The Newlyweds

Amber had been married to Steve for 3 weeks. She was so happy to be a new bride and she was so in love with Steve – she was on Cloud 9. She loved working at home during the day while her man went out and earned a living for their little family of two. Then when he came home, she could prepare his dinner for him and she took great joy of taking care of her new husband. Since they had only lived together for 3 weeks, they were still getting used to each others’ domestic habits; his leaving of the toilet seat up and general sloppiness, and her need for having everything in their house just so. In fact, that was getting to be one thing about her beloved Steve that was starting to get on her nerves – his inability to keep her immaculate house clean.

As Steve walked in the door at 6:00 from a hard day at his construction job, Amber met him at the door:

“I found your socks on the living room floor again and I found a stack of magazines on the floor of the den. How many times to I have to ask you to pick up after yourself? I’m not a maid!” Amber nagged.

Steve contemplated what Amber was trying to tell him for a moment and then he said matter of factly,

“I’m the man of the house and I won’t be talked to that way. I’ll do what I please and I need to set down a few ground rules now that we’re married. Go upstairs and drop your pants and bend over the bed and wait for me to come up and give you your punishment.”

Amber was taken aback by what she was hearing out of her new husband’s lips. He had never talked that way to her while they were dating!

“What?” She questioned.

“You heard me. Now GO!” He yelled.

His voice was very stern and Steve was a man of 6’2”. Amber was a very petite brunette of only 5’3” so she decided she had better listen to him!

As she made her way up the stairs in disbelief, she heard Steve downstairs taking off his coat and shoes and getting settled into the house for the evening. Amber went into the bedroom and pulled her jeans down to her ankles and then laid down on her stomach on the bed. She was tense with anxiety of what was going to happen to her. She had never received a spanking before – not even from her father! The anticipation of the moment was killing her. What was she in for? What would it feel like? Was he really mad? Is this how it’s going to be from now on? Amber was tormented with worry.

Then came the steps. She heard Steve making his way up the staircase. With every step, Amber’s body and skin tightened just a bit more.

“Bad girl,” Steve said. “You took down your pants, but didn’t take down your panties.”

Amber was wearing pink thong panties. She had a firm, 24-year-old body and an ass that you could bounce a quarter off. Steve slipped his fingers underneath the panties that were between her ass cheeks and slid them down around her ankles.

“So you know, this is a bare bottom spanking,” Steve explained. “So when you get your punishment from now on, take your panties off too or you will receive 10 extra strokes for misbehaving. Is that understood?”

“Yes.” Amber said softly.

“Yes what, Amber? I am the man of the house. You will call me ‘sir’ when you’re being punished.” Steve said firmly.

“Yes, sir.” Amber managed to mutter.

This was so humiliating! Her pants and thong panties were down around her ankles and her husband was standing over her staring at her bare ass exposed to the world! Amber felt herself blushing.

“Now this is gonna hurt you more than it hurts me.” Steve joked as he sat down on the side of the bed. “Get on up here over my knee.”

Amber cooperated and bent over her new husband’s knee. She was so frightened of what was about to come.

Steve started out by rubbing her ass gently. He massaged it and squeezed it for his own pleasures. His wife was a hot young thing and he was proud of his abilities to score such a nice piece of ass! But now it was time to teach the ass a lesson.

Steve drew his hand up above his head and brought it down upon Amber’s soft skin firmly.

“OW!” Amber yelled as she squirmed to get out of Steve’s grip.

“Hold still, Honey. We’ve just begun and you’ve got several more to go.” Steve explained.

Amber had never felt a spanking before. The pain was so intense upon her tight ass. It felt as if she had been sitting atop a hot stove! Why was he doing this to her? It hurt so bad!

WHAP! Steve brought his manly hand down again upon Amber’s tender ass. He smirked to himself knowing that this was his wife for the rest of his life and this ass was his for the beating whenever he wanted. His cock started hardening in his pants at the mere thought of it.

“Steve, I’m really sorry for nagging! Please stop now!” Amber begged.

“But Darling, that was only the second blow! I’m going to go to at least 20. In fact, why don’t you please count your slaps for me”. Steve instructed.

How humiliating! Not only did she have to go through this torrid punishment but now she had to count the blows!

“Three……Four…….Five,” Amber continued.

Around eight, she really started to feel the pain. The tears started welling up in her eyes and by stroke ten, they were streaming down her face!

“Steve, please! I’m really sorry!” Amber cried.

“This is for your own good, Honey. Take it.” Steve teased.

His cock was getting harder and harder that he had the control over this beautiful thing across his lap. By the time he got to 18, Amber was fully squealing and trying to squirm out of his manly grip. At stroke 20, Steve started massaging Amber’s ass again and squeezing it got his dick harder. As he was rubbing, he slid his fingers between her legs.

“Spread your legs apart, Babe.” Steve commanded.

Steve’s fingers wandered to Amber’s pussy – it was wet! In fact it was dripping wet! Steve slid 3 fingers easily into his wife’s soaked cunt. Amber started moving her hips up and down as he slid them in and out.

“Now how does that feel?” Steve said slyly.

“Oooohhh, Steve!” Amber said in ecstasy.

Steve pleasured Amber until she orgasmed on his fingers. Then she got up from his lap and they began to kiss wildly. The two of them made love for over and hour. Amber decided she might have to nag her new husband more often!

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