The New Employee

"Are you ready," Britt asked Stevie, "Ms. Lincoln is waiting to meet you!?!" "I'm ready," Stevie replied, "I hope she likes me, I have to admit that I'm a little nervous!!!" "Don't worry about a thing," Britt replied, "she's already seen your resume' and photo, so as long as you don't drool all over yourself you should be all right, okay then, let's go!!!" "Ms. Lincoln, I'd like you to meet Stevie, we just hired her today and hope that she meets with your approval," Britt explained!!! Eyeing the young girl with more than a casual interest, Jenna Lincoln said, "It's very nice to meet you Stevie, and I must say that your picture doesn't do you justice, you're much more beautiful in the flesh!!!" "Thank you very much, ma'am," Stevie replied softly, "I hope you will be happy with my services!!!" "I'm sure that I will, dear," the executive replied, "did Brittany here go over all of your duties with you!?!" "Uh, yes, ma'am, I think so," Stevie replied!!! "Good," Jenna replied, "even so, if it's okay with you, I think that it's a good idea if we go over them again, just to make sure that there are no misunderstandings!?!" "I agree," Stevie answered while nodding her head, "I'm ready if you are!!!"

Looking down and scanning Stevie's resume' before speaking, Jenna Lincoln finally looked up and asked, "It says here that you just turned eighteen three months ago and that you are a high school graduate, is that correct!?!" "Yes," Stevie replied, "I graduated from Tech High in June!" Looking back down at the resume' Jenna continued on, "Are your measurements 34dd-22-33!?!" "Uh, pretty much," Stevie replied, "although my bra size varies with my time of the month, but I'm pretty much a 34dd!!!" "Mmmmm, very nice," Jenna Lincoln replied, "do you have a boy friend!?!" "No," Stevie replied!!! "Are you a virgin," Jenna pressed on!?! "Uh, yes," Stevie answered softly, "I never really dated boys much!!!" "Good," Jenna said quickly, "and as long as you're in my employ we will keep it that way, I don't want any interference with a man over your affections, do I make myself clear!?!" "Perfectly, ma'am," Stevie replied!!! "Now, has Brittany explained to you why you're here!?!" "Ma'am," Stevie questioned?!? "I'll spell it out for you, dear," Jenna replied, "I'm forty six years old, never been married, and I guess you could say that I'm a lesbian!!!" "As the CEO of my own company," she continued, "I don't have a lot of time for a normal social life, so what I usually do is hire a beautiful young girl to keep me company!!!" "The physical requirements are precise," she added, "the girl must be young, usually eighteen or nineteen, pretty, with a large bust and trim figure, and hopefully with no male attractions, and from looking at you, you fill the bill to a tee!!!" "Thank you, ma'am," Stevie said softly, "I aim to please!!!"

Now leaning back in her chair with her hand interlaced behind her head, Jenna Lincoln went on, "Now for your daily requirements, you will always wear a low cut lacy bra, with matching crotch less panties, also you must always wear a blouse and skirt, as there will be times when my schedule is tight and I need to take you orally, I don't want to have to fight getting your clothing off, do I make myself clear!?!" "Yes, ma'am," Stevie replied coyly, "would you like to see what I'm wearing right now!?!" With her interest obviously peaked, Jenna Lincoln replied thickly, "P-please do, take off your blouse and skirt for me!!!" Both Brittany and Jenna watched in hushed silence as the eighteen year old slowly unbuttoned her blouse and unzipped her skirt!!! "Would you like to help me finish," Stevie whispered softly?!? "Come to me, child," the older lady replied, "let me see what you're hiding from me!!!" Stevie thought that she sensed the woman's hands shaking slightly as she opened her blouse and slid it from her shoulders, exposing Stevie's incredibly large bra encased chest to the hungry old bitch's gaze!!! "My god," Jenna moaned while looking over to Brittany, "she's fabulous, ohhhhhhhh, god, a black low cut bra, and look at her breasts, they're huge!!!" With her blouse off, there was nothing left to hold up her skirt, so with a little wiggle of her hips, Stevie shucked her skirt and stood there with her bra and matching pair of black sheer panties!!! "They're not crotch less, "Stevie whispered, "but if you've got the time, I can take them off show you my pussy!!!" "Oh yes," Jenna hissed, "take them off, show me your hot little cunt, I'm getting very hungry!!!" Stevie turned away from Jenna, and in a display of false modesty, and excruciatingly slowness, she bent over and slid the flimsy panties down to her knees, giving both Brittany and Jenna a very intimate look at her tiny ass!!! As she bent all the way over, she could feel Jenna's hands roaming all over her bottom, occasionally running her fingers over her plump little pussy!!! She stood up and glanced shyly over her shoulder and asked, "would you please unhook my bra, I have so much trouble unhooking it with four clasps to fumble with!?!" As Jenna struggled to unhook her bra, Stevie quietly offered, "I just about have to wear a bra all of the time since my breasts are so large, but I just can't help showing them off, or maybe you think they're too big!?!" Just as she said the word "big", she spun around and to Jenna's utter amazement, stood totally naked with her massive breasts defying gravity as they stood proud and full on her chest!!!

Pushing her chest out to accentuate their size, Stevie moved right up to Jenna and allowed the older lady to bury her face in the cleavage!!! "God, you're incredible," Jenna gasped while running her tongue all over Stevie's mamaries, "I just love big tits, and your's are just unbelievable!!!" Stevie gently took Jenna's head in her arms and let her nurse like a baby on her large erect nipples, while out of the corner of her eye, she noticed the Britt had pulled up her own dress and was calmly masturbating her clit with a glazed look on her face!!! "Mmmmmm," Stevie sighed, "you have a very talented mouth, are boobs the only thing you like to suck!?!" With he right arm, Jenna shoved everything off of her large desk, and ordered Stevie to sit on the edge of the desk and to spread her legs wide apart!!! "I'm going to show what I really like to suck on," Jenna whispered hoarsely, as her mouth made a beeline for Stevie's dripping snatch!!!" "Ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyy," Stevie gasped, "suck my cunt, oh, god, you suck me so well, look at her, Britt, she's sucking me off and you're masturbating like a whore watching her do it!!!" The room was instantly filled with the sound of two women on their way to orgasms, one from the insistent mouth of her boss, and the other by the rapid movement of her middle finger over her very erect clitoris!!! Stevie stared over at Britt and moaned, "She's sucking me off, I feel like such a slut, but I love it, ohhhhhh, god, she's a fucking cunt lapper!!!" Britt was closing in quickly on her climax, and seeing the very young girl with the huge chest and the little girl's bottom getting her pussy eaten by her boss, well, it was too much, in fact it was way too much, and like lightning hitting her, she was jolted by a series of vicious contractions that culminated in an orgasm that tore through her like and express train on and open track!!!

The sound of Britt's orgasm ringing throughout the office only intensified Jenna's oral ministrations as Stevie's clit was being ravaged by the non stop sucking!!! In a weak voice, Jenna offered, "s-she's good isn't she, I just love it when she sucks me!!!" "M-me too," Stevie moaned, "I'm getting close, she's doing my clit now, ohhhhhhh, she's so good, and my breasts, they feel so full and heavy, god I feel so sexually alive, ohhhhhhhhhhh, god, I'm cumming so fucking hard, she's a fucking cunt lapper, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhAhhhhhhhhhh!!!" Then it was over, and she fell back onto the desk with her chest heaving as she gasped for air, sure that at any moment she might have a heart attack!!! She could feel little soft kisses on her inner thigh as Jenna worked her mouth slowly back towards her now gaping cunt!!! "You have the sweetest little pussy I've ever tasted," Jenna Lincoln sighed, "I'm going to love sucking this every day, and you better believe it!!!" Stevie was about to answer, but just before she could speak, Jenna Lincoln fairly attacked her pussy again with her mouth, bringing her to another shattering orgasm with in just a matter of seconds, leaving the young girl shaking like a leaf in a hurricane!!! Standing up and walking around the room, Jenna Linclon surveyed the damage she had wrought and said, "Get used to it, Stevie, because now you're mine!!!"


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