The Lovers

The Lovers

Rachel stood in front of her mirror looking at her reflection. She viewed herself critically, thinking how fat her stomach was. “I’m much too fat” she thought. “I really need to lose some weight.” She used to be a size 10, and now she was a size 12. She had started to put on weight after Carole had left school. A smile appeared on Rachel’s face as she remembered how good Carole had been in bed. She ran her hands over her breasts, instantly feeling her nipples harden as she remembered the soft touch of Carole’s hands.
Her thoughts then turned to Julie, her on line lover. “What will she think of me?” she wondered as she turned to her wardrobe to select a skirt and top to wear. “I know she’ll think I’m too fat,” mused Rachel. “She probably won’t like the way I look.” Rachel had met Julie in an on-line chat room some months ago, and they had immediately hit it off. Julie was older than Rachel, taller than Rachel, and more experienced than Rachel. Julie had blonde hair and blue eyes, while Rachel had light brown hair and brown eyes. And today was to be their first meeting. Rachel shivered as she thought about this first meeting, her tummy seeming to turn summersaults, and she felt her pussy lips begin to moisten.
She took out a white silk blouse that was semi-transparent. “Hmmmm,” she mused, “that should look very sexy with a lacy bra.” She searched for a skirt to wear with the top, and pulled out a black and white tartan skirt. It had two buttons that fastened at the top, and a safety pin at the bottom for show and to weigh it down so that the wrap-over front would not easily be blown by any breeze there might be. She loved that skirt since it was easy to slip a hand between the material, and caress her soft thighs. Rachel shivered with pleasure as she imagined Julie’s hand slipping inside her skirt.
She opened her lingerie drawer, took out her white lacy bra and put it on. She quickly found the matching panties and slid them over her slender legs. She put her blouse and skirt on, then admired herself in the mirror. She thought, “that does look sexy. I think Julie will like this.” She found her black silk stockings and slowly put them on, and finished off by putting on her new white leather high heeled boots. They had 5 inch heels and came up to just below her knees. She examined herself in the mirror one last time. “That looks very good,” she thought.
She picked up her suitcase, which she’d packed earlier that day, went downstairs and left a note for her parents telling them that she’d gone away for a few days. She locked the front door behind her, and hurried down the road to the shops where she’d arranged to meet Julie.
She had only been there 2 minutes when Julie drove up and parked her car. At least, Rachel assumed it was Julie as she saw a beautiful blue-eyed blonde get out of the car and walk towards her. She was wearing a denim shirt, unbuttoned down to her cleavage, tight leather jeans, and 6 inch stilettos. “Wow, what a babe!” thought Rachel. “Hello,” said the blonde, “You must be Rachel. I’m Julie.” She towered above Rachel and bent to kiss her on the cheek. “I see you’ve brought a case with you,” said Julie. “Let me put it in the boot while you get in.” She lifted Rachel’s case into the boot, then got into the driver’s seat. “You look gorgeous,” she told Rachel. “I can’t wait to get you back home where we can get to know each other better.”
“I think you look sensational, Julie,” replied Rachel. “You will be gentle with me, won’t you?” Julie laughed and said, “Oh yes baby. I will be very gentle with you when I spank that beautiful arse. Shall we go?”
She started the engine, and drove off, heading for the dual carriageway that would eventually lead to the motorway. After they’d gone 3 miles, Julie spotted a lay-by and pulled in. She turned to Rachel, leaned across and kissed her full on the lips. Rachel’s lips parted and she felt Julie’s tongue ease its way into her mouth. Rachel responded, caressing the other girl’s tongue with her own. “Well,” said Julie, “I’m so pleased to finally meet you, Rachel. You look wonderful, but you will look even more wonderful if you’d do 3 things for me.” “Anything,” replied Rachel.
“I want you to take off your bra and panties for me,” said Julie. “What? Here?” asked Rachel. “Yes, baby. Here and now,” replied Julie. Rachel undid her seat belt, and unbuttoned her blouse and removed it. She reached behind her, unfastened he bra and took it off. Then she put her blouse back on and buttoned it up. “Leave 3 buttons undone, baby,” Julie instructed her. Rachel then raised herself in the seat and slid her panties down over her leather boots. Julie reached under the folds of Rachel’s skirt and touched her thighs. Rachel gasped with pleasure. Julie’s hand inched its way up Rachel’s thigh and came to rest against her wet pussy.
“Very nice,” Julie remarked. She withdrew her hand and spread Rachel’s skirt so that she could look at her pussy. “Perfect,” she said. “What’s the third thing you want me to do for you, Julie?” Rachel asked. “I want you to remain like that for the journey so that I can occasionally look at your beautiful pussy.” “Yes,” said Rachel. “Anything for you, Julie.” “Anything?” Julie smiled at her. “Oh baby. We’re only just beginning.”

So began the long journey back to Liverpool. Rachel sat back in her seat, happy to display her body to her would-be lover. She made quite sure that her blouse afforded Julie a good view of her pert little breasts with hard nipples proud against the almost transparent material. She opened her legs a little wider and adjusted her skirt so that her pussy was in plain view should Julie’s gaze wander from the road ahead. Rachel felt content for the first time since losing touch with her first lover, Carole. Carole, who had played her body as if it were a musical instrument. Carole, who had first shown her the delights and pleasures of a sexual relationship with another woman. And now, here was a beautiful blonde woman sitting beside her, driving them to a new destination with the promise of even more delights and pleasure that she could ever imagine. Rachel was content. No, she was more than content. She was happier than she had ever been.
But what would her parents make of the note that she had left? Would they contact the police in the belief that Rachel had not gone of her own free will? They would be upset, certainly, that their only daughter had left home so secretly. They would know nothing of the woman with whom she had departed for Liverpool. “Oh, please don’t spoil it,” Rachel thought to herself. “I can call them when we arrive so that they know I’m safe.” “What are you thinking, baby?” asked Julie sensing Rachel’s uneasiness. “How happy you are going to make me, darling,” replied Rachel. “And also how my parents are going to react to my departure. Would you mind if I call them when we arrive at yours?” she asked. “Of course not, baby. In fact, I insist that you do,” replied Julie. “Thank you,” said Rachel, “I love you so very much, darling.” Julie grinned at Rachel and placed a hand on her exposed thigh. “I love you too, baby,” she replied.
At last, they arrived in Liverpool and drove straight to Julie’s home. She adjusted Rachel’s skirt to cover her exposed pussy before they got out of the car. She opened the boot and took out Rachel’s bag, slipped her had into Rachel’s and led her to the front door. Julie unlocked the door and ushered Rachel inside, closing the door behind them, and putting Rachel’s case down.
“Let me tell you about my house rules,” said Julie. “You will be totally naked in my presence while we are indoors, unless I instruct you to the contrary, or unless you are having your period in which case I will permit you to wear panties. You will have no need of the contents of your case while you are here. I will choose the clothes that I wish you to wear when appropriate.”
Rachel felt dizzy for a moment, trying to take in what Julie had just told her. But it didn’t take her long to realise that this was just what she wanted. She wanted Julie to take charge of her life. She wanted to serve Julie, become subordinate to her, be completely dominated by her. “Yes, darling, I will obey your every wish,” Rachel said as she unfastened her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She followed this by unbuttoning and removing her blouse. Then, she raised her left leg, unzipped her leather boot and took it off. She then repeated the process with her right leg. As she did so, her pussy lips opened slightly with excitement and Julie licked her lips as she saw how moist Rachel was. “Leave your stockings on, baby, they make you look so sexy,” said Julie. “Now come here and give your new mistress a kiss.” Now that Rachel had removed her boots, Julie towered over her in hers. She bent forward, and both girls enjoyed a long, deep, sensuous kiss. Julie’s hands were all over Rachel’s breasts as they kissed. She pinched her hard nipples, pulling them at the same time. Rachel almost climaxed with excitement and sexual pleasure.
After a kiss that seemed never-ending, Julie took down what appeared to be a dog’s collar from a hook on the wall. But it was wider than a dog collar, and contained silver studs which almost ended in spiked tips. She fastened the collar around Rachel’s neck. Rachel found that she was now unable to lower her head. Next, Julie attached a lead to the collar. “Now come with me, lover, and let us begin your stay here,” Julie ordered.

Julie led Rachel into her lounge and showed her the phone. “Call your parents, Rachel,” she instructed, “and let them know that you’re ok. Tell them you’ve decided to spend a few days with a friend, and that you’ll phone them again soon.” Rachel picked the phone up and did as Julie had instructed and spoke to her mother. After she had explained where she’d gone, Rachel put the phone down, turned to Julie, smiled and thanked her. “Let me show you around, Rachel,” Julie said pulling gently at the lead.
Julie led Rachel around, showing her all the rooms except for one where the door was closed. “What’s in there, Julie?” Rachel asked. “Oh, that’s a very special room,” Julie replied. “One you’ll get to know better in time. First, I want you to take a shower. You must need to freshen up after our journey.” “Yes, a shower is just what I do need,” agreed Rachel. Julie took her to the bathroom which had a double shower. As Rachel lifted her leg to remove her stocking, she felt Julie’s hand stroking he bum. “Ooooh, that’s wonderful,” thought Rachel as she took off first one stocking then the other. She moved to step into the shower, but Julie held her back. “Just a minute, baby, while I put these on you,” said Julie. Rachel turned as Julie took hold of her wrist and fastened a leather studded bracelet that matched the collar she was still wearing. Attached to each bracelet was a “D” ring. Julie took two chains and fastened one end of each to the bracelets. “Now step into the shower, baby,” Julie instructed. As she did so, Julie fastened the other ends of the chains to two more “D” rings screwed into the ceiling, forcing Rachel’s arms above her head. Julie made quite sure that Rachel was not in any discomfort, and then removed Rachel’s collar and hung it on the wall.
Julie undressed herself, and, after neatly folding her clothes on to a chair, stepped into the shower behind Rachel. She reached forward and tuned on the shower. A gentle spray of warm water hit Rachel’s body, causing her nipples to become even harder than they already were. Removing the shower head from its holder, Julie sprayed the water over Rachel’s back. Squeezing some shower gel onto her hands, Julie began to wash Rachel’s back, her hands making delicious circling movements making Rachel shiver with delight. “Is that nice, my angel?” asked Julie. “ Ooooh yes,” squealed Rachel.
Julie slowly worked her way down Rachel’s back, eventually reaching the deliciously curved cheeks of her bum. She squeezed more shower gel onto her hands, and got to work on Rachel’s bum, sending shivers up her spine. “Spread your legs for me, Rachel,” ordered Julie. “so that I can clean you properly.” As Rachel opened her legs wider, she felt Julie’s hands on her inner thighs, and had to force herself not to cum. Julie worked her way down the other girl’s legs to her feet and then stood up. With a further application of shower gel on her hands, Julie reached around Rachel’s body and started to wash her front. Rachel was very near to an explosive orgasm as she felt Julie’s hands on her breasts. Julie was very thorough, cupping Rachel’s breasts as she soaped them, rolling her nipples between finger and thumb. “Even when Carole had been in the shower washing me, it had never been as erotic as this,” thought Rachel.
Julie’s hands moved down over her stomach, pausing briefly to wash her navel, before reaching her ultimate goal, Rachel’s pussy. She gently washed Rachel’s curly hair before she slowly inserted a finger between her wet open lips. Rachel climaxed immediately, sending spasms of pleasure through her entire body. If it hadn’t been for the chains holding her arms up, Rachel would have collapsed to the floor of the shower. She wanted to fall to the floor. Her orgasm had been so intense. “Oh baby,” whispered Julie. “I’ve wanted to do that to you for so long.” Breathless, Rachel replied “And I’ve longed for you to do that to me, Julie. I’m so glad I’ve finally met you.”
Picking up the shower head, Julie washed the soap from Rachel’s body, ensuring that the fine spray was directed between her still trembling legs and onto her pussy lips. Rachel was so sexually excited that she welcomed the feel of the water gently opening her lips. All too soon, it was over, and Julie released the chains securing Rachel’s wrists to the “D” rings in the ceiling, but leaving the leather bracelets in place on her wrists. She helped the exhausted Rachel out of the shower, took a towel from the towel rail and thoroughly dried the girl’s body. She re-attached the collar and lead and led Rachel out of the bathroom to the closed door of the “special room”. Opening the door, Julie took Rachel inside.
Rachel looked around the room and gasped when she saw its contents. Arranged on hooks on the wall she spotted leather and wooden paddles, canes, an assortment of whips, rubber masks, gags, blindfolds, dildoes, and handcuffs. By the window, there was an iron-framed bed with a rubber mattress and clips at each end to which the leather bracelets and leather anklets could be attached. In the centre of the room, heavy duty “D” rings were bolted to both the ceiling and the floor. Rachel, already weak from Julie’s attention in the shower, almost fainted at what she saw. Julie steadied her and said, reassuringly, “Don’t worry, baby, they’re not instruments of torture. They are instruments of pleasure which I will use very lovingly on your sexy body. You will be so aroused by them that they will ensure your complete surrender to me, and your undying love for, me.”

Julie led Rachel to the middle of the room. “Give me one of your hands,” she commanded. Rachel stretched out her right hand, and Julie immediately raised it above her head and secured her wrist to the “D” ring in the ceiling. “Now the other one.” Rachel gave Julie her other hand, and that , too, was fastened to the ceiling. “Spread your legs, Rachel.” Rachel did as she was told, and Julie picked up 2 leather anklets and promptly fastened both ankles to “D” rings set into the floor. “Do you love me, Rachel?” Julie asked. “More than ever, my Mistress,” replied Rachel. “Do you trust me?” Julie enquired. “Completely, my Mistress,” replied Rachel.
Julie walked around Rachel, admiring the other girl’s body as she hung, helpless, in the centre of the room. She reached out with her right hand and caressed Rachel’s right breast, rolling her palm around Rachel’s hard little nipple. She did the same with Rachel’s left breast and nipple. Rachel sighed contentedly. Julie ran her hand down her girlfriend’s stomach causing Rachel to squirm with pleasure as she felt the soft touch of the older girl’s palm. Soon, Julie’s hand reached the light brown curly hairs that framed Rachel’s pussy. She stroked them as if she was really stroking a cat, letting her fingers become entwined with them. Rachel felt the delicious trickle of her juices on her thighs, and knew that her lips were opening to the other girl’s soft and delicate touch.
“I should have shaved you before I put you in the shower,” remarked Julie. Her fingers slipped under Rachel’s pussy and felt the delicate hairs leading up to her anus. “It would be divine to have you completely smooth there,” she said. Rachel blushed as she wondered what it would feel like to be shaved by her gorgeous blonde friend. “Maybe tomorrow,” said Julie. Suddenly, Rachel felt Julie’s finger slipping into her anus. It was not an unpleasant sensation, just an unexpected one. Rachel tried in vain to push down on Julie’s finger, but she found that any downward movement was prevented by the chains that held her arms securely to the ceiling.
“Oh you really want it so bad, don’t you my sexy lover?” teased Julie. “Yes please,” Rachel responded, her eyes seeming to plead with Julie. “All in good time, babe,” said Julie removing her finger and bringing it towards Rachel’s face. “Lick my finger, Rachel.” For a brief moment, Rachel looked horrified at the thought of having a finger in her mouth that a moment or two before had probed the inside of her anus. But she knew that she had no alternative but to obey her mistress, and so she opened her mouth to accept her girlfriend’s finger. Tentatively, she licked the offered finger. It didn’t taste as bad as she imagined. “Suck it for me, babe.” Rachel sucked it. Again and again, enjoying the control her mistress had over her. “Good girl,” said Julie. “Do you know why I have chained you up like this?” she enquired. “Yes,” responded Rachel. “To show me that you’re in charge. To show me that you own my body completely, and that I am yours to treat in any way you choose.”
Julie smiled. “Yes, Rachel, quite correct. But I am not a wicked or spiteful mistress as you will see. I only want you to experience sensations that you’ve never experienced before. I want you so much, Rachel, and I’m going to make you surrender your body to me completely.” Rachel smiled happily and said, “I will surrender my body to you, Julie my darling. Please do whatever you want, and I’ll enjoy every minute of it.”
Julie released Rachel from the “D” rings on both the ceiling and the floor, re-attached the lead to her collar, and led her submissive lover to the bed. “Lie on the bed on your back, Rachel.” Rachel climbed on, and Julie secured the girl’s wrists to the top of the bed, and her ankles to the foot, spreading Rachel’s legs and forming a star shape. Rachel’s wet pussy was totally exposed, and her lips were open in anticipation. “Now we’ll start,” said Julie.

So began an evening of pleasure that Rachel would never forget. Julie sat down on the bed beside her beloved girlfriend. Strange to imagine that they had only just met for the first time earlier that day, and yet, here was Rachel, after months of getting to know her on the internet, lying helpless on a bed with a rubber mattress in her “special room.” Julie looked at Rachel’s face and saw a look of contentment there. She reached across to the metal bed frame, unhooked a blindfold that had been hanging there, and placed it over Rachel’s eyes, lifting the girl’s head to fasten the Velcro straps. Rachel slipped into a world of darkness.
Suddenly, Rachel felt a sharp slap on her right breast, quickly followed by another to her left breast. She pulled against her bonds as the stinging sensation made its presence felt, and she gave a stifled gasp. Her nipples immediately hardened with the landing of the blows, and she became aware of a delicious sexual pain as she felt her nipples being pinched hard and then twisted between Julie’s finger and thumb.
SLAP! Another blow landed on her pussy. Rachel’s back arched and she tried to raise her bottom from the bed in an involuntary reaction. But, once again, her bonds held her and prevented all but the tiniest movement. SLAP! A harder blow landed on her left breast. SLAP! Another blow followed to her right breast. Then, instead of fingers and thumbs pinching and twisting her nipples, she felt the gentle touch of Julie’s cool hands stroking her breasts lovingly.
Julie’s caresses seemed to last for hours, but in reality only continued for ten minutes. Rachel was in ecstasy at her lover’s touch, and she could feel her juices trickling down towards her anus as her pussy became wetter and wetter. Julie finished caressing Rachel’s breasts, and her hands moved slowly down Rachel’s tummy. Her left hand came to rest on Rachel’s tummy just above the delicious curls framing her pussy. Meanwhile, her right hand continued its journey south and came to rest on Rachel’s lips. “My, oh my,” exclaimed Julie, “My baby IS wet.” She drew the tip of her middle finger over Rachel’s lips. Up and down her finger travelled, teasing her lips, making them open involuntarily.
Julie slipped her middle finger between those moist lips. Then the finger next to her smallest one went in. Her index finger and little finger remained outside Rachel’s pussy pressing down on her flesh as her two middle fingers bent upwards to touch the roof of Rachel’s vagina. Rachel squirmed with pleasure as, suddenly, she felt Julie’s fingers moving rapidly inside her. It was almost as if she was being spanked by the two fingers inside her pussy. Meanwhile, Julie’s left hand pressed down on Rachel’s tummy as her fingers moved faster and faster inside Rachel’s pussy.
Rachel was trying to fight against the orgasm that she felt building up inside her. An orgasm not only in her pussy, but also in her tummy, her breasts, her head. In fact, she found her whole body experiencing the most intense pleasure in her life. But. Just as she was reaching the point of no return, this incredible sensation abruptly ceased.
“Open your mouth, Rache,” Julie commanded. Julie removed her fingers from Rachel’s pussy. Two fingers covered with Rachel’s juices. She touched Rachel’s mouth with them, the juices dripping onto her lips. “Lick my fingers, Rache, and then suck them as I slide them into your mouth.” Rachel’s tongue got to work on Julie’s fingers, hungrily licking and savouring the taste of her own juices, then sucking as if her life depended on it as Julie’s fingers slid further into Rachel’s mouth. “Good girl,” said Julie approvingly.
When Rachel had licked and sucked her lover’s fingers clean, Julie removed them from Rachel’s mouth and put them in her own, enjoying the taste of her girlfriend. She then returned her fingers to Rachel’s pussy, and continued as before, moving them up and down even faster. Once again, Rachel found her entire body approaching orgasm.
This time, however, Julie continued, taking Rachel over the edge. As soon as she felt Rachel’s pussy pushing against her fingers, she removed them and watched as Rachel’s entire body convulsed into a shattering orgasm, struggling against the bonds that held her. Rachel tried in vain to put her legs together, so intense was the feeling in her pussy, but as she tried to do so, her juices erupted from her splashing against Julie’s face. “Oh Rachel, that was magnificent. I am so glad that I’ve made you squirt over my face. I’m going to remove your blindfold so that you can see what you’ve done. Then I want you to lick my face clean of your juices.” She reached behind Rachel’s head, undid the Velcro fastenings and moved her face close to her so that she could use her tongue. At the same time, she unfastened Rachel’s wrists from the bed and helped her to sit up. Rachel put her arms around Julie, and as she licked her face, she whispered, “Thank you, Julie. That was amazing.”

Julie made love to Rachel in this way a further three times until Rachel was thoroughly exhausted. She then took Rachel to her own bedroom, and helped her into bed. Soon after, the two girls fell fast asleep, their arms wrapped around each other and their limbs entwined. Morning, however, was to herald a total change in Julie’s behaviour towards her lover.
When Rachel woke up, the morning sun was streaming through the windows and the bed was empty. Blinking her eyes, Rachel saw Julie standing beside the bed, towering over her dressed as she was in thigh length black leather high heels, black stockings red leather panties and a red basque. In her hands, Rachel saw a leather paddle.
“Get up, Rachel,” she ordered. “I am now going to put your obedience to the test. Yesterday, you told me that you were willing to obey me at all times even if you found what I asked you to do unpleasant. Well, now I am going to break you and ensure that you are my obedient little slave. Now, get out of bed.”
Hearing how stern and seeing how menacing Julie was, Rachel immediately jumped out of bed. “Follow me, girl,” she barked as she led the way to her “special room”. She quickly fastened Rachel’s wrists and ankles to the “D” rings in the ceiling and floor. Julie walked around Rachel, and without warning brought the paddle down hard on Rachel’s bum. Rachel screamed at the sudden contact of the hard leather paddle on her tender bum.
“Scream, girl,” said Julie. “I want to hear you scream with pain. I want to see the tears in your eyes. I want to hear you crying.” She brought the paddle down hard again, but this time, Rachel made no sound. Again and again Julie spanked Rachel’s bum. She delighted in seeing Rachel’s skin develop red hot spots. She moved round in front of Rachel and swung the paddle at the helpless girls left breast bringing a moan of pain from Rachel’s lips. She swung at her right breast. Tears appeared in Rachel’s eyes. She felt the paddle hard on her pussy. Tears streamed from her eyes. “Why are you doing this to me, Julie,” she sobbed. “I thought you loved me just as I love you.”
“Oh, but I do love you, Rachel, and this is my way of proving it. I want you to experience the exquisite pleasure of pain, my angel. Soon, you will no longer feel any pain. Just an overwhelming erotic pleasure at being spanked.” Julie continued to spank Rachel’s bum, sometimes with hard strokes, sometimes with softer ones. After an hour, she stopped and stroked Rachel’s red bum, breasts and pussy. She picked up some sweet-smelling body lotion and rubbed it into Rachel’s sore body. “I need to pee, Julie,” said Rachel.
“Mistress,” shouted Julie slapping Rachel’s face hard with her hand. “You will call me Mistress.” “Yes, Mistress,” gasped Rachel. “I need to pee, Mistress.”
Julie picked up a tumbler and held it beneath Rachel’s pussy. “Pee into this, girl,” she ordered. Unable to hold on any longer, Rachel filled the tumbler. When she had finished, Julie held it to Rachel’s mouth. “Drink it, girl.” Looking horrified, Rachel shook her head in refusal. “You are my slave, girl, and you will obey me. NOW DRINK IT.” Rachel sobbed as she opened her lips and allowed Julie to slowly pour the contents of the tumbler into her mouth. It tasted bitter and disgusting, but it smelled even worse. Slowly, Rachel swallowed the golden liquid, almost retching on it. Soon, she had drunk it all.
“Good girl,” praised Julie, gently stroking Rachel’s face. “You’re starting to learn, aren’t you.” Julie put down her leather paddle, and picked up a whip with five lengths of narrow leather. She used the whip on Rachel’s body mercilessly for an hour making her scream, then sob, then cry.
“Please, Mistress,” she sobbed. “I want to be your slave. I will obey you without question. You may do whatever you want to me, Mistress. I am yours to own.” Julie came towards Rachel with a studded leather collar. “Will you accept and wear this collar as a symbol of your subservience to me?” she asked. “Yes, Mistress, I will. I will be proud to display this badge of your ownership of my body.”
“Good girl,” replied Julie fastening it around Rachel’s neck. She kissed Rachel passionately. “Forgive me, baby, but I had to prove that you were willing to accept your new role as my slave and lover. I love you so much, Rache.” They kissed again passionately. Then Julie released Rachel from her bonds.

To be continued???

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