what are your plans for tonight babe?” Peri asked towel drying her semi tattooed legs humming softly.
“Gotta go talk Father Shannonwell once more” I answered yawning again my eyes closing and looking over to her and she was standing up and drying off the rest of her heavenly tapestry known as her bodice. She walked around my bedroom bent over snatched up her briefs after four misses, pulled them up letting the waistband snap into place.
“Mmmmmmmm” I said standing up bare naked stretching then scratching my balls I went to the bathroom to take a piss then came back out to see her putting her earrings in still topless then she picked up her nipple rings and beckoned me over with her right index finger.
“What PJ what do you want from poor old me?” I whined smiling walking over to her.
“I need help with my nipple rings” She said innocently twisting her hips back and forth.
“Come here” I said sitting on the bed patting my leg and Periwinkle sat in my lap smiling as I took each nipple between my thumb and index fingers and began twisting lightly.
She moaned softly as I pulled and twisted them watching her left hand stroke my already hardening erection I kissed her bullet tips tugging them listening to her moan my name and hold me closer then I let both of them go and slid the rings into each little hole except the right hole was hard to get into to. So she looked at me and said “Bite it Vincent” and I did.
I let my right fang extend down and pulled her right nipple and penetrated it as she watched and whimpered I slid the second ring into the new hole and closed it with the ball bearing.
“Ahh perfect I love you so much” she said kissing me deeply and I felt my hardness shrinking away which I was glad for since when it was hard my cock hurt from last night.
Peri grinded against my body and moaned
“God why won’t you turn me Vinny?”
“Cause I already told you”
“Tell me again”
“Cause there would be a string of murders unsolved plus I am too old to sire you” I whined spanking and squeezing her ass but truth be told I could sire her but I didn’t want to take her life not like that she was too pretty too alluring to do that with.
“Well– she said getting up and putting her watch followed by her bra and Ramones skirt I guess I’ll get going then after a cup of coffee”
“Ok I’m gonna go grab a shower be sure to lock the door on the way out” I said to her standing up again and heading to the shower. Turning on the hot water I yelped and snarled lightly as cold water came out along with “Sorry forgot to tell ya I used all the hot water up” and I stepped into the streaming water and sighed as my long hair became drenched I moaned softly as the water caressed my tired bodice but refreshed my mind and spirit. Halfway through my shower Peri walked into the bathroom fully dressed and said “I’m going see you later or tomorrow?”
“Yea I guess so babe” I said peeking out the from the side of the curtain and she kissed me silky black lip gloss which tasted like strawberry and I moaned as she tugged my lower lip then opening the curtain a little more and broke the wet embrace smiling walking out waggling her fingers at me shutting the door on her way out locking it just as I asked. After my refreshing shower I got out wrapping a towel around my waist and grabbed another for my long wet hair walking up to the mirror I wiped away the steam and looked at my reflection which I had one since most people still believe that vampires don’t have a reflection well I laughed at that notion and pulled out my red Barbersol shaving cream can, Gillette Mach 3 Turbo razor then went to my room to dry off and dress. My apartment had become somewhat stuffy and humid so I opened a window and turned on a small fan to air out the room, sitting down on my bed I slid off my towel and began drying from my toes up my legs to my hammer and bolts up my firm flat muscular stomach and chest finishing with my back and tossing my towel at the hamper I heard a small knocking at my door so I got up rewrapped my waist and answered the door and to my surprise it was the blind girl from down the hall.
“Why hello my dear what brings you to my door at this hour?” I asked leaning against the door smiling.
“I wanted to come do your hair before you went out” she answered smiling reaching out with her hand poking my stomach and some of the towel so I pulled back some.
“Oh can I come in while you get dressed and shave?” she asked chuckling covering her mouth.
“Yes you may enter young one” and she walked in tapping her cane as she went and found my bed and gasped. Rushing over I said “What is it child are you ok?”
“Yes it’s just your spread it’s so soft and fluffy!” she exclaimed rubbing it as I made my way to the other side of the bed to fish out a fresh pair of boxers to wear.
“What color my child?”
“Hmmmmmmmm I don’t know but from the smell of perfume I would say midnight blue”
“How did you know I was taking a shower?”
“Because I heard Periwinkle saying “Oh that Vincent oh my Vinny darling dearest” she said holding her cane like a man and kissing the air laughing.
I watched her laughing as I pulled on a pair of midnight blue boxers with a red dragon on them and chuckled throwing my towel into the hamper then came around and opened my closet door and stroked my mild five o clock thoughtfully.
“So many choices want to help milady?”
She stood up and stood beside me laying her cane on my bed and began feeling my clothes out and said touching the red silk long sleeve “Oooooooooooo you an expensive bastard ain’t ya?”
“Yes I suppose I am” I answered taking the shirt off the hanger and laying it on the bed.
“Now for pants” Angie said moving past me to the right side of my large closet and began feeling my pants and picked out a pair of stonewash denim jeans so I took those out of her hands smiling and laid them beside the shirt.
“I will pick my boots to wear” I said patting her back affectionately cause I loved how helpful she was and how kind she could be.
“I wanna pick the color!” Angie said giggling and sitting down on the bed as I did the same pulling my jeans on she played with my long silver blue hair.
“Mmmmmmmm red” Angie said as I handed her a brush to use on my hair.
“Ok then red it shall be”
“I wanna make sure it’s red”
“Ok” I chuckled picking up the red boot which had a large R on the side. This was put on all my shoes so she knew which one was which when I decided to pick my shoes to wear.
Each letter stood for a color B for blue, R for red, F for fuchsia, G for green, M for maroon and so on. So I watched as she traced the letter and nodded in agreement so I grabbed my pair of Ralph Lauren boots and a pair of white Wilson ankle socks and put them on while she continued to brush my hair.

Standing up she stopped and I led her into the bathroom where I took some shaving cream smeared it on my face then took up my razorblade and began to shave my face.
“I wonder what is it like to be immortal?”
“Well child it is truly a damnation but it is sometimes good and sometimes bad” I replied shaving my neck and cutting it some but the wound healed.
“How is it bad?”
“Well Angie my dear some vampires do bad things in the past that haunt them for centuries even millennia”
“Did you do something bad in the past?”
I stopped and looked at her the right side of my face was done but the left was not and I sat my razor down and said “What do you think?”
“I think you’re an rich motherfucker who is really sad inside”
“Then you are right” I said and began shaving again.
“Did you kill someone back then?”
In my mind I heard a child then many children screaming.
“Yes I did a whole lot of people one time for nothing”
I sensed her hesitation and she took a step back.
“Come now I am different from back then I wouldn’t harm a hair on your head”
“Why did you kill those people then?”
“She was being stubborn she wouldn’t feed from me so she decided to kill and feed off the children in the village.
“Oh my god”
“Yea I know it still haunts me because I took part in that horrific massacre” I shuddered as I finished with my face and washed away the excess cream and hair then dried my face and smiled some.
“But come now I need my hair dryer can you hand it to me?”
“Sure thing” and Angie reached into my second drawer pulled out my Tiffany hair dryer, plugged it in and handed it to me standing up.
Turning it on Angie held my long hair as I blow dried it combing it with her hands I closed my eyes and sighed happily feeling her tiny fingers working each strand till it was dry and I laughed as she tickled my neck some.
“Hey now I was daydreaming”
“About what?”
“Ahhh a nice drink on the beach”
“Hehe and me along side of you”
“Ah yes indeed” and I shut the dryer off and shook my hair around and sighed.
“You know if you had big boobs and a nice ass you’d make a great girl”
I turned to her and laughed.
“Come child let us braid my hair” I stated ushering her into my bedroom where I sat on the bed and she sat behind me with five ponytailers laying beside her she brushed my hair five times then began braiding it. The whole process took about thirty minutes and after that was done I paid her twenty-five bucks and a kiss on the cheek then pulled on my red shirt buttoned it up except for one button then I picked out my brown and tapioca duster and headed out after I took Angie back to her apartment. Waiting for a cab for about ten minutes I looked up and saw Angie waving down at me and I waved back then a taxicab pulled up and I climbed in waving once more and headed off towards St. Gabriel’s Church to meet once again with Father Shannonwell.

Arriving at St. Gabriel’s I tipped the cab driver well and reminisced back to the Old West when there were no cars just a horse and a buggy “Maybe I should become an Amish man” I mused to myself as I walked up the steps and opened the large door entering and there was Father Shannonwell up front talking to the young ones about some celebration coming up in a few months and how they were to prepare for it, so I sat three rows behind them and smiled as they turned to see who the visitor was and he introduced me.
“Children this is Vincent Vader he is a friend of the church say hello” he said with a cheerful smile.
“Hello Vincent” they all said in unison.
I waved back smiling at all of them so young so innocent.
Around twenty minutes later all the children’s parents had come for them and we were alone to the utter silence of the sanctuary.
“So Father what did you have to tell me tonight?” I asked getting up as he made his way to where I was.
“Well first of all I must say I almost didn’t recognize you at all”
“Ah well thank you” I said as I followed him to the front door which he locked with a long silver key then led me back to the confessional booths stopping at the second one.
“I have done some thinking about what you said”
“Which part?”
“The woman Florence you still miss her?”
“Yes I do a great deal” I said leaning against the confessional door thinking upon her ravishing face and that husky voice.
“I’m gonna make something for us to drink and let you meet someone I met yesterday”
“Oh ok is it that one woman who directed your children’s choir?”
“You’ll see” he said disappearing behind a corner on far right side of the sanctuary.
A figure stepped out from the side of the second confessional wearing a shiny purple long dress with matching hat and black boots and I was taken aback.
“Well my darling lunger you look like you’ve seen a ghost” Florence said rolling her umbrella off her left shoulder and closing it.

Standing there I ran my hand over my face over and over again confused, excited, sad, mad, angry, happy so I did the first thing that came to me I slapped her across the face.
“You bitch!”
“And I missed you too and watch your tongue we are on holy ground”
Then out of frustration I kissed her hard and deeply and pulled away.
“What was that for?”
“For coming back”
“So let me get this right you slap me then kiss me? Where have you been and what has gotten into you?”
“Oh not much a little Johnny Walker now and then, couple girls, centuries of tears and hate for you”
Florence laid her umbrella down on the pew and cupped my face and kissed me back smiling.
“No worries now I am back for good no more running away”
“So why did you leave in 68?”
“Because I wasn’t ready to come back to you but someone else was for about five years straight”
She reached behind her back and tugged at something and laughed “Now come on you wanted to see him all this time don’t be shy he wont bite as much as I do”
A boy about 14 years of age but was probably near my age which was 100 something wearing a brown suit stood beside Florence head downcast so I kneeled down and smiled.
“What’s your name?”
He flinched slightly and tried to scramble behind her back but she held him firmly.
“Come now tell him your name”
“Valo” he said quickly and fiddled with his tie.
“Wow my name’s Vincent it’s nice to meet you Valo” I said extending my hand out for him to shake but he cowered and I recoiled standing up.
“Thought you said that you blacked out after?”
“I did really I woke up days later and found out that he survived the storm and was being cared for by another mother who had a newborn of her own but gladly nursed him until I was at full strength to care for him”
“Oh so this is my son?” I said half in tears sniffing.
“Yes Vincent this is our son” She said cupping my left cheek and smiling sweetly and I smiled back my eyes blurry with tears and I felt a tightness around my waist and it was Valo to my surprise. He looked up at me with big orange eyes and said “Why you cry f-f-f-f-father?”
“Because my boy I am happy to see you and your mother”
“Oh that’s f-f-f-f-f-funny I never h-h-heard of someone crying cause they were happy”
“Well all people act this way when they are happy”
Florence smiled and embraced me tightly and I felt coolness fall onto my shirt and touch my skin and it was her tears which made me hold her all the more longer determined never to let her go.

Father Shannonwell walked back in with four cups: three with french vanilla coffee and one with cocoa by Folgers.
“Here you all go” he said patting my shoulder after I took the cups I ushered Valo into the pew and handed him his cup.
“Careful it’s hot take tiny sips”
“Ok father” and he began sipping slowly at his cocoa.
“Father I don’t know how to thank you for this” I said at a loss for the first time for words.
“I got one question my dearest”
“Yes my dear?”
“Who is Periwinkle?”
“A girl”
“One you bang night after night?”
“Not every night just whenever she comes over”
“Why you bringing that up in a moment of happiness?”
“I don’t know just was curious is all”
“Back to the matter at hand” Father Shannonwell said clearing his throat.
“Ah yes” I said facing Father Shannonwell.
“I have a gift for you Father” I said rolling up my right sleeve smiling serenely.
“What gift do you have for me?”
“Well first you must kneel” Father Shannonwell kneeled and looked up at me.
“With this gift you must promise to me and to God that you will stay loyal to your wife until her end”
“I promise”
Taking my left thumbnail I pushed on my right wrist until the skin broke and bled.
“Drink Father and see again” and he did reluctantly at first but then drank fully.
“Oh darling how thoughtful and kind of you and in a church nonetheless how fitting”
Pulling my wrist back he stood up and pulled off his eyepatch and I watched as he eye grew back to a white ball with a fresh retina he blinked several times looking at us with both eyes and I smiled.
“How do you feel Father?”
“Like a new man” He embraced me tightly and I did the same back to him both of us laughing.
“Now I want you to go to your wife and look upon her with both eyes” I said looking him in both eyes.
“I will as a new man with a new purpose” Father Shannonwell said laughing heartily and began to walk off but I held his right arm and pulled him back.
“If you abuse my gift I will take it back the hard way”
“I understand” he said nodding in agreement.
“Now go get out of here and go to your wife tell her I said hi”
“And me too” Florence chimed in.
He ran off and said “Call me when you decide on a wedding date” both of us looked at each other and laughed.
“Do you wanna get married Florence darling?”
“That depends on you my darling lunger lover” she said tracing my lower lip.
“Come let us go home”
“Yes let’s go home” Florence said in agreement throwing our cups away except for Valo’s whom was still drinking his.

In the cab to my apartment he fell asleep against me and Flo smiled as the cab slowed to a halt outside my apartment building. Getting out I pulled Valo into my arms carrying him upstairs to my apartment I stopped shortly at Angie’s door then thought better of it and continued to my apartment which was number 36 and I unlocked it and kicked it open gently which made Valo stir slightly then I sat him on the sofa and slid off his jacket and shoes and ever so gently laid him down then stood up and covered him with my duster and he moaned softly curling up to it.
Florence went into the kitchen and looked in the fridge then looked around the rest of my flat and smirked beckoning me to her.
“What?” I whispered
“I wanna talk” she said pulling on my shirt.
“No you wanna fuck I ain’t dumb dearest”
“So we’ll talk and fuck it’ll be fun” she chuckled softly pulling me into the bedroom.
“But Valo is sleeping out on the sofa can’t we just talk?”
Florence eyed me suspiciously then fished her hand down my pants fondling me briefly then recoiled her hand.
“What was that about?”
“Thought you lost your manhood you’ve changed”
“Yeah it’s called aging and life lover” I said sitting on the bed and patting beside me for her to join me which she did.
“Oh well I am sorry I am behind the times so tell me who is this Periwinkle?”
“Ah she’s an acquaintance I met sometime after 2003"
“You mean fuck buddy don’t you darling lunger?” Florence stated in a curving smile.
“No dearest I don’t she’s sweet and innocent but unturned”
“Oh really now? Not a creature of the night you are getting sluggish in your days lunger lover” she cooed.
“Oh shut it you trollop!” I chuckled.

She smiled her sweet smile looked down then back up at me with her mesmerizing gaze and said
“Vincent honey do you still think of me?”
“Which way?”
“Mmmmmmmm the North’s barn way back when during the rainstorm” she said walking her fingers up my chest to trace the back of my neck with her nails.
I tensed and gasped softly feeling like a virgin venturing into his first seduction.
“Sometimes but not always” I shuddered as she leaned in close flicking her hot tongue across my left earlobe her left hand rubbing the inside of my left thigh.
“Really now?” probed Florence kissing behind my left ear which drew a low moan from me.
“Mmmmmmmmhmmmmmmm” I responded as my left hand became interlocked with her right hand which was then guided up her left thigh which was smooth and shaved.
“You liking my little lunger?” she purred against my neck as she nipped at it.
“Flo mmmmmmmmm please stop”
“Why should I? I’m as turned on as you are”
“Because I’m hungry” Valo broke in blushing then retreated to the bathroom shutting the door.
“Shit” Florence said withdrawing from me muttering as she approached the bathroom door.
“Valo you ok honey I’m not mad at you dear”
“Yes you are don’t lie you told me lying is only good when the person is an complete idiot”
I chuckled and leaned against a post in my pad smirking.
“Very true Valo come on out son we were only expressing our love for each other that’s all”
He came out hesitantly but confident and stood there unsure what to do.
“Come Valo we’ll go and feed then off to bed with you the hour is late”
Checking my timepiece I saw it was 12:34 a.m. which surprised me but then again it didn’t Flo had a way of making small talk seem endless and hours would pass you by like you thought your glass was full but it’s empty and you’re semi shocked by it. Florence took Valo by the shoulder but he slid out of her embrace and wrapped himself at my waist like a small child.
“Take me” he said softly and I turned to hug him rubbing his back.
“Is mommy mean to you?”
“Yes” he said.
“Flo what did I tell you about abusing the children?”
“I don’t abuse him”
“Well what do you mean she’s mean?”
“She’s mean when she feeds she scares me” he said clinging to me even tighter making me grunt softly.
“Quite a grip you got son come now I’ll take you while Mommy freshens up for when we return okay?”
“Okay” he said eyes lighting up with excitement.

We strode through Central Park kicking stones here and there the air crisp but slightly chill I sat on a bench and watched as he took up a swing going back and forth on it smiling soon after I joined him afterwards I spotted a homeless man with a shaggy white beard was sitting against a tree mumbling in his sleep.
“There that one” I said smoothly.
“Him but he’s old and smells bad” Valo said holding his nose.
“But his blood is what sings in your veins” I said ushering him forward.
“Mmmmm okay” and Valo sprang into action first startling the old bum then bringing pure horror upon his face as he bit into his neck tearing his throat blood pouring down the bum’s dirty shirt and I joined in the feast. Half an hour later we cleaned ourselves up disposing of the body into the Hudson River then back home where we had dinner which was followed by a long sleep.

Later that week while Valo was away hunting, Vincent sat on the edge of his bed with Periwinkle and Florence standing in front of him arguing back and forth over who he wanted to fuck more.
“Vincent darling what are you going to do about this?” Flo said crossing her arms.
“Yeah Vinny since it’s obvious you don’t want me and rather bang her brains out” Periwinkle said tucking a strand of hair behind her ear flustered.
“Have a threesome since you both want me so bad” I said smiling pulling both of them into my lap and Florence leaned down frenching me deeply followed by Periwinkle then they slid out of my lap taking their positions: Florence sitting behind me wearing a long dress that she hiked up to her waist with small roses all over it and Periwinkle kneeled between my legs wearing a red Smurfs shirt, no bra, black Brooklyn Xpress pants, Wonder Woman bikini cut undies by Fruit Of The Loom, and grey Timberland boots she was taking off then slowly unbuckled my belt and pulled the zipper down along with my plaid boxers letting my half hard cock stick out bobbing up and down.
“Well someone’s ready” Florence chuckled nibbling on my right earlobe as Periwinkle tugged off my pants, boxers, and sandals.
“Yes I am only halfway there though”
“Mmmmmmm I can take care of that darling lunger of mine” she said yanking my shirt open then Peri ripped my black undershirt open discarding both of them onto the floor.
“Much better now it’s your turn” I said smirking.
“Not yet dear” Peri said rubbing my thighs and pumping my hardening cock.
“Good point you give both of us a cum shot we’ll strip”
“Mmmmmmmm deal” I moaned as Florence’s cool hands rubbed my shoulders slowly but firmly licking and kissing the back of my right ear feeling my cock strengthen as Peri pumped it at an even pace. She spit on my cock as it grew to it’s ten by two length pumping and licking it down the left side then kissing up the right ending with half my cock in her mouth humming as she chewed and swallowed me.
“Mmmmm god Peri damn right there Florence” I groaned as Peri sucked deeply on my throbbing dick while Florence massaged my neck flicking her tongue on both sides of my neck then moving down to rub my upperback. Peri bobbed and jerked me off as I moaned and groaned from the double erotic assault.
“Mmmmmmmmmmm he’s getting harder” Peri said spitting on the head then wrapping her hand around the shaft she bent my cock down which made me groan loudly.
“And he likes it” Florence chimed in nibbling on my left earlobe while kneading the middle of my back in firm but soft circular motions.
“Fucking right I do” I groaned feeling Flo’s tongue on the back of my neck my cock twitching in Peri’s grip.
“MMmmmmmmmmmm don’t cum just yet I wanna lick your sweet tasty cock some more” Peri cooed licking the underside of my stone hard member sucking around the base humming deeply.
“Peri goddamn don’t stop mmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn”
Florence slid her right hand under my ass kissing the back of neck and said
“Relax darling it’s a little trick I picked up while reading”
“What are you gonna do?” I panted as her left hand traced lazily over my chest.
“Make you cum good and thick”
“Mmmm do it” I gasped and moaned as Florence slid her right middle finger into my prostrate stroking it softly making my cock lurch inside Peri’s mouth so she pulled back coughing some.
“Wanna fuck my mouth Vinny baby?” she purred leaning up to french me hungrily.
“Mmmm hell yes” and she slid back down kissing my chest then swallowing my balls into her mouth, Peri purred deep letting the vibration stir my aching cock to spew precum which she smeared around my bloated head then pointing my rigid member up she spit on the underside flicking her tongue then licking up and down.
“Do it again Peri baby nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh” and she did while Florence stroked my prostrate then pushed deeper as Peri deep throated my prick and I spewed a thick strand down her eager throat which encouraged her to pump me harder and more hot white cum spewed into her mouth as Florence probed my prostrate harder bringing forth more cum that found it’s way down Peri’s throat.
“Mmmmm tastes like candy” she chuckled licking her lips then swiping away the minor shots on her face sucking her fingers clean then stood up and switched places with Florence.
“Mmmmmmmmm hope you taste better than before lunger love” Florence smiled kneeling letting her balled up dress fall to her knees then licked the left side of my semi hard cockmeat as Peri situated herself behind me snorting my scented hair then french kissing the right side of my neck hot wet cum slick tongue burning into my skin which was followed by her soft humming.
“Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Peri mmmm do the other side” I moaned softly as she moved to the other side purring and licking the back of my left ear and nibbling along the outside of it tugging slightly.
“Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Florence said deepthroating my semi hardness taking a long deep suck as she leaned back letting it slide out of her mouth and into her right hand.
“Bet you never had it this good since the twins huh love?” Florence asked with a husky chuckle.
“No” I gasped as Peri bit the left side of my neck tugging and grinding it between her teeth then moaned as Florence tugged my semi hardness.
“Someone’s loving the attention to their sex drive” Peri chuckled rolling my nipples between her fingers making them even harder than they were.
“That I am lass that I am” I said leaning back bringing Peri’s mouth to mine in a deep french kiss with Florence deepthroating, bobbing, and sucking me off to a full erection which was now a foot long.
“Look at that my lunger lover you’ve grown more for us mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” she purred pumping then swallowing the head for a french kiss.
“Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn” I groaned breaking the lock with Peri letting resume her mouth hugs to my neck and ears.
Watching Florence pump then lick up the left side then down the underside ending with my balls in her mouth purring and humming as she went then tilting her head to the right she went back and forth with her on the underside of my bloated head which was now a shade of deep red as my balls tightened ready for a full load to be released. Peri’s hot mouth assault’s to my neck, shoulders, ears, and nipples had my sex drive working overtime.
Florence deepthroated me over and over all the way to the groin purring deeply and humming as she bobbed.
“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmm”
“Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggooooooooooooooooodddddddddddddddddddddd more Florence”
“Like that lunger darling?” She cooed swirling her tongue around the tip then taking my foot long beefstick halfway and put my hands behind her head and let me fuck her mouth hard and fast stretching her throat but not by much since she had practice centuries ago with mine why I wasn’t this aroused back then I didn’t know but I was grateful for the full girth I had now.
“Mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmmmm mmmmm” Florence groaned as I speared her throat.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cum for us Vinny baby” Peri cooed in my right ear lightly clawing my chest and stomach up and down leaving fine red lines on my body which faded away some but that infliction was quickly dismissed when Florence speared her throat hard with my warm moist thick cockmeat which produced a thick sticky cum shot down her hungry throat which was followed by a deep suck that ended in a suction cup pop as she let go.
“God yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Florence” I groaned as my cock bobbed up and down only to be devoured by her voracious sexuality it pained my cock so bad but goddamn my harlot could suck with excellence milking every drop out of me until my cock went limp then Peri slid out and stood beside Florence as she stood up licking her lips then Peri kissed her full and deep scooping some of my cum out of her mouth and taking it into hers then Florence did the same thing pulling Peri to her french kissing her deeply then breaking the liplock my cum smeared on their mouths and taking turns they licked each other’s mouths clean while Florence worked on Peri’s nipples through her shirt twisting and pinching.
“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Florence keep going” Peri moaned chuckling huskily as she ran her hands up and down Florence’s arms.
Florence snickered and squeezed Peri’s breasts hard pushing them together then she grabbed the collar of her shirt and ripped it which made Peri gasp in shock.
“Hey! I liked this shirt”
“Tough go buy another one” and she ripped it again letting Peri’s breasts and perky nipples stick out some.
“Mmmm fuck it”
“Oh that will done too” and Florence ripped the last of her shirt pushing it back letting her full breasts and tight rock hard nipples come out into the cool atmosphere of the apartment.

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