The Manager: Part One

"How does that feel, Allison," Brian asked while icing down her ankle!?! "It really hurts," she said through clenched teeth, "I was going up for a rebound and landed on somebody's foot and rolled it over, do you think it's broken!?!" "I don't think so," he replied while gently pressing the already swelling joint, "but maybe you'd better ask the coach about that, I'm no doctor that's for sure!!!" After spending the next ten minutes holding an ice pack on Allison's ankle, Vivian Givens came over and asked her star forward, "So, how's it going, tiger!?!" "Uh, pretty good I think," Allison replied with a slight grimace, "Brian's been keeping the ice pack on it and the pain seems to be easing up a bit!!!" "Well good," the coach replied, "I'll get a couple of the other girls to help you into the locker room!!!" Since Brian was the manager of the girls basketball team, he gave Allison's ankle one final pat and headed off to put all the equipment away as practice was just over!!! After all the girls had hit the showers, coach Givens came over to Brian and said, "You did a nice job helping Allison with her sprain, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate it!!!" Brian kept his back to the coach as he finished up stowing the balls and jump ropes, but he was totally taken aback when she asked, "Why don't you turn around and face me when I'm speaking to you, Brian, is something wrong!?!" "Uh, no, ma'am," he stammered, "why do you ask!?!" "It just seems odd, you seem to be avoiding looking me in the eye," she replied, "now, please, turn around when I'm talking to you!!!" With his eyes cast down, he slowly turned to face coach Givens, and much to his embarrassment, his predicament became quite evident when he did so!!! "My goodness, Brian," she said under her voice, "you seem to be having a little problem inside of your pants!!!"

With his had still bowed and his face turning an angry shade of red, he replied in barely a whisper, "I-I apologize, Mrs. Givens, it's just that I was holding Allison's ankle and all, and well, she has very nice legs and I just couldn't help myself, you're not gonna turn me in are you!?!" "Turn you in," she asked softly, "why on earth would I do something like that, after all you just had a normal male reaction to a pretty girl's legs, that's all, am I right!?!" He gulped audibly at her reply, and with a great deal of elation he answered, "Uh, yes, that's right, I really couldn't help myself!!!" Of course you couldn't," she replied, "but I think we'd better do something about that erection, it's not good to let something like that go unattended!!!" Panic again shot through his body, and in a very flustered voice he stammered, "W-what do you mean we have to do something about it, you don't have to worry about me, everything will be just fine, really it will!!!" "Now Brian," she scolded, "you're only eighteen years old and not very experienced in these matters, I believe that I'm a lot more qualified in deciding what course of action should or shouldn't be taken, now I think by now that all of the girls are out of the locker room, so it you will, please follow me to my office, right now!!!"

It wasn't a request, it was a command, so with a mumbling of "yes, ma'am", he followed the tall dark haired woman into the girl's locker room and into her private office, and just as she had predicted, all of the girls had long since cleared out to the locker room and were on their way home for the evening, leaving the two of them alone in her office!!! Vivian Givens sat down on her swivel chair, and with a come here motion of her hand, she summoned Brian over in front of her, where unbelievably, she began rubbing his meat through the front of his trousers!!! "My, my," she sighed, "you certainly seem to have a large one in there, how long is it exactly!?!" Now more embarrassed than he ever had been in his short life, Brian replied weakly, "I-I don't rightly know ma'am, I've never measured it before!!!" "Well, does your girl friend know how long it is, she certainly must know!?!" "I don't have a girl friend," he mumbled!?! "Brian," she asked while still rubbing his hard penis, "has a female ever even seen your organ!?!" With a look of total submission, he shook his head from side to side and replied softly, "I'm afraid not, ma'am, no one's ever seen it!!!"

"Well it's about time," she replied while gently tugging down his pants, "such a large organ should be shared, girls just naturally gravitate to a men with large penises, and since they are so attracted to these men, it's just not right that you don't allow them to see and hold your huge erection, do you understand what I'm saying, Brian!?!" "I-I think so," he replied while standing in front of her in just his shirt and boxer shorts, "do women really like big penises!?!" Oh, yes," she sighed while feeling him again through his shorts, "I mean right now, even though I still haven't even seen your erection naked, my own vagina is very aroused at the mere idea that you are overly hung!!!" "Wow," he said with surprise, "I never thought about it that way, what happens when a woman gets aroused!?!" "Well," she said with a little laugh, "her labia, that's her out lips, get very engorged and puff up much larger that they normally are, and of course her clitoris gets much larger too, just like your penis does, only in a much smaller scale, and finally, her vagina quite literally floods with pussy juice!!!"

Brian thought about all that for a moment before asking, "Is your vagina wet right now!?!" Oh, gosh yes," she replied quickly, "I'm simply dripping, I'm afraid my panties will surely need washing tonight, so now, if you don't mind, is it okay with you if I slip off your boxers!?!" Growing a little more emboldened, Brian thrust his crotch towards the thirty something teacher, and in a low firm voice he replied, "Be my guest!!!" He watched closely as her hands, now shaking slightly from the excitement, hooking her thumbs in his waist band, and then ever so slowly, tugged down his shorts, allowing his huge member to bounce free, full, firm, and unfettered only inches from her warm wet mouth!!!

For at least a minute she just stared with her mouth gaping open at the incredible sight before her, but when she finally regained her senses she stammered, "M-my god, you're fucking huge, it must be at lest ten inches long, may I ask you one more favor, please!?!" Seeing how she was reacting at the mere sight of his boner, he casually pushed it closer to her face and replied, "Sure, anything you want, just name it!!!" With lust blazing in her azure blue eyes, she took his meat by its shank, and with her hands trembling, whispered, "I-I want to suck it, I just need to so badly, please say it's okay, please!!!" While he seemed to be in control of the situation, he was still pretty much a neophyte at the love game, so with a little bit of uncertainty, he nodded his head and replied softly, "It's okay with me, if that's really what you want to do!!!"

He could sense that she was almost stunned by the chain of events that were taking place, but before she put it in her mouth, she nuzzled and nosed it for a while, luxuriating in the length and thickness of his prick, while giving his mushroom size head hundreds of little we kisses before opening her lips and letting it slide into her warm wet mouth!!! At first he thought he would pass out from the sheer intensity that roiled up in his cock and balls, but after grabbing the edge of the desk to steady himself, he spread his legs a little wider, and after his head had cleared, he stood calmly while thoroughly enjoying his first blow job as Vivian Givens was flying off to seventh heaven while she used her mouth and tongue on Brian's incredible organ!!! Her pussy was now going through a series of mild orgasmic convulsions, even though all she was doing was pressing her thighs hard together while sucking the most magnificent piece of meat she had ever had the pleasure of having in her mouth!!! There was just something about getting a man off with your mouth that made you feel like a desirable woman, and if the man's penis tended to be on the large side, it only inflamed the feelings of femininity that was sweeping through not only your cunt, but your whole being as well, so when Brian's legs quivered and a low deep moan gurgled up from his throat, she knew that within seconds her mouth would receive the gift she desperately desired, that being a burning hot load of the young man's cum!!!

Brian did fall back this time, and luckily there was a chair right behind him or he would have landed hard on his ass!!! "M-my god," he panted while gasping for air, "never, never in my wildest dreams………." "Never what," she asked coyly while licking off the last vestiges of cum from the head of his dick!?! "I-I've never felt anything like that in my whole life, and let me tell ya, it was fucking incredible!!!" "It was supposed to be," she said softly, "now would you like to do something for me!?!" "I'll do anything," he replied happily, "anything at all, you just name it!!!" Now quickly standing up, Mrs. Givens slid off her gym shorts and panties with one hard shove, and without warning, mounted his still hard penis and let it slowly bury itself inside of her red hot snatch!!! "H-how does that feel," she gasped!?! "Sweet jesus in heaven," he moaned, "it's even better than your mouth, y-your husband is a lucky man!!!" "Y-yes he is," she stammered, "but his cock is only half as big as yours is, you have a gift young man, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yes, you have a fucking gift!!!"

Since this was his first fuck and really didn't know what to expect, Brian sat there slack jawed as the gym teacher bounced up and down on his rigid member, until both of them were driven to the edge of shuddering orgasms!!! "A-are you close," she asked while panting and moaning!?! "I'm almost there," he gasped loudly while returning her bounces with his own thrusts, "in fact I-I'm fucking cummmmmmming!!!" Vivan Given's vagina tried vainly to grip the massive invader filling her female sex, but it was of course a hopeless goal, and so finally, her pussy relented, and with a murderous spasm, her pussy wrenched in a series of orgasms that left the young teacher sitting shell shocked on top of Brian's brutal erection!!!


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