The Man Bitch

The Man Bitch

"I need to see you be fucked," Natalie purred, stroking david's head as he lie curled up at the foot of the bed.

Beside her, Gareth made a grunting noise of approval, and peered down at the slave. david said nothing, merely remained in his position, knowing full well that initiative was undesired and would be punished.

Natalie grinned, a wicked grin that one would imagine on the face of a torturer or a murderer, and beckoned at the slave, crooking her index finger. david slowly moved up the bed, as he was bid, positioning himself between Gareth's beefy hairy legs. he stared down at the older man's thick flaccid cock, which dangled over a large pair of low-hanging balls, covered in the same thick grey hair as his legs. Despite being in his late 50s, Gareth was still quite physically imposing, and his virility was never called into question when he had plunged his thick cock deeply into Natalie's willing holes.

"Make him wet, get him nice and soaking," Natalie commanded, simply.

david nodded, and lowered his open mouth to the thick cock, teasing the foreskin and the veins that ran beneath it with the tip of his tongue. The cock sprang to life almost immediately, and Gareth absently stroked david's head as he continued his tongueing. david moved his mouth to take the head of the cock inside as it grew, and moaned softly as the cock became hard in his warm, wet oral cavity. Gareth stroked the boy's head, and gently, but firmly, pushed it down, knowing the slave was fully capable of taking the large phallus in his throat.

david made a gagging sound as the engorged member forced its way down his throat, making both Gareth and Natalie moan with pleasure. A thin trickle of saliva escaped the corner of david's stretched mouth as it attempted to lubricate the passage of this beast. Grabbing his head, Gareth forced david up and down, allowing him to fuck the slave's mouth and throat with his now fully-erect penis. david gagged again, but if Gareth noticed he didn't register, merely pushed harder, so that david's face was buried in his curly grey pubic hair.

david ran his hands over Gareth's generous belly, and across his hairy chest, as he welcomed the intruder deep into his throat. Precum flowed steadily from the cock, sliding down the back of david's throat as he accepted the oral ravaging. Breathing proved difficult as he strained around the massive intruder in his mouth, which was by now at its full eight inch length, but he managed a few quick ragged breaths, mostly through his nose, in between thrusts.

Sensing that the little cock slut might well get him to cum, Gareth eased up in his thrusting, and yanked the slave off his cock. david gasped for air as his head was lifted free of the phallus, a string of precum and saliva oozing from his mouth. Gareth's cock was rock hard now, and glistening with david's saliva. Beckoning to the slave to lie down on his back, he rose from the bed, and moved to stand between the slave's legs, which hung over the edge of the bed.

Natalie nodded with satisfaction as david raised his legs, exposing his hairless ass to the older man. Despite having never touched a guy before he met his Owner, david had become an experienced cockslut, ever since his 'initiation' at the hands of several biker friends of his Owner. Natalie glanced down to ensure that david's cock remained firmly locked by its heavy piercings, a large hoop through the head of his cock padlocked to a similar loop in his frenum, which he was required to wear at all times. The piercings did not block access to his ass, which was well used to constant fucking to amuse his Owner.

Natalie had always been incredibly aroused by watching men violate her slaves, and took great delight in thinking up new and various ways to torture them as much as possible in the process. Forcing a young man to become the bitch of older men was part of the degradation and humiliation required to break their will to her own- she did not want subs, she wasn't a Mistress, she wanted slaves, she was their Owner. And she had much more in store for her latest acquisition. But all in good time…

Gareth had raised david's legs, and allowed himself to see his hairless exposed anus, which gaped slightly from his training plug, which the slave was required to wear at all times. It was only removed when it was absolutely necessary, and was always replaced immediately afterwards. Natalie was fond of yanking it out without notice, and replacing it with whatever she could find around the house, be it a bottle, a length of piping, or her fist. As a result, david's anus never fully contracted anymore- it always remained open, which is how she desired her slaves. Loose and ready.

Applying a gob of saliva to his fingers, Gareth jabbed roughly at the slave's anus, jamming two fingers in past the knuckles. Natalie had told him to be as rough as possible with her slaves, and as long as he was getting to fuck, he didn't complain. Abusing the slaves didn't do as much for him as it did for his friend, but nor did he particularly care if he damaged them a little (or a lot) during a session. They were just her fuckmeat anyway, and he barely considered them as human.

Yanking out his digits, he forced them into david's mouth, and the slave obediently sucked the saliva from the older man's fingers. Thorough, constant douching was always required of Natalie's slaves, although again Gareth wouldn't particularly care what the slave thought of sucking things after they'd been impaled in his ass. david was, after all, always required to clean everything that had been up there thoroughly, so the onus was on him to ensure he had cleaned himself beforehand.

On this particular day, however, Natalie had administered a series of painful enemas prior to Gareth's arrival, filling the slave with icy cold water until his stomach bloated, then ordering him to expel the contents into a bucket, which was disposed of outside. After spending nearly an hour doubled over with cramps, david was finally spared further torture, and his plug had been replaced, while Natalie prepared for the evening's entertainment. She had in the past been horribly embarrassed by one of her suitors getting shit on their cock from one of her slaves, and as such now always gave brutally efficient deep cleansing enemas, at least 5 or 6, prior to any session. Eating for the previous 12 hours was also prohibited, to ensure that her slaves were spotless for her guests.

Gareth had begun probing the slave's anus again, hooking his fingers just inside and pulling, to force the muscles to relax further so they could accomodate his huge cock. Occasionally he would move to Gareth's head, and lay his cock across the slave's mouth, so he could reapply the only lubricant he would be using. david of course tried to make it as soaking wet as possible, to reduce the inevitable pain from his imminent reaming. Gareth fucked like a machine; david had seen Natalie nearly pass out during an intense fucking, and as such he was preparing for the worst.

Finally satisfied with his bitch, Gareth positioned the swollen head of his enormous cock at the entrance to david's rectum, steadying himself by grasping the slave's hairless legs hard. With a grunt, he forced the first couple of inches into the anus, which quickly yielded under the pressure. Only the concern of friction burns on his cock caused Gareth to hesitate even remotely- with sufficient lube he would have simply buried the entire shaft to the roots in the first thrust, and slapped the little bitch around if he protested. But painful experience taught him that dry fucking required different tactics, to maximise the pain for the bottom, and not for the top.

Natalie watched approvingly as the thick cock worked its way slowly into her slave's stretched and abused rectum. david groaned and his eyes fluttered as the intruder invaded his bowels, which were still tender from the brutal regime of enemas earlier that day. Noting this, Natalie made a snarling noise, and she grabbed forcefully onto her slave's padlocked cock, squeezing and wrenching at the flaccid member. david immediately shrieked in pain as her nails dug into the phallus, and shrieked again when she used her other hand to grab his hairless balls.

"What's the matter, cockslut? Does it hurt?' Natalie sneered mockingly, and yanked savagely at his balls as Gareth sank another two inches in.

The intense pain from his tortured balls combined with the monster ripping his anus open caused david to nearly pass out. Natalie applied several stinging slaps to his face, and yanked again savagely at his bound genitals. david let out a hoarse cry, his eyes rolling back in his head, and at that moment Gareth sank the final three inches into the violated rectum, his balls bouncing off of david's ass cheeks, which were criss crossed with faint scars from innumerable floggings.

Natalie looked up at Gareth and grinned, and he nodded. Slowly, almost gently, withdrawing his organ, he moaned as it came free of the sucking anus, and noted the gaping opening with satisfaction. Natalie stood back, reluctantly releasing her grip, and Gareth replaced her, positioning his cock at the semi-conscious slave's mouth, forcing it inside. david, despite his pain, was well trained, and he automatically sucked and licked the older man's cock, tasting his own fluids.

Once david had thoroughly lubricated Gareth's cock, replacing the saliva removed from the initial entry, Gareth returned to his position at david's legs, lifting them once more and positioning his thick member at the entrance to his abused ass. Grunting, he thrust himself in once more, this time moving faster, and with more force. david moaned as the older man made several quick thrusts, and then moaned again when he withdraw, opening his mouth to apply fresh lubricant.

This process continued, Gareth moving back and forth between the slave's two orifices, until david's ass was soaking with his own saliva. When Gareth was able to bury himself to the hilt without friction, he began fucking in earnest, deep powerful strokes, where he would withdraw until only the very tip of his cock was inside the slave, then with one thrust burying himself to the hilt. His balls slapped on david's ass as he built in tempo, and he began to grunt with exertion as he savagely fucked the bruised anus of the slave.

david was crying out and almost weeping, the pleasant nature of anal sex not present in this brutal ravaging. Gareth would spit gobs of saliva into his open mouth as he worked him, pressing down with his body weight to pin the slave with his legs up as he ravaged his anus. Natalie stared with obvious lust at the spectacle, this hairy old beast ravaging and raping her slave, forcing his massive cock deep inside his hole. Several sessions of this would leave the slave's anus irredeemably altered, unable to ever return to its original tightness.

david began to weep as he surrendered himself to the vicious ass fucking, grabbing onto Gareth's broad shoulders, almost as if trying to drag him in deeper. Surprised and a little more turned on, Gareth fucked with increased vigour, pumping his thick cock in and out as quick as he could. Finally, it was too much, and with a great cry he climaxed, exploding deep inside the slave's thoroughly fucked ass, filling it with globs of sticky white cum, thoroughly coating the insides. Gareth was a very heavy cummer, his thick low hanging balls producing copious amounts of sperm, and david's ass was now thoroughly inseminated.

Gareth looked down at the slave, laughing at the sweat covered, exhausted face beneath him, and spit once more, directly into his mouth, nodding with approval as david obediently swallowed. Not one for long pauses, Gareth wrenched himself free of the slave, his cock popping out, trailing a string of cum and saliva. Natalie moved to inspect her slave's thoroughly fucked anus, and almost gasped when she saw the gaping passage, oozing a steady stream of fluid. She almost came on the spot, just from looking, and she had to pause a second to gather herself.

Gareth had moved to the slave's mouth, and without a word clambered atop, sitting astride the slave on his chest, his slowly softening cock positioned over his mouth. david obediently took the cock into his mouth, relishing the sweet taste of the virile old man's seed, mixed with his own juices. Once he was satisfied, Gareth repositioned himself, moving around and lowering his hairy ass onto the slave's face, his sweaty balls placed in the slave's mouth, for some much needed aftercare.

david sucked and licked the balls that filled his mouth, his nose buried in the man's anus. Gareth groaned at the tender ministrations, and almost began to get hard again, such was david's oral skills. Natalie looked impatient hover, so he reluctantly began to rise, pausing only to position his anus directly over the slave's mouth, allowing david's probing tongue to tease the ring of muscle, before rising. david moaned, a little disappointed, but remained still.

Natalie had jammed her fingers into david's fucked asshole, not surprised when they barely touched the sides. Scooping up as much of Gareth's semen as she could, she moved to force her fingers into her slave's mouth, not saying a word, knowing he knew what to do. david sucked hungrily at the juices coating his Owner's hand, cleaning Gareth's copious volume of seed expertly. Natalie made several such extractions, scooping as much of the ejaculate from her slave's distended ass as she could find.

Satisfied, Natalie kissed her slave on the forehead, noting with satisfaction that he had swallowed all of the semen she had fed him. He had been rather good, she had to admit, of course not to him, however. Gareth moved to stand behind Natalie, and with a grin she turned and kissed him passionately, ensuring david could see how she treated a real man, and not her slave, who would never be permitted to do such a thing. david merely sighed and watched as his Owner embraced her lover, his useless, flaccid cock unable to react due to the heavy piercings that held it forever in place.

Breaking free from Gareth's embrace, Natalie turned to her slave and stared at him disdainfully.

"You're a mess. Clean yourself up. And the room, too. If I find any of your disgusting presence here in fifteen minutes, I will have Gareth bind you to the tree and flog you," Natalie sneered at her slave, and applied a sudden blow to his groin as motivation.

david cried out in obvious agony, doubling up and rolling off the bed, hitting the floor at Gareth's feet. Gareth nudged him with his foot, displaying no sympathy whatsoever. Crying, david slowly crawled to his feet, and without a word began to clean the room, hobbling painfully as he cradled his abused genitals. A thin trickle of fluid oozed out of his ravaged asshole, which he barely noticed.

Natalie turned and exited the room, Gareth following close behind him, leaving david alone in the messy bedroom.

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