The Making 2

The Making 2

The Making 2

I started stammering, “But she said it was ok, that I couldn’t touch her but she could touch me.” She looked at me smiling in such a way that it scared me a bit, “She was right, but you had your hand on her head. That disobedience, your inability to recognize your error and the audacity to challenge me…to question me will bring you great suffering and me great pleasure, and if you do not drop your eyes I will insure you will receive even greater pain. Get up, follow me and do not make so much as a sound unless I give you permission.” I didn’t know what to do, a part of me was scared and ready to run for the door, clothes or no clothes…another part of me was excited and curious about what was coming next.

She led me and the two girls following, to another room, down into the basement of the house. She directed me to stand in front of a table, “There are two hand holds on the legs of the table about six inches from the floor. Keep your legs straight, bend over and grasp the hand holds. You are permitted to make no sound, no matter what happens; if you do make so much as a slight sound I will increase your punishment each time. We will start with the first infraction, for that you will receive five strokes, the second will cost you five more and for the pleasure of challenging my statement I think ten will be sufficient. If you move, release your hold on the table or make a sound the count will begin again. Are you ready for your punishment?” I wasn’t even certain my legs would hold me up; I was shaking in fear and anticipation but I was not ready to quit yet, “Yes,” was all I could say.

The first blow landed without any warning at all. Before I could stop it a scream of pain escaped my lips, “Damn it Jim, I told you to keep your mouth shut. Not so much as a sound. Now, are you ready to begin or are you ready to go home?” I cleared my throat, “I am sorry Mistress, the pain was so surprising and so intense that I could not hold it back. I will try harder to comply and do as you demand.” The next blow struck so hard it took all I had to keep still and not scream; there was a short hesitation and the next one fell. The pain was so intense that I thought I would lose consciousness and wondered, for a second, how anyone could enjoy something like this, then looked at my stiff cock. I began pushing the feel and sound from my mind and managed to stand through all twenty strokes with the cane, though the last one hit me so hard I thought I would lose all control of all of my body functions. “Now, return to your room and remain there until I call you again. You will have one hour to recover, then a new series of tests will begin. If you fuck up again I will literally beat the hell out of you.”

With the two girls, I returned to the room and fell into the water, the skin on my ass burned like fire. “You have to pay very close attention to what Mistress says, she can shift from giving, or allowing, great pleasure to inflicting pain so great that you are almost willing to die to stop it. You have only felt a small bit of what she can dish out but you will soon see what I mean. She will test you and try to slowly push you to break; if you do break, this will all be for nothing but if you make it through her tests you will be very pleased you did,” Shelly said. I looked at her and to the younger girl, Ruth, “Has anyone ever passed her tests?” I asked. Shelly thought for a moment, “One man came very close, but could not make it to the end. Mistress loves to cause both physical and mental pain; she will make you do things to debase you.” “What kind of things?” I asked. “If I told you Mistress would beat me within an inch of my life and I would lose favored status and would never be able to regain it. I can tell you that she will try to find the area that bothers you most and will focus on that; if there is something you particularly dislike, she will keep at that until you learn to enjoy it, or at least can accept it.”

I lay back and allowed the water to draw some of the ache from my body. As I lay there I began thinking about the fact that I had actually gained an erection when she was beating my ass; when the pain had been the worst my cock had been the hardest, I did not understand that. I must have dozed off because it seemed like only a minute or two before the door opened, “Break time is over. If you make it through the next couple of hours you have a pretty good chance of making it all the way, but few have made it. Here is the way this is going to go; there will be a number of things required of you. If you hesitate for even the shortest time you will feel the heat of the cane until you follow instructions; that means I will beat you until you either give up or comply. I own you for the next two hours; I will treat you as my whore, my whipping boy and the center of my attention. I can assure you that you will face pain greater than you have thus far and you will do things you never thought you would, you may even enjoy things you do not presently believe possible. After this is over you will be allowed to rest, and depending on how much you please me I will allow you certain privileges. After a time you will again return for the final test, which will be easy compared to the next one; if you pass this one, and once again depending on how well you do, you will earn a place with me. Now, lets go.”

I stood, with some difficulty, and followed her. We went to another room in the basement that was not much different than the other except for the rings imbedded in the padded floor. The room had three cabinets in it, all closed, and three doors leading from the room other than the one we had just entered. Without a word I was pushed to my knees facing toward the door we had just entered. My legs were spread and secured tightly to two of the rings by the two girls. Something was wrapped around my balls and I was pulled back a bit and the end of the line was also secured; any tension on that line would cause the device to tighten around my balls and send excruciating pain through my testicles. I could not even imagine what was coming next, but I was certain it would be painful indeed.

A rather large man entered the room. He was easily six foot, well over two hundred pounds and his half-hard cock was over ten inches long and rather large. He walked over and stood in front of me. Mistress was right next to me, “You will suck his cock, and I mean suck it like you love it more than life.” She stepped on the line secured to my testicles, the pain cause me to open my mouth to scream but was so intense that no sound would come out, “You had better please him, or I will be displeased and a whore does not displease his Mistress. You have ten seconds to begin,” she said as she stepped off the line. The thought of having this man’s penis in my mouth caused my stomach to roll but I was intent on not feeling any more pain. When I got into position he was still a few inches away so I moved closer causing tension on the line. Ten seconds passed quickly, I heard the familiar whistle of the cane an instant before it struck flesh. Twin pains shot through my body, one from my ass the other as if crushing and ripping my balls from my body. I tried to get myself back into position but the second stroke landed; again the pain shot through my body. I pulled against the line, opened my mouth and managed to get half the monster into my mouth. I had to fight back the urge to puke; I didn’t know whether it was from the pain or because I was being forced to take that cock into my mouth.

“All of it, get it all in your mouth. You are my whore and you will do a proper job of cock sucking or I will stomp your balls into pulp,” Mistress said as she stomped on the line securing my balls. This pulled me backward almost removing the cock from my mouth then releasing the pressure I fell forward, jerking at my testicles again and swallowing most of the cock. As the cock slipped to the back of my throat I gagged; when I gagged the man grabbed the back of my head with both hands, jerked me toward him and forced his cock into my throat. I began to panic, I could not breathe and the pressure on my balls was causing blazing pain to shoot through my body. Just when I thought I was going to pass out he pulled his cock back, allowing me to suck in a few breaths of air then jammed it into my throat again and began fucking it like a cunt. I wanted to throw up but the cock plugged the hole, forcing the bile back into my throat, burning it. I don’t know how long this went on but the man finally shot his load into my throat and removed his cock; everything in my stomach raced to escape through my mouth and onto the floor. Mistress stomped on the line again and began wailing on my ass with her cane; I have no idea how many time she struck me but the pain was fire all the way to my brain.

I didn’t get more than a couple of seconds rest before I was removed from my bonds and dragged to another set of restraints. This time I was laid on a slight rise, lifting my ass a few inches into the air, my legs were spread wide and the line on my balls drawn tight. “Now you will discover what a real whore feels like. Whores suck cock and get fucked; since you don’t have a pussy you can guess where his cock will go. Just so you know what is coming I want you to lift your head and have a look.” I raised my head and stared at the longest cock I had ever seen; it was not unusually large around but had to be twelve inches long or longer. Something was being forced into my asshole causing pain I had never felt before. My ass burned inside and out now, burned like the flames of hell; someone pushed hard and the item popped into my ass.

I lad there for a moment, “You are about to experience something few people ever have. You will feel a slight tingle in your ass as a small amount of voltage is passed through the butt plug; this voltage will increase to a level you will find quite painful, then decrease. At the same time you will feel the plug vibrate and shake; at first it will be uncomfortable but will soon feel very pleasant. The shaking and vibration will also increase and decrease in intensity. These cycles will repeat until I decide you have had enough; each time they repeat the peak voltage level will be different, but each time painful. At some point you will come to a sense of desire and will actually want someone to fuck your ass, either to stop the pain or because you actually want it. This is the first of your fuckings, you have many more to come and you will endure them all. You are past any point where you have any choice at all, nothing you say will prevent me from completing this little series of tests; but if you are smart you will stop fighting the whole thing and seek ways to make this pleasurable. I will not ask you if you are ready, I really don’t care,” she said then walked from the room.

The first light shocks were almost pleasant and the plug seemed to come to life in my ass, vibrating and shaking, even throbbing. As the voltage increased the muscles in my ass tightened around the plug; these contractions were almost as painful as the flow of electricity. As the voltage level increased, the pain increased until I thought my ass would fly apart. The plug never completely came to rest but reached levels of vibration so great I could feel it through my entire body. The voltage suddenly shot up and stayed at a high level for a long period then stopped, then gradually increased again. For what seemed like hours this continued, I never knew what to expect so I could not anticipate the level of pain or the length of time it would last. At some point a tingling desire began to grow in my ass and my cock grew hard, even the pain sent thrills of pleasure through my body. I was being bounced from pain to pleasure and back again and, for some reason, I was actually finding pleasure in both. Drops of cum were seeping from my cock and my ass was in a constant state of arousal. I had always held gay men in great distain and yet I was beginning to feel desire I did not know could exist in me, the desire to feel a hard cock pushed into my ass.

The door opened and I heard multiple footsteps coming across the floor, “Well, it seems our little whore is feeling the positive effects of our efforts; her cock is hard and dripping. Are you ready to get fucked little whore? Are you ready for Randy to shove his long, black cock into your guts?” I tried to decide how to answer when a bolt of lightening struck my ass as the cane fell hard three times, “That was a question that requires an immediate response, not that the answer is really that important.” I nodded in the affirmative, “I want to hear words, not see your head bob.” “Yes, please, please stop this, I will do anything, just stop this.” “By anything, what do you mean…what do you want?” she asked. I didn’t hesitate this time, “I want to be fucked in the ass.” She laughed and one of the girls removed the plug from my tortured hole.

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