The Mirror_(1)

The Mirror_(1)

It's been a while since I've been able to post some of my thoughts and I hope those who've read my other stories will find this latest addition, if not arousing, then at least an enjoyable read.

Again I would warn those not used to my writings, I don't write the shortest of stories, so if it's short relief you require I would suggest you would do better to look elsewhere.

For those of you who don't mind or prefer a longer read, I hope you might take the time out to pass any constructive comment.

That's about all I have to say other than…..enjoy.

She rose from the sofa and indicated Lin should follow her. Leaving the room she felt Lin close behind as she started to climb the stairs. At the top she took the few strides needed to cross the landing towards her bedroom. She pushed open the door before waiting on the threshold, somewhat nervous, wondering if this hadn't all been her imagination. Fearing she might be about to make a fool of herself in front of her mother in law. Yet even as those few brief thoughts flitted through her mind, from where she was stood she could already feel its lure pulling at her. It was almost surreal yet the excitement coursing through her body was enough she knew she'd be unable to resist crossing the threshold to return to the mirror.

She stepped into the bedroom. There was nothing out of the ordinary, the mirror was stood in the corner, exactly as she'd left it earlier, covered by a blanket, though in truth, she would not have been the least bit surprised had it moved. She cursed herself for thinking this and made her way forward, stopping by the side of the bed.

Lin followed her into the bedroom until she too was stood by the bed alongside Claire. She felt her eyes drawn towards the corner, towards the covered object.

"I guess this is it?" she asked without turning to look at her daughter in law.


"Why did you cover it?"

"I'm really not sure. I simply felt I needed to."

Lin took several steps, stopping a few feet from the mirror. She turned to look back at Claire.

"And you say it was entirely an impulse buy…that you simply felt drawn to it?"

"Yes. As I said, the only reason I went into the antique shop in the first place was to take shelter from the storm."

Looking at her twenty six year old daughter in law Lin could see concern written across her face. She offered her a reassuring smile.

"Hey! There's no need to look so worried. It's just a mirror after all."

Claire's eyes glanced towards the object where despite the fact it was covered, she nevertheless felt that all too familiar chill.

"But that's what I've been trying to explain. It looks like a mirror. It works like a mirror, but it just doesn't feel as if it's just a mirror."

Lin turned. "Hmmm!" She mused. "Well then. Let's see shall we?"

Taking two more steps Lin reached out and eased the cover away from the top of the mirror. Claire heard herself gasp and watched as Lin stepped around in front of the object.

The moment the cover hit the floor Claire sensed an immediate chill together with the force of an unseen presence pulling her towards the object. Nevertheless, she held her ground.

She could see the mirror's frame but only a part of the mirrored glass, yet she found herself holding her breath. She tried to resist its magnetic pull as her eyes moved between the mirror and her mother in law. She had no idea what to expect. She waited, finding it hard to relese the breath from her lungs

What happened next she believed she sensed rather than saw, a movement in the glass and the room temperature appeared to have dipped by a few degrees. She wondered too if her mother in law had noticed.

She drew her eyes away from the mirror, finally breathing properly once more, if a little ragged, and allowed her eyes to dwell on the form of Lin's body.

At five feet nine inches in height, Claire was a good six inches taller than her mother in law, yet despite Lin's petite frame she couldn't help but notice everything about her was still very much in proportion. Claire sensed another change in the rooms temperature and instinctively knew the mirror was beginning to exert it's effect. For now she fought the lure and continued to allow her eyes enjoy the curves of Lin's body.

She guessed her breasts were of similar size to her own, somewhere around 36B, yet Lin's altogether smaller frame seemed to accentuate those curves, curves which were also highlighted by the way she was dressed, in a pink, cashmere cardigan, it's fine, body hugging knit a testament to the excellent shape she was in for a fifty year old woman. Claire shook her head, trying to rid her mind of the thoughts she was having, unable to believe, simply looking at her mother in law was beginning to turn her on.

It had been some moments since either of them had spoken. Now as Claire looked on, it was to see Lin reach out and touch the frame of the mirror. She heard her gasp and saw her quickly withdraw her hand. It was as if she'd been stung or had received an electric shock. Claire immediately realised Lin had just witnessed a little of what the mirror offered. She was sure too Lin would have noticed the mist forming around its frame.

She continued to watch, waiting, again finding herself holding her breath, expecting at any moment for Lin to say something, instead completely transfixed she witnessed her reach up with both hands and begin fondling the shapely form of her own breasts.

"Oh Yes!" Claire moaned. The hissed word barely a whisper, said more in her own iimagination, certainly not loud enough for Lin to have heard. Claire knew Lin was now experiencing the same emotions she had felt that first time, where like Lin she too had felt the desire to fondle her own breasts.

She continued to hold her breath trying hard to avert her eyes from looking into the mirror but just as she knew would happen, the lure finally proved too great. Her eyes cast to the left where she was as certain as she could be she saw that same, fleeting movement once more.

When her eyes turned back to look at Lin, it was to see her eyes closed, her head tilted to one side and her hands gently yet purposely, massaging the soft knit top over a pair of full, rounded breasts. Down below, Claire could feel her own pussy was beginning to respond.

From the corner of her eye she again sensed a movement from within the mirror. She braced herself for what she was sure was certain would come. Sure enough, as she bit down on her lip she felt that familiar need fuelling her body and knew she could no longer resist.

She reached up to slip her hand inside her white blouse where her fingers quickly sought out the nipple of her left breast. She pinched and squeezed it indolently between finger and thumb hoping it would be enough, yet even before she had let a quiet moan escape her lips, she knew it was never going to be sufficient. She she needed more. The truth was, it was now her mother in laws breasts she wanted in her hands.

She continued to pinch and toy with her own nipple trying as best she could to resist the urge to reach out to Lin, but as her mind fought to retain control her feet had already begun taking the few steps which would lead her to the mirror….and in turn, her mother in law.

When earlier that day Lin had received the call from her daughter in law, she'd felt enough of a concern that she knew to do as she'd been asked and visit right away. On arrival she'd listened with patience and without interruption as Claire had recounted her story of purchasing the mirror. As she'd listened the story had seemed all too far fetched…unreal but there had been no denying the fear and concern she'd seen in her daughter in law's eyes.

As any mother would, she wanted to help, as much for her sons sake as Claire's and though she believed it to be entirely of Claire's imagination, she saw no harm whatsoever in checking out this apparent mystical mirror. She could never have imagined this.

She opened her eyes where, looking into the mirror she witnessed herself playing with her own breasts. She had no idea why she was doing this. She'd never done anything like this before, not even in the privacy of her own room. Yet now she somehow seemed powerless.

Her head felt disorientated…fuzzy, and though her mind continued to insist what she was doing was wrong, try as she might she could do nothing to resist her immediate desires, desires which screamed out for her to touch and show herself off in front of the mirror.

She caught sight of herself in the mirror, her smiling, sultry look sending a shiver of excitement coursing through her body. It was almost as if she were seeing someone else and not a reflection of her own form in the mirror. She took a deep breath, pushing out her chest and looked on as her fingers teased back and forth over her top…over nipples that were steadily hardening….aching. She didn't know why but felt more than pleased the thin lace bra she'd chosen to wear that morning was doing little to prevent her nipples from stretching the cashmere material upwards. She drew a long nail across each individual nipple in turn, pleased at how clearly their outline showed.

She felt an unfamiliar chill. She was sure, in the past few minutes the temperature in the room had changed. She looked long and hard into the mirror and though she wasn't sure it seemed as if some kind of mist had formed around its outer edges and every now and again she sensed, rather than saw, something move. Something, someone in the mirror, something stood behind her. It was as if whoever it was, was watching, though in truth, the mirror had so far shown only her own reflection.

Lin quickly assumed it was her mind playing tricks for she knew all too well, the only other person present was Claire who, out of the corner of her eye, she could see standing beside the bed. She gave a quick glance to her left as if wanting confirmation. Sure enough, Claire was still there except, instead of just watching, Claire had slipped a hand down inside of her blouse where she had clearly begun playing with herself.

It was now Lin's turn to feel the sensation of her pussy begin to heighten and though she could never have expected this of herself, she suddenly felt a very real need to exhibit, not just in front of the mirror, but to her onlooking daughter in law too.

Still facing the mirror Lin pushed out her chest still further before slowly and deliberately drawing her well manicured nails down over her top and across her swollen, prominent nipples. Incredibly she found herself inwardly, urging her daughter in law to watch.

Closing her eyes, Lin's mind filled with the image of moments before, of Claire's hand dipped inside of her blouse. The sight had caused Lin's pussy to pulse and now it was Lin's hope Claire would be experiencing the same sensations. The vision was so strong she was tempted to turn and look once more but for the time being she resisted, instead, keeping her eyes closed she revelled in the memory of Claire playing with herself.

Her thoughts quickly gave rise to a pleasure she'd not experienced before. She groaned quietly to herself as she continued to will Claire to watch. She wanted her to witness what she was doing. She wanted her to see her erect nipples and firm, pert breasts, but most importantly she wanted her to realise that she was the reason for her arousal.. Her body tingled, as if electrically charged. She had never before known her nipples so sensitive.

Her eyes remained closed as her fondling grew rougher, her fingers pulling and plucking at her swollen buds. She sensed Claire still watching only now she was finding it harder and harder not to turn to face her, for something primeval was demanding she display herself fully..

She was about to do just that……to turn, when she sensed Claire walking towards her. She stood, motionless, hands upon her own breasts facing the mirror. Moments later she felt the light touch of a hand on her shoulder followed instantly by the heat of warm breath on the back of her neck, breath from lips no more than inches from her skin.

"You feel it too, don't you? You sense her!" She heard Claire whisper behind her ear, her words sending a shiver coursing through Lin's body.

"Go on! Do it! Play with yourself. I want to see you teasing those beautiful, plump nipples. Show her too!" She almost growled.

Lin didn't understand, nor did she answer. In truth, she didn't feel it necessary. Behind her Claire had leant close and pressing her lips to the back of her neck, began planting hot, sensuous little peck like kisses.

Lin had not the slightest idea why this was happening all she did know was her body was gripped with excitement, her every nerve end tingled, her mind filling with all manner of thoughts, most of which she would not have believed possible. A vivid mix of emotions ran through her as she tried to figure out what was happening to her…to them both. She tried to understand why she had been so eager to display for another woman, but her thoughts remained shrouded in mist, the answers agonisingly out of reach.

"Show me!" Claire whispered, "Show her!" She demanded, her words interrupting Lin's thoughts. "She needs to see………Show her!"

Claire's words though intriguing made no sense at all, even so, when she looked into the mirror she too could feel a presence and like Claire knew, whatever it was the object represented, it wanted to see more. Eyes wide open, the two of them watched one another in the mirror as Lin's fingers began slowly undoing the buttons on her top.

As she looked on it was almost as if everything were happening in slow motion, as if the very essence of the word "choice" had been removed from her. First one button popped open…then a second……a third, then finally a fourth. She was about to reach to undo a fifth when Claire intervened reaching around from behind to tug firmly on the sides of her cardigan, The action caused a further two buttons to pop open to expose Lin's white, lace bra.

With her mother in laws firm breasts on semi display Claire could wait no longer. She slid her hands down over the lace, peering over Lin's shoulder as she began teasing each well formed nipple bud between finger and thumb. She pressed her lips close to Lin's ear.

"Oh Lin! You're hot. So Fucking hot!" She told her in a whispered growl.

Though Lin didn't consider herself a prude, neither was she a woman who would normally choose to use such language and so far as she knew, neither was Claire. The words together with her tone of voice stung her like a slap to the face.

Despite this Lin felt herself growing giddy with excitement, unsure if it were the shock of hearing Claire's choice of words, or if it were simply her hands caressing over her breasts. Eitherway there was no denying, the atmosphere inside the room was thick with a sexual tension.

She watched herself in the mirror, in some disbelief as Claire, still planting light kisses against the side of her neck, continued to fondle her.

Hours before Lin could never have countenanced such a thing and could never have believed she could have felt this aroused, not least of all because this was another woman, yet now here she was, not simply watching her daughter in law playing with her tits but actually imploring for her touch. In her minds eye she was willing her daughter-in-law to do whatever she wished with her

Again the mirror gave rise to the overwhelming sense the two of them were being watched. Lin peered closer, further into the depths of the glass and though she could still see nothing more than the liquid reflection of their own entwined bodies the 'presence' was unmistakable.

At every level her mind fought for explanations but none would rise to the surface and as the moments ticked by she knew she was slowly yet surely losing out to the demands her body and in particular, her pussy was now making. Something had taken a hold. She tried to fight it but each time she did, whatever the source would fill her mind with carnal thoughts and desires she barely knew existed, each of them more lewd and lascivious than the previous, until bit by bit all she wanted was to please.

She closed her eyes, a part of her still insisted she resist but down below the demands of her pussy were winning through. She could feel her pussy juicing. It was a lost cause and she knew it. Deep down no longer did she want to fight her desires.

She eased back against Claire's body, a soft moan escaping her lips as Claire's fingers continued to tease back and forth across nipples more swollen than at any time in her life. She reached for her own breasts, her eyes remaining closed as her fingers joined with Claire's in teasing, sending shivers of excitement cascading all the way down to her pussy.

When Claire felt Lin's hands move up to join hers she too whimpered softly. Just as it was with Lin she was at a loss to explain what it was, was happening. She'd only ever experienced feelings like this for a guy, never another woman, and then, never this intense yet still she wasn't the least bit surprised. This past week, thanks to her purchase, the term 'Surprise' had been turned on its head. Now, enjoying the feel and warmth of Lin's body as it eased firmly back against hers, she readily allowed Lin's fingers to thread with hers, the excitement escalating as they took turns to stimulate each succulent, protruding nipple.

For a moment Claire closed her eyes and revelled in what was taking place. Though she didn't understand why, she knew the cause was entirely due to the mirror, what she didn't yet know was what powers the mirror had yet to reveal. If the past week had taught her anything, it was she knew it pointless to resist.

She flicked out her tongue, licking along the side of Lin neck and up to the lobe of her ear, her mother in laws soft scented perfume arousing her all the more. She licked and teased, all the while her fingers still entwined with Lin's, the two of them still nurturing the prominent, hardened buds. It was at that moment Claire suddenly felt an overwhelming desire to be forceful. She'd no idea why, nor did she try to resist the impluse. Instead, acting on her immediate need she took a firm hold of a nipple between finger and thumb and without a second thought for the pain it might cause twisted it hard.

The resulting cry of "Oh Fuck Yes!" came as no surprise to Claire. She could guess how much pain she'd inflicted and though out of character she felt the deep desire to do it again.

As for Lin, both her words and the tone of her voice surprised even herself. Not once had anyone ever pulled so firmly on her nipples .Yet while the twist came both as a surprise and with some pain, it was also the cause of unexpected pulses of delight emanating from between her legs. The plain truth was she'd never felt so aroused and like her daughter in law, the urge for more was growing by the second.

She turned her head to immediately feel the wetness of Claire's tongue drawing across her lips. The caress of another woman was alien and not at all what she'd expected, yet just as she'd had her nipple forcefully pulled she knew this too was something she desired.

"Harder you minx! Hurt me!" She gasped before flicking out her tongue to duel mid air with Claire's.

Claire responded. It was as if Lin's encouragement was voicing her own thoughts, not that she'd needed her mother in laws approval to do it again, for it was her every intention to do so. That she'd uttered an approval was simply further proof of the mirrors power

Claire took hold once more, twisting the nipple again, this time in a counter clockwise direction, whilst at the same time plowing her tongue deep into the wamth of her mother in law's mouth, a part of her wishing to stifle her cries while another part was hoping she'd respond.

She could feel Lin's body react to the pain she'd just inflicted yet rather than ease off she took a hold of her remaining nipple and tugging on both, stretched her breasts violently apart.

All at once Lin's mouth opened wide releasing it's grip on Claire's tongue. She let out a pained, strangled howl before sucking in hard, abruptly holding her breath aware, despite the pain her twisted nipples caused, down below her pussy was leaking into her panties. She turned her head, about to say something to her daughter in law when she felt her fingers close down firmly over her buds for a third time. Even before her breasts were pulled apart she was mewling like a wounded animal.

Finally she found enough energy to look back over her shoulder.

"You bitch!" She almost growled at her daughter in law.

Claire's response was to simply lean closer and press her lips over Lin's once more, forcing her tongue deep into her throat. She was not the least bit surprised when moments later she felt Lin's hand curl around the back of her neck and pull her more tightly into the embrace.

For several moments both women were tentative, nervous as their tongues toyed with one another's. It was as if each were testing the waters…as if each of them were deciding how far the other might go.

It was too much for Claire. All week, alone each day, she'd succumbed to the mirror and as much as she'd enjoyed it, each time it had left her feeling ever more frustrated. Now for the first time she had someone to share with.

She closed her hand over Lin's left breast, digging her fingertips firmly into the soft, pliable flesh and began turning her body, easing her backward. Lin made no effort to resist and within moments she was stood with her back pressed to the wall, her arms down by her sides as Claire's hands and fingers continued to maul roughly over her aroused, fleshy tits. She leant in closer brushing her lips lightly over Lin's. The response was immediate, Lin's tongue snaking out to meet hers, it's tip probing gently against Claire's causing her pussy to throb.

As Lin's mouth opened Claire forced her head back against the wall smothering her mouth with her lips, her head turning one way then the other as their tongues fought, probing and prodding, each of them tasting the sweetness of one another's mouth.

In turn, Lin responded, sliding her hand to the back of Claire neck, holding her there, unable to believe she was allowing this to happen, yet her desire it should continue, as strong as ever.

Her moans were louder now as she forced her tongue further into the wetness of Claire's mouth, turning Claire's head to the side, her free hand slipping inside Claire's blouse, her fingertips seeking a nipple, wanting to return the favour, eager to see how Claire would respond but just as Lin seemed to be gaining the upper hand so Claire leant in closer. Like Lin, Claire couldn't remember a time she'd ever been this excited. She wanted more.

Her hand slid up behind Lin's neck where she pulled her ever more firmly into the embrace. She pressed her mouth, her lips fully over Lin's where the two of them began kissing in earnest. Heads turning one way then the other as each of them sought to outdo the other. Neither one of them had experienced the feminine kiss of another woman before yet both seemed to know exactly what the other wanted and when some minutes later they finally parted from the embrace, it was to the sound of their own flushed and ragged breath as each of them tried to regain some composure.

Turning away from the wall they both looked towards the cause of what was happening, the mirror. The outer edge of the glass appeared misted, it was as if a condensation had formed which made little sense.. They turned to look back into one another's eyes each of them aware of their need to take this further.

Without a word Claire lowered her head and using both hands, pulled Lin's breasts completely free of her bra. For the briefest of moments she toyed with her nipples between finger and thumb but just as Lin began to think she was in for more pain Claire leant closer to begin sucking and nibbling on the swollen teats.

She took turns working each swollen bud between her lips and teeth, all the while tweaking them with her fingers, Lin's moans of pleasure grew louder with each new act. She swirled her tongue eagerly around one nipple as her fingertips pinched the second and just like her mother in law, down below Claire could feel her pussy leaking into her panties. She slid her lips away from Lin's perky breasts kissing her way up towards her neck, towards her ear.

"Have you ever tasted a pussy?" She whispered.

For a moment Lin froze. It wasn't she didn't understand the question. It was more she didn't know how to answer.

Claire eased back to look into her mother in laws hazel coloured eyes and could immediately see the fire within.

"Have you ever kissed and sucked on a cunt?" She asked, hopeful just speaking those words would excite Lin as much as they did her.

Lin's lips let out a soft moan of pleasure as her mind took on board the crude manner of what Claire was asking. The truth was, the very idea had not once crossed her mind, yet now, for reasons she could not explain, hearing Claire's question, the way she'd expressed it, was enough for her pussy to flood once more.

"No!" Lin stammered. The tremours in her voice adding to her own excitement.

Claire moved closer and took a hold of Lin's hand. She moved it towards her crotch then lifting her skirt placed her hand firmly against her panties.

"Wouldn't you like to? Wouldn't you like to lick and kiss this horny cunt?." She started to rub Lin's hand up and down her panty cover pussy lips. Her bold manner, never experinced before by Lin sent shivers running down her spine.

"Don't you want to lick me clean! Don't you want to play with my red hot clit?"

Lin's mind was suddenly filled with a vision of her doing just that, of her daughter in laws legs spread wide, her head and hands nestled between her thighs as her lips and mouth kissed and sucked on her young daughter in laws pussy. The vision alone should have made her recoil from the very idea, instead she found her hand begin rubbing firmly against the youth of Claire's panty covered pussy. As it did so a thought popped into Lin's head. The potential for pleasure.

She had no idea where the thought had come from or why she was even thinking such thoughts, she could only put it down to events but all at once the idea of making out with another female had more than a little appeal.

"Tell me Lin! Tell me what you want?"

The words caused the vision of moments before to return, of Claire's legs spread wide while she tended her daughter in laws desires.

She continued to rub as she slid her mouth close to Claire ear.

"Your cunt!" She gasped feverishly. "I want your cunt!"

"The bed….the bed…" Claire murmured, moving backwards and beckoning for Lin to follow.

All week Claire's frustration had intensified. Now, here was the chance of having her pussy seen to. That it was her mother in law about to do this for her mattered not in the least.

She climbed onto the bed the very idea her husbands mother was about to crawl between her legs causing her body to shake with excitement. She sat down, positioned a pillow for her head then lay down, turning onto her back before hitching up her short skirt to reveal a pair of red panties, the gusset of which she knew were sodden from the leaking pussy juice.

Lin had already closed down the two pace gap between her and the bed and as she looked down at her daughter in law she gasped when she witnessed her drawing up her knees then opening her legs. She couldn't help but moan her excitement when she saw Claire slide a hand between her legs.

Eager to entice her watching mother in law Claire's fingers began teasing their way up and down the wet lace covering her pussy lips.

Lin could sense the presence now more than ever. It's very being seemed to fill the room and with it the idea its power was growing. Just looking at her daughter in law playing with her pussy was causing her own to pulsate. Under normal circumstances she knew she could never have allowed this to happen, but she was fast becoming aware, she was beginning to lose her grip on reality.

Again she felt her pussy pulse and was sure if she cared to look down she would find a river of juice puddling at her feet, instead she was unable to draw her eyes from Claire's body. Several buttons on her blouse had now popped open to reveal the milky white flesh of her breasts while down below the wet gusset was causing Lin to drool in anticipation.

"Come on Lin! It's all yours!" Claire's words though softly spoken snapped Lin from her thoughts. "Get down here and taste this horny cunt!"

As if mesmerised, Lin followed Claire's command, resting a knee onto the bed before easing in between her two slender legs her eyes fixed firmly on the sopping mess that was Claire's pussy. She slid her hands upwards along each thigh before bending down to take in the musky scent of Claire's cunt.

As the heat of Lin's breath teased across her panty clad pussy Claire mewled in expectancy. It was as if all week she'd been building for just this moment. She arched her back, pushing her hips upwards off the bed, her immediate desire to quickly close the gap between her pussy and Lin's mouth.

Almost at once Lin began raining light kisses against Claire's panties, beneath the fabric of which Claire's pussy lips were flaring open with desire.

Lin sucked at the thin panty lace, delighting at the moisture which had irrigated Claire's crotch like a flood. The taste was sweet, the scent divine and as she eased the gusset to one side she could feel her own pussy pulse in response.

Her kisses quickly traced their way upwards, along the bulging lips of Claire's pussy furrow, then flicking out her tongue Lin eagerly began lapping up and down
her slit, spreading the wet pussy lips wide to reveal the pink coloured flesh within.
Though a completely new experience for her, Lin couldn't help but marvel at how succulent a cunt truly was.

Lin's tongue prodded and probed the warm fleshy depths while Claire's fingers dug firmly into the duvet, her body writhing violently, her thighs shuddering from the exquiste sensation imparted by her mother in laws mouth and the building orgasm

Spurred on by Claire's cries of pleasure Lin centred her attention on the throbbing, pink clit. She twisted it gently with her fingers enchanted by its rubbery like texture before closing her lips over the swollen bud.

Her mind buzzed with the excitement, it was the first time she had ever done such a thing yet already she was wondering why. She drew the fleshy bud firmly between her lips then sucked at it like she would suck on the fleshy fruit of a peach, every now and again fluttering it with the tip of her tongue, all the while the pungent scent of feminine sensuality filling her nostrils. Lin could never have believed neither a taste nor scent could be this intoxicating.

Claire was in heaven. The entire week she had been reduced to managing her own inferno. Sometimes by the use of her fingers, at others by mechanical means yet not even with her husband had she been able to capture a tenth of the pleasure she was experiencing now. She was no nearer knowing what it was, was causing these events but no longer did she care. That it was happening was all she needed to know.

Every nerve ending continued to spasm and convulse as if her body were receiving electric shocks, reducing her cries to gutteral, animal like growls as her body bounced up and down on the bed in her pussy's desperate desire to quench its hunger for Lin's lips, mouth and tongue..

In between her legs Lin fought to keep Claire's body still, she moved her lips away from the throbbing clit and began licking her way up and down the gash that was Claire's pussy. The more she licked the more Claire's cunt seemed to fill with a combination of saliva and love juice, a concoction Lin desperately tried to consume. She pressed her mouth greedily over Claire's cunt lips licking and sucking feverishly.

Claire let out a howl of divine pleasure, her body twisting and turning beneath the onslaught of her mother in laws attack. If sex were marked on a scale from one to ten, this was a fifteen. Her pussy was on fire, at a crescendo where each time she felt Lin's tongue slashing over her cunt she could feel her juices bubbling up from within in its vain attempt to satisfy both its needs and Lin's hunger.

Finding it harder to keep Claire's body still, Lin continued her attack. She could sense her pussy was going beserk and suddenly it was all Lin wanted to do was stab her tongue deep into the hot smouldering gash. She used her body's own weight to press down upon Claire's thighs, pinning her to the bed before closing her mouth over Claire's foaming snatch. She immediately started to jab, projecting her tongue in and out, ever deeper like a tiny, twisting prick.

Held down and restricted by the weight of Lin's body Claire wailed out loud in ecstasy. She was doing all she could to raise and lower her arse in a desperate attempt to maintain contact with the lips and tongue giving her so much pleasure. In turn, Lin could feel Claire's thighs quivering against the sides of her face, like two out of control vibrators. The more her thighs shook, the more of her pussy juice spewed into Lin's mouth it's thick, foamy texture pure nectar.

As Claire thrust upwards so Lin's hands slid under her body, grabbing at the cheeks of her arse, pulling her upwards to meet her own stabbing tongue, its tip curling and twisting against her love juice soaked, pussy canal.

With a shudder of torturesome delight Claire's pussy finally exploded in a torrent of cum. Her body bucked and convulsed, jolting her all the way across the bed, involuntarily pulling her cunt away from the lips which had bought about her release, depositing her in a spreadeagled heap on the floor.

The violent reaction had shocked Lin but she was far from finished yet. She scrambled across the bed, her one objective, to home in on the drooling target between her daughter in laws golden thighs. Dropping quickly to the floor she prised open Claire's legs further, instantly plunging her tongue deep into the maw of the hot, velvety pussy.

With little regard for what she must have looked like, she once more began stabbing at it, orally fucking her daughter in law, hell bent in her quest to cause a second, major eruption of love juice.

Claire, already part exhausted could only lay there, her pussy spasming from the delights produced by her mother in law's lips, mouth and tongue. Now it was Lin's turn to mewl with delight as she gave Claire's cunt a long, leisurely, sucking kiss, the sticky love juice cascading over her lips and washing down her throat. She swallowed with abandon, loving every drop, meticulous in working her lips and tongue to draw out any last remaining morsels of feminine pleasure.

Minutes later Claire could suffer no more. With a long.lingering moan she finally lay back, temporarily exhausted.

Though Claire's furrowed lips still pulsed Lin drew her own away and rose from her kneeling position smiling down at her dazed daughter in law. A quick glance towards the mirror revealed Lin's lips, chin and face were slick and glossy from the abundance of love juice she'd consumed yet even in the space of that quick glance, she could still feel the same, inexplicable sense of foreboding, of being watched by whatever or whoever the mirrors unseen presence represented. It was almost though as if they were both puppets, acting out a perverse play for the watchers own gratification.

Having tuned back to look down at her daughter in law once more she stood over her, her legs astride Claire's hips, her own pussy throbbing as she took in and admired the prostrate form beneath her. The young woman's hair was damp from the persperation which now adorned her brow, her breasts too were wet, the silk cotton blouse now opaque as it clung to each perfectly rounded sphere, her chest rising and falling from the last vestiges of her exertions. Her nipples too were prominent, their shapely form increasingly inviting.

Slowly Lin bent at the knees carefully squatting and moving her body forward, her cunt steadily but surely moving on a downward angle towards Claire's panting mouth.

Between her legs, Lin could feel her pussy so hot it felt more like molten lava spewing out of her gash, filling her panties. Quite why this was happening, or why it was she felt inexplicably driven to do such a thing, she had no idea, but what she did know was her mind reeled with how good it had just been, dining and tongue fucking on her son's wife's snatch. Now it was all she could think was how much she wanted to press her own cunt firmly onto Claire's mouth. To have her reciprocate, to have her tongue lapping her towards orgasm until her pussy too would explode, just as Claire's had.

Still squatting she moved closer and though the flare of own skirt was hiding Claire's face from view, she was clearly able to hear her words.

"Sometimes it takes a female to give another female pleasure….. better than any male can do."

Lin shuddered as her words deposited their warm breath against her inner thighs.

She looked down though still wasn't able to see her daughter in laws face.

"Make me believe!" She hissed in reply. "My pussy is so fucking hot! Only your tongue can put out the fire."

The words sent a shiver of excitement coursing through Claire's body, as did the feeling the two of them were still being watched…played with.

From beneath Lin's skirt, Claire stretched out her arms, welcoming.

"Come here!" She replied, the excitement evident in her voice. "And sit on my face!"

Lin immediately accepted the invitation. Squatting all the way down, her cunt plunging towards what she knew would be Claire's open, waiting mouth, she straddled her face.

She checked herself, her brimming snatch mere inches from Claire's lips. Her intention to tease, not just Claire but herself too, loving the mere anticipation of what she knew was to come. Finally, unable to resist one more second she lowered her body all the way down, planting her wet, dripping pussy onto Claire's lips, smothering her face completely.

The lips of Lin's pussy meeting Claire's mouth was nothing less than exquisite, the feeling sensational. She cried out loud with pleasure and as Claire's tongue started to probe, instinctively knotted her hands into tightly, balled fists. She continued to moan loudly as the slippery tongue began prodding and probing the depths of her wide open cunt. Though wracked with pleasure Lin reached down to draw back her skirt, wishing to see as well as feel what was happening to her.

Claire's eyes smiled mischievously at Lin's excited, enraptured face and if Claire's lips were hidden by Lin's unsighted pussy, the feeling of ecstasy was more than enough.

Though Lin couldn't explain why, she felt the need to turn her eyes momentarily towards the mirror. The earlier condensation was now more evident than ever except now, she was convinced an image, a female image was starting to form. It was vague, wispy, but as Lin turned her eyes back to Claire she was convinced more than ever they were being watched.

She leant forward pressing her clenched fists to the floor, using them as support, practically flattening the back of Claire's head down against the carpet as she ground her crotch vigorously against her face. Twisting like a dancer, relentlessly rubbing her pussy back and forth across her mouth Lin could feel Claire's teeth drawing roughly too and fro across both her labia and clit.

She sucked in air, gasping out loud as her body shook with excitement. Beneath her, Claire continued to apply the oral thrills Lin herself had moments before used to cause Claire's pussy to convulse. She jerked with her hips moaning and whimpering out loud, the excitement unbearable as Claire's mouth and teeth nipped passionately over her swollen clit, the tongue lapping at her slit before stabbing deep into her wet cunt. Lin threw back her head, her eyes tightly shut, welcoming the very idea her tormented cunt was being orally fucked.

Inflamed and addicted by the rampaging of Claire's mouth, Lin could sense her approaching orgasm . It was a climax she'd both craved and prayed for.

She twisted and turned from the hips clamping her loins tightly over Claire's face as wave after wave of ecstasy reverberated through her body. It was sheer, unrivalled bliss and releasing her suffocating grip on Claire's face she began bouncing up and down, using Claire's mouth, nose and tongue just as she would use a dick.

Even with her body gripped in such pleasure, Lin found herself wondering what the mirror, what the hidden watcher would be making of her actions, if this was what it truly wanted? Yet the truth was, she didn't care. She needed relief and no matter what it took she was determined to achieve it.

Some moments later she finally tipped forward onto her clenched knuckles emitting a low, gutteral like growl as between her legs, her pussy erupted. Her molten juices pouring forth from her ravaged cunt and into her daughter in law's waiting mouth. Below, over the sounds of her own laboured breath, Lin could hear Claire gurgle as the hot pussy juice slid down her throat.

For some minutes Lin's pussy continued to tingle and throb as Claire lapped at the last of the juices. It was a further minute before Lin was able to breath normally. She slid her pussy away from Claire's lips, her body moving down over Claire's until she straddled her waist.

Taking time out to regain her composure, Lin was once more amazed, not just by her own actions, but that she would find another woman so appealing.

Lin allowed her eyes to roam. It was fair to say, her young daughter in law had always been somewhat demure, her dress sense tending to lean towards conservative, yet now, as she looked down at Claire, that description could not have been further from the truth. Her body was bathed in a perspriation bought about by sexual exertion. Her hair was matted, her silk blouse, now almost transparent, clung to a pair of firm, heaving breasts as far removed from demure as could possibly be while her beaming face was coated in a syrupy froth of pussy cum. To Lin it looked as if the heat she'd just endured was causing her face to melt. She saw Claire's eyes turn briefly towards the mirror before locking back onto hers once more.

"Kiss me," she whispered, her voice soft, almost beguiling. "Lick your juice off my face!"

Her one simple request sent shivers of excitement coursing through Lin's body. It was almost as if Claire had found the ability to read her mind. On waking this morning she could never have dreamed something like this would take place. Not once had she ever looked at another woman with sexual thoughts in mind, yet now she suddenly felt a real need to touch her, to kiss and to fondle her feminine body. She fell forward, their torsos entwining on the floor.

For a second or two Lin held back, the scent of her own pungent cream filling her nostrils, further evoking her senses. She finally closed the gap, crushing her open lips over Claire's where their tongues began darting and fighting one another's for domination.

Claire responded, her hands grabbing the back of Lin's head, her fingers gripping tightly, almost violently in her hair as she pulled her more firmly into the embrace.

Lin too reacted, sliding her hands eitherside of Claire's face, her fingers stroking at the slippery mix which had moments before, erupted from her pussy.

As the two of them continued with the kiss, so Claire began to twist her body beneath Lin's until in one movement she'd rolled Lin onto her back so that she was now on top. Throughout, neither woman had broken from the embrace. With Claire's body now pinning Lin's down the kiss intensified, their heads twisting one way then the other with each moaning their pleasure deep into one another's throat.

Lin twisted and the two of them rolled over a second time, then a third, a fourth. They came to a stop beside the bedside table with neither woman prepared to release either their lips or their hold on one another. Finally, with Claire on top she pulled her lips away.

They were breathing heavily, their breasts heaving, pressing firmly against one another's. She glanced towards the direction of the mirror. Though her view was now obscured by the bed she could nevertheless still sense its presence. She turned her eyes back to Lin's.

"Do you sense it too?" She asked, her breath still coming in short gasps.

"That we're being watched?" Lin queried.


Lin nodded affirmation and drew her tongue across her lips, tasting the juices she'd kissed and licked from Claire's smoldering pussy. "Is this what you've been sensing all week?"

Now it was Claire's turn to nod. "And when I do I find I can't stop myself. It's as if something or someone is driving me on. Demanding I satisfy myself for their benefit."

Again Lin nodded her agreement. She too felt the same sensation, of someone or something watching, wanting, urging them on.

"How about now? Do you sense we have satisfied whatever it is?"

"No. I sense whatever, whoever it is wants more."

"And does that excite you?" Lin asked.

"Yes. Does it you?" Claire smiled. Lin caught the quick glance towards the bedside cabinet and though unable to explain why, she immediately knew why and what Claire had in mind.

"What is it?" She asked, a part of her certain she already knew the answer.

"A toy." Claire replied, her smile widening when she saw what she believed was a glint of expectation in her mother in law's eyes.

"Get it!" Lin urged from beneath her.

Claire rolled off Lin's body then stood before pulling open the drawer.

"How big?" Lin heard her ask.

The mere question caused Lin's pussy to pulse.

"The biggest!" She replied, with little idea of what her answer would produce.

She watched as Claire's hand disappear into the drawer then saw her take out what initially looked like a thick, curled length of black pipe. As she unfurled it Lin gasped, recognising it for what it was, a huge double ended dildo, each end sporting a mushroomed shaped cock head.

"My God! It's huge! I could never take all that!" She cried.

Claire smiled down at her, her fingers instinctively stroking the man made organ.

"Sixteen inches." She answered. "And as for taking it all. You don't have to. It's eight inches each!"

Down on the floor, her eyes firmly fixed to the flexible length, Lin let out a groan as she realised what it was Claire meant.

"You mean we can both Fuck one another at the same time?" She cried. "Oh God, Yes! I love it!" She moaned. Suddenly the thought of being fucked by another woman was stirring her senses. Between her legs her pussy was starting to ache.

Claire too felt the excitement as she gripped it firmly in the middle and shook it like it were snake.

"Oh God! You're going to kill me!" Lin moaned.

"No!" Claire smiled back at her. "Just fuck you is all!"

For a moment Lin was silent as she watched Claire reach back into the draw and remove a small tub of clear coloured cream. She continued to watch as she unscrewed the lid before smearing a portion of the tubs contents to each end of the giant dildo.
Lin's eyes took in the entire length of the object, amazed anyone was capable of using such a beast. Down in between her legs her pussy was pulsing once more.

"My God Claire! How do you use that monster? Are you sure it won't kill us?"

Claire stopped what she was doing to look down at her Mother in law. "Don't you hope it does?" She giggled.

As ridiculous as it seemed, Lin's mind immediately filled with the scene, her body lying askew, with eight inches of black cock jammed tightly into her cunt. The vision passed almost as quickly as it had filled her mind, but not before causing her pussy to tremble. She looked on as Claire finished smearing the cream over both mushroom shaped ends.

Again she smiled down at Lin, pointing the mushroom shaped head towards her before running its tip upwards along the length of Lin's bared thigh, leaving it teasingly, inches from her throbbing pussy.

"Spread your legs and get ready to be ripped apart."

Lin groaned out loud as she eased herself back onto her elbows before raising her knees and easing open her legs to expose the fullness of her eager pussy. She shot a quick glance towards the mirror. This time it wasn't so much her nerves which caused her to look but instead the hope that something, someone was truly watching. She quickly returned her attention to Claire who had now dropped to her knees in front of her.

Having locked open her legs Lin found, by looking down through the v form by her open legs she was able to see every gorgeous thing about to happen to her.

With expert fingers Claire reached forward and began parting Lin's sopping pussy lips. Lin watched with increasing trepidation as the huge head of one end of the artifical cock was placed against her cunt. Once in position Claire began to apply gentle pressure.

"Ohhhh my! Ohh God!" Lin groaned as the black phallus slid past her parting pussy lips before squeezing firmly into her juicy cunt. "Oh God Claire!" She cried. "It's going to go all the way through me!"

Claire giggled. "You wish", she teased as she slowly but surely inserted about half of its length into her Mother in law's snatch. She eased back leaving Lin looking down through her own legs at the curved phallus which now twitched from between her parted thighs just like a real cock might do, its end rooted deep inside her cunt. To Lin, it looked as if it were actually growing out of her hairy crotch.

Claire looked for a moment then reaching forward began fondling the black, rubbery dildo, her fingers sliding up and down it's veiny, slippery curves, the vibrations transferring directly into Lin's sopping cavity.

Lin groaned, settling back on her elbows, continuing to watch her daughter in law as this time as she began planting light kisses upon its knotty head and as her lips brushed gently over the the phallic organ, so Lin was certain she could actually feel them. Their eyes met.

"Now for me." Claire announced.

Releasing the cock she moved forward to straddle Lin's hips, her pussy hovering inches above the quivering dildo. She smiled down at Lin as she made ready for her cunt to swallow her end of the rubbery cock.

Now you can see it just like a man does." She said adding, "with the difference being, you're going to feel it like a woman."

"The best of both worlds," Lin found herself mumbling as she thrust her pelvis upwards, causing the visible end of the dick to prod impatiently at Claire's waiting pussy.

"My my! We are keen." She laughed as she took a hold of the firm cock, positioning it's slick end against her drooling cunt lips. Using her expert fingers she began feeding its huge, black head in past the lips of her cunt.

Lin looked up to see her daughter in law's eyes closed as she started to lower herself downward, sighing out loud as her crotch began its journey towards Lin's.

"Holy Shit!" Claire gasped out loud as suddenly the entrance to her pussy gave way, the thick black cock disappearing instantly into her distended pussy causing her cunt to smack wetly against Lin's waiting snatch. There was now only a thin band of black rubber visible between the slippery lips of the women's interlocked pussies.

Lin, her cunt already having adjusted to the dido's size was eager to start but Claire needed a little more time. She pressed down slowly until her pussy met Lin's, each woman now having swallowed their allowance of the black, monster cock. Claire reached forward, her fingers teasing aside Lin's soft top to expose both rigid nipples.

"How does this feel?" Claire asked, as she ground her pelvis down against Lin's, the engorged, tingling buds of their clits reacting as if electrically charged each time they pressed against one another's.

"Damn that feels good!" Lin answered, her turn now to reach out to roughly grab at Claire's partly hidden tits, her fingers clawing, tigging, her thumbs swirling each prominent nipple in a circular motion.

Claire mewled out loud, her fingers taking a firmer grip on the soft flesh of Lin's tits. She ground down harder still able to use her grip on Lin's tits to pull their bodies together, forcing the dildo deeper into cavities already over-filled where the duel, mushroom shaped heads pushed bruisingly against each sexually aroused cervix.

Lin felt herself being held down, the weight of Claire's body pinning her to the floor. She saw Claire's head turn sideways, towards the mirror and knew like her, she too could still sense they were being watched….encouraged. Claire turned back to look down into the lust filled gaze of her mother in law's eyes.

"Move with me……..Come on! Move!" Claire stammered.

She lifted her hips to the accompaniment of a sucking noise. Lin looked down between their bodies to see a third of the black dildo had slid from each of their cunts, it's latex length erotically imbued with the hue of fresh pussy juice.

Lin was still in awe of the sight before her when, without warning, Claire drove her hips down once more. The movement forced the rubbery length of dildo right back into their cunts. Both women howled with pleasure as their loins crushed together. Lin's cum frothed pussy slapped wetly against Claire's beautiful, furry crotch to leave eight inches of thick latex bedded deep into each of them.

Lin couldn't believe how good the hardness felt inside as again and again Claire squashed her pussy against hers. Recalling Claire's words of moments before she began thrusting upward bringing forth more moans and groans. Claire retaliated, thrusting downward.and within moments they were reaming one another out, each of them hell bent on outdoing the other, each unable to believe such pleasure existed. Every thrust, every movement caused the buried, latex cock to generate a new, undiscovered pleasure inside of their cunts.

"Ohhh Lin! Yes! That's it!" Claire moaned. "Fuck me like a man! Fuck me with your big, bad cock!"

Driven by her words Lin began to thrust harder, her every wish to do as she'd been asked.

"Take that! And that!" Lin grunted and gasped as she drove her hips upward in an effort to show Claire how well she could use her newly added appendage.

"Come on Claire. Fuck me back! Screw me with your big black dick!"

Suddenly the mirror no longer seemed to hold any importance. Nor was it Lin cared what she was doing was wrong, or with whom she was doing it with. The only thing mattered now was mutual pleasure.

Acting purely on instinct with an almost animal like aggression, both women's bodies began writhing and wrestling and humping at one another's on the floor. As they did, so their hands and fingers mauled and twisted at one another's tits and nipples, each desperate to outdo one another with the pleasure they were giving. Finally, gasping for breath, Claire leant forward to seek a firmer grip but her movement achieved only that of unbalancing her. Twisting beneath her in one swift movement, Lin managed to roll Claire over and onto her back, her own body following with its refusal to yield to its eight inches of cock. Sucking in lungfulls of air, kneeling astride her daughter in law, their bodies sweaty with passion, Lin began to bounce up and down, her pussy making wet slapping sounds with each, connecting downward thrust.

"Is this what you wanted?" Lin cried out as she drove the cock deeper and harder with almost bruising force into the now sloppy depths of Claire's cunt. "Is this better than any man has ever fucked you?" She gasped.

Claire made no effort to reply, instead responded by grabbing for Lin's bouncing tits. Using them as leverage to hoist her pelvis upwards from the floor, where it seemed to Claire their cunts might soon split apart, such was the force they were now fucking with.

Around them the room was filled with the sweet scented fragrance of pussy juice interspersed with a mix of perfume and sweat from their passion filled bodies. As they continued to hump one another so the scent was joined by a mixture of moans and whimpers, mingled with the erogenous cacophony of slurping, slapping pussies as the dildo continued its female driven desire to satisfy both foaming pussies. Had either woman been of a mind to look towards the mirror, they would have noted how it's frame was bathed in a glimmering halo of light.

As the fifth or was it maybe the sixth orgasm took a hold, Lin couldn't remember a time when she'd felt so fulfilled.

She rested back on her haunches drawing in a deep breath before looking down upon Claire's body. Stretched out, her arms splayed out above her head, her eyes closed, her feminine, feline beauty shone through.

Lin leant forward, her fingers teasing aside Claire's blouse to reveal firm, pert, rounded breasts. She leant forward some more, before settling right down to squash her breasts over those of her counterpart. As their lips met so Claire's hands slid to the back of Lin's head. Though both women knew, what was happening to them was wrong, neither women wanted to resist. Their mouths opened, their tongues penetrated and each began to moan their pleasure as their bodies entwined in an exquisite Sapphic kiss.

The kiss continued and despite having already fucked one another hard, their bodies began to melt to the feminine touch of the other. Once more, each of them instinctively felt compelled to react to the black length which now joined them together. They ground their hips with a passion, gyrating their pussies firmly onto one another's.

The resulting gasps and whimpers quickened until the room was filled with the sounds of their uncontrollable panting. Lin's every downward thrust was countered by one of Claire pushing her hips upward, the two of them determined to bury the black monster as deep as they could. Beneath them the darkened stain which now covered the carpet was the evidence, if any were needed, of unrivalled passion.

Still the two women continued to fuck but while their lips remained crushed together, their tongues by now had retreated, replaced instead by the gutteral sounds of grunting as each woman endeavoured to drive the dildo deeper and harder into the other's pussy.

Both were now close to coming, simultaneous orgasms building within unlike any they'd encountered before as each continued to drive the umbilical cock further and deeper into their partner's cunt. Their orgasms hit with such force it was all either could do was suck in huge lungfuls of air. Their bodies immediately froze rigid before moments later shaking, every possible nerve ending flaring brightly as if consumed within its own sensual climax.

It was some moments they lay there, each of them toiling for breath. Claire was convinced they had fucked one another as hard and as deeply as possible yet even as her body bathed in the afterglow of her orgasm a shudder from Lin caused the mushroom shaped head of the dildo to slip deeper.

Claire wasn't sure if it were instinct or pure reflex caused her to lift from her hips or the sudden realisation the mirror was once again urging her on. Whatever the cause, as soon as she'd moved so the response was immediate with Lin pushing back down. Seconds later Claire's question no longer mattered. Without understanding why, she felt compelled to take control.

Grabbing at Lin's body she fought to roll her over onto her back, managing to do so, though not without a struggle. She bore down, revelling in the knowledge she was back in command, the dildo once more, fucking both pussies.

Lin squealed with delight, loving the almost brutal way the thick, mushroom shaped cock head pummelled her cunt, yet just as the realisation had dawned on Claire so too had it on Lin. She too was aware of the change and likewise felt the desire for control. Not wanting to be outdone, she fought back, her turn now to spin the two of them over onto their sides.

The two women, though more than a little exhausted, writhed alongside one another, thier hands mauling and clutching, their fingers tearing at clothing, each of them desperate to roll the other onto her back. Each now consumed with the idea to dominate, to show who was the stronger.

Exhaling loudly, Lin used what strength she could muster to press Claire back and to scramble on top. She lay in a heap atop of her daughter in law, the delicious cock still buried as she tried to gather her senses, each of the women gasping for breath.

The time out didn't last. The flexible latex cock appeared to possess a life of its own, stirring with even the slightest bodily movement. Claire began to fight back, this time with more force, rolling Lin off before her own body followed, the umbilical like cock driving deep into both pussies the moment Lin's back hit the floor. Both women cried out at the same time, relishing this rough, new found pleasure and this time as Lin twisted, Claire readily allowed herself to roll, aware within seconds the weight of Lin's body was going to drive the cock back where it belonged.

The two of them fought, neither woman able to believe the pleasure their fighting could induce. They tumbled around the room in a climactic frenzy of passion, bodies writhing, hands clutching at one another, mouths gasping out loud each time they rolled where the common bond would once more drive home, fucking the both of them hard.

And then finally it was over.

They lay side by side panting hard, their bodies permeating the scent of adrenalin driven sex. Both smiled at one another as they wallowed in the afterglow of the perfect, male-less fuck, both already sensing, the power exerted by the mirror had finally dispersed.

"My God !" Lin moaned as her fingers stroked away some strands of matted hair from Claire's face. "What just happened?" She quizzed. The question hung in the air for some moments with Lin not believing for a minute Claire would be able to answer.

"I've no idea." She replied. "But now maybe, you can begin to understand what it was I tried to describe it to you?"

"Yes!" Lin nodded. "I sensed it too."

Claire adjusted her position before placing a hand upon Lin's breast, her thumb indolently stroking at the still swollen nipple. "And?"

It was some moments before Lin replied.

"And I truly have no idea what it was. I just know if I'd come one more time my pussy would have self destructed."

Claire giggled. "I think mine's gone into meltdown!"

Lin's lips formed a smile. "I hope not." She told her, "Because for one, we still have to remove 'our' cock!" She chuckled, letting her emphasis of the word 'our', sink in. "And for another," she continued. "I'm going to be wanting to fuck this pussy of yours again."

Now it was Claire's turn to smile. She leaned closer and pressed her lips lightly over Lin's. She quickly eased back from the kiss. "All you will have to do is say when." She purred.

Lin moved, pressing her lips close to Claire's ear. "Believe me, it will be sooner rather than later," she whispered.

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