The Patient

Dana fidgeted nervously on the couch while Dr. Wallace studied the patient history form that she had filled out an hour earlier! "I see that you've been married for about three years now, is that right," the doctor asked casually?!? "Uh, yes," she replied, "it was three years last month! And everything was pretty much all right between you and you husband until you had the baby!?!" "Yes, we had a wonderful marriage," she answered softly, "but now…………." "What do you think went wrong," the doctor asked, "is anything specific or just a general malaise in you relationship!?!" "I-I'm not sure," Dana replied slowly, "it's hard to put your finger on any one thing!!!" "Well that's why you're here," Dr. Wallace replied gently, "to try and find out exactly what's bothering you, so let's get started!!!" "So how long has it been since little Jessica was born," the doctor asked!?! "Almost four months, in fact it will be four months tomorrow!!!" "Before you became pregnant, did you and Jim have a fulfilling love life together," he questioned?!? "Mmmmmm, yes," she said with a sigh, "it was wonderful, Jim was very attentive to my needs, and I believe I was to his!!!" "And this included all the normal sexual activity," the doctor asked, "such intercourse, oral sex, and masturbation?!?" Dana face flashed with red, embarrassed at such an intimate question, but she gamely replied, "Uh, yes, all three!!!" "So tell me in your own words what is bothering you, Dana," he asked gently?!? "He just doesn't want me anymore, and I really can't blame him, I look like such a cow," she said sadly, "my breasts are the size of beach balls, my belly isn't flat anymore, and my ass, it's almost the size of a small third world country!!!" Dr. Wallace chuckled under his breath at her little hyperbole, but knowing how sensitive she was, he quickly asked, "Has he said that he though you have become undesirable, because just looking at you from a strictly male perspective, you are far from unattractive, in fact I would say that you were just the opposite!!!" "She gave her shoulders a little shrug and offered, "You get paid to say things like that, doctor, I know you mean well, but really, I know what I look like now and how I looked before, and believe me, there is no comparison!!!"

Dr. Wallace leaned back in his chair and replied, "Why does there have to be this comparison about how you looked before and how you look now, you may look different, but that does not mean that you have lost any sex appeal, in fact a lot of men like the appearance and feel of a woman with a little more meat on her bones!!!" "But it's my husband we're talking about," she wailed, "he's not from one of your mythical surveys, he shares my bed for god's sake, and he's the one I have to satisfy!!!" "Okay, Dana," he replied smoothly, "just calm down and we'll talk about it, have you and your husband had any sexual relations lately!?!" "No," she said while shaking her head, "he seems so distant from me, I don't know how to approach him anymore!!!" The doctor thought about it for a minute or so and then opined, "I have an idea, Dana, but you have to agree to do anything that I say, or it won't work, you have to trust me, can you do that for me!?!" Feeling like her marriage depended on what Dr. Wallace could come up with, Dana nodded her head and replied, "Yes, doctor, what ever you say!!!

"Stand up please," the doctor ordered, "and step over here in front of me!!!" "Now," he continued, "a man wants to be excited about his woman, he wants to feel a little zing when she comes into the room, and the first way to accomplish that is by the way you dress!!!" "What's wrong with my clothes," she asked, "it's the same thing I wear every day!?!" "Exactly," he replied, "the key words there are "the same", you have to jazz it up a little and give him a visual change of pace, make him look at you twice when he sees you!!!" She looked down her front and for the first time realized that her dress had grown increasingly frumpy as her pregnancy had progressed, and once she had had the baby, well, she just continued wearing the over sized maternity wear even though she could have easily dropped a couple of sizes, maybe the doc had something here!!!" "Okay now," he went on, "Please remove your dress, I know you are embarrassed, but it must be done, so please, take it off!!!" Again the red flared into her cheeks, but she had agreed to do what the doctor ordered, so slowly she unbuttoned her dress and let is slip to the floor!!!

She shivered a little, both from the cool air and her embarrassment, while waiting for the doctor to continue, and he said, "Just as I thought, look at your bra and panties, they are utilitarian to the nth degree, with not an iota of sexiness about them, your husband looks at them and doesn't see a desirable woman, he sees the undies of a sixty year old!!!" Dana knew that he was right, but as big as she was, she didn't think she would look appealing in sexy lingerie, so she stuck with the heavy duty models that afforded her the most comfort!!! "Since we now pretty much know what the problem is," Dr. Wallace said, "I want you to get out of those things right now, I don't want you even so much as wearing anything that would make you feel unattractive!!!" "Holy smokes," she said, "y-you want me to take off everything, even my panties!?!" "Dana," he said softly, "you agreed to listen to me, now please, of with them, now!!!" "Oh, man," she moaned, "I must be crazy, but I'll do it, but this had better work!!!"

"Jesus in heaven," the doctor said, "you have a beautiful body, Dana, yes it is a little on the plump side, but your curves are very feminine and alluring, you just have to learn how to present it in the best possible light!!!" "Please," he offered, "now lie back down on the couch and do as I say!!!" Once she was comfortable, or at least as comfortable as she could be lying naked in front of a strange man on his couch, she relaxed and waited for the doctor to continue!!! "Sexuality must come from within one's self," the doctor said softly, "you must be able to pleasure yourself before you can pleasure others, so what I want you to do is very softly caress you breasts and twist your nipples, can you do that for me please!?!" Even though her chest had grown to gargantuan proportions, her nipples still retained their incredible sensitivity, so upon the first few tugs, she not only moaned with pleasure, she her vagina was immediately flooded with pussy juice!!! "How does that feel," the doctor asked softly?!? "V-very nice," she moaned, "i-it feels wonderful!!!" "How long has it been since your last climax," he went on?!? "A long time," she panted, "it was before the baby was born, I-I'm not sure!!!" "That's okay, Dana," he replied, "you're doing just fine, but I'm afraid that since you haven't had an orgasm for at least four months, you are probably going to have several very intense climaxes in the next few minutes, is that all right with you!?!" "Oh, yes," she gasped, "please may I touch my pussy, er, I mean my vagina!?!" "Do you usually use the word pussy instead of vagina," he asked!?! "Well, you know how it is," she said while panting, "vagina sounds so clinical, and pussy sounds soft and cuddly, now may I please touch it!?!" "Oh, I'm sorry," he replied, "of course you may, please, touch your pussy!!!" "Oh thank you, doctor," she sighed as her fingers buried themselves deep into her wet quim, "I haven't felt this good in such a long time, I'm on fire!!!" "So tell me, dear," he asked softly, "do you feel sexy or not!?!" "God yes," she gasped, "I feel like such a slut, masturbating in front of you and all, I'm just so fucking hot I can't believe it!!!"

"Dana," the doctor asked, "do you love peckers!?!" "Oh yes," she gasped again, "my husband has a beautiful cock, it's so long and thick, I just love it!!!" "Would you mind to much if I took out my penis and masturbated along with you," he asked softly, "just watching your incredible body has given me a terrific erection, and I'm afraid I need relief rather quickly!?!" "Y-you really got hard just from watching me," she groaned!?! ""Oh, yes," he replied quickly, "does that excite you, knowing that you gave me a large erection!?!" "Oh, yes," she blubbered, "are you really hard!?!" "Let me show you, dear," he replied while unzipping his pants and extracting his hard member, "see, it's all big and hard just for you, do you like it!?!" "My god, you're huge," she moaned as her fingers flew over her distended clit, "s-stand up so I can see it better, oh god you look so fucking good to me, I'm fucking cummig so hard, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" While Doctor Wallace casually jerked his pecker, he asked, "Are you having a really hard one, dear, the kind that just blows your pussy away!?!" "It's so fucking hard," she gasped, "one after the other, hard orgasms in my clit and cunt, ohhhhhh myyyyyy!!!" As his patient shook like a bowl of jelly, Dr. Wallace wondered to himself how this exciting creature's husband could be so dense as to not see how lucky he was, after all, he was married to a fucking sex machine!!!

"Feeling better now," he asked softly, "you look just shot!?! She looked at him with a wry little smile on her face and replied weakly, "I am totally wrecked, but it's the best feeling I've had in months, thank you so very much!!!" "Before we end our session," he replied, "I think that it would do you a world of good to suck my penis for me, it's almost ready to ejaculate, and I just have a feeling that you really miss not having a cock to suck!!!" Even though she had just climaxed three or four times, the doctor was absolutely right, she did miss not having a cock in her mouth, and incredibly, just looking at it was making her cunt twitch in anticipation of another orgasm!!! Standing next to couch, he waited quietly while she positioned herself, and then sighed when he disappeared into her warm wet mouth!!! "Mmmmmm," he hummed, "you have a very nice mouth, and I can tell that you are very orally inclined, when you suck your husband do you let him cum in your mouth!!!" The room was echoing with the sounds of licking and sucking, but Dana pulled off his cock for a second to reply, "Oh yes, I love the taste of cum, and Jim really shoots big heavy loads, do you have a big one for me, too!?!" "He didn't even get a chance to answer, because as soon as her mouth engulfed him, a hot sperm shooter flooded from the end of his spasming pecker, giving her the life giving drink she so desperately desired!!!

After she was dressed and ready to leave, Doctor Wallace intoned, "Now here's exactly what I want you to do, first, get some attractive clothing, second, buy some sexy undies and wear them all of the time, you never know when you might need them, and third, masturbate in bed and make sure Jim hears you, if that doesn't turn him on nothing will, and finally, take the bull by the horns and suck him off, you are very oral, and it shows!!!" She reached out and shook the doctor's hand and said, "Thank you for everything, doctor, and I do mean everything!!!


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