the new housekeeper pt 1

the new housekeeper pt 1

Chapter 1: househeeper wanted

Sasha Giovanni stood outside the white door, hesitating slightly before knocking. She was extreamly nervous and was almost hoping no one was home so she wouldn't have to go through with it. She was there for a job interveiw,the first she had got since arriving in england.

Sasha was an imigrant from russia, she had moved to england with her grandmother after the death of her parents. After a long time of getting it all orgonised she had finally been given permission and hoped to make a life for herself and also support her grandmother.

Since arriving she had not had very much luck, since her skin was darker due to her mother being born in saudi arabia she was often mistaken as being from iran or another country which the general population feared. this being the case she was not even given much of a chance to prove herself, often being rejected as soon as they saw her.

This time was different, she had sent a photo to the people along with her number, never really expecting to hear back, but a week later she was called and asked to come over for an interveiw. Sasha said yes straight away and headed over as soon as she could. now she stood outside their front door her hearet beating a thousand times a minute as she hoped they would accept her.

The door opened and a middle aged man stood before her: he wore glasses and a shirt with collar as well as a tie, he was smoking a pipe and seemed to be quite a well to do person.

"you must be Sasha" said the man.

"ah..yes" said Sasha still trying to get her wits together.

"it's ok, no need to be nervous, if you would like to follow me into the living room." he said with a smile on his face.

Sasha breathed deeply and entered the house, she kept telling herself to play it cool and only speak when spoken to. The man showed her to the living room and sat down at the head of the table.

"please take a seat Sasha" he said pulling a chair out for her.

Sasha smiled and sat down with her hand in her lap. The man looked at her for a minute then stood up and walked into what looked like the kitchen.

"Anything to Drink?" he asked.

"Oh just water please" replied Sasha.

He returned with a cup of coffee and a glass of water. Sasha took a quick sip and put the glass back on the table, she was very greatfull, her throat had been getting very dry but she was getting more and more relaxed.

"I bet you didn't expect us to call you did you?" siad the man.

"no, i have not had much luck at all lately, in fact i was about to give up." replied Sasha feeling more and more comfortable as they talked.

"well i'm not going to mess around, my wife and i see no reason why you can't start as soon as possible."

"Really?" said Sasha taken by surprise.

"Absolutely, you want a job as housekeeper and we need one, i can't see a problem, my wife and i will be at work most of the time anyway"

Sasha smiled for the first time in a long while.

"That's great when can i start?" she asked still exstatic

"how's tomorrow sound?" the man replied.

"Oh, fantastic, i'll see you in the morning."

Sasha arrived back at her flat, she was sharing with a roommate named Staci. They got on fairly well together and usually had time for each other. Staci was hoping to become a lawyer and spent most of the time studying, but they often had chats about life, and work, in fact Staci was the closest thing Sasha had to a friend.

Sasha went into the kitchen and had a drink, Staci wasn't home. Sasha decided to get something ready for dinner and decided to hae hers then. Staci got back about six that night, they spent most of the night talking amd watching TV. Sasha was about to go to bed when Staci said there was something important she needed to tell her.

"the thing is, i have to go away and i can't live here anymore" said Staci trying to sound cheerfull, she knew Sasha was light on cash and needed someone to share with.

Sasha didn't say much, she knew Staci wouldn't be sticking around, but now she was in trouble, her grandmother was in a nursing home and she had hardly any money. She told Staci it was alright she had found a job and would find some place to live. Staci thanked her and went to bed, Sasha was still worried but at least she had a job, that was the main thing.

Chapter 2: first day

Sasha turned up bright and early the next morning ready for work. she knocked on the door confident and proud, the door opened but this time a woman answered. she looked as though she was about mid 40's, she had her hair in a bun it was brown in colour but slightly losing it's colour. She had a stern look on her face, not at all happy.Her face was showing slight signs of age, grows feet near her eyes and slight wrinkles on her forehead, her dress was that of a housewife might of worn in the 1950's.

"i guess you are Sasha" said the woman sternly.

"yes, i am the new housekeeper" replied Sasha being as polite as possible.

"how old are you exactly?" said the woman in a demanding voice.

"um..21 miss" said Sasha nervously.

"come now child i am not your teacher i am just a bit surprised my husband appointed somebody so young, however he did appoint you so i had better show you in"

The woman led her inside, telling her to close the door as she came. Sasha was led to the living room she had been in earlier, The woman stood still for a while thinking, then turned to Sasha.

"ok, you shall now refer to me as mrs Richards and my husband as Mr Richards, is that understood?"

"yes Mrs Richards" answered Sasha.

"now, your duties will include cleaning the house from top to bottom each day, that means walls, floors, windows and carpets"

"yes mrs Richards" said Sasha wondering how big the house was.

"Also, you will be required to keep all the rooms in pristine shape, i expect to find the house in tip top shape when i return from work do you understand?" said Mrs Richards starting to sound very demanding.

Sasha nodded.

"Good, oh and at the end of each day you will be required to empty your pockets, just to make sure you havent taken anything, it's nothing personal you just can't trust anybody these days can you?"

"no Mrs Richards" said Sasha starting to feel very worthless.

"great. now head upstairs and go into the first room on your right, your clothes and things will be in there, put them on and come back down"

"Sasha went upstairs and found the room, in it was a bed and a cuboard on the left wall. On the bed was the typical maids outfit, the black and white maid's skirt went down just past her knees, she even had the head peice as well as a duster. Sasha left the room but noticed a bathroom so she went in to check herself out. Her long black hair went down past her shoulders and she filled out her maid's outfit nicely in fact she looked very attractive.

Sasha went back down stairs and presented herself to Mrs Richards.

ah, there you are let's have a look at you, oh's not bad i suppose" said Mrs Richards not really sounding like she cared.

"well i had best go to work then, my husband should be home about five oclock this evining, please make sure his tea is on the table, it's in the fridge, just heat it up would you"

"yes Mrs Richards" replied Sasha sounding as loyal as possible.

"good, well see you later then" said Mrs Richards leaving.

Sasha took a deep breath and listened until she heard the car leave then took a quick look around the house. She grabbed her duster and set to work. As the day went on she managed to get a lot done, the house was pretty clean to begin with but she did what she could remembering what Mrs Richards had told her. By four oclock she was almost done, she took Mr Richards dinner out of the fridge and into the oven and took a minute to rest.

Mr Richards arrived home around five and was in quite a happy mood, It struck Sasha funny how the married couple could be so different. Mr Richards changed and had his tea then sat down in the living room.

"well, i will see you tommorow Mr Richards" said Sasha getting ready to leave.

"would you like a lift home at all?" asked Mr Richards

"oh, no thanks' she replied "i can get back by myself"

"Ok, see you next time"

Sasha left and walked home, managing to get back around six that night.That night Staci told her the flat they were in was going to be demolished and she would have to find a new place to rent and they had to be out in a month. Sasha was too tired to really care but hoped she would have enough money to find a place soon. That night she slept well and dozed off straight away dreaming of the better life that must surely await her.

Chapter 3: Man of the house

The next couple of weeks came and went, Staci promised to stay as long as she could so Sasha could stay a bit longer. Her housekeeping was comming along well and she received her first paycheck ever making her feel like she was finally making something of herself. However the month was almost up and she couldn't find anywhere to stay and she was becomming desperate for somwhere to stay.

One day while doing her duties Mr Richards came home early to find Sasha in tears sitting at the living room table. He came over and comforted her.

"what's the matter?" he asked sincerly

"i'm getting kicked out the day after next, i have no place to go" she said wiping her eyes.

"surely you ca find somewhere?"

"No, iv'e tried everywhere they won't take me or their full"

"i'm sorry to hear that, let me talk to my wife, we may be able to work something out at least temporary" he said handing her a tissue.

"a..are you sure" asked Sasha.

"absolutely, until you find your feet"

"Oh thank you so much" said Sasha still teary eyed.

That night Sasha stayed longer to see what Mrs Richards said. When she got home Mr Richards took her upstairs, they were gone for about five minutes. When they returned Mrs Richards sat down with her and told her it would be ok for her to stay with them. Sasha was so happy, she thanked them both and went back to her flat for the last time, Mr and Mrs Richards looked at each other and smiled.

Life became better for Sasha, a steady paycheck and a place to stay she was even saving money which was great. However Mr Richards was starting to come home earlier and earlier and Mrs Richards even seemed to be more happy than usual which was huge. And they seemed very kind to Sasha treating her almost like she was family. so months past and Sasha felt like she couldn't be much happier.

One night Sasha was relaxing in a warm bath,letting her body sooth in the water. suddenly the door flung open, Sasha shreiked.

"Oh..oh dear excuse me dear, i didn't realise you were in here" said Mr Richards going red.

"that's ok i just didn't know who you were" said Sasha trying to cover her self up.

Mr Richards turned around and headed out, not before glancing back and getting a look at her well rounded young breasts. Sasha dissmissed this as a freak accident but slowly but surely it happened a bit more frequently, nothing extreame just accidental walk in's when she was changing and once when she was showering, it happened about three times a month and Sasha was starting to get worried.

One night Sasha walked past their bedroom and heard arguing, very loud arguing.

"Well if you were more concerned about your job than getting a look at that girl you might actually be doing any good!"

Sasha recognised the voice, it was definately Mrs Richards.

Sasha went back to her room, she could still hear them but couldn't understand what they were saying. the next day she was left alone to clean the house, Mrs Richards came home first and apologised for the loud noise, Sasha smiled and they had tea. Mrs Richards was going out to play cards that night and told Sasha to make sure all the doors and windows were locked when her or Mr Richards went out, Sasha nodded and Mrs Richards left.

Later on that night Mr Richards came home, however tonight he seemed angry and quite drunk. He demanded his tea and told Sasha to clean up the dishes, all through the early night Sasha felt his eyes on her, she felt nervous and decided to go to her room before he could talk to her.
It worked, she went up to her room and sat on the end of the bed. A hour or so later there was a knock on her bedroom door she knew she shouldn't but she opened it.

Mr Richards stood there, still very drunk and had a dark lookm on his face.

"Look, i just want to apologise, could i come in?"

"Oh, that's not necessary i'll see you in the morning"

"Well, this is my house and i think i can go into any room i want to and right now i want to come into this room" said Mr Richards forcefully.

Sasha bit her lip and let him in, he walked over to the bed and sat down. He motioned for her to sit next him, patting the bed beside him. Sasha did so sitting next to him immediately feeling his eyes on her.

"you know, you really are a very good looking young lady, can i ask you a question?" he said in a low voice

"sure' replied Sasha.

"do you know what it's like to be fucked by a man?"

"What?" asked Sasha shocked at the question.

"to be completely dominated and owned by a man"

"Look. i think you've had too much to drink" said Sasha getting concerned.

"So now your going to controll me too, just like my bitch of a wife" said Mr Richards getting more aggressive.

"No i just"

"Well i'm not going to be controlled anymore" he said placing a hand on Sasha's chin and stroking it.

"Please don't do this, please" murmered Sasha.

"Huh, what are you going to do about it anyway you stuped arab!"

Sasha felt a hand on her chest, feeling her breasts through her maid outfit. Mr Richards took hold of her top and slowly unbuttoned it one at a time. Sasha tried to push him away but he suddenly used all his strength and pushed her onto her back, forcing himself on top of her, pushing his hands between the buttons on her maid outfit and feeling her left breast in his hand.

Meanwhile he used his other hand to move up her skirt and slowly up her inner thighs. Sasha tried with all her might to push him off her but he was too strong. he moved his face to her and kissed her deeply, snaking his tongue in her mouth. Sasha felt him pinching and pulling her nipple, his spare hand had reached her crotch and was rubbing her pussy slowly through her panties.

Sasha tried in vein to get him off but was helpless, and the sensations she was recieving through her pussy were not helping. Mr Richards stepped up the pace ripping her top completely apart, revealing both her young breasts. he moved down to them taking her left nipple in his mouth sucking and chewing on it all the while rubbing her pussy, becomming faster and faster.

He switched breasts from time to time, switching between the two every few minutes. Sasha felt her pussy become wet and realised her body was betraying her. tears started to form in her eyes, she was being forced on by a man who she was working on and who was about thirty years older than her. Suddenly she fely her panties pulled down around her ankles and a finger was shoved up her wet pussy.

"Oh, you really are a virgin, well not after tonight" he laughed.

"nooooo!" screamed Sasha and with one last attempt managed to push him off her. In his drunken state he fell to the bedroom floor. Sasha ran for it but as she got to the bedroom door she was tripped and dragged back into the middle of the room. She was turned onto her back and before she could react she was slapped in the face, then again and again. She was dizzy and hazy, not realising she was sat upright on the bed and then picked up by the shoulders and lifted into the air.

Before Sasha could re focus she was pulled down and impaled on Mr Richards cock. She screamed in pain her as he held her in his arms. he pushed her into a wall and began to power fuck her for all he was worth. Sasha was being bounced up and down like a rag doll banging her head against the wall several times and was practiclly unconcious as Mr Richards fucked her harder and harder and harder.

Sasha came in and out of conciousness, each time she was being fucked, every now and then he would put her back on the bed and fuck her while he lay on top of her sucking on her tits or neck. Sasha eventually came to completely and found herself being bounced up and down on his cock as he lay one the bed. she turned her head and saw the time was 8:30pm he had been raping her for about an hour and a half,
she also found her hands were tied behind her back.

After ten minute's or so She felt him tense up and cum inside her. She felt physiclly sick as she felt it shoot up deep inside her. He made sure to keep it inside her until he had shot most of it then pulling out. Sasha's eyes were glazed over but she found herself being pushed down onto her knees and forced to take his cick in her mouth. after a while he pulled out and left her a sweaty heap on the floor.

Sasha curled up into the fetal position and didn't move for the entire night. The next morning she was paid a visit by Mr Richards and was told that if she told anyone what had happend she would be sacked and he would charge her with theft or anything that would garrantee her 10 or more years in jail or maybe get her deported back to her own country. Sasha agreed with a tear in her eye.

He also thretened her with the same thing if she ever left her job as housekeeper. from that day on Sasha was used the same. every friday night when Mrs Richards went out Sasha would be raped, sometimes in different rooms, sometimes up her ass or mouth or cunt, sometimes all three. It was becomming an inescapable prison and she truly was a prisoner.

not the end.

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