The Mistake_(2)

The Mistake_(2)

She laughed, feeling the tequila doing its job. Stubbing out her cigarette, she arose from her seat and made her way to the bar. She leant forward, displaying her ample cleavage at the young barman – new, she assumed – seductively.

“Tequila. Double.” She commanded sexily, staring straight into his eyes. He can’t have been any older than 19, and she was well aware she held all the authority in that situation. He was clearly flustered, unused to facing such confidence, as he fumbled to fetch her another drink. She smirked triumphantly and knocked it back in one before opening her purse to retrieve a Twenty.

“Another…and one for your fine self,” she purred, extending her hand and placing the note firmly in his palm.

“Celebrating?” inquired a gruff voice directly into her left ear. She spun around, taken aback by the invasion of personal space. The figure that greeted her shocked her further, though she was reluctant to let Him know that.

“Adam,” she said, hiding her surprise…. “I thought you were ‘working late’.”

He raised an eyebrow. “It IS late.”

“Oops,” she retorted sarcastically, as she turned her back on Him and picked up the freshly poured drink. His hand covered the top of the glass and pushed it back down to the bar before it reached her lips.

“I think you’ve had enough, don’t you?”

“Not even CLOSE,” she spat, making eye contact, and promptly wishing she hadn’t. His eyes were tired, and angry. It was enough that He’d had to stay late at the office, and almost too much that, when He called to let her know, she’d become blatantly petulant. But, to arrive home later on to find a note that read simply “Gone out, back later” lying next to her mobile phone was more than He could take. Fortunately He knew her well, and she’d be in one of three places. After phoning her sister and her best friend, He headed down to their local, knowing it was the only other place she could be.

She’d met His eyes, and His look said it all. He turned and headed for the door. She paused for the briefest of moments before accepting the inevitable; she bowed her head and followed Him out, oblivious to the barman desperately trying to return her change.

Once outside, He turned to face her, and was met by a remorseful and repentant figure quite the contrast of what He had encountered in the pub. He smirked.

“Can I assume that you are deeply ashamed of your behaviour, and wish to make it up to me?” he inquired. Now, repentant for her angry words she may have been, but she was NOT in the mood to let herself be pushed around. She said nothing, and continued to stare at the floor.

“Bethany, I asked you a question…” He said expectantly as His palm reached out to her cheek, fingers extending toward her chin, lifting it up until her eyes met His. Again, she said nothing, but her pussy contracted slightly at the weight of His words. She hated it when her body betrayed her like this. She held His gaze unwaveringly eyes for all of ten seconds before she broke, unauthorised tears springing forth as her demeanour returned to normal.

“Your girl is sorry for her unkind words.” She sobbed. “She was upset You wouldn’t be sharing the evening with her. She decided to go and see Amy, but when she wasn’t in..….”

He silenced her by raising an eyebrow and a single finger to her lips.

“Did I request an explanation?” He asked rhetorically. He let her head fall to her chest submissively before He continued.
“Thought not. I don’t care how, or why, you felt the need to behave so badly tonight. All I care is that you DID. You KNOW the rules – they are in place for your safety as much as for my satisfaction. Tomorrow, when your head is clearer, you may divulge to me your pathetic justification for tonight's behaviour, but for NOW, just get your ass home so that I may discipline you properly. I hardly think the street is the place for it, do you?”
“No, WHAT?”
“No, Sir.”

His face softened, and she swore she heard Him mutter a “Good Girl” as He turned on His heel and continued towards home, knowing she would be achingly close behind Him.

The minute the door closed, she knew she was in for it. She had crossed a line tonight, firstly by going out without first notifying Him (if not requesting His permission!), and secondly by leaving her phone by the note she’d written. Never MIND smart-mouthing Him at the pub once He’d actually FOUND her. She KNEW the rules; she was to be contactable at ALL times. Tonight she had pushed Him, and she was about to find out just how much.

“Strip” He commanded. “You are lucky that I had the sense to eat at the office, otherwise I would be demanding you to cook for me. Fortunately that is taken care of, so all you need to worry about is atoning for your behaviour.”
“Your girl is sorry….” She started, but was again cut off by a rhetorical question along the lines of Him not recalling giving her permission to speak. She bowed her head compliantly, and continued removing her clothes until she stood naked before Him. He knew this was uncomfortable for her – she found the humiliation of being exposed to Him, especially whilst He was fully clothed, extremely difficult. He extended a hand and touched her lightly between her legs, finding the moisture that intensified with the shame she felt.
“Is my little slut ready to say sorry?”
“Yes, Sir”
“Then, you may request forgiveness.”

She dropped to her knees and unbuckled His belt, knowing what He wanted her to do. His cock sprang forth, already hard, and she obediently closed her mouth around it, her tongue working around the tip as her mouth salivated and slipped Him deeper inside. He moved a hand down to grasp a handful of her hair as she took Him down further, tongue flicking over Him and hands tracing the inside of His thighs, and up until they reached His balls. She cupped them, her fingers gently caressing the crease where they meet the groin as her mouth worked on Him, sucking Him down into her throat and pulling Him back out again. Pre-cum spilled out and marked her lips; she licked them hungrily before returning her concentration to the task in hand.

The grip on her hair tightened as He groaned, and as He began fucking her throat she could feel her pussy saturate her thighs with her wetness. His thrusts became more urgent as He neared orgasm, but He wasn’t about to let her have it…not tonight, not knowing how much she craved it. She flicked His tip with her tongue which sent Him over the edge, and as she gently squeezed His balls He began to come, promptly pulling out of her mouth and spraying her face, chin, neck and breasts with spurt after spurt of His semen. She bent her head towards Him and cleaned Him off with her mouth, hoping to at least TASTE what she had been deprived of. She knew better than to scoop it from her body to do so – denying her His come was punishment, and she would wear it graciously.

He released her hair and moved His hand around to her face, caressing her cheek as He told her what a good girl she was, and how pleased He was with her. She pulled her mouth from Him, and He tucked Himself back into His trousers.

“Now, fix me a drink and join me in the bedroom.” He saw her eyes flicker briefly to the pile of her crumpled clothes, but catching his glare of authority instantly snapped her back; she nodded her head, and proceeded to the kitchen. As soon as her back was turned He grinned, knowing how hard she found this when every instinct of hers was to be in control and tell Him where to shove it. But, this had been as much at her request as at His, and He could tell she was so much happier when the control was taken from her. With it went the responsibility, and for the first time in her life, she allowed herself to be looked after. And it felt great.


She walked through the bedroom door carrying His vodka, and a tall glass of water for herself. She handed Him the tumbler and settled herself at His feet as He sat on the side of the bed. She shifted uncomfortably, half trying to cover her nakedness, and half at the embarrassment she felt when His eyes fell on the glistening juices now coating her inner thighs.

“Is my little slut enjoying herself?” He questioned, reaching out with His free hand and smearing her wetness across her aching pussy, His fingers lightly brushing past her swollen clitoris for just the briefest of moments, causing her to gasp involuntarily. “She certainly seems to be, cock-hungry whore that she is.”
“Yes, Sir” she moaned, squirming at His touch. “Your whore lusts after You. She needs Your touch, Your cock, Your taste.…”
“She was denied my Come earlier, wasn’t she? And now she sits, body still streaked with it, craving more. Does she know why she wasn’t permitted to enjoy it properly?”
“Because she disobeyed one of Your rules, and needed to be punished?”
“That, and because she is a smart-mouthed bitch who clearly needs to be reminded of her place.” He explained, pulling her to her feet as He did so. She knew better than to argue, and she HAD been rude. She hung her head as He took her glass from her and placed it on the table next to His. “Now lie down, and show me what a filthy little bitch you are.”

She clambered onto the bed, aware that His eyes were scrutinising her every curve and contour with pure animal lust. She lay on her back and hesitated, her eyes searching for His, pleading with them not to make her do this – she had been through enough having been denied His orgasm earlier. His open hand met her cheek stingingly, answering that one. She closed her eyes with humiliation, spread her legs, and pulled her now-throbbing lips apart with her fingers, displaying her most intimate and vulnerable part to Him. He knew this was the worst punishment for her, more so that the pain, the denial of His come, the refusal to let her come when she clearly needed to; this was the one that grounded her the most. Spreading herself for His inspection. Offering herself for Him to use as He pleased. She was nothing more than a hole, a receptacle for His cock, a plaything there for His amusement.

“You will be silent. You will not squirm. You will not come,” He commanded. “And, you will open your eyes and watch me. You will not take them off me until I tell you otherwise.”

She opened her eyes, ripe with humiliation as He positioned her arms above her head. They had stopped using restraints long ago – He’d manipulate her into the position He wanted her in, and she would stay there. Her eyes locked with His as He smirked, His cock hardening at the sight of this beautiful creature laid bare before Him, exposed and vulnerable, willing to be used and abused by Him. It was a very powerful position to be in.

Her eyes followed His as He moved lower down, being careful not to break their gaze. His mouth kissed the juices that were messily spread inside her thighs, as two fingers dipped inside her without warning, coated themselves in her wetness before being lifted to her mouth. She sucked them greedily, eyes still locked on Him. She felt His cock contract against her leg as He inhaled her scent, loving the muskiness of her lust. His mouth moved over her thighs, kissing them hungrily as He made His way slowly toward her trembling pussy. He stopped just before He touched her, instead exhaling heavily directly over her clitoris. The feeling of His hot breath on her aching cunt was almost enough to do it for her, but she had been told the rules. It was not worth breaking them again. Her breath quickened, and He knew she wouldn’t be able to hold out for long. He couldn’t remember the last time she had been quite this wet.

He brushed His tongue lightly over her engorged clit as He brutally forced 2 fingers inside her. She inhaled sharply, hoping she wasn’t as loud as she feared. He smirked, knowing how hard she was trying to obey Him whilst her body was screaming out for release. He flicked His tongue over the top of her clit as His fingers roughly fucked her throbbing pussy. He felt her begin to squirm before correcting herself and remaining still. His teeth found her most sensitive part, and as He sucked it inside His mouth, His eyes gave her consent to come. Not that she could have stopped it at this stage, but He knew how hard she’d tried to obey His rules, and He wanted to allow her to fully enjoy this one. He loved knowing He could do this to her.

She immediately began to convulse, her body now no longer under her control. He thrust His fingers in and out of her violently, slipping another one inside of her as she started cumming powerfully against His face. He sucked on her clitoris, teeth grazing against it and tongue snaking along the very top of it while he continued fucking her with His hand, feeling a sudden surge of moisture against His mouth and fingers as she cried out His name over and over. With a final guttural groan, she wriggled away from His face and clamped her legs together, trapping His hand between her thighs, fingers still buried deep inside her. He felt for her spasms at the intensity of her orgasm to begin to slow, and once they had ebbed away He removed His hand from her grip and climbed up beside her.

“You are so beautiful when you come,” He whispered as He wrapped her up in His strong arms. She smiled, eyes still closed from the moment of orgasm. “My beautiful baby girl.”

She sighed peacefully and pushed herself against His warmth in response, knowing full well that a coherent sentence was out of the question for a few moments. He grinned and pulled her closer to Him. His cock nuzzled against the small of her back and she smiled, relieved He was allowing her to catch her breath but delighted that tonight was far from over.

“Don’t tell me my whore is still unsatisfied!?” He demanded with mock-severity having felt her face light up at the pressure of His hardness. She turned to face Him.
“Your whore is satisfied with her orgasm…”
“HER orgasm?” he questioned
“Sorry Sir, YOUR orgasm, the one You gave her….but, she is wondering if You have forgiven her enough to grant her one of Yours…”
“Does my little cum-hungry slut want my cock?”
“Yes, please. She wants to make You happy, make You feel like she did…”
“You think you deserve My forgiveness? My cock? My come?”

She lowered her head and caught sight of Him, erect and pulsing, obviously eager for attention. She smirked again, knowing that she was going to GET it, regardless of whether she deserved it or not.


“Smart-ass” He hissed, as He wiped His fingers still slick with her juices across her face and into her open mouth. “Suck them clean, whore.” She obeyed, and once He no longer tasted of her, she turned her concentration to attending to His cock. He drove His hand back down to her wetness and smothered His fingers with it, this time bringing it to His own lips before smearing it around hers. “Filthy slut, look how wet you are. TASTE how wet you are. Only a dirty, cock-hungry little bitch would own this slimy cunt. Tell me, whore, are you a dirty, cock-hungry little bitch?”

Her face looked up into His with a wide-eyed innocence that drove Him wild as she shamefully nodded, her hands still caressing His now-throbbing erection. She stroked down the entire length of Him, further down until her hands were gently brushing over His balls; He moaned with pleasure, momentarily losing the control He usually held so firmly. He smacked her hand away and gripped her hips, turning her away from Him and onto her front in one easy movement.

“I asked you a question, whore,” He snarled into her ear “Are you the dirty, cock-hungry little bitch who owns this dripping cunt?”
“I think YOU own it, Sir.”

She realised her mistake too late.

“Are you insinuating that I am a cock-hungry little bitch?” He roared, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her to her knees. “Petulant little slut; we will teach you some fucking manners!”

He reached down and guided Himself fixedly toward her slit, smearing her moisture around it with the tip of his cock before brutally thrusting inside of her with a force that made her draw a sharp intake of breath. Feeling her tightness engulfing Him was almost more that He could bear, and it took all He had not to come right then. He pulled almost all the way out, paused for a moment, and then forcefully plunged His pulsing cock deep inside her, using the arm around her waist to pull her into Him as He did so. She moaned, both from the uninvited intrusion and from the pleasure that it gave her. Feeling Him twitch inside her made her pussy contract around Him, causing Him to drive deeper and deeper until His balls slapped against the top of her cunt, brushing her swollen clitoris and nearly rendering her unconscious. She let out a guttural groan as He pulled out and thrust in, again and again, balls touching her clit lightly with every stroke. She became aware of voice, groaning and panting, and was shocked to realise it was hers.

Suddenly, she felt a sharp sting on her ass.

“Stop grunting, whore – it’s very un-ladylike. Then again, you are not much of a lady, are you? You’re a dirty, slimy little cunt. Say it. Tell me what you are, and how much you adore being used.”
“I….am….a…..dirty….little….bitch…..” she groaned between thrusts.
“I bet you don’t even care WHO’S cock it is that’s using you, do you?”
“I am going to fuck you in the ass, you know that, don’t you? And, you’re going to scream and moan and buck…and love every filthy fucking minute of it, aren’t you? Tell me, tell me why you are going to enjoy me fucking you in the ass?”
“Because….” – she paused, humiliation overcoming her even at this late stage of the game. He drove His cock violently into her, reminding her she was to answer. “Because I am Your cock-hungry cum-slut, and I love it when You use me because it reminds me that I belong to You,” she sobbed, tears pouring freely down her face from the mixture of pleasure, intensity, impending orgasm, and the shameful truth.

“Good girl,” He murmured, extending His arm from her belly to the top of her slit, and gently finding her clitoris with his fingertip as His own orgasm built up to an imminent release. She started to come almost immediately. “That’s it baby, come for me. Come on my cock – I want your orgasm…I want it now. I want you to Come with me….Come with me baby…”

She needed no more encouragement than that. Her pussy contracted violently, milking the orgasm from His cock instantaneously. With every spasm of her cunt, His cock spurted jet after jet of hot, sticky semen deep inside of her. She was moaning and grunting and calling His name, which only made Him come harder.

“Oh, geez Bethany,” He gasped, spurting two more streams of cum inside her. Her cunt tightened around Him again, and He felt another jet gush into her. She had felt it too, and with each of His spurts causing her pussy to clamp down on Him again, and with each of her contractions causing another jet, they remained like that for quite some time, just feeding off each-other’s orgasm, before they collapsed down onto the bed, exhausted and spent.

They were both face down, Him on top of her, cock softening inside her bruised and battered cunt until it slipped out, limp and fatigued. She had always loved that feeling, when He slithered out of her like that, because it meant that He had come in her. Which had meant she’d pleased Him. Which was, after all, what this was all about.

“Hey there, baby girl,” He whispered, tucking her hair behind her ear and kissing her cheek softly. “I don’t think there’ll be any danger of you breaking my rules again any time soon, do you?”

“No,” she concurred, her voice ripe with playful sarcasm. “I couldn’t BEAR to be treated like THAT again!”

She grinned happily as he rolled his eyes, called her a smug bitch, and moved off her. She wrapped herself up in His arms, and with His breath on the back of her neck and His voice whispering into her ear about what a good girl she had been and how proud He was of her, she drifted into peaceful sleep, their cum trickling out of her and streaking the inside of her thighs, just the way she liked it.

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