The Love Swing

My husband decided to surprise me with a present for our 14th anniversary.  He came home with a very large box and a shit-eating grin on his face, so of course I rushed to open it up.  My mind was racing.  What could possibly be in this huge, heavy box?  My first thought was, "If he bought me a God damned vacuum cleaner, I'm gonna kill him!"  Thankfully, domesticity was not what he had in mind.

As I tore off the wrapping paper the first thing to catch my eye was a picture of a nude couple on the front of the box, with the words "LOVE SWING" boldly written above it.  I looked up at him in amazement.  "You bought me a fucking swing?"

"Baby, I know you've wanted one for a long time."  He said, smiling.

"No sweetheart."  I said, with only the slightest sarcastic tone.  "You've wanted this for a long time, not me.  I wanted a new piece of jewelry.  Let's face it, you bought yourself an anniversary present."

"But it'll be fun baby, you know it will.  Just let me get it set up."

"OK," I sighed.  And went back to my computer while he went about setting this contraption up.  The first thing he took out of the box were these big, heavy chains.  I stared at him.  "CHAINS!  You're putting chains on my ceiling?"

"Relax baby."  He smiled.  "Go back to work."  So I went back to work, but kept glancing over at this monstrosity that was hanging in the middle of my bedroom.

When he finally got it up, (no pun intended), he came over to me.  "Ready to try it out?"  He asked.

"OK."  I said, and took a deep breath.  I should preface this by telling you that my bedroom has a vaulted ceiling so it was pretty high up there.  Take into consideration that I am all of 4'10" and you can understand my trepidation.  He grabbed my handy-dandy little footstool (I keep one in every room of the house.  Hey, it's a must for those of us who are vertically challenged.), pulled off my T-shirt and thong and told me to climb on.

After a few minutes of slipping down through the straps and pulling myself back up, I finally got adjusted.  Leaning back, I let myself relax.  It was actually pretty comfy.  Antonio came over and put my feet into the stirrups and there I was, butt-ass naked, hanging from the ceiling with my legs spread wide and immobilized in stirrups.  That in itself was exciting the hell out of me.

Antonio sat on my footstool, which brought his face right in line with my pussy.  Teasing me, he began kissing my smooth outer lips.  As he slowly ran his tongue along them, I started getting very wet.  I wanted to feel his mouth on my clit, but since I was leaning back, my arms could not reach the back of his head to push his mouth into me.  I was at his mercy and that made me even hotter.  Slowly he took one lip into his mouth and sucked on it, then the other, his tongue tickling the soft pink inside of my lips.  I was going crazy.

"Please."  I said, as I squirmed around, trying to get my pussy closer to his mouth. 
Unfortunately, all I managed to do was start myself swinging which brought me further away.  Antonio put his hands on my ass and brought me closer to him.  Starting at my asshole, he ran his tongue softly all the way to my clit.  "Oh God baby, more."  I pleaded.  And being the kind, generous person that he is, he obliged me.  Placing his mouth right over my clit, he began swirling his tongue on it, getting it harder.  My pussy was dripping.  I would be begging him to make me cum any minute and he knew it.  He then started flicking his tongue hard against my swollen clit and I was right on the edge.  "Now baby!  Suck it!  Suck my clit!"

He sucked…I screamed.  My hands were gripping the swing so hard my knuckles were turning white.  My pussy opened up and I started gushing.  The contractions from my orgasm were so strong that my juices just shot out all over his face… his chest… the floor.  It was a fantastically violent climax and left me totally limp.  But he wasn't through with me, by any means.

Standing up he brought his cock to my pussy, grabbed the straps of the swing, and just pulled me onto him.  My body hadn't even had time to calm down and this started another orgasm.  This was so cool.  Being suspended in air, and swinging into orgasmic bliss.  Talk about rocking my world!  As his fucking got harder, he grabbed the bar above my head for leverage and really gave it to me.  His cock was pounding into me, fucking me harder than he ever had before and I was loving it.  My cum was running down his balls and legs.  The floor was soaked.  I could feel his cock throbbing, getting ready.

"I'm gonna cum, baby."  He grunted and pulled me tight up against him.  I felt his body tense as he let out a load moan and exploded inside me.

We were both spent.  He let go of the swing and it moved away slightly, sliding my pussy off his cock.  "God baby, that was great."  I said.  He leaned over and kissed me.

"Happy anniversary honey."  He smiled.  "Now, didn't I tell you that you'd like it?"

"Yes baby, you did.  Now help me down from here!"  He took my legs out of the stirrups and helped me down with a kiss.  Then unhooked the swing from the chain and put away in the closet for the next time…his turn.

So, I did enjoy my anniversary present very much.  And although the swing is put away, I still have a chain across my ceiling.  We've told my daughter that it's for a piece of exercise equipment.  Not a total lie, but do you think she bought it?

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